Tuesday 5/23/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 5/23/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Dixie blows Tad's mind with many revelations. First she tells him that she knows that Kate is alive and Greg lied to him by telling him she died. Hearing that, he assumes she's lost it. She then reveals to him that she and Zach found out that Josh is not greg's son, but instead the bio son of Erica Kane and Jeff Martin. At that point, Tad seems to believe Dixie and knows she is not crazy. But she reveals to Tad, something that he will never forgive her for. She admits to him that she signed adoption papers over to Greg and let him take Kate from her. At that point, Tad is furious and tells Dixie he never wants to see her again. Jonathan rescues Lily from the predator and they each take turns sleeping in the hotel room. She concludes to him that perhaps her father was right. Due to her disability and all the noise, the crowdedness and the red in New York City, maybe she won't be able to succeed on her own. But he tells her he knows that she is smart enough to make her own decision after he shows her more of the big city. Aidan then goes looking for the two of them but discovers they are gone. Simone will not get along with babe and tells her she does not believe that Kendall confided in her before the accident. Erin then tells the others that she wants them to look beyond the pettiness because she does not want to work somewhere that reminds her of growing up with her abusive parents. At that point, Simone decides to get along with her co-workers. And Babe thanks Erin for making peace. It looks like Babe might be developing something with Josh.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Katie finds out Nick is on to her when she goes back to the jewelry store to return the necklace. Nick tells Mike about what Katie did; he tells Mike he thinks that Carly is corrupting Katie. Mike promises to get to the bottom of it. Mike and Katie fight about the methods she chose to use to find out about Nick and his connection to Mike’s case. Katie promises she is done playing detective, plus she found out from Jack that Nick had a solid alibi because he was at the Wilderness Treatment Program for Troubled Teens during that block of time the murder took place. Something looks to be bothering Mike after she says this, but he keeps it to himself; he later calls his brother Mark to ask him a question about Nick’s time at the treatment center. Will has reservations about turning in a bought term paper; Jade talks him down. Gwen shows up with Will’s Biology teacher wanting to talk to him about his extra credit paper. Will is ready to confess when the teacher commends him on a job well done. Gwen thanks Jade for helping her husband research his paper. Maddie is upset again about her and Casey’s relationship; Gwen counsels her. Later, Jade offers to get Will the answers to his Calculus exam. Meg is ready to sail into the sunset with Paul, or at least to the Fiji Islands. Paul cannot bring himself to tell Meg about not giving Emily the papers relinquishing his parental rights. Imagine his horror when she finds out from Henry. Meg is furious and punches Paul in the stomach, who is pleading with her not to leave him. She is devastated after everything he lied to her. He tries to explain he was trying to figure things out in his head before he told her. She thinks he was trying to figure out a way to ask her to help him raise his and Emily’s child. Paul wonders if it wouldn’t be that bad of an idea to raise a child together if he decided to go that route? Meg doesn’t think she could raise his child with Emily. Henry reports back to Emily that they had a successful mission. He spilled the beans in front of Meg who knew nothing. Emily is excited because she feels Paul will have to make a choice, and for once she hopes and believes he will pick Meg.

B&B Recap Written by Terri

In his studio, Dante tells Felicia that Bridget had promised to sit for him for a sculpture for an important exhibit. Felicia volunteers to take her place, but Dante turns her down. At Forrester, Bridget confronts Stephanie about her offer to Brooke. Stephanie convinces Bridget that her turn around is sincere. Stephanie insinuates that Bridget is upset because she is still in love with Nick herself and maybe she shouldn't have given him up. Bridget is appalled and reminds Stephanie that she begged her to give Nick up for Brooke. Taylor and Hector discuss Stephanie's performance at the press conference. Taylor tells Hector that she feels betrayed and that Steph is not going to get away with it. At Marrone, Stephan comes looking for Brooke. Nick tells him that she want to be alone to consider Stephanie's offer. Stephan tells Nick that he has a way to bring the entire Forrester family down.

