Tuesday 5/16/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 5/16/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

The cops come and take JR away. Ryan, Zach, Tad, Babe, Jamie and Dixie are all afraid that he tried to kill Babe because of his trust issues. Only Erica believes that Babe is lying about JR in order to take his son away from him. There is also a big dilemma about whether to save Kendall or the baby. The doctors tell Ryan, Zach and Erica that they must sacrifice the life of one in order to save the other. Krystal tells Adam that he must realize that his son tried to murder her daughter. Adam turned JR into a monster with the way he raised him. And JR will not get away with what he did. Adam goes to talk to his son in jail. He tells JR that he needs to talk to Babe, convince her that he would never hurt her and get her to drop the charges. But JR makes it clear to his father that he intended to kill Babe and wants to get away with it. At that point, Adam concludes that JR did something despicable. He's on his own now. And nobody is going to make any more excuses for him. Tad corners Dixie with what Greg just told him about her. He tells her that he would not be surprised if the reason why she went away and had everybody believing she died was because Kate is really alive. She refuses to answer that question. But he tells her that that would explain what she did.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Gwen worries about the note she found from Will’s teacher. Maddie seeks guidance from Gwen on how to turn Casey on because she thinks she repulses him. Casey turns to his father on how to take things slowly with Maddie, because he doesn’t want to lose her by taking things too fast. Luke is unhappy to find Jade working at the library with no plans to leave town. She also goads him about the fact his family doesn’t accept him now. Luke pretends they are fine with it now but she doesn’t believe him. They don’t part on good terms. Lucinda gets another clean bill of health. Lily shares with her that Luke is gay, which Lucinda admits to suspecting and now understanding his behavior. She seems to take Luke’s admission in stride. Lily is worried about Luke living a non-traditional life and getting hurt. Lucinda suggests Lily find a way to accept it because she has so much to be grateful for. Later, Luke confronts Lily about her inability to hug him or even look him in the eye anymore. Jack remains suspect of Nick’s involvement in the lost evidence. Katie, Nick and Mike voice their displeasure with Carly’s involvement; Jack sticks up for her. When Jack takes Carly aside however, he tells her he doesn’t want her help anymore and they need to start learning how to let each other go. Gwen and Will have a big argument about a lot of issues they have avoided or misunderstood. Tom reinstates some of Casey’s privileges because he is earning their trust back. Lisa has to go out of town, which leaves Maddie alone with a hotel room for a few days. Mike asks Nick if he stole the evidence against him because he thinks he is guilty? Katie wants to take Jack off of Mike’s case when she and Carly fight about what she did. Carly pleads Jack’s case and warns Katie that Nick is really up to something. Katie is fighting believing anything Carly suggests about Nick, but some of her words seem to ring true. When Carly is leaving after her and Katie’s talk, Jack wonders what she is still doing there? Carly sadly says saying her good byes

B&B Recap Written by Terri

At the hospital, Ridge is slowly awakening calling for Brooke. Brooke tenderly strokes his head and tells him that she is right there. Outside of the room Eric tells Bridget that if anyone can get through to Ridge, Brooke can. Stephen tells Bridget that he is there to make amends to all of them. He tells Bridget that he doesn't trust Stephanie's sudden change of heart towards Brooke. Nick rages to Jackie that he will not allow Stephanie to reunite Brooke and Stephanie. Jackie tells him that Brooke loves him and not to worry. Stephanie tells Ridge that she is sorry for not accepting Brooke and that she will no longer stand in his way. Again Stephanie places Brooke's hand in his.

Jackie and Stephen continue to discuss Stephanie's sudden change of heart to Brooke. Across the waiting room, Nick tells Bridget that Stephanie is determined to reunite Brooke and Ridge. At Ridge's bedside, Stephanie and Brooke tell Ridge what has happened to them. Eric enters the room and is happily surprised to see Ridge is conscious. Christian rushes in to examine Ridge, who has no memory of his collapse. Nick confronts Stephanie and tells that he wants her to stay away from Brooke. Stephanie tells him that she will fight just as hard to get Brooke and Ridge back together as she did to keep them apart. Brooke tells Ridge that she was afraid that she was afraid she was going to lose him, and lays her head down on his chest. With Brooke out of the room, Nick tells his brother that Brooke has moved on with him. In the hallway, Stephanie again asks Brooke for a chance to make everything up to her. As Brooke stands listening to Stephanie asking her to become a part of their family, both women are shocked to see Nick standing there !

