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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

JR tries and fails to get Babe to forgive him and believe he's serious about changing his ways. She tells him it's just a matter of time until he turns on her again and he will never own responsibility for his actions. But he surprises her by showing her a signed agreement where he pleads guilty to the attempted murder charge. At that point, she asks him if he really wants to go through with this and admits that she cannot imagine her life without him. Jamie and Julia go for a swim together and act like they like each other. Erin and Aidan go driving and looking for Jonathan and Lily. But they have a mechanical failure. While waiting for the auto service, they enjoy each other's company. Kendall is still unconscious and Ryan and Zach still do not know what to do.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Will and Maddie disagree over Will’s dishonesty with Gwen over how he has now managed to graduate. Gwen counsels Casey on how he can handle his relationship with Maddie better; she thinks he should be more appreciative of her. This conversation causes Casey to step up to the plate and ask Maddie to the Crash graduation party. Things continue to be awkward between Will and Maddie, unknown to Casey and Gwen, as they butt heads over how Will should handle the fact he bought his term paper. Damian and Luke come face to face and it isn’t exactly a loving reunion. After Luke storms off, Damian is concerned about the hostility he is seeing in his son, and Lily is forced to share with him that Luke is gay. Jack and Mike talk to Del who tells them about Nick’s involvement in Maya’s demise. Mike had already started wondering about this considering some information he recently found out. They realize Nick has taken all of his belongings, hotwired Katie’s car, and that Carly’s purse has been dropped on the garage floor, probably meaning he has both of them. They just don’t know where they all have gone. Nick holds Carly and Katie at gunpoint. Carly is starting to realize how dire the situation is becoming and is forced to explain that to Katie who still thinks Nick is just acting erratically. Carly realizes it is up to her to stop Nick because it is becoming apparent things aren’t going to end well for them. Katie takes Carly’s cue, as they put their seat belts on and join hands as Carly violently swerves the car off the road.

B&B Recap Written by Terri

Brooke calls Ridge at Forrester and tells him that she has come to a decision. He begs her to tell him, but she says that she made the best decision for everyone and that she would be there soon. Taylor sits alone at home drinking wine and thinking out loud about Stephanie's betrayal, when Stephen knocks on her door. At Forrester, Ridge tells Eric and Stephanie that Brooke has made her decision. He is worried that even if she accepts the offer to become CEO of Forrester, he still may not get her back. As Eric tries to reassure him, they both notice that Stephanie is distracted. Stephanie explains that she is concerned about Taylor's angry reaction to the stock she gave her. Steph fears that she may have gone to far when she hit Taylor.

At Marone, Brooke comes into Nick's office and goes straight into his arms. Brooke tells him that she has decided to turn down Stephanie's offer. Nick and Brooke leave to tell the Forresters. When they arrive, Brooke is overwhelmed by flashbacks of all of the success she has enjoyed there. At Taylor's, Stephen is stunned when Taylor tells her that after arguing with Stephanie that Steph hit her. Taylor tells him that she doesn't want or need the stock and prepares to tear it up. Stephen tells her that he understands how she feels and that she should sell the stock to him to be rid of the Forresters forever. When Brooke arrives in Stephanie's office everyone is shocked to see Nick with her. As Stephanie sings her praises and Ridge takes her down memory lane, Brooke prepares to tell them that she is turning them down. Nick gets a call and steps outside of the office. On the phone, Stephen tells him that Taylor has signed over her stock to him. As he steps back into the room, Brooke is about to say that she has no choice but to....but Nick interrupts and says....BUT TO ACCEPT !!!

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Jack anxiously waits for the effects of the procedure to cure him but fears that his return home will be too late. Most everyone gathers at the Deveraux home for a Memorial Day barbeque where they watch on TV as Max wins his race. Marlena is hesitant to join the group for she blames herself but Lexie claims she should be the one to blame for recommending Alex for treatment. John convinces Marlena to go in and Marlena shares an emotional reunion with Belle and Claire. Marlena, while talking with Belle, and John, while talking with Philip, each question the future of their marriage due to the events prior to Marlena’s amnesia.

Billie insists that Chelsea join her at the barbeque vetoing her desire to spend the day with Max. Bo returns to Salem alone and heads straight to Billie’s house where Chelsea is pleasantly surprised to learn Bo and Hope did not reconcile on the island. Billie sends Chelsea to the barbeque so she and Bo can talk privately about the events on the island. Abby reacts negatively when Jennifer and Frankie try to include her by asking for her help with making Jack’s famous burgers. After some sage advice from Alice and Maggie, Abby changes her attitude and agrees to help. Moments later, Chelsea arrives and convinces Abby to abandon the party to sneak off with their boyfriends. Hope returns home with Patrick where they visit with Shawn and Mimi. Bonnie rushes over and privately congratulates Patrick on seducing Hope. Shawn convinces Hope to join them at the barbeque. Bo and Billie realize that Chelsea will run into Hope at the barbeque and rush to the Deveraux home. Chelsea answers the door as Hope arrives.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

When Lucky tries to go back to work, Liz gets Mac to stop him, so he can finish healing, angering Lucky, and prompting him to lash out at her and Nik. Maxie goes to Coleman's bar, where it does not matter that she is underage. Lucky also finds refuge there. Sonny refuses to listen when Alexis tries to advise him on his lifestyle and has Max throw her out. While they are talking, Escobar is shot. Robin takes Patrick on a nature trek, and they are forced to take shelter from the rain in a cabin. They make use of the time to make love. Georgie gives Dillon a birthday party at which Lulu dances with Diego and he enlists her help to break up Georgie and Dillon. Sam sneaks out of the hospital to see Jason. Sonny eavesdrops on Nik and Emily when he comes over to discuss some joint property and what to do with it.

