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The TV MegaSite's Friday 5/26/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Jack and Reggie go and angrily tell Aidan that he is useless in helping them find Lily. She is out there all alone. And Jack is very worried that Jonathan may have found her and could hurt her. Erin reminds Jack, however, that her brother loves his daughter. She tells him that the two of them have a love that is no less real than it would be if they did not have the mental conditions that they both have. And she tells him he better hope that Lily is with Jonathan and not alone or with somebody else. In New York, Jonathan helps Lily stay away from crowds, loud noises, touching and red. He gets a headache and remembers it feels like it did before he was diagnosed with the tumor. And he's afraid he will turn into the person he was before the surgery and hurt her. She tells him, however, that the statistical likelihood of his having a tumor again is highly unlikely. She concludes that he must be dehydrated and she helps him. Everybody still has no clue what to do with Kendall and her baby while she is still comatose. Ryan agrees to do things Zach's way. But the doctors announce that they must make a decision now or else Kendall will die. JR is ready to ask for Babe's forgiveness now that he knows he can trust her. But she tells him that she's been forgiving him and making excuses for him too many times and cannot do it again.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Will decides to cheat on his calculus test in order to graduate. Maddie discovers that Will bought his biology term paper. Mike and Jack are told by Maya's boyfriend that Maya was going to meet Nick not Mike when she was killed. Damian asks Lily for a chance to build a relationship with Luke. Nick tries to leave town but Carly catches him before he can leave Oakdale. Luke continues to be hurt because Lily can't accept that he is gay.

B&B Recap Written by Terri

At Marone, Nick is appalled at the newspaper headline showing a scantily clad Brooke and an article on Stephanie's offer. Stephen tells Nick that he had dinner with Taylor the night before and he outlined his plan for her to give Brooke her 2% of stock. Stephen explains to Nick that Taylor wanted to sleep on it so he decides to call her for her decision. Taylor is outside of the Forrester mansion when Stephen calls. Taylor tells Stephen that after thinking it over she wants no part of his plan for revenge and that she is going to give Stephanie the stock back.

Inside, all the Forresters are gathered. Kristen and Thorne question Stephanie's offer to Brooke. Stephanie hands Kristen, Thorne and Felicia their 6% stock certificates. Felicia asks who gets the rest and Stephanie tells them she gave Taylor 2%. Just as Stephanie is explaining why she gave stock to Taylor, Taylor walks in and accuses her of trying to buy her off. Stephen tells Nick that he doesn't understand Taylor's decision given how upset she was the night before. Taylor berates all of the Forresters one by one for the way they weren't in her corner when she and Ridge divorced. Stephanie asks them all to leave so she can talk to Taylor. Taylor accuses Stephanie of having a sick relationship with Ridge. As Taylor yells in Stephanie's face, Steph slaps her. While talking to Stephen, Nick gets a call from Brooke asking him to come over because she has made her decision. After the slap, Taylor answers her ringing cell phone. Stephen begs her to reconsider. She tells him that she is headed home and to meet her there. Taylor heads to the door and says to Stephanie, "you'll be sorry you did that !".

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Lexie offers Abe a way to work beyond his problem in order to have another child but Abe vetoes the offer due to his pride. Sami still fears that karma will catch up with her and ruin the wedding and Austin tries to lift her spirits. Lexie and Abe decide to dine at Chez Rouge and run into Sami and Austin. Sami corners Lexie in the restroom and urges her to get another test for breast cancer. Lexie assumes Sami is only doing this because Sami wants her to have breast cancer. Mimi and Shawn visit the hospital nursery and Mimi imagines heading home with their newborn son. Dr. Ross delivers the news to Shawn and Mimi that the procedure worked and they now have a pre-embryo.

