Wednesday 5/31/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 5/31/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Tad and Dixie arrive at the place where the guy told Tad he could meet (and where he can hopefully find Kate). But they find out that Greg only sent them on a wild goose chase the the pilot leaves them stranded in some deserted place. Jamie and Julia find out, from Zach, about Greg's little scheme with all of his surrogates on his private island. They go to inform Amanda. But when Greg finds out that they know his secret, he tells Amanda that perhaps she is not ready to be a surrogate yet. right away, she knows that Jamie and Julia discouraged him. She asks them what their problem is with Dr. Madden. Jamie tells her that Greg is not to be trusted. And she does have friends who really do care about her and have her back. Bianca knows that her mother has a very serious issue with Greg Madden. And she urges Erica to talk about it and know that her family will be there for her to support her through it. Whatever it is. The c section is underway for Kendall. Everything looks ok. but it looks like Spike is not ok after the delivery.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Barbara excitedly tells Jen about her many plans and appointments she has already set up for her upcoming wedding. Dusty agrees to take Johnny to his pediatrician appointment. When they are alone, Barbara presses Jen about forgiving Paul and asking him to her wedding. Jen is adamant that he no longer be a part of her life. Paul and Meg talk about his desire to raise his son now. Meg agrees to come back to him and help raise his and Emily’s child, but she is still wary of Emily. Paul and Meg decide to move in together. Emily tells Henry that Paul is fighting her for custody, but she isn’t worried. Henry is stunned to find out Emily is back to believing that she and Paul have a shot. She feels their baby is causing a rift in Paul and Meg’s relationship now and she may now have a shot. She feels they are soul mates and this baby was a sign they are meant to be together. Henry tries to talk her out of this line of thinking, but Emily won’t be deterred. She also needs his help now in her plan to get Paul to come see her. Paul and Jen see each other, but she ignores him and Meg tells him to let it go because she is the family he needs now. An anxious Jack heads up the search party for Carly and Nick. He becomes even more alarmed when he finds a bloody piece of Carly’s shirt. Carly and Nick find cover in a cave; Carly awakens and is too weak to walk so with all her might she knocks a sleeping Nick out with a rock and takes his cell phone. She is able to make a quick call to Jack to tell him she is in a cave before Nick grabs it from her. Jack is frightened by what he heard in her voice. Nick’s plan is for them to escape to Canada. He notices Carly’s wedding ring is missing and realizes she left it for Jack. Carly passes out and Nick worries she is dying and decides he has to leave her there in order to make it out. Carly begs him to not leave her without getting help, but he can’t. Margo finds Carly’s wedding ring and Jack promises Carly he is coming for her, as a weakened Carly sits alone in the cave hoping Jack found her clue. Dusty comes face to face with a love from his past – Lucy.

B&B Recap Written by Terri

Nick, assisted by little Hope, has set up a beautiful celebration dinner for Brooke. Hope excitedly asks Stephen if he is going to stay. Nick insists that he should so that he can be the one to tell Brooke the news of the stock. Stephen tells him that this night is for the two of them. Soon after he leaves Brooke comes in and is delighted by the celebration scene. Over at Forrester, Bridget tells Ridge that she finds it hard to believe that Brooke would the offer, unless Brooke and Nick have broken up. Taylor sits alone at home when Stephen unexpectedly arrives. She asks about the sale of the stock and is surprised when Stephen tells her that he is not there to talk about that, but instead he came to see if she was alright.

Stephen lets Taylor vent about the rough time she has been having. Taylor tells him that she is done feeling sorry for herself. Stephen tells her that he cares about her and what happens to her. Ridge tells Bridget that Brooke was going to turn down the offer when Nick insisted that she take it. Nick gives a surprised Brooke the 2% of Forrester stock. Stunned to learn that Taylor sold it to him and that it was her father's idea, Brooke asks if this is why Nick encouraged her to take the offer. Bridget tells Ridge that despite what he thinks, Nick's support of her mother shows that he is exactly the man she deserves. Stephen continues to tell Taylor that she isn't alone and suddenly kisses her ! Nick confirms Brooke's suspicions about his sudden change of heart about her taking the reins at Forrester. Nick then drops the bombshell that he wants her to FIRE the Forresters if she wants to have a future with HIM !!

