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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

At he hospital, Zach is keeping Kendall's hospital room locked so that nobody can come in and do the C section on Kendall's baby and risk his life. He lets Julia come to refill her IV and blood bag however, and Erica sneaks in with her. Zach pulls a gun on Erica. She tells him he will have to shoot her in order to let anything happen to her daughter. Ryan goes to confront JR about how it is because of him (JR) that his (Ryan's) son may die. Dixie tells JR that she is concerned that he's really gone too far. David tells Dixie he knows that Kate is alive and wants to help her bring Greg to justice. Lily is in New York. Her new acquaintance, Terry, wants to do some "experimenting" with her. He takes off his clothes and asks her to do the same. but Jonathan is able to find the hotel where she is, comes in and gets the predator to go away.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Katie starts to question Nick’s role in Mike’s case. Carly and Katie join forces to find information out on Nick. Katie pretends to be Nick’s wife in order to get the necklace Nick brought to the jewelers. Katie finds out from Eli, the forensics scientist, the DNA they found on the necklace, could be from a close relative. Katie takes her concerns to Jack, who tells Katie that Nick has an airtight alibi the night of the murder. Nick goes to pick up his necklace at the jewelers only to find out his ‘wife’ picked it up. Mike finds Carly waiting for Katie inside his house and is immediately suspicious, but Carly covers… for the most part. Dusty asks Jen to marry him, and she happily accepts. Lucinda offers to throw them an engagement party. Later, Dusty suggests he adopt Johnny, and Jen again is overjoyed. Emily finds Paul looking at her ultrasound picture; he claims he stopped by to bring her the divorce papers to sign. When she asks about the papers to relinquish his parental rights, Paul secretly takes those papers out of the pile, and claims Jess didn’t have them ready. Emily is nervous Paul may be changing his mind. Henry comforts her and promises to help find out what Paul is up to. Susan and Meg have some words as she is clearing Emily’s stuff out of Paul’s apartment. Meg is there to surprise Paul because she has decided she wants a life with him. Paul arrives home shocked that she is there. He seems preoccupied by thoughts of the parental rights papers. Meg asks if Emily signed the papers; Paul lies by omission by answering that Emily signed the papers he put in front of her. Meg believes they are free to go anywhere the want now. Paul comes back to reality and tells Meg he is happy she came back; he had been envisioning his life without her in it and he realized his life would have been very empty without her. Henry makes a call to Jess’ office and finds out that Paul picked up both sets of papers earlier that day. Emily is panicked about why Paul lied to her; Henry promises they will figure out what Paul is up to.

B&B Recap Written by Terri

After the press conference, Stephanie, Brooke, Ridge and Eric gather in Stephanie's office. Brooke is reeling from Stephanie's offer and is convinced there is an ulterior motive. Outside of the press room, Felicia, Dante and Bridget discuss what happened at the press conference. Felicia voices concern over her inheritance, while Bridget is more concerned about what Stephanie's offer may do to Nick and Brooke's relationship and rushes off to see Brooke. At Marrone Nick cancels all of his appointments and angrily heads over to Forrester. He arrives just in time to find that Jackie and Stephan are confronting the Forresters. Nick takes charge and convinces Brooke to leave with him, although she still has the unsigned stock certificates in her hand.

In Dante's studio, Felicia tells Dante that she wonders if Bridget is truly over Nick. Dante brushes aside her concerns and Felicia begins to flirt with him again. Standing close, Felicia asks if they should try to get together for the sake of their son. Dante answers by kissing her. After arriving at Brooke's house, Nick rages that she should not even consider Steph's offer and starts to tear up the stock certificates but Brooke stops him. Stephanie calls her lawyer to tell him how the other 50% of the stock is to be divided among her children and Taylor. She is surprised when Stephan walks in and tells her to back off. After arguing about her motives, Stephanie and Stephan leave the office, but Stephan sneaks back in and takes the other certificates that are earmarked for the other Forrester children. Back at Brooke's, Nick is stunned that Brooke is considering becoming CEO of Forrester. She tells Nick that he is asking her to give up her dreams. Nick responds that yes, he is, and he wants her to give them up for HIM !

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Lexie refuses to tell Kate what she knows about Sami. Kate presses on until Abe interrupts them. Kate claims to Abe that they were talking about Lexie’s cancer scare. Abe and Lexie learn that a clown is now available for Theo’s birthday party only because the other parents scheduled a divorce prompted custody hearing on their child’s birthday. The situation sparks an argument over whether the cheating wife deserves custody. Belle, Philip, and Bonnie ambush Mimi and Shawn with questions once they return home from the fertility appointment. Mimi doesn’t appreciate hearing Belle gush about what she and Shawn were going to name their kids and Bonnie drags her out into the hallway to warn her not to tell Shawn the truth. Kate stops by to tell Belle and Philip about Carrie, Lucas, Sami and Austin’s latest news and adds that she’s determined to break Sami and Austin’s engagement. Will adds to Sami’s hysteria over breaking the champagne bottle. Carrie and Austin give Sami the benefit of the doubt but Lucas questions Sami’s innocence. Will’s comments and Lucas’ accusations send Sami privately debating between her own good and evil.