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Lucas surprises Carrie, Sami, and Austin with a romantic dinner on the roof. Sami fumes when Carrie cuts in on a close moment with Austin. Austin pulls Sami aside to talk and she assumes he’s asking her to marry him. Frankie vents to Caroline about being unable to stop Bo from lying to Hope. Shawn Sr. and Caroline decide to throw Victor a birthday party. The doctor decides to try an experimental treatment on Jack. Jennifer asks Frankie to marry her.

Bo comes home and discovers Jennifer removing Zack’s things for donation. Jennifer hints at Bo moving on with Billie but neglects to say her information is based on the motel night and not the woods. Bo weeps as he recalls how a leprechaun doll came into Zack’s possession. Patrick, Hope, and Marlena pull John off of Alex. John accuses Patrick of working for Alex but Patrick denies it. Hope stops John from calling Bo. Patrick questions Alex about why Marlena got amnesia while with him the first time and Alex admits to harming Marlena but claims to have changed. John plots with Hope to rescue Marlena.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Alexis drops the charges against Jason, Elizabeth, Patrick and Epiphany. Alexis has Sam moved from the hospital. Sonny thanks Jason for unburdening him of his responsibilities and making him free to live his life in the open.

Luke makes Lulu accept the fact that he'll never be the father she wants him to be. Dillon is flustered by a seductive Holly, who realizes he is having second thoughts about staying married to Georgie. Anna and Robert admit to Robin that they love each other but point out why they can't be together. Robert sees Luke kissing Holly. Tracy sets out to find Luke. Jax proposes to Carly. Lucas figures out that Maxie is planning to blackmail Jax.

GL Recap Written by Siri 

Lizzie expects Coop to ask her to marry him and as they are strolling along Main Street. He tells her that he did buy one, but isn’t ready to be engaged. Lizzie is heartbroken. Tammy walks up and tries to console Lizzie and tells her that maybe she needs to postpone the engagement party. Lizzie tells her that she is going ahead with the party and she wants Tammy to come and, as she rubs her stomach, to bring Jonathan. At Cedars, Colin tells Reva that the lymph nodes show no cancer but her blood might have cancer cells now. She needs chemotherapy instead of radiation to try and save her life. Suddenly, Jonathan appears and is bloody and dazed. He has had a motorcycle accident. Reva gets Colin to attend to him. Reva tells Jonathan that he needs to be careful and doesn’t want him to ever die. Jonathan tells her that everyone has to go sometimes. Reva has a funny look on her face.

At the island resort, Gus opens the door as a shocked Harley, Beth and Alan find Rick falling through the door. Jeffrey, Blake, Dinah and Mallet are walking into the room, too. Harley tells everyone that Phillip is alive. Jeffrey tells everyone that he has discovered that Ross’s plane wasn’t headed for Springfield, but to the island. Harley adds that they know now that Ross’s private investigator tracked Phillip to the island and that Ross was going to the island to take Phillip home. Gus tells them that Phillip found out that Ross was coming and made sure Ross’s plane didn’t make it. Gus says that Alan knew the whole time that Phillip was alive and Alan says that he hasn’t know where Phillip has been ever since he escaped from the doctors that Alan had caring for Phillip. Jeffrey tells everyone that he is waiting for a phone call that will reveal who helped Phillip sabotage the airplane and that person will be charged with murder. While listening to the explanations, Beth suddenly starts feeling badly and Rick assists her to the upstairs bedroom. Beth tells Rick that she remembers after the autopsy when Rick… and, she stops suddenly. Beth realizes that Rick knew that when Phillip’s body was exhumed, that his body was not there. Back downstairs, Jeffrey receives a phone call and is told who conspired with Phillip. Upstairs, Beth screams at Rick and starts to pound him on the chest, “You knew all along”. Rick explains how Phillip came to him and asked Rick to lie for him and that he (Phillip) would leave Jude alone. Rick finally explains to everyone that Phillip needed someone to pay the mechanic of the plane, so Rick paid the man adding that Ross was supposed to take another plane. Beth becomes worse and Rick arranges to take her to a hospital.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis 