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Lexie warns that if the in vitro fertilization procedure doesn’t work this time, there may not be another chance. Shawn and Bonnie do their best to ease Mimi’s concerns before and after Lexie performs the procedure. E.J. Wells is introduced to Carrie and Lucas and Carrie recognizes him. E.J. denies having ever met Carrie. Carrie invites E.J., Sami, and Austin to join her and Lucas for apple pie. Lucas spots Austin’s notes on Shawn’s engine and they argue over who will get the deal. E.J shows knowledgeable interest in Shawn’s engine but claims he only read about it on Max’s blog. Sami is overly smitten by E.J. especially when he “guesses” that she likes lemonade in her beer. E.J. continues to be mysterious when he refuses to divulge his line of work.

Jennifer tries to talk Hope into reuniting with Bo. Billie is shocked to learn that Patrick has returned to live in his own home again and Patrick offers to let Billie stay and split the rent. Bo catches Chelsea trying to run away but talks her out of it. Bo doesn’t like seeing Patrick back in Salem. Bo sends Hope flowers and finds Hope taking the flowers to Zack’s grave. Bo and Hope grieve together and kiss. John and Marlena return to the penthouse and John catches Roman comforting Marlena when seeing the winding staircase reminds her of losing the baby. Marlena has a hard time not blaming herself and John comforts her as she allows herself to properly grieve.

GH Recap Written by Amanda 

Maxie offers to steal pain meds for Lucky when the doctor she stole prescription sheets from notices them gone. Nik plans to send Lulu to a fancy prep school. Sam wonders about Liz and Jason's relationship and why it ended. Jason informs Coleman that the terms of the protection his organization provides for the bar have changed slightly. Georgi and Dillon can not qualify for an annulment. Diego uses Lulu as a lookout when he steals a car. Ric begins to feel slighted by Alexis' attention to Sam.

GL Recap Written by Siri

Jonathan - In the Light
Baby Daddy

Jonathan remembers hearing Reva’s words telling him that he will not be like Alfred and will be a good father. He finds Lizzie at the mansion and makes her level with him about him being the baby’s father. He starts to leave and Lizzie tells him he has to make an honest woman out of her. Alan, standing in hunting gear and holding a gun, tells Jonathan he will do it his way or else. Jonathan goes back to Tammy and is dressed in a tuxedo, carrying a bridal bouquet. She thinks he is asking her to marry her and finally, after seeing a very pregnant Lizzie standing behind Jonathan, realizes Jonathan is the baby’s father. He tries to explain to Tammy and she throws him out. Time seems to pass by and Lizzie pitches a newborn baby into Jonathan’s hands and tells him that he has to learn to catch a child when he falls. Jonathan, at Company’s nursery, holds his son. Buzz tells him the child will grow to hate him. Alan and Beth dress Jonathan in “Spaulding attire” and tell him what they expect of him. Lizzie tells him it’s not to bad being Mr. Lizzie Spaulding.

Year pass and a very young boy asks his daddy who the pictures are. Jonathan is looking at the pictures of Henry Cooper Bradshaw and Tammy as they have made it big time. The little boy wants to play ball and Jonathan makes him cry telling him no. Lizzie gets mad. Jonathan starts drinking heavily. Years later, a graying and drunken Jonathan starts a fight with a teen. He ends up slapping him and as the teen leaves, he tells him, “I’m sorry, Johnny”. Jonathan visits Reva and tells her that he has turned into Alfred. He receives a phone call from a doctor telling him that his son, Jonathan Randall, Jr., has been in a motorcycle accident. As he goes to the hospital, Lizzie screams that Jonathan is at fault for he never loved him. The doctor leads him to a body; the body of his dead son. Jonathan sobs heartbroken. Suddenly, Lizzie brings Jonathan back to reality. He tells her that no matter what type of screw up she is, the baby is Coop’s. He returns to Tammy, kissing her and hears his last words to Lizzie, “Yeah, the baby is all Coops’ and I am not going to give you anymore trouble for we both have exactly what we want.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis  

