Tuesday 5/30/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 5/30/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Still, nobody knows what to do with comatose Kendall and the baby. Bianca talks to Josh and knows that he has some sort of secret although she knows nothing about it. Erica tells Bianca that she does not trust Zach and she's beginning to distrust Ryan. But she does not believe that JR is responsible for Kendall's injury. Bianca tells her mother she believes and so would anybody if they saw what alcohol does to JR. JR is still telling Babe, Krystal and Adam that he intends to turn himself into prison and accept the consequences for his actions. Adam tells his son he won't let him go to prison but instead wants to check him into an alcohol treatment facility because he's a victim of alcohol. Krystal tells Adam it's time to stop making excuses for his son and blaming everything on alcohol. Tad calls a lead who might have adopted Kate. Dixie tells him she will go with him whether he likes it or not. Greg knows that too many people are on to him. He informs Amanda that he intends to leave Pine Valley and she is welcome to come with him and be a surrogate. Jamie and Julia find out that Amanda still plans on going through with the surrogacy with Greg and they tell her that she must know that he cannot be trusted.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Damian finds it incomprehensible that his son could be gay. He starts to question things: Was Luke too close to Lily? Was Holden a good father? Did Holden hurt her and Luke witnessed it? Lily explains that Holden did leave her for another woman, but they are together and stronger now. Their parenting skills were fine; she resents him implying otherwise. She is having a hard time with Luke’s admission as well and would like him to see a therapist, but Holden thinks that will convince Luke they think something is wrong with him. Damian agrees to do it her way for now. The Calculus exam grades are posted online, and Maddie learns she got a lower grade then Will did, and realized the paper wasn’t the only thing Will cheated on. Maddie connects the dots regarding Jade’s involvement in helping Will cheat. She confronts her when she sees her trying to blow Nate off. Later she warns Gwen about her but won’t explain why other then her connection to Luke’s family. After the car accident, Katie tries to wake Carly up. Carly’s legs are pinned, and when they are trying to get her out, Nick awakens. Carly nails him with a backwards-right punch and Nick is out for the count again. Mike and Jack realize Nick never turned in his service weapon and now they have to consider the possibility that he is armed and dangerous. Katie runs for help and calls Jack who is with Margo and Mike preparing to send out reinforcements. Katie is able to give a vague description of where they are. Gwen senses something is wrong with Maddie, but agrees to drop it, promising Maddie that there should be no secrets between them. Will claims Maddie is simply bent out of shape because he got a higher grade then she. Luke apologizes to Lily for accusing her of calling Damian, but their talk goes sideways and soon Luke is storming out. Lily calls Holden for help, but he is unavailable, so Lily goes and finds Damian. Nick won’t leave Carly pinned in the car so Jack can play hero to her. After he helps her out though, he ominously tells her he isn’t going to leave without her. Jack finds his and Carly’s compass and goes looking for her. He finds the crash site of the car, yet Carly and Nick are nowhere to be found.

B&B Recap Written by Terri

Brooke is shocked when Nick insists that she accept Stephanie's offer to become CEO of Forrester. Nick tells her to "take over". After he leaves, Brooke is congratulated by Eric, Steph and Ridge. Christian examines Felicia and gives her the good news that she is well on the road to a full recovery. Felicia is shocked when Christian says that it is time for him to move out of her house. At Marone, Stephen hands the 2% of Forrester stock that Taylor has signed over to Brooke. Nick insists on having his lawyers check out the sale of the stock.

The Forresters are curious as to why Brooke changed her mind. Brooke tells them that Nick convinced her to do it. Darla and Thorne come into the office to offer their congratulations to Brooke. Thorne tells them that the reporters are outside, so Ridge says that they need to make a formal announcement. Christian tells Felicia that he is interested in her, but she tells him that she doesn't know where things stand with Dante and Bridget, so she wants to pursue Dante. Christian says that he understands and proceeds to pack his things to move in with Hector. Before he leaves, Christian surprises Felicia with a passionate kiss. Nick's lawyers tell him that the transfer of stock is airtight. Nick is concerned over how Stephen convinced Taylor to sign it over. Stephen explains that Taylor wanted no part of "revenge". Nick doubles the money that is to be deposited into Taylor's account for the stock. Stephen tells him that now, Brooke can fire the Forresters since she now has control of the company ! At Forrester, Ridge and Brooke are alone celebrating her return. Ridge tries to get personal, but Brooke tells him of her commitment to Nick. Nick tells Stephen that Brooke is finally free, as she and Ridge share an embrace.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Philip declares his plans to Belle and Kate about wanting to underwrite Max’s racing team only if he’d be allowed to be a second driver. Philip gets Shawn to like the deal enough to run it by Max. Kate blames Belle for Philip having to find his thrills on the racetrack because he isn’t being satisfied in the bedroom. Mimi slips by claiming she’s not worthy of being blessed with a pregnancy but claims it was because of the abortion.