A woman from the hospital comes asking for information for the birth certificate. Tess puts Jess's name as the mother and Nash's name as the father. She did that as Jess is considered the real person. She put Nash's name down as that will be a way to claim the baby later. While in the bathroom, Jessica appears thanking Tess for handling things the way that she did, as she would have done the same thing. Kevin is torn. He was told that he had to make a choice between his son and his wife. "I chose you Kelly! I thought that he was strong enough and he wasn't. I didn't get to spend time with him and that is your fault!" He doesn't have to tell her all this. She blames herself for Duke being dead. Evangeline tries to take care of herself. She can't. Chris offers to be there for her. He calls his trainer and tells the man that he can't fight that night. He is busy. The man isn't happy. "If you think that you can bail on me, you have another thing coming kid." Evangeline sees that she needs help and allows Chris to escort her out of the hospital, without use of the wheelchair. Todd gets a visit with Blair. "Are you still sleeping with the enemy?" he asks. She tells him that Evangeline is blind and he doesn't believe her. She leaves after telling him that she doesn't love him anymore. "I don't want you killed that is all." She leaves to go and be with Spencer who she finds in the shower. Todd, on the other hand gets beaten up by guards before being taken back to his cell.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Theresa and Ethan are on the Crane jet, on their way to Rome. He warns her he will jump off the plane if she tries to seduce him, then calls Gwen to let her know Theresa agreed to leave him alone. Meanwhile she gets an email that says she will gain Ethan but lose her love, and that someone from Harmony will die, and it's "signed" with the Omega symbol. The girls run from the two men, carrying the painting they took with them. Just when they thought they had evaded them, they were caught, and it looked like the men were going to kill them. Noah to the rescue, however, and he managed to save the girls, although the men got away with most of the painting. Simone managed to tear the corner with the Omega symbol on it off, and they are wondering what it means.

Luis and Chad meet up, and Marty begins to call his dad. Luis hears him and chases Beth and the boy into an art museum, then try to find where they are hiding. Noah wants to tell Fancy why he's with Maya, but Lena shows up and he has to think quickly to keep her from finding him with Fancy. Sheridan listens to Luis talk about finding Marty and becoming the family they should be as Chris watches from across the room. After she hangs up he open his suitcase to get her present, and inside is an embossed Omega symbol. The art book he gives her is full of photos of paintings with the same symbol, and he also clutches a paper with the symbol on it in his hand as he makes her a cup of tea.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Jack will not go down fighting. He feels that Katherine is handling this all wrong. "We should be going to trial and getting another attorney." Katherine likes Michael just fine and thinks that he is an excellent attorney. "It wasn't my fault this happened," Jack says. "No," Katherine agrees, "…but you have made the situation worse. Please sign this resignation Jack." He will not. "I have no alternative then but to relieve you of your duties," Katherine says. "Don't think that I am going down that easy," Jack says walking out. Brad finishes a call, and sees Nick. He confronts him about Sharon. "You have been married 15 minutes Slick, but go ahead and give me advice on marriage." Brad reminds that Nick wasn't the only one who lost a child. "Stay out of this," Nick warns. Brad won't allow Nick to walk off. Nick punches him in the jaw. Brad makes a lunge but waiters show up and hold the men back. Brad still has a blow to deliver though. "You know …What happened didn't give you the right to have an affair with Phyllis for months!" No one sees, but Jack is at the bar and hears it all. His mouth hangs open. Mackenzie works with Kevin for the last few hours before leaving. He is trying to be gracious about her leaving but he can't and occasionally flies off, showing his anger. "You bailed on me," he says. "I know that I am doing that but you will be okay." He isn't sure that he wants to do this anymore without her. It was her idea and now he is going to be alone. Gloria watches their tearful goodbye before Mack leaves. Later she apologizes to Kevin for how she spoke of Mackenzie before. "I just lost my partner, best friend and woman that I love…how can things get better?" he asks.

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