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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

The judge makes a difficult ruling, admitting that there is no victory for anybody in what he decides. He rules that he will give Ryan Lavery the privilege to decide the fate of his unborn child and put that before Zach Slater's spousal rights with Kendall. That means that Ryan is likely to disregard what Zach knows are Kendall's wishes to save the baby first. Ryan decides, with Erica that they will opt to save Kendall by delivering the baby although it will risk his life. When Kendall is unconscious and ready for surgery, Zach barricades the door to he room and prevents the doctors and nurses from entering to deliver the baby against his and Kendall's wishes. JR has a terrible attitude while in jail and feels no remorse for what he intended to do to Babe and what happened to Kendall. The judge rules that he goes back to jail and Adam freezes JR's assets. Tad still wants to find out if Kate is still alive. Dixie still will not tell him, however, because she is afraid of Greg who tells her she is unfit to be a mother.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Katie finds another St. Christopher medal inside snickers cage and she and Carly decide to team up to discover the owner of the medal. Cass Winthrop gets Emily admitted to the hospital for a month for psychiatric evaluation so Emily can plead insanity. Dusty isn't happy about this news and vows to make Emily pay for the hurt she caused him and Jennifer. Gwen asks Carly for advice about her marriage and Carly tells her to stay away from Casey and get another job. Will considers a suggestion from Jade to cheat and buy a biology term paper on the internet.

B&B Recap Written by Terri

Brooke brings RJ to the hospital to see Ridge. Catherine comes to pick RJ up for a play date leaving Brooke alone with Ridge. At Jackie's boutique, Nick arrives with the good news that his lawyers have checked everything and that Jackie's company is totally hers. When Nick tells Jackie that Brooke has taken RJ to the hospital to see Ridge, Jackie voices her concern over Stephanie's intention to reunite Ridge and Brooke. Nick assures his mother that Brooke isn't going to go back to the Forrester family and comes up with the idea of Brooke working with Jackie. At Forrester, Stephanie has a meeting with Eric and Thorne. After telling them that she is going to step down as CEO, she stuns them by naming Brooke as her replacement.

At the hospital, Ridge questions Brooke's motivation for coming to his bedside. Gently Brooke explains that she will always love him, but she is not coming back to him. Ridge seems to accept her decision, but tells her that he will never stop loving her. When Brooke arrives at Jackie's she assures Nick that she got through to Ridge. Jackie offers Brooke a position helping her run her boutiques. Although she is flattered by Jackie's gesture, Brooke tells her that she isn't quite ready to start working yet. Jackie tells her that the offer will be there when she's ready. At Forrester, Eric and Thorne reluctantly support Stephanie's decision to name Brooke CEO. Stephanie calls Brooke and asks her to come to the press conference. Brooke is hesitant until Eric gets on the phone and tells her that the press have been spreading the story that Ridge is finished. Brooke agrees to attend. Brooke tells Nick and Jackie about Stephanie's invitation to the press conference, despite their objections, Brooke assures both of them that she can HANDLE Stephanie !

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Frankie accepts Jennifer’s marriage proposal but tells Jennifer not to marry him if she’s only doing it to keep a promise to Jack. Jennifer insists that she proposed because it’s what she wanted as well. Frankie uses the Brady wool ring to make a proper proposal to Jennifer and she accepts. Jack refuses to accept the treatment since it’s still experimental. Jack also does not want to break up the romance between Jennifer and Frankie that he put into motion. Jack learns he isn’t a candidate for the new treatment anyway. Sami takes a stand and dumps Austin. Austin asks Sami not to go and proposes for real. Kate is taken aback to learn that Carrie is pregnant but claims to be happy for the couple. Carrie stops Kate from breaking Sami and Austin up. Kate is outraged when Sami and Austin come to Lucas’ apartment to announce their engagement.

Mimi agrees to speak to Shawn on behalf of Chelsea. Chelsea overhears Mimi asking God to not be punished for her sins and Chelsea considers using Mimi’s guilt to save herself. Max calls Chelsea on how she wouldn’t mind seeing Mimi and Shawn break up. Victor arrives at the Brady Pub and is pleasantly surprised by the birthday party. Victor lets it slip to Chelsea that he worries about Claire when they talk about how Bo used to be a black sheep even before he knew that Victor was his real father. Victor covers for the slip but Chelsea doesn’t buy it.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Sonny displays some alarming mood swings. Diego walks away from Maxie after realizing she's trying to blackmail Jax. Maxie asks Nikolas to meet her at Kelly's. Tracy believes she has the upper hand on Luke and his cohorts. Luke is up to his old tricks. Anna has plans for Luke, Robert and Holly. Alexis asks Jason to stay away from Sam. Jason assures Bernie he will deal with the Escobar family.

