Thursday 6/1/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 6/1/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Kendall gets out of surgery. They've performed the c section, delivered the baby, and it looks like he will be ok. But they are still not sure about Kendall. Jr comes to confess to Erica and bianca what he has done. Babe comes with him and Bianca asks Babe how she can forgive him after he tried to kill her. Tad sets the house he and Dixie are stranded in, on fire. The ranger comes to "assist" but decides he must arrest Tad for arson. Josh confronts Greg almost as if he knows that Greg has been lying to him about something throughout his life. He demands to know why Greg has always told him about the "miracle" of his birth. Erica goes to confront greg and overhears Josh telling his father he will never forgive him for making his "mother" an experimental guinea pig to give birth to him. She assumes that Josh must now know the truth that she is his mother. She goes to confront greg for ruining Josh's life. But he drugs her and she passes out. David confronts JR for what he did and informs him for that he knows that Kate is alive and it is Greg Madden who took her from Dixie. JR then goes into Greg's office to confront him. But right then, Greg has unsconscious Erica lying on the couch and knows he better hide because too many people are onto him.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Lucy is shocked and sad when Dusty tells her he plans to marry Jennifer and adopt her brother Johnny. Lucy hides it well but she is determined to get Dusty back in her life. Emily is upset when Paul tells her he intends to seek custody of her baby and rais the baby with Meg. Emily tells Paul it would be better to terminate her pregnancy. Jack finds a badly injured Carly inside a cave where Nick took her after the crash. Carly thinks she is going to die so she tells Jack she loves him and that he should take care of the kids. Jack is so afraid of losing Carly he gives her a kiss but can't bring himself to tell Carly that he loves her. Nick calls Mike and tells him where he is hiding. Nick is determined to escape to Canada but Mike is determined to stop him and make him take responsabilty for his crimes. Katie arrives and sees the cousins fighting and when Nick punches Mike out Katie fears that Nick willhurt her and Mike so she grabs Nick's gun and shoots Nick.

B&B Recap Written by Terri

In the morning, Taylor watches as Stephen sleeps in her bed. At home Brooke prepares to leave for the office when Nick comes in. At Forrester, Stephanie, Ridge, Eric and Thorne are gathered in Brooke's office talking excitedly about Brooke's first day. Taylor quietly sits a cup of coffee on the nightstand as he wakes up and tells her that it's perfect. Brooke tells Nick that she thought all night about what he said, but she cannot go through with firing the Forrester's. Nick is surprised, because she had agreed with him the night before. Thorne voices concern over what could be keeping Brooke. Eric wonders if she has changed her mind, but Ridge is confident that she will be there.

Taylor questions Stephen about the reasons that they made love the night before. Taylor fears that he was just feeling sorry for her, but Stephen assures her that it was more than that and that it's all about new beginnings for both of them. They kiss and ignore the ringing phone, not realizing it's Stephanie. Ridge finally calls Brooke to ask her where she is. Brooke tells him that she will be there shortly. When she hangs up she continues to list the reasons why she can't fire the Forresters. Nick counters her reasoning by reminding her of how many times she has been manipulated by them. Stephen comes in and asks if Brooke knows about her control of Forrester. Nick tells him that she cannot go through with the firing. Stephen reminds Brooke of all the trouble the Forresters have caused all of them over the years. Brooke reluctantly leaves for the office. Taylor is surprised to find a delivery of flowers for her from Stephen and card telling her that he looks forward to seeing him again. When Brooke arrives, Stephanie, Ridge and Eric welcome her warmly. But, Brooke tells them to sit at the conference table because she has to tell them something. Brooke explains that Taylor has sold her shares of stock to her. Horrified, Stephanie slowly realizes what this means as Brooke tells them that they are FIRED !!!

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Sami continues to flirt with E.J and convinces everyone to head to Chez Rouge. Austin and Sami introduce E.J. to Belle, Philip, Mimi, and Shawn. Mimi gets Shawn to take her out to dinner and they end up dining with Belle and Philip at Chez Rouge. E.J. continues to reveal that he knows several intimate details about Sami and her family. Austin uses the gathering to try and persuade Shawn to deal with his company but Shawn turns down the offer immediately when Sami touts how Shawn would be dealing with her and Austin. Austin still wants to pursue Shawn’s product. E.J. decides to follow Sami when she leaves without Austin and comforts her as she cries outside.

Bo uses their kiss to plead his case for reuniting with Hope. Hope agrees to go out and spend the evening with Bo at Chez Rouge. Maggie decides to help by preparing a menu of romantic foods to remind Hope of her love for Bo. Hope remains cold to Bo’s advances throughout dinner. Shawn and Mimi share their good news with Bo and Hope and Mimi drags Shawn away before he can argue with Bo about Bo’s intentions with Hope. Max brings Chelsea flowers for luck and tries to ease her worries about the trial. Max convinces Chelsea to come to Chez Rouge with him and he also convinces her to talk to Hope when they spot her and Bo also dining there. Max spots E.J. talking with Sami and recognizes him as an enemy.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Jason agrees to talk to Sam but refuses to be swayed. Sam vows to Jason that they will have a life together. Jason infuriates Sam. Ric confronts Sonny about threatening Alexis. Alexis is furious when Ric doubts her. Max is alarmed as Sonny's behavior grows increasingly manic.

Carly and Jax don't see eye to eye. Lucky and Patrick clash over Elizabeth. Maxie takes a great risk for Lucky. Tracy makes Luke's life a living hell. Luke comes up with a scheme.

GL Recap Written by Siri 

Jeffrey tells Cassie and Josh that Doris Wolfe, the DA, has assigned him Jonathan’s case to prosecute. Josh tells Jeffrey that he doesn’t think it is a good idea to be around Cassie. Later, Josh kisses Cassie on the forehead and she gets flustered. Alan-Michael tells Dinah that he will get his revenge against her. At his apartment, Alan-Michael speaks to someone asking him/her if the assignment has been taken care of.