The doctor advises Jack to call Jennifer but Jack decides to wait and see if the new treatment worked. Jennifer’s repeated attempts to talk to Abby fail when Abby continues to lash out. Frankie offers to postpone the wedding date but Jennifer refuses to allow that. John and Marlena decide to check out of the hotel and head for home. Hope admits that she still loves Bo. Hope and Bo argue over how Chelsea should be punished for Zack’s death. Hope notes how Bo’s comments now differ from the e-mail she was sent but Bo has no idea what she is referring to. Jennifer calls Hope and tells her about Chelsea’s trial date change. Hope is furious that Bo wasn’t the one to tell her first and declares their marriage to be over.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Alexis tells Sam she has bought a house so that there will be enough room for all three of her daughters; however, it is a lie. Emily is shaken after being almost shot at Jason's. The mixed signals Jax is giving about Nik's presence in John's life confuse Nikolas. Sonny decides to find out who Jason is having trouble with. Carly encourages Jason to get back with Sam. Robin suspects her father is trying to break up her and Patrick. Lucky turns to Maxie for help getting drugs, and she does. Nik catches his "new" cousin up on the family gossip. Jax buys a boat for Carly and the boys. Jason has to rescue Sonny when he tries to kill Escobar, while unarmed. Jason admits he does not like his life much. Helena pays Baby John a visit, but Carly and Jax are not welcoming.

GL Recap Written by Siri

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Everyone gathers at the prison for Todd’s execution. There are tears from almost everyone. Jack reveals to Todd that he is not afraid of him. Margaret’s sister offers her condolences to Blair and her children. John, Natalie, David and Margaret wing their way toward Llanview in order to save Todd’s life. Todd is strapped to the table, and raised up so he can speak to the people in the viewing area. Starr cannot believe that Spencer would arrive at the prison for Todd’s execution.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Luis and Fancy go to a club for a drink after he unknowingly saves her from Beth, but he becomes upset when he spots her dancing with another man. Beth, who followed them, thinks Fancy is trying to make Luis jealous and gets even angrier and more determined to kill her. Luis, seeing the man reach into his pocket, slugs him. He thought he was reaching for a knife, but the man only wanted to answer his cell phone. Fancy is upset, but later calms down and realizes Luis only wants to protect her. Luis calls Sheridan, telling her he's spotted Beth and Marty, and she is very happy, but still doesn't want to hear Luis talk about them getting back together. Paloma, Simone, and Jessica are wandering around Rome, taking a buggy ride to see the sights and having a ball.

Noah starts to remember details about the man that killed Lena's supposed partner, remembering the Omega tattoo on his forearm. Spike has that tattoo, and gets more upset as he listens to Noah while hiding in Lena's room. After Noah leaves, Spike and Lena talk, and she warns him to stop being so smug about himself. Theresa goes with Joe to his room, leaving Ethan wondering where they went to. He does all he can to locate where JT is staying, with no luck. JT drugs a drink he fixes for Theresa, but she catches on and switches drinks with him. She asks about his work as a journalist and is shocked when he starts talking about outing Ethan's paternity. She has found the very man she has been searching for! Gwen is terrified of just that and demands that Rebecca call him again, since they haven't heard back from him yet. Rebecca finally gives in and calls, and Theresa hears her voice from the message machine, then answers herself, giving the two women a shock.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Jill sees Phyllis packing. She freaks when she learns what Ashley has done. Jill goes to Ashley. " She is the key to our campaigns right now." Ashley doesn't care. "I am President and I don't want that woman working here!" Jill looks her square in the eye. "You are the only Abbot working here. Do you want there to be NO Abbots at Jabot? You will be the one to tell her she stays, and make her think that you mean it!" Ashley goes to Phyllis, but Phyllis might not come back as she has a job offer. She goes to Newman and Sharon attacks. "No wonder you don't have women friends, they are afraid you will take their husbands." Phyllis warns her not to push too hard. "Nick moved back home, he just used you and threw you away!" Phyllis goes to Victor's office. "Is that job offer still good?" He nods. "You can start right away." Jack comes to Jabot and Jill bumps into him. "What are you doing here?" He tells that he is looking for his sister. "Well you being in the building doesn't look good," Jill says. "Don't tell me that that I can't coming into the company that I helped build Jill…so stuff it!" Jack sees his dad at the prison. "Hi son! We have to find Dina! Go find that man that she ran off with and ask him where she is." Jack reminds his father that Fred Davis died many years ago, and that Dina has been gone for many, many years. John ignores him and doesn't believe that. He returns to the house to announce to Will and Ashley that Gloria was right and that John is really not doing well. Michael and Gloria arrive at the prison. John recognizes both of them just fine. Michael throws a couple of business issues at him and John remembers it all just fine! Gloria hugs him glad to see that this time he seems just fine, unlike the last time that she saw him. "You called me 'Dina', the last time that I was here," she tells him. "You really need to relax," he tells Gloria. "You have been under a lot of stress.”

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