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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

While Kendall is still unconscious, Erica, Ryan and Zach are wondering what to do. Erica does not believe Zach when he says that Kendall decided to keep her baby, or that Zach loves her daughter and wants what is best for her. Meanwhile, Babe is trying and failing to get JR to see the error of his ways and check himself into an alcohol treatment facility. Jamie finds out what JR did and is very angry with him. Josh tries to inform Erica and Ryan that JR intended to kill Babe and his attempt to kill her is what injured Kendall. Erica does not listen to Josh. But Babe decides she must take action and the cops come and arrest JR for attempted murder. Greg finds Tad Martin and informs him that Kate was born, contrary to what everybody believed, that Dixie miscarried. But he tells Tad that she died shortly after being born and that Dixie has this "delusion" that she's still alive. Knowing that Tad might not believe Dixie's word over his, he tells Tad he needs him to get Dixie to stop harassing him with her delusion about Kate still being alive.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Meg breaks up with Paul because of Emily and their baby. This propels Paul to make a big decision; he tells Emily he is giving up his parental rights to the baby. Emily puts up a brave front in Paul’s presence, but seems to question it with Susan after. An officer comes to take Emily to the station, but Susan convinces him to give her a bit more time. Emma asks Meg to move back in with her, and Meg finally agrees. Paul later shows up as Meg is about to leave the Lakeview wanting to talk but Meg won’t answer the door. Will continues to wrestle with his jealousy regarding Casey and Gwen, as does Maddie. Both handle it in their own way; Will pretends nothing is wrong hiding the fact he is not handling his classes at school any longer. Maddie comes on to Casey in the middle of the library. Casey is confused by their hot cold relationship, and finally tells her he can’t do this and leaves. Mike and Katie are forced to put their honeymoon to Hawaii on hold while they deal with Mike’s case. Carly finds a St. Christopher medal in Nick’s coat and rushes off to see Jack about it, who is not happy at all she got involved. Nick comes to the station with Mike and Katie in tow and shows them his medal. Jack wants to know how he has it, but Mike interrupts claiming all the Kasnoff men received this necklace from their grandfather when they got confirmed. Jack wonders why he is not wearing his? Nick claims it was broken. Carly doesn’t want Jack to buy his story, but soon the tables are turned on Carly; Mike, Katie and Nick are attacking Carly and her tactics to get to the truth, that is until Jack steps in to defend her.

B&B Recap Written by Terri

Brooke is touched by Stephanie's acceptance of her. Stephanie convinces Brooke to come back to Los Angeles with her, but Nick still unconvinced of Steph's motive's, insists on coming with them. At the hospital Dante embraces Felicia and wonders what they are doing. Felicia again blames it on her worry about Ridge. Bridget walks in and wonders what is going on between the two of them. When Bridget kisses Dante, jealousy clouds Felicia's face. Jackie and Stephen arrive at the hospital and Eric informs them that Ridge is still not responsive. Jackie tells Eric that she doesn't believe that Brooke can change Ridge's condition. Eric comes to Stephanie's defense. Jackie gives Eric his engagement ring back. After their conversation, Jackie privately confesses to Stephen that it's over between her and Eric. On the plane, Steph tells Brooke that Ridge is hanging in there and he will respond to her.

Stephanie arrives at the hospital with Brooke and Nick in tow. Jackie takes Nick aside and tells him that he must not let Brooke and Ridge reconcile. Nick assures his mother that he won't let that happen. Brooke asks Christian if she can see Ridge and rushes to his bedside. At Felicia's, Dante wonders again why she kissed him. The two flirt, and Felicia tells him that Bridget may never want a future with him. Dante insists that she will. At Ridge's bedside, Stephanie whispers to him that Brooke is there and places his hand in Brooke's. Brooke tells Ridge that she and their son need him as she tenderly kisses him. Ridge's eyes flutter and he mutters LOGAN....

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Jennifer meets with Maggie to talk about Frankie and her fears about progressing with the relationship. Maggie empathizes with Jennifer’s situation by telling her about when she moved on thinking Mickey was dead. Alice joins them later and echoes Maggie’s sentiment. Jack is revealed to be alive and in a hospital. Chelsea learns about her new trial date and the decision not to tell Hope. Frankie warns Bo against making such a bad decision and when he fails to change Bo’s mind, he unsuccessfully tries to convince Chelsea to tell Hope about the date change. Carrie announces to Sami, Austin, and Lucas that she is pregnant and accepts Sami’s offer to go out and celebrate.

John approaches Hope, Patrick, Marlena, and Alex on the terrace. Alex admits to having called John but claims it was only because John answered the phone when Alex called the police station. John refutes that claim by pointing out that Alex called his personal cell phone. Alex tries to put the idea of selling the penthouse on John but John sets the record straight. Alex then claims the decision to sell was mutual and Marlena stands up for Alex. Hope pulls John aside to keep him from going after Alex while Alex orders Patrick to kill John tonight. John gets frustrated when Alex continues to goad him and tries to choke Alex.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Anna is angry that Robert let her have amnesia for years and did nothing; he protests he was protecting her. Emily is stunned to see how free Sonny suddenly feels. Alexis tells Jason that if Sam dies, it's his fault. However, the surgery goes well. Despite this, Epiphany, Jason, Liz, and Patrick are arrested. It turns out, Jane was faking her heart incident. Carly refuses to let go of Jax. The kids defy Anna and refuse to let her take Robert, Luke, and Holly in for the bounty. Needless to say, Robert's ex wives are not glad to see each other. A cop interrupts Sonny and Emily's make-out session, because he wants to look at the car. Max is still dreaming of Carly. Liz refuses to leave until everyone is released, despite Lucky trying to get her out. Carly and Lady Jane get drunk and Jane starts planning a wedding. Sonny decides he, Emily, and Ric should go to Vegas.

