Wednesday 5/24/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 5/24/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Ryan tells Derek that they need more time to get Zach to unlock the door to Kendall's hospital room. And he knows the perfect person to motivate him. He's invited Bianca to talk to her unconscious sister and to Zach. Bianca concludes, however, that she cannot make a decision about whether to save Kendall or to save Spike. It's not her decision to make, she says. This is a decision that only God can make. Stuart bails JR out of jail but he hand cuffs him so that he won't run away and he is forced to go with him and listen to what Stuart wants him to listen to. He takes JR to observe Babe telling Josh that she is not going to give up on her marriage and loves JR no matter what. He also observes Jamie telling Babe that he loves his brother and wants him back. He also gets to hear Adam admitting to Krystal that he regrets what he did to his son and wishes he had another chance to be a good father to him. Then he hears a shocking revelation that Dixie makes to Tad that Kate is alive and that she spent the last four years trying and failing to find her and she never went a day without thinking about her son.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Jade offers to help Will get the answers to his Calculus exam the next day. Luke notices Will and Jade talking and warns him Jade is not who she appears. Luke feels that he and Will are being watched. Lily continues to struggle with Luke’s sexuality, as Holden seems to have come to terms with it. Lily wants Luke to talk to a therapist. Holden thinks it is a good idea but hopes Lily isn’t expecting the therapist to deprogram their son from no longer being gay. Holden leaves on a business trip. Lucinda prepares to throw Jen and Dusty an engagement party and wonders if Jen should be forced to choose between her brother and husband? Jen considers this after Dusty asks her if she wants her brother included, but then tells him she is keeping the pact she made him about keeping Paul out of their lives. Barbara goes to see Paul and tells him about Jen and Dusty’s engagement and Dusty’s desire to adopt Johnny. Paul is happy for them, and wants to know where the party is? Barbara doesn’t think he should crash it, but after seeing Paul’s softer side, she tells him when and where the party is. Emily continues to worry about Paul relinquishing his parental rights. Susan assures Emily that Meg would not allow Paul to keep her child. Meg and Paul discuss their future; Paul pleads with Meg to help raise his child. Meg finally promises to consider it but later goes to see Emily. Emily secretly dreams about this rift with Paul and Meg as a possible opening to Paul and her raising their child together.

B&B Recap Written by Terri

Bridget and Nick continue to discuss Brooke. Bridget explains that her mother is capable of changing her mind and seeing the good in those she loves. Dante begins the nude sculpture of Felicia as she continues to flirt with him. At Forrester, Taylor berates Stephanie for giving Brooke half the company. When Stephanie presents Taylor with the stock she is going to give her Taylor is livid over the measly 2%. Both are unaware that Stephan is listening outside the door.

Bridget angrily tells Nick that she is not comfortable in giving him advice about how to keep her mother. Nick is surprised when she reveals that Dante proposed to her. Bridget warns Nick that she has done all she can do to put him with Brooke and tells him that he is just like Stephanie; neither of them gives people second chances. As Nick tries to apologize, Bridget storms out. At the studio, Felicia talks to Dante about death. When they take a coffee break they kiss (AGAIN !). Taylor tells Stephanie that she can't be bought and demands that she leave her office. Once Steph is gone, Stephan knocks on the door surprising Taylor. Bridget arrives at Dante's studio and begins to tell him how sorry she is over the way she has treated him. Before Date can answer, Felicia comes in wearing only a sheet. Stephan plays on Taylor's humiliation and sets the stage to bring her in on his plan to destroy the Forresters. When Steph returns to her office, she finds Nick waiting for her. Nick tells her that he would like to buy the other 50% of Forrester, but Steph says no sale ! Nick then warns Stephanie again that her plan to reunite Brooke and Ridge isn't going to work. Stephanie tells him that she will go to war with him if she has to, and IT WON'T BE PRETTY !

