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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Erica is very upset that Bianca made no effort to persuade Zach to save Kendall and have the c-section. She goes and talks to Josh about ways to save Kendall. Nobody know what to do. Julia at first pulls a gun on Zach and tells him he must back off. But she concludes that she cannot do that to him. He must be able to make the decision that he sees fit. Tad goes and finds Greg and demands to know where Kate is. Greg is not about to tell him until Tad threatens him. He finally gives Tad a contact for which to find her. Dixie tells Di and Del the big secret about Kate. Di tells her there is no excuse for her giving up her child. But Del is supportive to Dixie.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Jenifer tells Paul she never wants to see him again when he arrives at her engagement party. Maya Gold's old boyfriend breaks into Carly's basement looking for the rubies and tells Carly and Katie Maya was going to meet Nick not Mike when she was killed. Lily talks to Bob and admits that he is gay . Luke is angry and asks his mother to accept his choice. Will is so desperate to move out of Hal's house he decides to use the answers Jade gives him to pass the calculus test. Mike begins to suspect Nick could be a killer so Nick gives up his job at the police force and plans to leave town. Dusty gives Jennifer a beautiful engagement ring. Damien Grimaldi arrives back in Oakdale to try to reconnect with his son Luke. Paul decides that nobody is taking his baby from him and he tears up the papers relinquishing his parental rights.

B&B Recap Written by Terri

At the studio, Dante explains to Bridget that Felicia is just posing for him in her place. Felicia tells Bridget that if she wants to pose, she'll leave, but Bridget is suspicious that more than posing is going on. At Marone, Jackie tries to comfort Nick who is still concerned over what Brooke's decision will be. Jackie gets a call from Stephen who says that he needs to cancel dinner with her so that he can have dinner with a friend in need. What Jackie doesn't know is that the friend is Taylor !

At Stephanie's, she and Ridge discuss her offer to Brooke. Ridge is concerned that it may not be enough to reconcile them, but he thanks Steph for what she is willing to do to reunite him with Brooke. Back at the studio, Felicia bluntly tells Bridget the she is interested in Dante and that if she doesn't want him she should let him go. Reeling from Felicia's revelation, Bridget realizes that she has been unfair to him. Over dinner at Cafe Russe, Stephen confesses to Taylor that he knew about the 2% of stock given to her by Stephanie. Stephanie tells Ridge that she has put allot on the line by giving Brooke 50% of the company. After Felicia leaves the studio, Bridget tells Dante that if they were going to have a relationship it would have happened by now. Over a glass of wine, Taylor listens as Stephen outlines his plan on how she can use her stock to team up with Brooke to take control of Forrester !

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Belle keeps Shawn company while he fixes her car. Mimi eavesdrops on their conversation but is able to explain away her presence after knocking over a stack of tires. Bo forcefully pulls Patrick off of Hope but Hope fills Bo in on how Patrick had been working undercover. Bo pleads his case to Hope about renewing their love. Patrick asks Marlena and John to pass on his decision to step aside and leave the island. John and Marlena share an emotional reunion.

Abby chastises Frankie and Jennifer for moving on so quickly and threatens to move out should they go through with the wedding. Abby also lashes out at Jennifer by claiming that she wants to have sex so she can have a baby and be a better mom than Jennifer. Frankie, Jennifer, and Abby discover Chelsea and Max’s photo on the “Sluts of Salem” blog and Frankie rushes over to Chelsea’s house to show her and Billie. Jennifer catches Abby looking at her own picture with Josh on the blog. Chelsea slips up and alerts Billie to the fact that she’s been working to keep Bo and Hope apart but covers by claiming that she was merely praying for her parents to reunite.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Sam asks Emily, and later Carly, to try and convince Jason not to end things with her. Jason dismisses Diego and prepares for a dangerous meeting. Emily pleads Sam's case to Jason. Jason can't escape the violence that follows him. Carly has a warning for Jax. Robin is unsettled by Nikolas' take on Helena. Robert puts a damper on Robin and Patrick's passion. Robert settles in at the mansion despite Luke's protests. Dillon and Georgie want to salvage their love but not their marriage.

