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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

The court hearing for Lavery vs. Slater is underway. Erica and Ryan testify that they never heard, and have no reason to believe that Kendall declared her love for Zach, nor that he wants what is best for her, nor that she ever decided she wanted to keep her baby. They say they must save her life first and foremost. They also establish that Zach could collect a $10 million insurance policy of Kendall died. So why wouldn't he make up a story that she told him she'd die in order to save her baby? Babe, however, is the only witness besides Zach, that knows that Kendall wants to keep he baby. So she appears in court and testifies that she heard it directly from Kendall. Erica lashes out at Babe and tells the court that Babe would like Kendall to die so that she can take over Fusion and she's probably cut a deal with Zach to help him get his $10 million life insurance policy in exchange for his help in getting JR put away so that she can get sole custody of her son. The judge concludes that he needs to call a recess and will later come back with his decision.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Jade and Will have another run in, but it ends amicably. Gwen leans on Casey for support when she and Will have a fight. Maddie is busy preparing the hotel room for her romantic tryst with Casey. She remembers she forgot protection and runs to the pharmacy, where she almost gets caught by Tom with her private purchase. Will and Gwen make up. Maddie tries to seduce Casey but he makes a quick exit, much to the dismay of Maddie, who thinks Casey, must be repulsed by her. Henry learns Emily plans on keeping the baby and when Hal shows up to let her know she will be taken into custody in the morning, he offers her moral support. Emily promises him that she will take the rap for having BJ’s briefcase of money. Henry is surprised to see the new, improved and remorseful Emily. However, always the schemer, he suggests Emily uses all her tools she has in order to keep her out of jail so she can see her baby before its 18th birthday. Paul pleads with Emma to talk with Meg, but she sends him away. However, when Meg goes out for some air, Paul is waiting. He wants them to run away; she is leery considering he has a new baby on the way. He explains Jess is drafting papers as they speak regarding his divorce from Emily and the fact he is relinquishing his parental rights. The more he talks, the more he charms her. He is willing to go all or nothing; if she gives him a name of a place where she would want to run away to and he has the same place in mind then they have to go, if they don’t have the same place in mind then he will leave her alone forever. Meg answers Fiji Islands and Paul pulls out a pamphlet for that tropical getaway. Meg is thrilled; she jokes about if she had said Rome, Asia etc. He had emptied the travel agent’s office of brochures. Meg can’t help but smile as she tells him she will think about it. Jade calls home and is not met by a receptive father, who informs her she shouldn’t call back. Jade settles in for the night; as she pulls her coat up to cover herself, at her new home, the town library.

B&B Recap Written by Terri

At the hospital, Nick and Stephanie argue over who is going to take Brooke home. Brooke insists that she and Stephanie finish their conversation. Jackie goes in to see Ridge and tells him that she is happy he is better, but not to get his hopes up about a reconciliation with Brooke. Brooke tells Stephanie that she cannot allow herself to trust Stephanie's sudden change of heart and that her future is with Nick. After Nick and Brooke leave the hospital, Jackie confronts Stephanie as she is on the telephone making plans for a press conference. After insulting each other back and forth, Stephanie accuses Jackie of interfering because of her breakup with Eric. Jackie tells her that Brooke is desperate for Stephanie's love and approval and that makes her vulnerable to Stephanie's scheme. As she leaves, Jackie laughs at Stephanie asking why would Brooke come back to the Forrester family after the way she was treated.

At Brooke's, Nick is concerned that Brooke is beginning to believe Stephanie is sincere about wanting a relationship with her. Brooke tells Nick although she always wanted Stephanie's approval and acceptance, she wants no part of the Forrester family. Nick is relieved when she tells him that she loves him and only wants a future with him. At Ridge's bedside, Stephanie again tells him that although she does not love Brooke, she understands the connection he has with her. Ridge is shocked when Stephanie promises not only to get Brooke back for him, but she swears that she will welcome Brooke with open arms and treat her like her DAUGHTER !

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Hope distracts Alex so John can inject Marlena with the antidote. Upon being given the antidote, Marlena’s love for John comes flooding back and they run off together. Alex is furious upon finding this out and orders Patrick to go after John. Chelsea surprises Max with designer made racing outfits but Shawn is still furious with Chelsea. Shawn and Max decide to market Shawn’s new idea for improving Max’s racecar. Chelsea decides not to tell Shawn about the change in her trial date. Austin explains that he wasn’t really proposing to Sami and Sami is so hurt that she ends the relationship. Lucas carves his and Carrie’s initials into the roof door and has Eugenia fill his apartment with flowers and baby things as a surprise for Carrie.