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Sami doesn’t like hearing Father Jansen’s advice about making amends and chooses to take her chances with karma instead. Sami presses Mimi for her secret in hopes of working together. Mimi tries to brush Sami off but Sami deduces that Kate and Mimi are working together to keep Shawn and Belle apart. Mimi denies having any involvement in wrongdoings. Jack’s doctor has gotten the researchers to alter the new protocol so Jack can be included in the trial. Jack refuses to start the trial because he’s sure Jennifer moved on with Frankie. Jack recalls his love for Jennifer and decides to take the protocol after all. Josh asks Abby to be exclusive. Though Chelsea claims to have changed her ways, Abby decides to take Chelsea’s past advice about sleeping with Josh. Abby and Chelsea, each making out with their respective boyfriends unknowingly has their pictures snapped for a “Sluts of Salem” blog. Abby stops herself from going too far after all and uses a call from Jennifer as an excuse to leave. Abby isn’t happy to hear that Frankie and Jennifer are engaged. Chelsea asks Max to fire Shawn but Max refuses.

Bo, on his way to Morgan Island, calls Billie to tell her about his plans to rescue Hope but turn down Billie’s offer to join him. Billie calls Chelsea to come home to share the worrisome news about Bo and Hope reuniting. John, distracted by Hope’s arrival, lets down his guard long enough for Alex to hold Marlena at gunpoint. Alex turns Marlena to face him and she takes the opportunity to knock the gun up in the air. John and Alex struggle for the gun and they roll off a cliff. John, closer to the top, offers to help Alex climb back up but Alex purposefully lets go and falls into the water. The chief of police explains to everyone that Patrick was actually working undercover for them. Bo discovers the group just in time to see Hope kissing Patrick.

GH Recap Written by Amanda 

Jason pays Lucky's medical bills. Carly is worried when Jax wants to make Alexis John's godmother. Robin fails to get Nik to think optimistically about his future. Dillon and Georgie break up, then make up, but decide to annul their marriage. Emily does not think Jason will listen to her about Sam, so Sam turns to Carly for help. Luke goes nutty over the idea of Robert living in the same house with him. Emily does go to Jason, but he won't listen to her pleas to make up with Sam or give up the business. Robert interrupts Robin and Patrick's romantic moment, wanting to ask about Patrick's intentions.

Maxie and Robin continue to fret over whether or not to tell Nik the truth. Seeing Nik arrive comes as a sign in Robin's eyes, and she seems resolved to tell him that John is his son. When Maxie and Georgie seem resistant to having rules if and when they move in with Mac again, Robin advises them they should be grateful to have a dad who cares, and Robert shows up at that moment. Jason refuses to talk to Sam. Edward is in a grand mood, until Tracy and Luke get home. Sam, Ric, and Alexis cope with the change in their family. Jax plans a christening. Robert moves into the Quartermaine manor. Hearing that Helena is on the loose and that Nik is glad John in Jax's son makes Robin waver in her resolve. Lorenzo tries to get Diego to not pursue the life of crime.

GL Recap Written by Siri

Alan Spaulding – In the Light
“Saving Grace”

Alan thinks about the lost baby. He tells Lillian at the hospital that he wants to take Beth home. At the mansion, he looks through the baby book, Roxie irritating him by nuzzling him. He takes Beth home and tells her that Dr. Sedgwick said they could try again for another baby very soon. She slaps him and leaves. A despondent Alan goes to Outskirts and starts drinking. He staggers into Company and frightens Zach; tries to talk to Lizzie and Coop asks him to leave. Buzz has to man handle him to get him to leave, telling Alan that he messed up his families' lives. Alan visits the church and talks to Father Ray, telling him that he is being punished. Ray tries to tell him that G-d doesn’t punish and Alan realizes he needs to be more spiritual. Alan-Michael arrives and taunts Alan for being in church. Alan goes back to the mansion and talks to Alexandra who is looking for Phillip. She tells Alan he doesn’t look well. A delivery arrives and it is a nursery box Alan ordered for the baby. He becomes irate and tells Roxie that he doesn’t like little dogs for they remind him of children. He crashes the wooden box to pieces on the floor and suddenly collapses gasping and writhing on the floor. Alan tries to call Beth, Lizzie and Alan-Michael for help and they all ignore him save Roxie who is by his head the entire time. The ambulance takes him to Cedars and he is told he had a panic attack. Beth tells him that she will stay in their “arrangement”. Alan has flashbacks of Phillip telling Alan to help him. He has another conversation with Buzz who tells Alan he must let his children be themselves and place the past in the past. Alan tells Ray that he has figured out what his redemption is; Lizzie’s baby. He tells Ray, as he rubs Lizzie’s stomach, that nothing will ever harm him (the baby).

