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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Carly and Katie discover that the St. Christopher medal that was stolen from the evidence room belonged to Nick not Mike which leads them to suspect Nick killed Maya Gold . Carly and Katie next set out to understand why the DNA test results stated that Mike's fingerprints were found on the medal. Paul gives up parental rights to his child but when he stops by the hospital he sees a sonogram picture of the baby. Casey and Maddie decide to take their relationship slowly and Maddie is happy when Casey calls her his girlfriend. Will takes Jade's advice and buys a biology term paper online to turn in as his own. Jennifer agrees to cut all ties with Paul if Dusty agrees to let go of his anger towards Emily and Paul. Dusty asks John Dustin for permission to Marry Jennifer.

B&B Recap Written by Terri

Prior to the press conference, Sally assures Stephanie that word of her big announcement to make Brooke CEO of Forrester, hasn't leaked to the press. When Felicia arrives she blasts Steph over her threat to have Dante deported. Felicia tells her that she and Dante will make the decisions for their son and tells Steph to back off ! Ridge is released from the hospital and is surprised when Eric tells him that Brooke will be attending the press conference. At Jackie's boutique, Nick tells Brooke that he cannot attend the press conference because of a conference call. Brooke tells him that she can handle it, and she will announce to the press her resignation from the company. When they leave Jackie makes a frantic phone call to Stephen, who is as concerned as she is about what Steph may be up to. The two decide to crash the press conference.

At Marone, Nick is surprised to see Taylor, who has stopped by to accept his offer to set up counseling for his stressed employees. Nick and Taylor discuss what Stephanie may be up to with Brooke. At Forrester, Brooke is flooded with memories of her times at the company when she is interrupted by Stephanie. Brooke is reluctant to stay, but Steph tells her that it will be worth her while. When the press conference begins, Stephanie is concerned that she can't find Brooke, however she praises Brooke's contributions and spotting her in the back of the room, asks her to come on stage. Brooke is delighted by a slide show tribute (narrated by Stephanie no less !) to her career at Forrester. Jackie calls Nick from the press conference and tells him to turn it on ! As Taylor and Nick watch in disbelief, Stephanie not only asks Brooke to become CEO, but gives her 50% of the Forrester stock. Brooke is speechless as Stephanie takes her in her arms and says WELCOME TO THE FAMILY !!!

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Shawn and Mimi have the harvesting of eggs procedure and it results in only one egg. Abe surprises Lexie with a romantic dinner. Abe blames himself for Lexie’s stressful life. Theo asks about having a baby brother and it lessens Abe’s spirit. Tek stops by to drop off files and uses the opportunity to urge Lexie to dump Abe. Kate tries to convince Austin to break the engagement and Sami delights in Kate’s agony. Sami is surprised to hear Lucas vow to cut all ties with Kate if she tries to break up Austin and Sami. Sami breaks a bottle of champagne and sees it a sign of bad luck. Kate is still determined to bring Sami down and questions Lexie about Sami. Alex confronts Hope about Marlena’s whereabouts but she reveals nothing. Hope overhears Patrick being asked by Alex to help and Patrick pretends to be on John’s side.

More of Marlena’s life with John comes flooding back to her. Seeing the charm around her neck makes Marlena confused and she insists that she at least say goodbye to Alex. Alex overhears Hope telling Patrick that John and Marlena are on the beach. Alex confronts John at gunpoint and then hands over the gun to Patrick with an order to kill once Patrick joins them. Hope arrives soon after and realizes that Bo was right all along when she sees Patrick holding a gun on John.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Lainie warns Emily that Sonny might be bipolar. Sonny gives Jason support and the offer of advice when he's ready in re Sam and the danger she is in. Anna stops Holly from absconding with the jewels, or so she thinks. Luke had already switched them, to the delight of the mercenaries who find them. Despite Nik's rejection, Maxie dreams of how grateful he'll be when she tells him the truth. Even as Jax bands Nik from John's life, Maxie tells Robin the truth. Sam wakes up.