GL Recap Written by Siri 

Reva eavesdrops at Cedars as Lizzie explains to Beth about how Jonathan is the father of her baby. Beth tells Lizzie that she will keep her secret. Reva steps out and asks them why they are talking about her son, feigning the fact she already knows. Lizzie tells her that she just remarked to her mother how sad the charges are against him by Ashley.  Jonathan and Lizzie make out on the couch and he bribes RJ to leave them alone. Cassie tells them both they have to move out for this. Ava and Coop paint the nursery and share a tender moment, kidding with each other. Lizzie sees the nursery and thinks Coop painted it. He corrects her and tells her that he is looking forward to being a father.

Gus tries to make a move on Dinah and kisses her, telling her now they can get their revenge. She rejects him and tells him to just get over it. Mallet sees Gus kissing her and he and Gus start fighting. Gus is obviously drunk and Mallet tells him to stay out of his life. Harley finds Gus and tries to get him to come back to her. He leaves her sitting sadly alone.  Reva goes to Jonathan and tells him that he and Tammy cannot pick up and leave town now. He wants to know one good reason why. Reva says, “Because”, and she hesitates, “you are going to be a father”. Jonathan stares at her in disbelief.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Todd makes his final statements to Margaret’s sister, to Viki and to Vangie. Blair gets up to the window, and begins to cry. Todd makes a statement to Blair that he will haunt her for the rest of her life.

Nash gets a threat from Mr. Reston concerning his daughter. Nash visits Claudia and fills her in on what her father had said to him. Todd is killed my lethal injection. John and Margaret makes it there just as Todd is executed.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

As Luis is in the bathroom, talking to Sheridan about getting their son back, Beth finds Fancy asleep in bed and starts smothering her with a pillow. Fancy tries to fight back, but Beth manages to hold on until she stops moving. As she gloats over her kill, Fancy wakes up and goes on the attack, which takes them bouncing and banging around the room, finally alerting Luis to the fact something isn't right. Before he can get out of the blocked doorway, however, Beth manages to disappear. A search of the apartment turns up nothing until they hear a noise in the ceiling, and Luis manages to break through and pull Beth down to the floor. Theresa had a ball rubbing the fact she's in JT's apartment in to Rebecca and Gwen. They are sure the jig is up, but once Theresa leaves the sleeping JT to go bring Ethan back, Rebecca manages to get him to answer her phone call. Just as Theresa is bringing Ethan back, Becs tells JT that she's bringing Ethan to kill him.

Kay goes to the fishery to see Miguel, and he thinks she's Siren. He grabs her and kisses her passionately, then apologizes for the mistake. Kay is upset at that, and they have a talk about how she adored him while they were growing up but he never noticed her. He tells her he finally realized how much he cares for her once he got back to Harmony, but it was too late since she's engaged to Fox. She tells him she doesn't really want Fox after all.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Gloria has Dr. Campbell come to the house. After all that has happened to John, she wants him to see his own doctor. Jack doubts that will happen after all the brick walls they have been facing getting his father help. The trouble is getting the doctor in the prison. Jack sees that they have overlooked an important part of all this. "We haven't spoken to the warden about this yet!" Neil goes to see Victor. He reveals again that he is unhappy with his working situation and the way that he has been treated. Victor tells him again that he is very valuable to the company and shouldn't worry. "I can't do that," he says. "I will be putting my résumé on the market." Carmen arrives and Neil is introduced to her. Victor asks Neil to show Carmen around the building. The warden refuses to let Gloria have John's doctor visit him. Jack takes a back seat and listens and Gloria threatens to go to the press and tell them that there are funny things going on in the prison and that her husband has been roughed up. Later that day, Dr. Campbell comes to Jack and Gloria to report that he has been given permission to go and see his longtime patient. Neil tells Victor that he is putting his résumé out there. Victor calls Neil to the office. "I am going to give you something now that I have thought about what you said." Neil is confused as there are no more seats vacant on the board. "What is it?" he asks. "My jet!" Neil laughs. "Why are you giving me your jet?" Neil asks. Victor doesn't miss a beat when answering. "Because I can…" Nick is at work. He finds Brad and Sharon talking privately in the office. When Sharon leaves he asks Brad what he was doing there. "I was finalizing the terms of the trip!" Brad says walking out. Nick is in the office alone. A secretary enters giving Nick a requisition form to sign for Phyllis. "Are you sure that it is for her?" Nick asks. "Yes, she is back to work now…didn't you hear?"

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