OLTL Recap Written by Mary  

Viki and Dorian argue over the things that she had said about Kevin. Viki holds a press conference about Todd and his execution. Clint just wants Duke back .Blair and Starr argue over Todd. Starr thinks that Blair wants Todd to die. Blair decides to go to the prison to talk to Todd, but Spencer raises opposition. Blair takes the children and goes to see Todd. Starr hugs him, but Jack doesn’t want anything to do with him. John manages to find Margaret and takes her back to the hotel. They try to think of a way to get back to Llanview in time to save Todd. John calls the prison, and talks to a guard.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

As Luis and Theresa sit in Fancy's suite talking about whether or not they'll ever get to be with the people they love again, Fancy sneaks out of the bathroom window and goes out on the town, running into Beth, who is stalking her. As Fancy talks about the dark-haired, limpid-eyed guy who got away, Beth thinks she means Luis and gets even angrier. She is just waiting for the chance to get rid of her new blond nemesis. Luis and Theresa realize Ethan and Sheridan may choose to stay with the people they've married, but hope it will work out differently. Ethan, meanwhile, talks to Gwen and Rebecca, telling them that Theresa is searching for the editor of the tabloid in order to find proof that they were the ones who leaked his paternity to them, not Theresa. They are very worried that the jig just may be up for them at last.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Gloria smiles. She has read the paper and sees that Jack has been ousted. She puts the paper on Jack's breakfast plate before he comes down. She goes to Jabot and tells Ashley that she wants to contribute…Ashley can't worry about that now. "It is going to be a difficult day." Gloria goes to Jill and tells that she needs something to do. "I will make a couple of calls," Jill promises. Jack arranges to meet Phyllis at the office. He is reading her emails when she arrives. "How many times exactly did you meet with Nick," he asks. He won't leave and so Phyllis calls Jill who arrives telling Jack that outsiders are not allowed to snoop through the files. "I hired you!" he reminds her. Security walks through the door. "Jack!" Jill says. "You have to leave the building now!" Gloria goes to see John. She tells him how Jill got her a 'real' job as Fashion Consultant for Jabot. He is so happy for her. She will be attending meetings in and out of Jabot. "I am so happy for you Dina!" Gloria turns to John in horror. "You just called me Dina!" she tells him. He tells her she is wrong. "Your name is Gloria." John remembers his children, but not Kevin and Michael. "I remember the way that you treated them! They were so young!" John starts shouting at her. "You ran off Dina! One day you were there and the next you were gone!" He pounds his fists on the table as he talks. Later Gloria asks the doctors if being in prison could be affecting her husband. She is told that could be the case. Sharon is working in the lunchroom and Phyllis comes in looking for Nikki. "You know Phyllis…Nikki is better now so you shouldn't be here anymore. You think that you can just inject yourself in our lives anytime that you want?" Phyllis will not apologize every time that she sees Sharon for what happened. "You are going to see me around town". Sharon has a solution. "Then move!" Sharon sees Nick later and tells him that she doesn't like the way that he pretends that thinks are back to normal. You are making plans with Noah and that forces me to go along with it. She tells him that she knows that once he gets her back he will sneak around with Phyllis. "You are not innocent," she says. "I know what you are doing and that is why I want a divorce!"

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