As Bridget and Stephanie continue to argue over Brooke and Ridge, Stephanie gets a call from Taylor who demands to see her. When Stephanie tells her that she is busy, Taylor blasts Stephanie and hangs up, just as Bridget goes out the door. Stephanie rushes to Taylor's office to apologize. Taylor tells Stephanie that because of her change of heart towards Brooke, their friendship is over! At the studio, Felicia continues to try to convince Dante to let her be his model for the sculpture. Dante continues to resist, but when Felicia drops her clothes, Dante agrees to let her be his model. At Marrone, Stephan explains to Nick how Stephanie has divided the stock. He tells him that if they can convince Taylor to sign over her 2% to Brooke, then Brooke would have controlling interest in Forrester and can fire Stephanie ! Nick thinks it's too risky, but Stephan tells him that they will just have to be careful. Bridget stops for coffee and thinks about what Stephanie said about Nick. Bridget is surprised when Nick walks in and asks to join her. Nick tells her that it hasn't been easy to start a life with Brooke. Nick confesses that he is concerned about the decision Brooke may make. Nick begs Bridget to tell him what she thinks her mother is going to do !

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Mimi decides to seek advice from Father Jansen but Father Jansen, once learning that Mimi never told Shawn the truth, declares their marriage null and void. Father Jansen insists that Mimi must tell Shawn the truth. Sami reads Will’s school report on karma and rushes to the church to seek God’s help. Sami promises not to do another bad thing if God helps her through this situation and all the candles at the altar go out. Bonnie, who has followed Mimi to the church, confronts Sami about her misdeeds. Sami gets defensive and tries to put the focus on Mimi when Bonnie slips and mentions that Mimi is also in confession. Billie stops by to help Bo pack up Zack’s things and they argue over telling Hope the truth about the court date change. Hope regrets not listening to Bo when he warned her about Patrick but Patrick insists that he’s always cared about Hope. Hope doesn’t believe him and Patrick rushes off. Hope calls Bo to reveal her whereabouts and admit that she was wrong about Patrick but Bo just barely misses her call.

John gets the police to verify his story with Salem and the ISA. John ignores the cops’ warnings and goes after Alex and Marlena. Marlena wants to return to John despite still having feelings for Alex but Alex refuses. Alex contemplates injecting Marlena again but decides instead to rely on the charm pendant’s effects. When Marlena refuses to give their relationship another chance despite her feelings, Alex threatens to kill Marlena. Alex knocks Marlena down when she tries to fight back and her memories of Alex’s abuse come flooding back. John arrives in time to punch Alex out and keep him from his attempt to push Marlena over the cliff. John deduces that the pendant charm is what is controlling Marlena and she returns to John wholeheartedly once he rips the pendant from her neck. Marlena spots Alex regaining consciousness and Alex and John both grab Alex’s gun.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Patrick leads Robin away before she reveals Carly and Jax's secret. Robin and Patrick are about to make love when Patrick is called to the hospital. Robin doesn't tell Nikolas the truth after he admits he would keep John from Jax if the situation were reversed. Jason insists to Elizabeth that he has to stay away from Sam for her own good. Elizabeth doesn't agree with Jason's line of thinking. Sam suffers a setback when she becomes upset over Jason. Jason walks away after hearing Patrick telling Alexis to remove the cause of Sam's distress. Lucas and Guy break up Dillon and Diego's fistfight. Nikolas escorts Lulu to the prom. The rift between Dillon and Georgie grows deeper. Georgie admits to Diego that she and Dillon were too young to get married as Dillon makes the same confession to Lulu. Lucky sees Elizabeth and Patrick sharing a laugh together. Maxie is on the prowl for a good time.

GL Recap Written by Siri 

Rick visits Beth who tells him that she will do what she has to do about what has happened. She tells Charles about Phillip and Ross and Charles tell Rick he can no longer practice medicine at Cedars; to clean out his locker and turn in his badge today. Rick and Mel visit Leah and Remy on Main Street at lunch and Leah notices a tenseness between her parents. Mel tells her what has happened and Leah takes Rick’s side. Mel tells Rick that he can stay at the house until Leah goes back to boarding school, and then he will have to move out.