Austin decides he’d like to include Shawn’s new racing engine as part of his company. E.G. Wells, a new neighbor, stops by to borrow a wrench from Austin. Sami, soaking wet from their shower breaking, rushes over to retrieve the wrench from a now scantily clad E.G. The towel drops from E.G.’s body as he turns to retrieve the wrench and Austin catches Sami gaping at E.G. Jennifer escorts Hope to the kitchen to talk while Frankie tries unsuccessfully to convince Chelsea to tell the truth about the emails. Kate and Billie argue over Billie pushing Hope and Bo back together. Hope accuses Bo of only wanting to make amends so she’ll be more lenient on Chelsea.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Sam tries to convince Jason to take her back but he refuses to place her in any more danger. Sam warns Alexis to accept the fact that she is going to get back together with Jason. Alexis tries to undermine Sam's faith in Jason. Max stops Sonny from attacking Nikolas with a wine bottle. Emily admits to Max she's worried about Sonny. Sonny advises Jason to get back together with Sam.

Robin assures Patrick she doesn't want a commitment from him. Robin and Patrick are about to make love again when Jax and Carly barge in. Jax and Patrick intervene when Robin and Carly start to go at it. Robin denies to a suspicious Jax that she has something to use against Carly.

GL Recap Written by Siri 

Reva tells Jonathan that she overheard Lizzie telling Beth that he is the father of Lizzie’s baby. He tries to deny it and finally admits but that he will not admit it to anyone else. He tells her that Tammy and he will still move. Reva tries to tell him that he will make a good father and not to turn his back on his own baby. Jonathan tells her that he is too much like Alfred. Tammy tells Ava that she knows she loves Coop and that if her guy was having a baby by another woman, she isn’t sure she could be as generous. Josh and Billy are at Cross Creek waiting for Cassie and Reva. He is excited about telling Reva about moving the cabin to Springfield. When there is a knock at the door, he runs to the door and kisses …(surprise)…Cassie. They both are embarrassed. Billy giggles. Josh calls Reva who lies and says she missed her flight and that Cassie will have to stand in for her. Reva goes home and as she is taking a shower, finds clumps of hair coming out. She starts to cry hysterically.

Lizzie tells Coop that she will move back into the mansion because she is afraid to stay alone in the apartment and he tells Alan and her that he will, too, for he wants to be with Lizzie and the baby. Alan isn’t pleased, but tells Lizzie that the baby and she are his future and that he will turn Henry into a Spaulding. Jonathan sneaks up on Lizzie at the mansion and startles her. “Hey, Lizzie how was your Memorial Day”, he says hatefully. She asks him what he wants. “Just checking in on you, the baby…”, he adds with disgust.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

John makes it there with Margaret just in time to save Todd or so he hopes. Everyone is stunned to see Margaret alive. Blair begs Spencer to help revive Todd. Spencer, reluctantly, tries to revive him. Spencer lets John know that unless they get Todd to Llanview Hospital and into I.C.U. he will not survive. John calls for a medi-vac to transport Todd to the hospital.

Antonio kisses Tess. Nash comes in, and wants to know what is going on. Antonio finds out that they will find out who the baby’s mother and father is in the morning. Nash goes upstairs to visit the baby, and finds a note in the baby’s baby bed. Bo questions Margaret about Todd Manning and who had helped her cover this up. Margaret denies knowing anything about Todd or who had helped her.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Theresa tries to find JT, the picture of him and Rebecca in bed, or the tape from his message machine in order to prove to Ethan that Gwen and Rebecca are the ones who leaked his paternity info to the tabloid. No such luck. It seems JT, hanging on the phone with Rebecca while he hides on the ledge outside his room's balcony, managed to take all the incriminating evidence with him. Ethan is upset at Theresa's seeming lying, and blasts her, saying she is the one who ruined his life, not Gwen. Luis tries to get Beth to tell him where Marty is, but she refuses. She keeps trying to get to Fancy so she can kill her, but he stops her each time. However, Fancy seems overcome by the events and faints, hitting her head on the way down and losing a lot of blood. Luis lets Beth escape so he can tend to Fancy, and they seem to grow even closer.

Kay continues trying to talk Miguel out of hanging out with Siren, saying she's strange and different, but he gets upset and says he will do what he wants. It seems her attempt to tell him she loves him and not Fox was really just her way of letting him know how she feels about him being with Siren. The mermaid and Tabitha watch and listen to the conversation, thanks to the magic water bowl, and Siren decides turn about's fair play, so she enters the shower and makes a move on Fox. He deflects her, and then she lets him know Kay followed Miguel to the fishery and they decide to go see what the two are doing. They walk in on Kay hugging her ex, and Fox is none too happy about it.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Daniel is delivering mail and finds his mother in her old office. He isn't happy when he hears that she has returned to the company. "I have a really bad feeling about this," he says. She says this isn't about Nick but being a part of her company. She wants to come to the benefit but then sees what a bad idea that would be. She gives Daniel an envelope for the benefit and he leaves with Lily. Colleen enters the loft and is surprised to find JT and Paul there. "You left a few days ago leaving a note that you had to go on a trip and here you are back again! Where were you?" JT and Paul tell how they were looking into a missing person case. "Who is missing?" she asks. Paul cuts off her questions before leaving. JT gives Colleen her T-shirt and then learns that although she doesn't want to be in the same place as Brad and Victoria, she will be attending the benefit. Devon tells Lily that he really thinks that Neil and Drucilla are going to split up. The kids sit with their parents and try to lift the mood but Neil isn't interested. He gives Drucilla the keys to the car when she says that she wants to go home. "I'll take a cab." Lily is watching when Devon leaves with Drucilla and Neil remains alone at the benefit. She is also watching when Carmen comes and sits with Neil.

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