GL Recap Written by Michelle

At Outskirts, Jonathan finds Ashley trying to buy drinks with a fake id. She tells him that she really likes him, and that she knows what happened between him and Lizzie. She threatens to tell Tammy, and Jonathan lets her know the way to win him over is not to threaten him. Jonathan escorts her out of the bar and she sneaks back in and buys drinks with her fake id. Coop finds Lizzie at Cedars and at first thinks she has had a lost their baby. She thinks he’s relieved and tells him she’s letting him go, he tells her that he now realizes how much he wants the baby. Lizzie learns from Alan that Phillip is alive, and she figures out that this news and that Alan assisted Phillip in faking his death is what made Beth miscarry her baby. Lizzie angrily orders Alan away from her. Reva has a scheduled chemotherapy appointment but pushes it back to be with Josh at his fundraiser, she does eventually sneak off for her treatment. She still insists on keeping the truth about her illness from Josh “out of love” she doesn’t want Josh to give up his dream for her and knows he would if he knew. Doris Wolfe comes in and arrests Jonathan for getting Ashley drunk, and admits she is Ashley’s mother. Harley notices Gus is high at the fund raiser and they leave. At the police station Cassie tells Tammy she’ll help Jonathan if she can assure her that Jonathan will stay away from Josh’s project. Back at the hotel the two of them have an argument and Gus admits that he knows she slept with Mallet.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Margaret and David are packing to get the hell out of Dodge! David goes to the door and he sees John in the hall. John pounces on him and Margaret hears the fighting wondering what the hell is going on. She decides that she has to get out of there, She hears her name mentioned and so she rushes to the window which is the only way out and she climbs out into the pouring rain. Natalie is sitting at a table waiting for John to arrive. She hears someone behind her. She sees the woman soaking wet coming to a table nearby. "Oh my God!" Natalie says quietly. "Is that Margaret Cochrane?" John holds a gun to David's face to get him to pony up to the crimes that he has committed. He feels that he has gotten the man who helped kill his father. David has no idea what he is talking about. BANG! John's gun goes off. He has shot Denton who was behind David, ready to kill him with a gun of his own. "Why was he trying to do that?" John asks. David goes into the room and finds Margaret gone. "I have information that you want to know," David confides. "Denton was coming her to shut me up!" He tells how Margaret is alive and living in Bangkok. How Spencer is responsible for this and that Todd hasn't killed anyone." Kevin relives the day he found his wife and son injured but clearly in the process of cheating. He blames himself for Duke's death. Tess brings her baby to Kevin and that does make him feel better. "Love her and cherish her everyday," Kevin tells Tess. Clint and Bo went to tell Asa that Duke had died, but once they got a look at him, they decided that they couldn't do it. They have to take care of the family now, as their father isn't a rock anymore. Kevin is ready. "Let's go bury my son," he says walking out confidently. Todd is with Evangeline and they decide to go everything. The first confusing thing is that Margaret can swim but she told Todd that she couldn't. They figure that when she fell into the water, that was all an act. "I got it!" Evangeline says. "Spencer did the opinion autopsy. Remember, you didn't want him to do it. What if he paid off the Medical Examiner to falsify the results? What if Margaret really didn't die the way that we were told she did?" Evangeline plans next to get the body exhumed right away!"

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Arriving in Rome, Ethan is somewhat surprised to learn he and Theresa will have to share a room, as she only booked one and there aren't any others. She told him the company booked the room when she thought he wasn't coming, and once he got on the plane she forgot all about changing the booking, but he wasn't buying it. But, at least she has a good reason for them to bunk together - protection from whoever is going to kill a Harmonyite. Luis tried to talk Fancy into giving Noah a chance to explain himself, saying he knew the man would never cheat on her, but he quickly gave that up when he spotted Noah and Maya in a hot-n-heavy kiss. They were trying to get Lena off their trail, but it just caused more problems with Fancy and Luis instead. They all agreed to work together to fight whoever brought them all to Rome, and to keep anyone from being killed. Noah wants to protect Fancy, but Luis will be her guardian this time.

Kay and Siren go toe-to-toe over Fox and Miguel, with Siren asking Kay why she thinks she can have both men. Kay protests that she loves Fox, but Siren isn't fooled any more than Tabitha is. When Fox tells Kay that there are problems at their photo shoot since the client fired the model they had, both decide to choose a new model. Kay chooses Miguel, and Fox chooses - who else? - Siren. The client loves the chemistry between the two and says they will both be photographed, and with Endora's help the shots taken were sizzling. The client and Fox are thrilled, while Kay is fuming.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Ashley goes to see her father at the jail. When she walks in, he is holding his head in his hands. When he leaves, he walks like an old man. Ashley goes to Will and asks if she can get her father an early release. "It would have to be life-threatening," he says. He agrees o make a call on her behalf. Sharon is making arrangements for the celebration to honor Cassie's memory. Jewel has agreed to perform for the celebration. Noah is planning to go riding with Daniel later but is horrified when he learns that Daniel will be riding his father's horse. Noah sneaks out when his mother is busy. Jack sees Sharon. "I thought that you were my friend. You knew that the one person that I cared about was screwing me over and you said nothing!" Sharon tells him to blame Phyllis for this and not her. She sees Nikki staring at she and Jack and she shouts. "You probably think that this is my fault too!" Noah lets Seawind out of his stall, and calls his father about the horse running off. Nick comes over and stays until the horse is found. Sharon comes home. "What are you doing here?" He explains. Noah thought that his mother would be angry that he called his father, as he was told not to call him. Jack arrives at Victor's office. "You wanted to see me?" Victor understands the things that Jack has done to protect his company. "I have something that you need," Victor says. "Nikki is overwhelmed with her company and needs some help. I am offering you a job…at NVP."

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