Todd is taken to the hospital. The team puts him on a bed in the OR and Spencer tells that he will take it from there. He grabs a syringe when alone with Todd and smiles. "It is only you and me now…" The door flies open and the team returns ready for surgery. They gather around Todd for the surgical procedure that might save his life. Spencer's smile fades. Spencer has started the surgery with his team. He sees that there is a lot of damage inside. "Will he make it?" one of the team members ask. Spencer thinks back to the prison and Blair begging him to save Todd's life. She promised that she would love him forever. He turns back to his work now. "Okay…I want you all to listen to everything that I tell you and follow my orders to a tee!" Kelly is alone when Adrianna comes to see her. "I have a secret," Kelly says. "I need you to do something for me…I need a pregnancy test." Blair goes to Nat who is alone at the hospital. "Do you think that Spencer was the one who put Todd behind death row?" Evangeline's spirit has been renewed. Cristian has her near the car. She has a lot that she plans to do now. She has to see that Spencer pays for the trouble that he caused. She is all hyped up about work but all that Cristian can think about is doing this. He holds her head to his and plants one on her. "Can you take me home?" Evangeline asks timidly. Cristian puts her in the car and then hits himself in the head several times for making the wrong move.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary  

Todd is rushed to Llanview Hospital for open heart surgery. Blair visit’s the chapel at the hospital to say a prayer for Todd. Margaret and David are both arrested. Margaret still cannot remember anything from her past. Natalie and John confess to Michael that it was David Vicars that had killed their father. Adriana visits Kelly in the hospital. Kelly asks Adriana to get her a pregnancy test. Blair questions Natalie if she thinks that Spencer is behind putting Todd on death row. The baby that was found in the abandoned building was given to a social worker.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

As Luis sleeps peacefully on the sofa and Fancy does the same in the bedroom, Beth sneaks into the hotel room and goes to the bed, then climbs on top of Fancy and starts stabbing her. Once she feels she's inflicted enough damage, she leaves, and Fancy weakly begins to call Luis. He hears her and goes to see what's wrong, and she wakes up to find it was all a dream. Later, she asks him to stay in the bed with her while she sleeps, to keep her safe. Noah finds them asleep in each other's arms. He had just finished rescuing Jessica from Spike, and needed Luis' help to go into the catacombs to find out why the pimp had wanted to take her down there. Whitney finally realizes she isn't dealing with God after all, and questions him about it. He becomes very upset, but she is even more so, and she pulls his hood off to see who he really is. What she sees shocks her.

Fox and Siren track Miguel and Kay down at the fishery, and Fox wants to know why Kay is there. Miguel covers for her, saying she wants to continue the ad campaign by having pictures taken of the models in there. Fox thinks it's a great idea, but Siren knows a scam when she hears one, and faces Kay down. She threatens harm to her if she doesn't stay away from her man, which makes Kay even more furious with her. Tabitha and Endora watch from their water bowl as Tabby tries to explain to her daughter why turning a mermaid into a real human isn't a good idea. The tot still thinks it is, and shows her support for the Fox/Kay romance.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Victor and Nikki confirm with each other that bringing Phyllis back to NVP was the right thing to do. "She isn't married, and Daniel is out of the house, so she is perfect for all those out of town meetings and business trips," Victor finds. "That way…I can spend more time with you." Nikki can see the benefit of that as they will have to work hard to keep Phyllis out of the children's way in the office building. Noah, Nick and Sharon are sitting together, talking about her trip when Noah leaves for a donut at the counter. The smile leaves Sharon's face. "So you will have some free time while I am gone," she says. "Will you be seeing Phyllis?" He denies that he intends to do that, and he defends himself when she accuses him of helping to get Phyllis back at NVP. "Look Nick! Do what you want. I don't care…We are getting a divorce remember?" Sharon and Brad are in the same elevator leaving the office for their different trips. They board their respective planes…one to Boston and one to New York. Sharon arrives at her hotel room without incident. Brad is still on his plane when there is an announcement. "Ladies and gentlemen… this flight will be changing course and landing in Boston…" Devon spends the day with his parents and things are not good. He hears that Drucilla is going on a business trip to Europe. Neil is proud of the boy and his scholarship from doing so well in school. Devon has decided that he is moving to live in the dorm. Later, Devon goes to Daniel and Lily's and tells them that he fears that Drucilla is going on a business trip and not returning. Lily gets a call while she is talking with Daniel and Devon. "What? Are you sure?" She hangs up. She turns to her brother and husband. "I flunked physics. I won't be graduating."

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