GH Recap Written by Amanda 

Jason, Emily, and Carly all try to find Alexis. Emily lets Nik know that Maxie might have an interest in him. The disappearance of Holly's jewels turns into a new spat for Robert and Anna. Jax is angry when he receives a copy of John's true paternity test. Holly decides to take the jewels, tie up the others, and leave. Patrick notices the problems Lucky is having. Jason refuses Emily's kindness, again. Holly realizes she needs a partner, to deal with the tying up and holding a gun at once, so takes on Luke as her assistant. Tracy shows up before they can escape. Monica locates Sam. Lucky has Liz and Patrick followed.

GL Recap Written by Siri

On the island, Mallet admits to Harley that he knew Phillip was alive and that Rick was covering for Phillip. Gus looks annoyed that Harley and Mallet are talking. Gus receives a phone call from a housekeeper across the island who heard a plane take off in haste; someone was leaving the island in a hurry. A police officer tries to arrest Dinah and Mallet smoothes over everything and gets the charges against Dinah dropped. Later, Gus pours a whiskey for Dinah to settle her nerves. Mallet and Dinah are talking in their bedroom and Gus, out of their sight, walks in. Dinah tells Mallet that she can see when someone is grieving how they reach out to others for comfort. “I get it how two people like you and Harley could sleep together when Harley thought Gus was gone”, she tells Mallet. Gus starts to take a drink of the whiskey and horrified by what he hears, crushes the glass in his hands. Gus tells Harley he needs to ask her something but Mallet returns to help Harley dress the wound. Gus has hate in his eyes.

A reverend arrives announcing that he is there to marry the Spauldings. Since Beth and Alan have left, Harley tells him that she and Gus will renew their vows. Gus is less than eager. They stand before the reverend and Harley tells Gus that he is her hero and she loves him. Meanwhile, Mallet finally admits to Dinah that he knew Phillip was alive. She finds a letter from Ross addressed to Mallet. In the letter Ross tells Dinah that he is proud of her and is glad she has Mallet. After the renewal vows, Gus takes Harley upstairs and makes angry love to her. Mallet and Dinah make sweet tender love. Gus, after Harley is asleep, goes downstairs and starts to drink from a bottle of alcohol. He finds Harley’s purse and searches for a bottle. Once he finds this, he takes a pill from it, pauses to look upstairs, and shoves the pill in his mouth. He washes it down with long gulps of alcohol, disappointment and disbelief written on his face.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary  

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Luis and Chad lost Beth and Marty, but thought they'd found how she slipped out of the gallery. However, before they could go after her, they were arrested and taken to jail. Thanks to a call to Fancy, they were bailed out before too long. Meanwhile, Beth finally did slip out of the gallery, just in time for the now-free Luis to almost stumble over them again. When he jumped out and grabbed Fancy, who was following him, they decided to go to dinner, where he talked about Sheridan and she tried not to talk about Noah. Luis thinks she and Noah need to try to work things out, but his advice falls on ears that don't want to hear it. Chad went back to the tunnel and found Whitney, but she was on the other side of a wall of rock and he couldn't get to her. When he pressed her to come back home with him and Miles, she ran off down the tunnel.

The girls, guarded by Noah, went back to their hotel room and had dinner. They congratulated Jessica for leaving Spike, and felt relieved that he was nowhere near them. However, the man who had been following them home turned out to be him, and he's eager to get his hands on Jess again. Kay found Miguel and Siren bathing in the bathroom, and her jealousy grew out of all bounds. Miguel told her to leave them alone in the bathroom, so she went downstairs, where Tabitha prodded her about how jealous she is, and urged her to go back up and tell Miguel she really loves him before Siren gets her hooks into him.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Sharon is shocked when she hears that Brad got into the fight with Nick over her. She tells him that he shouldn't be doing that but he insists that whenever she needs him, he will be there for her. She goes to Nick and tells him that it was his fault that this fighting happened. Paul and JT are ready to give Victor the news. They could go to Cleveland and get more info but Victor wants the investigation stopped. JT finds that funny as they did find out something about Brad. He tells how Brad has other person's name and social security number. Victor finds that strange but it doesn't stop him from announcing that Brad will be given a seat on the board. Jack goes over to Nick and gets confirmation that he was having a relationship with Phyllis for months. He punches the man in the face before walking out. Nick calls Phyllis to give her a heads up. Jack arrives at the office and takes his anger out on Phyllis. "I played the part of the fool. You cried and I came running." He loves her still but can't see a way past this. He leaves.

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