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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Emily sees the fact that her baby survived her suicide attempt as a sign of hope and she decides to keep her child. Susan decides to support her daughter in her choice to keep her child. Emily tells Paul she doesn't want him anywhere near the baby. The key piece of evidence against Mike goes missing so Jack lets Mike go. Carly finds the missing St. Christopher medal among Nick's things when he comes over to visit her. Paul tells Meg that Emily decided to keep the baby so Meg tells Paul their relationship is over because she fears that once the baby is born he will go back to Emily for the sake of the baby. Mike and Katie have a private wedding reception once they arrive home.

B&B Recap Written by Terri

Stephanie tells a disbelieving Brooke that Ridge may be dying and only she can save him. Nick doesn't buy Stephanie's story. Finally, Nick and Brooke are convinced of Ridge's condition, but Nick cautions that Brooke is not responsible and that her life is with him now. At the hospital, Dante comes to check on Ridge and finds Felicia in his room giving the nurse a hard time about Ridge's care and condition. When Ridge is wheeled away for more tests, Felicia apologizes for her behavior to Dante, blaming the stress of the situation and her medication.

Over at Brooke's house, Jackie calls the hospital to confirm the seriousness of Ridge's condition. When she hangs up, she tells Stephan of her engagement to Eric. Stephan tells her about his history with Eric and his own wife Beth. Stephan insists that Eric is a selfish user and she is too good for him. Stephan surprises Jackie with a kiss ! Back at the hospital, Dante reminds Felicia of when they first met. Felicia suddenly kisses Dante. Afterwards, Felicia tells Dante that she shouldn't have done that, after all he has asked Bridget to marry him. Felicia blames the sudden kiss on the fact that she hasn't been with anyone in a long time. Understanding, Dante takes her in his arms. In Mexico, Stephanie is telling Brooke all the things she has waited years to hear. Steph proposes a truce with Brooke and begs her for a chance to show her how much she truly appreciates what she means to Ridge. Despite Nick's continued objections, Brooke concludes that Ridge is RJ's father and that she must go for that reason. Steph takes a shocked Brooke into her arms in a tender embrace !

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Sami rewards Will for a good report card with a trip to the arcade but Will isn’t appreciative. Austin uses competing in a racing game to talk Will into giving Sami another chance. After Lucas and Carrie join the family at the arcade at Austin’s invitation, Will announces he wants to move back in with Sami part time. Carrie picks her perfect wedding dress from designer sketches but later comes back crying and tears up the sketch. Shawn and Belle step out of the bedroom scantily clad and Bonnie has to stop Mimi, who feels her marriage is over anyway, from blurting out the truth about Claire. Shawn and Belle take Mimi into the bedroom to show that they were actually painting the room in preparation for a nursery.

Frankie warns John that going to Morgan Island is probably a trap but John heads there anyway. Marlena hints to Hope about regaining her memory and returning to John but before she can mention being drugged Alex interrupts them. Marlena, back alone in their room, confronts Alex and smashes the drug vial. Alex grabs Marlena to keep her from leaving and forcibly injects her with a syringe he had already prepared. The two couples decide to spend the evening together and after seeing Marlena now once again professing her love for Alex, Hope asks Patrick to help her break them up. Meanwhile, Alex orders Patrick to kill John upon arrival on the island. Bo tells Billie about Hope being with Patrick. Frankie learns that Chelsea’s trial date has been moved up but leaves the decision on whether to tell Hope with Bo. Bo decides that it would be better not to tell Hope about the date change.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Carly and Lady Jane meet. Michael accidentally sets Jane's prize lizard free. Alexis stops the surgery before Dr. Drake can start. Max is very unhappy when Sonny drives himself and Emily in the new car. Luke, Robert, and the kids manage to knock out the bounty hunters. Liz, Patrick, and Epiphany plan to do Sam's surgery anyway. Sonny and Emily think of the future. Anna arrives in a helicopter and slugs Robert. Lady Jane faints on Carly after Carly wins a game to determine whether or not she and the boys can stay.

GL Recap Written by Siri

Dinah sneaks up on Alan-Michael in San Gabriel. He says he left Springfield because of the corporate roller coaster and Marina. He also insists that his deal with her is still on. Dinah pulls out Mallet’s gun and threatens Alan Michael. She accuses Alan-Michael of having something to do with Ross’s death and tells him she’s heard that he might have been the last person to see Ross alive. Alan Michael is truly afraid of Dinah and thinks she is going to kill him and he pleads for his life. Meanwhile, Mallet, Gus and Harley arrive in San Gabriel to find Dinah. The group separates, and Harley and Gus go to a hotel looking for Dinah and inadvertently find out that Ross has a suite there and they are able to talk their way into it. Harley pretends to be Blake. Once inside they find Ross’s private eyes’ business card and phone her lesbian lover, Kelsey who says she has evidence they can use. She faxes them a photo and Harley sees it and says she thinks she knows why Ross was killed. Mallet is able to bribe a local photographer who points him in Dinah’s’ direction. He finds Dinah alone, on the Cliffside terrace and wants her to admit what she did. Dinah says he will never want her if he knows what she did. Billy tells Cassie he doesn’t think that Josh and Reva will last. Cassie says that it’s wishful thinking. Cassie warns Billy to stay out of their relationship. Reva is visibly in pain but doesn’t let on to Josh. She eventually lies to Josh saying she’s going to do research with Dr McCabe and leaves the fundraiser with her doctor. Mel learns she can’t go on the romantic vacation Rick has planned because she’s been scheduled to work at the hospital. She tells him to go on without her.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Margaret and David hide out in an Internet café. He shows her an article on Margaret Cochran and her unborn baby. Denton watches. Spencer does surgery on Kelly. Duke goes in to cardiac arrest. Natalie goes to Bangkok with John.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Whitney gives herself up to die in order to save Chad, while he worries about where she is and whether she made it out of the tunnel before the second cave-in. The nun tells him that she's already dead, but he refuses to believe it. His protestations to the contrary, she has been stabbed by "God", apparently. Fancy dresses Luis' wounds, then heads to a cafe for a coffee, while Luis and Noah stay where they are and discuss their lost loves. In the cafe, Fancy hears Beth talking and recognizes the voice, but she was referring to the New England accent. She and Beth strike up a friendly conversation, while the two men wait for her.

Theresa gets word that Paloma, Jessica, and Simone are in great danger in Rome, and she decides she has to go there to help them. She wants Ethan to go with her, since Jess is his sister, but Gwen nixes that idea in the bud, and he, of course, lets her have her way. The girls are taken to a strange place in blindfolds, and when they look around they see paintings with the Omega symbol on them. However, the men that are "helping" them warn them not to say anything to anyone about them, backing their words up with weapons.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

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