GL Recap Written by Siri 

At Company, Coop tries to get Ava to talk to him about her date. She avoids him. Lizzie arrives and tries to get Ava to sit with her and Coop. Coop gets nervous because the two are talking with each other and he takes Ava aside. Lizzie goes through Coop’s coat pocket and finds the diamond ring. She gets very excited and critiques the ring muttering to herself that Coop is going to ask her to marry him. Coop asks her out to dinner. Coop shows Ava the ring and tells her that he might ask Lizzie to marry him. Ava is devastated.  In a jet, Mallet tires to get Dinah off the island because she killed Alan-Michael. She tells him that she didn’t kill him, but wanted to; he is relieved. She tells Mallet she was stopped by his love for her. He tells her that she needs to apologize to Harley. A policeman finds Mallet and Dinah and tells them that Alan-Michael is at headquarters’ after being held at gunpoint and that he has a warrant for Dinah Marlar’s arrest. Mallet lies and tells the policeman that Dinah Marlar left the island.

Beth and Alan arrive on the island. They plan their wedding. Alan bought a white wedding gown and tells Beth he just wants to be loved by his baby’s mother. She suddenly sees a two place setting on the table and the Springfield newspaper with articles on Spaulding circled in red ink. She quizzes Alan about this. While on the same island, Harley and Gus receive a fax of Phillip’s picture dated 4-10-06. Harley and he decide that Phillip has been alive all along and that Alan was telling the truth the whole time. They wonder if Beth knows. After finding out that Alan and Beth are on the same island, they pay the two a visit. They tell Alan and Beth they are investigating Ross’s plane crash. Harley confronts Alan with Phillip’s picture. Alan tells the two to leave. Beth is confused and wants to know what Ross’s death has to do with anything and that the picture is an old one. Suddenly Beth realizes the cross-word puzzles are completed in red ink, just like Phillip used to do. “Oh, my G-d. He was here. Phillip is alive and you knew it”, Beth implores Alan. “Where is he”, she screams. Alan tries to tell her that Harley and Gus are lying about everything. Suddenly, there is a noise at the door and all rush to it. Gus peeks through the slats to see a man walking in the hall way. A very shaken Beth exclaims, “Phillip? Phillip”?

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Theresa tries her best to get Ethan to go to Rome with her to save Jessica, Paloma, and Simone, but Gwen's influence was greater, and he refused. Later, however, he decided to check with Crane security to check whether the picture Theresa received on her phone of the girls being led away blindfolded was real, and it was. This caused Gwen to allow him to go, after promising he'd tell her first if he decides to leave her for Theresa. When he showed up on the Crane jet, the depressed Theresa jumped with joy. Meanwhile, in Rome, the girls think the men are trying to kill them when they started shooting at a couple of theives in a closet behind them. Later, they had Jessica distract the men so the other two could knock them out, then they ran out with the paintings that have the Omega symbol on them, with the revived men hot on their trail.

Luis called Sheridan to tell her what was going on, and Fancy asked to speak to her, then told her how Luis had mistakenly kissed her when she saved him from the cave in. Sheridan was visibly upset, but acted as if all was well in front of Chris. Beth and Marty are right near Luis, even hear him saying Marty's name while on the phone with Sheridan, but he never sees them, and they don't recognize him. Chad searches for Whitney and almost finds her, but the nun helps her avoid him, then tells the girl not to trust those she thinks she should trust. As "God" calls to Whitney, the nun hides in terror, praying, until the two walk out of the church.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

JT and Colleen see Mack. She tells them that she is leaving to live in New Orleans. "You weren't going to say goodbye?" JT asks. She didn't feel that saying goodbye to him would make a difference. After he leaves, Colleen approaches Mack asking where JT is. "I don't know but you need to really be careful what you wish for. JT doesn't know what he wants…even when he has it." Sharon freaks out when she sees Nick up at the main house. "If you think that you are going to move in her and hang around all the time you can just forget it. I thought that you were getting your own place." He is. He just stopped by to get some stuff out of storage. Noah enters the room and is told that his father will be moving out. He takes it badly and rushes from the room. Jack feels that company is handling Gibson all wrong. "We should stand up to him!" Katherine later fills Jill in on the developments. She then calls Jack to his office and is sitting in his chair when he arrives. "Glad to see that you have made yourself at home," he jokes. "What is that?" he asks, looking at the paper in her hand. She slides the paper over the desk to him. "It is your resignation." Phyllis bumps into Sharon and Noah and he tells that his father moved out that day. Phyllis and Nick have a drink that evening in the club. He says that now that the worst has happened, they can probably get back to being friends. "We can be more open with each other now," he says. She smiles. "You mean that?" He does. "We were foolish to think that we could control things. Now it is all finally over!

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