GL Recap Written by Siri 

Mel talks to Leah, who is coming home today. Rick treats Beth at Cedars for continued abdominal cramping. Mel eavesdrops as Alan tells Rick that with one phone call, Ross died. Rick tries to explain to an irate and hurt Mel how sick Phillip is and that he was trying to protect the family. Ava tells Buzz that because Coop and Lizzie are engaged, she needs to find another place to live. Olivia talks Frank into making up with Buzz. Ava tells Olivia that she is just like Lizzie and Olivia tells Ava to grow up. Buzz tells Frank that he will always have feelings for Olivia, but that Frank is the man for her.

At the engagement party, Coop suddenly arrives and Lizzie lies to him, telling him it is a baby shower. He finds the engagement party invitation and flips out, telling Lizzie that he has to go clear his head. Outside, Lizzie goes berserk and starts destroying the gifts. Jonathan comes outside and asks what the problem is and she tells him that if it wasn’t for Ava, she and Coop would be engaged. She tells him that he will help her get rid of Ava and he balks. She adds that she will tell Tammy they slept together if he doesn’t help. Lillian finds the trashed gifts and tells Jonathan to leave after Lizzie tells her that it was Jonathan who did this. Beth starts having horrible pains and Dr. Sedgwick tells Rick that Beth has lost the baby. After hearing this news, Mel tells Rick to pack his bags and leave. Leah walks up and is happy to see her parents. As she hugs Leah, Mel glares at Rick. After finding out about Beth, Lizzie phones Coop and says, “Coop, it’s the baby; it’s a miscarriage”.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

As Ethan sleeps on the Crane jet, Theresa worries about the e-mail she got, what it might mean, and who sent it. Before long, tho, the sight of Ethan sleeping so soundly tempts her and she begins to, basically, rape him as he slept. He woke up when the pilot announced they were about to land and let her know he wasn't happy with what she had been trying to do. She, however, doesn't get it, and ends their talk by telling him that while he won't believe her now, before long she will have proof that Gwen is the one who outted him and has been lying to him all this time. Meanwhile, at the restaurant where Luis and Fancy are eating and discussing her love life with Noah, the reporter who is the key to Theresa's hopes is sitting a couple of tables away. Beth watches Luis and Fancy and becomes enraged that he has a new love and hasn't come to Rome to be with her.

Kay remains suspicious/jealous of Siren, but Miguel seems to be enjoying her a lot. One of his co-workers has a tattoo of Siren on his arm and recounts the story of his encounter with a mermaid forty years ago, telling him that she is the model for the tattoo. Later, at home, he tells Siren and Tabitha about it, and Siren admits to Tabby that she was the mermaid the man saw. She becomes upset when Kay causes Miguel to leave while she was trying to seduce him, and decided to pay her back by going after Fox. She has him teach her to crack eggs, and when Kay walks into the kitchen, she is even angrier. Tabitha wonders what she's done to merit the problems she's faced with because of the two women.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Jack ends a call as Jill is coming in. "How's it going Jack?" He doesn't really believe that she cares how he is doing. "I have been talking to the board and it might surprise you to know that not everyone is interested in seeing me tossed out of here. I am not going down without a fight!" JT and Paul meet with 'Real Brad's' teacher, who talks fondly of him. JT and Paul head to the church and search files. They find a picture of 'Real Brad' sitting with his baseball team, and…in the same picture, 'Fake Brad' posses as well. "So if 'Fake Brad' is living free and clear after having stolen 'Real Brad's' identity…where is 'Real Brad'?" Nick is mad about Brad on the board. Victor shocks his family when he tells that he knew that they were trying to get him on the board. Victoria doesn't understand the fight with Brad and Nick but is finally told the truth about Nick and Phyllis and their feelings for one another. She gets angry with Nick and understands Sharon. Victor calls Neil into the office to have a private talk. "There is a seat coming up on the board and I know that you have been waiting a long time to get a seat." He tells that he will be giving that seat to Brad and that the next seat is Neil's. Neil keeps his anger in check but tells Victor that it is harder and harder to believe what he says these days. Jack meets with his father who gives him a different perspective and likens resigning to showing real courage during a difficult time. Jack finally understands. "This is like you facing the consequences of shooting Tom…" He gets it. "I tell you one thing though. Jack Abbot will be on top again!"

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