Alan finds out the lost baby was a boy. He tries to talk to Beth only to thrown out of the room. Lizzie lights a candle for the lost baby and her own and vows that Phillip, Alan or no one will hurt her family. Ava turns her old room at Company into a nursery for Coop and Lizzie’s baby as she prepares to move into the Beacon. In jail, Jonathan is represented by Mel who demands that he tell her exactly what happened. Doris Wolfe visits and tells him that she plans to take this to court for what he did to Ashley. Doris has Outskirts shut down for Jonathan selling alcohol to minors.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Kelly comes to Duke’s funeral. When Kevin sees her there, he lashes out at her, and insists that she leave. He blames her for Duke’s death. She begins to cry, and wonders why he had let her live instead of Duke.

Natalie holds a gun on David while John searches for Margaret. John goes to the place where Margaret works, and finds a diary in her desk drawer. With the help of Natalie, John finds out where Margaret is. Margaret goes to Pradbury Park where he finds Margaret, sitting on a bench, with her eyes closed. Blair makes plans for Todd’s funeral. Vangie asks Hugh for help in having Margaret’s body exhumed. Hugh refuses to help her.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Kay continues to fret over Miguel, practically going ballistic at seeing him and Siren making out on the beach. She and Fox head back to Tabitha's to have their own fun, but when Fox chooses the swing Miguel built for their tryst, Kay balked and rushed him upstairs. They had a great time, although her fantasy world had her with Miguel, not Fox. Later, when Miguel and Siren decided to look for some privacy at Tabby's, too, Kay became upset at the sight of them smooching on "their swing". Tabby continued to push her toward choosing Miguel, while Endora still wants her with Fox. Theresa and Ethan bonded over a video visit with Little Ethan, even tho he'd made it clear he has no intentions of doing any more than sleeping in her hotel room. He wants to protect her from whatever is threatening the visitors from Harmony.

Beth stalked Fancy and Luis, angry at the thought that they are getting pretty chummy. She decided to kill Fancy instead of letting her get away, like her aunt Sheridan had done. She mugged a housekeeper, dressed in her clothes, and got into the hotel room with Fancy and Luis, but she wasn't real happy when Luis showered with the bathroom door open and Fancy couldn't take her eyes off him. She is upset that he is guarding her, feeling her privacy is being invaded, but he insists that she can't be alone until they know whether the threatening e-mail Theresa received is a hoax or if it's for real.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Nick has connected with Cassie. "Ever since you have left, nothing has been right. Things could have been so different. I sometimes thing of how it would have been if I had handled things differently." She holds out her hand to him. "Let's see…" He takes her hand and a bright light flashes, taking them on a short-traveled journey. Cassie and Nick watch Phyllis in her apartment. She is crying, sad and alone. Nick feels responsible for that. They couldn't stop and now Daniel has moved out and married early. Phyllis could be happily married to Jack by now but he can't stand the sight of her. Cassie reminds her father that Phyllis made her own choices too. Nick sees Neil and Drucilla are fighting and he feels guilt about that. He made Daniel run and that is what caused Lily to run. If he could have his way, they would be happy, Daniel wouldn't be married and the kids would just be acting like kids. Cassie tells that Neil and Drucilla will be alright as they are still talking and in time their wounds will heal. Nick sees a scene. It shows a new baby girl with all the family around. It is his baby. Cassie comes rushing down the stairs with a music box for the baby that used to be hers. It is too much for Nick and he rushes out. Cassie tells him that she told him before she died that he would have another girl. "It could still be that way," she promises. "You don't have all the power dad," Cassie says. You grounding me that fateful night wouldn't have stopped other things from happening. Promise me that no matter what, you will not stop trying." Sharon opens the door to suitcases. "What are you doing here?" Nick explains. "I'm moving home. I need to be here…with you."

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