GL Recap Written by Siri 

Dinah admits to Harley about plotting with Alan-Michael to overthrow Harley. Harley tells Dinah the only thing important right now is her marriage with Gus. Gus tells Mallet that he is getting another partner and Mallet agrees with this. Gus finds a bottle of pills hidden in a tissue box in his desk at the police station and takes a couple. Harley later finds Gus at the hotel room and is relieved Gus has returned. He tells her that he came for his things. She realizes he is high and tries to beg him to stay. Gus tells her that he wants his old wife and old life back and leaves her behind. Harley tells Frank to take Gus off the streets and Frank finds Gus, telling him that they found pills in his desk. Reva has nausea, fatigue and dizziness. Jonathan visits her and asks her why he always seems to cause trouble for those he loves. She tells him that he is just like her and that he needs to do as she says and not as she does. He thinks she has a hangover. Josh plans a trip to Oklahoma. Cassie lets Tammy and Jonathan stay at her house for a while, but tells the two they will stay in separate bedrooms because of RJ. Cassie reads the newspaper headlines, “DA to open probe into Lewis accounting practices”. Jonathan realizes this is his entire fault. He later tells Tammy that he is like Alfred and not like Reva. She tells him that he isn’t and that he will never be alone again. After Josh and Reva have breakfast, he leaves for his trip. Reva feels worse and finally decides she needs to go to the hospital. Josh decides later that he doesn’t need to go out of town after all and tells Cassie that he and Reva will go together to Oklahoma for the ground-breaking ceremony. He leaves to find Reva. A sad Reva is lying alone in the hospital bed and says, “On my own. That’s the way it has to be”.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Adriana visits Kelly in the hospital. Adriana wants to know if Kelly loved Duke is why that she had made love to him. Kelly denies loving Duke, and tells Adriana that Duke was her friend. Duke visit’s the cemetery to say a heartfelt good bye to Duke. Clint tries to console him as best as he can. The E.M.T.’s bring a baby in to the hospital that had been found in an abandoned building. Everyone gathers at the prison for Todd’s lethal injection execution. John, Natalie, Margaret and David make plans to come back to Llanview in order to save Todd’s life .

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Gwen is totally freaking out at the thought that Theresa and JT, the editor of the tabloid who knows she is the one who sent the information about Ethan to it, are both in Rome and she might find the proof she needs to get Ethan back. Rebecca, however, remains cool and calm, since she has a history with JT and even has his private number. She calls and leaves a message for him, saying the IRS is on his trail and he needs to leave Rome immediately. In Rome, Theresa is dancing with JT at that very moment, while Ethan watches and fumes with jealousy. He receives a picture of JT on his cell phone, but before he can show Theresa, she and JT disappear into the night.

Noah watches Jessica, Simone, and Paloma trying on clothes they had sent to their room, wondering how they got the money to buy such things. Their explanation sets his mind at ease, even tho none of what they said was the truth. He then goes to see Lena, wanting to get the truth from her so he can get back together with Fancy. Lena is visited by Spike, which upsets her greatly, since he is the one who shot the man she told Noah was her partner. She worries that Noah might see him and realize she's been lying to him all along. When Noah arrives at her apartment, Spike hides and Noah doesn't see him, although he does detect nervousness in Lena. Beth leads Fancy to a deserted spot where no one will hear her kill her new enemy, but Luis arrives in time to spoil her plans, yet not soon enough to catch her at it.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Sharon has a trip to New York coming up and she wants Brad to come with her. Victoria feels that it is a good idea but Brad says he will be in Boston for two days. Sharon asks Brad later about the trip and he tells her that he can't risk it. "You don't have to worry about me," Sharon assures. "I'm not worried about you," he says. "I am worried about myself." Gloria wants John declared 'mentally unstable' so they can get him home. Jack disagrees feeling that his father was fine when they visited the last time. Jack feels that Michael and his mother are trying to get Power of Attorney so that they can get their hands on his money. They deny that. Whatever it is that they do however, Jack doesn't want Michael to handle it. He doesn't trust him. Phyllis finds Ashley on her computer. "What is it with your family breaking into my computer?" Ashley tells she needed info and Phyllis responded as asked. "Why did you do that?" Ashley asks. Phyllis tries to explain but gets frustrated instead. "You should pay this much attention to the lab Ashley," Phyllis shouts. "That is it!" Ashley shouts. "Pack your things and get out of here!" Phyllis bumps into Victor and Nikki and is shocked when they ask her to come back to NVP full-time. "Just says 'yes'," Nikki begs. Victor in particular wants her back. "It wasn't really your fault what happened. This would be the best solution for all involved," he tells her. She doesn’t commit on the spot but will think about it. Phyllis tells Nick of the job offer for her return to NVP. He tells her that now isn't a good time. "Sharon wants a divorce." Phyllis has to work and can't see how her returning to her company will make a difference if he is getting a divorce. "I am trying to get back with her." Phyllis asks him if he is asking her to sacrifice her career for he and Sharon. He just says that this isn't a good time, and he walks out.

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