Hope grabs the gun from Patrick so that it shoots into the air instead. Marlena steps in front of John telling Alex that she is protecting the man she loves. Marlena becomes disoriented and admits to being injected by John. Alex uses the opportunity to claim that John is the real villain. Patrick tries to defend himself to Hope but no one buys it. The cops arrive and Alex and John each claim that the other was trying to kill them. The cops trust Patrick when he spins the story in favor of Alex. The cops arrest John and Hope makes Patrick finally admit his misdeeds. Marlena willingly leaves with Alex.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sonny is not receptive to Emily's diagnosis of his alleged bipolar disorder. Nik gets angry when Jax does not allow him to see Baby John. Robin tells Maxie she does not want to decide whether or not Nik learns the truth. Lucky learns what Liz and Patrick have been doing at a hotel; Liz has been a private nurse for a patient needing extra care. Nonetheless, he is angry. Nik gets word that Helena is on the move. Sam is expected to make a full recovery. Sonny tells Carly he will not try to control her in any way again, be happy with Jax, if that's what she wants. Jason tells Sam the engagement is off. Georgie and Diego go to the prom, but she is teased about coming with someone other than her spouse. Maxie's attraction begins to transfer to Lucky. Liz and Jason talk on the pier. Nik warns Lulu to watch out for his nutty granny. Robin and Patrick go on a date, and she admits to missing him. Nik takes his sister to the prom. As Robin and Patrick exit the dining area, Carly and Jax come in, allowing Robin to overhear one of Carly's nasty remarks about her. She vows not to let Carly get away with it.

GL Recap Written by Siri 

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Everyone gathers for the memorial service for Duke. Hugh visits Kelly in the hospital. She coerces him into taking her to the funeral for Kelly. Marcie sings a very beautiful song in memory of Duke.

David lets John know that Margaret Cochran is alive and well. Natalie sees Margaret in the lobby. When Natalie confronts her, Margaret runs off. Natalie tries to go after her, but falls to the fall. Natalie fills John and David in that she had seen Margaret, but she had run off.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

The Harmonyites in Rome wonder why they are all there, who caused them to be there, and which one will be the one to die, if it happens. Luis decides to move into Fancy's room so he can protect her, and Ethan, given the chance to take Luis' room, opts to stay with Theresa. She, of course, is thrilled. Fancy wonders why she couldn't have fallen for a guy like Luis, instead of Noah, and Noah is dying to tell Fancy why he's acting the way he is, but he can't. He won't risk her life for his happiness.

Everyone is amazed by the chemistry between Miguel and Siren as they pose for the advertising pictures, except for Kay, who is obviously upset by it. She won't admit she's jealous, tho. Siren cleans out the lobster tank at the seafood restaurant the four went to in celebration of the fact the client wants the two new models to continue working for him. They are bound to be superstars, or so the man says. Back in Rome, Beth is very upset that Luis now seems to be interested in Fancy, and Fancy seems to be doing whatever she can to bag him, even tho she's still upset over Noah; or so Beth believes. She plans to do away with her new rival as quickly as possible.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Jack comes to see Nick to find out why he slept with Phyllis. "Why her? Were you trying to hurt me? Was it just for sex?" Nick says nothing. "WAS IT THE SEX?" Nick sarcastically answers. "Yeah Jack I slept with Phyllis to hurt the man that helped to raise me, and I did it to also hurt my son in the process. It was just for the sex!" Jack's faces changes. "Oh my god! You are in love with her!" Nikki loves the help that she is getting from Phyllis but worries about having her in the building with Nick there too. "I have a solution for that," Victor reveals. "I have offered Jack a job. That way he can take some of the load off you, you won't need Phyllis in the office and we can spend more quality time together." Nikki looks into his eyes. She is surprised that he has offered a job to Jack and she really truly believes that he is being sincere. Brad tells Phyllis that she shouldn't be in the building. "I can remember when no one wanted you around," Victoria snaps. "Now you have married the boss's daughter and you are here swinging a big stick. If you don't want me around, go talk to Nikki about it." Brad finds Sharon alone working on Cassie's celebration. She tries to hold it together but ends up spilling her guts and starting to cry. He hugs her and soon they are rubbing each other's backs. They kiss lightly at first, and then passionately. Victoria enters the office soon after and sees the strange looks on Brad and Sharon's faces. Both are far from each other now. "What is the matter? What is going on?" No one answers her. "Oh I get it," Victoria says. "You have been working on Cassie's celebration and it has been making you sad. Is that it?" Victoria offers to take half the work from Sharon and help her with it. Sharon leaves, and Victoria goes to her husband. "I would like to thank you for being so supportive to Sharon, Brad. You know Brad, you really are something," she says to him smiling. Nick returns to work. No one is there. He hears children's music and follows the sound to an office. "Anyone here?" No one answers. He is about to leave when a bright light goes on behind him. He turns back into the office and stares into the bright light. "Cassie?" It is her. She smiles happily at her father as he stares back at her dumbfounded.

Sharon has returned to the office to get some work done on Cassie's party. Nick offers to help her but she wants to do this alone. He gets his stuff and leaves.

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