Mallet finds another threatening note which reads: “Paybacks a bitch." Dinah has trouble with the brakes and as Mallet tries to tell her how to handle the car, she wrecks. She is just shaken after the accident and Mallet finds fluid on the street. Alan-Michael makes another secret phone call and asks if the job is done.

Reva undergoes a chemo treatment and hears Cassie outside her room, looking for her. Colin flirts with Cassie and protects Reva. Reva finally asks how much time she has and Colin tells her he doesn’t know. Cassie brings Reva to a room for her surprise from Josh. Josh looks at Reva and she cannot believe she is standing in the cabin of Cross Creek, in Springfield. Josh tells her that he would move heaven and earth for her and wants to grow old with her here in her new old home. As she looks at the mantel which reads: Reva – Josh – Always – Forever, she sobs and tells Josh, “Never let go”.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Dorian visits David in jail. Adriana honors Kelly’s request, and brings her a pregnancy test. Blair and Starr stand vigil outside Todd’s room. Spencer puts a heart attack inducing drug into Todd’s I.V. Margaret has a flashback of memory about her and Todd. John fills Michael in that David Vicars is the one, who had killed their father. Paige is brought into the hospital. Bo tries to talk to her about making Spencer pay, but she tries to talk him out of it. Dorian visits Kelly and finds the pregnancy test.

Natalie confirms that she believes that Spencer is behind this. Blair listens quietly. "He is all over it Blair, and it is all going to come out." Later, Spencer sees John and Michael talking. Michael starts pushing to go over to Spencer in anger but John stops him. They leave. "I wonder what they were saying about me," Spencer says. Blair ignores him. "You don't believe I had anything to do with this do you?" Bo gets a call to go and see Paige who has been admitted to the hospital and has Bo listed as her next of kin. Bo rushes over there and she tries to tell him about Margaret but he already knows. "I know Paige," Bo tells. "We think that Spencer has something to do with this and we are looking into that. Paige panics. "No!" she shouts. "No! Not Spencer…" Margaret is in her cell pacing and panicking about her situation. A flash of an image comes to her mind. She sees Todd on his back, with his head turned from her and she is on top of him smiling. As quickly as the vision comes to her, it leaves her again. "What was that?" she asks herself. Dorian arrives at the hospital but Kelly isn't there. She is by the bed and sees the pregnancy test. "Oh no…Is Kelly pregnant with Duke's baby?" she wonders. The door opens. "What are you doing here?" Kelly asks. Hugh is pushing her in the room using a wheelchair. David gets a visit from Dorian. He tells her what really happened and how he shot John's father. He wants her help but she can't give it to him. Bo comes in soon and tells David that there is a deal on the table and the first one who talks gets it. "Doctors are already talking to Margaret, so don't take too long coming forward!"

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Noah was very upset at finding Fancy in bed with Luis. Of course he jumped to the wrong conclusion, and told her what he thought in no uncertain terms. She told him he's nothing but a hypocrit, then cried to Luis once Noah had stormed out. All of Theresa's pleading did nothing to make Ethan see reason. He still thinks she's lying about Gwen, although he is willing to chalk it up to the drinking and drugs she'd been given by JT. She told him she poured her drink in JT's, but Ethan wouldn't believe her. He swears even if Gwen did do it, he would never go back to Theresa anyway.

Whitney pulled the Monk's hood off and was startled by what she saw: his face is scarred horribly. He told her that's why he acted the way he did, and she believed him, going to find the virtual reality glasses to begin her search for the challice anew. Once she was gone, the monk removed his mask to reveal his is - to no one's surprise - Alistair. Back in Harmony, however, Julian, Eve, Sheridan, and Chris weigh the possibility that he is the one behind all that's going on in Rome, with Chris defending him as not being able to do anything since he's in a coma. The others want proof, however, so they all make the trip to the nursing home to check. Their conclusion, after poking him with a needle, is that he is still in a coma and so couldn't be behind it all. Sheridan isn't so sure, since she keeps having visions of him threatening her and all she loves.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Brad calls Victoria and tells her that he won't be arriving in Boston until the following day. She transfers him over to a secretary who assist him in booking a room for him to spend the night. He gets the booking and is told where to go. Sharon is in the same hotel ordering from the menu as she sits in her room enjoying her time away. Nick tells Phyllis about the benefit and how well it went. He will get her a videotape of the event. He tells that he dreamt about Cassie and she made him feel better. "She showed me what it would have been like had she not been allowed to leave the house that night. Sharon and I had a baby girl." The color drains from Phyllis's face. Brad and Sharon are in her hotel room. He tells her how he does business. "I get what I want but at a good price…" She plays with an ice cube between her lips…pushing it around with her fingers…in and out of her mouth as he talks about 'marketing'…They kiss. He knows that it is okay somehow, to put his hands in the front of her blouse and rip it open. They head to the bed and make love. John is in solitary confinement for fighting. He started the fight and because of that, he has had the privilege of being allowed to see his own doctor removed. Luckily, John is in Memorial hospital now and so the doctor rushes over there. He does tests and confirms that John hasn't got Alzheimer's, or a brain activity. "He could just be acting strangely because he has been taking medication that has been reacting badly together. We will make changes and see if John's behavior changes." Victoria thinks that Nick should accept that his marriage is over and let it go. He can't do that. "If things were so hot with Phyllis, maybe you should consider seeing her." Nick will not entertain that and he will not cheat again. Victoria goes to see her parents and they are a picture of true love. "I can only hope that in time Brad and I will have a love like the both of you have."

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