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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

While Kendall is unconscious, Erica and Ryan are faced with the decision of either saving her or the baby. Erica tells Ryan that they must save her and realize she didn't even want this baby. But he has a serious issue about giving up on his son's life. Meanwhile, Zach is with Dixie, stuck in a vault. He finds a way to get out, however. Ryan finally concludes that he has to save Kendall so he will order a C section, ASAP. Right then, Zach rushes in and tells Ryan: "No, you won't." JR is walking around spooked. It looks like Krystal is onto him. Babe reveals to Josh that she is afraid that JR is trying to kill her. But when he tells her he will not let JR get away with it and she must call the cops, she decides she does not want to go that far. And she makes excuses for JR in regard to what Dixie did to him. She says he did what he did in order to protect his son from what Dixie did to him (JR). Josh tells her he does not buy that and she cannot let JR get away with what he did. Lily is lost in NYC. Some punks threaten her. But a strange guy saves her and wants to help her. He also meets Jonathan. Been when Jonathan asks if he's seen Lily, he lies and prevents them from finding each other. It looks like he has some sort of "agenda".

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Paul asks Meg to move into a new house with him at first she is reluctant to do so but then she accepts his invitation. Henry's briefcase full of money is taken by the police and Henry tells Hal the briefcase doesn't belong to him. Maddie continues to be jealous of Gwen but Casey assures Maddie he doesn't have feelings for Gwen. Will isn't happy with Gwen and they fight and later make up but can't help feeling jealous of Casey when Maddie tells him Gwen and Casey fell asleep on each other's shoulders. Paul is stunned when Emily tells him she is going to keep the baby.

B&B Recap Written by Terri

Brooke awakens from sleep suddenly in Mexico as Ridge calls her name from his hospital bed in Los Angeles. Concerned, Nick asks if she is alright, she says she needs to call home and check on things. She finds another message from Stephanie on her cell phone. Over Nick's objections, Brooke calls Stephanie back and tells her to leave her alone and hangs up before Stephanie can respond. Nick has all calls to the room held. At the hospital, Felicia and Bridget arrive to see Ridge. While they go into see him, Eric asks Christian if there is something about Ridge's condition that he is not telling them. Reluctantly, Christian confesses that Ridge is not responding as well as the doctors had hoped.

At Brooke's house, Stephanie pleads with Stephen to tell her where Brooke is. Finally, Stephen tells her the number is by the phone. Stephanie has Stephen call and when they find out that Brooke and Nick are not taking calls, Stephanie tells Stephen that she is going to Mexico to get Brooke. Massimo reaches the hospital and tells Eric that he knew something like this would happen to Ridge because he lost Brooke. At Ridge's bedside, Moss pleads for Ridge to fight for his life. On the Forrester jet, Stephanie calls Eric to tell him where she is headed. Steph leaves yet another message for Brooke, telling her of Ridge's condition and that she is coming to get her. Stephanie also apologizes and promises that she will treat Brooke differently. After a massage, Brooke joins Nick in the pool. Brooke tells him how she will miss working at Forrester. Nick tells her that she can work with Jackie, designing clothing for the boutique. Brooke and Nick are interrupted by a pounding on the door. When Nick answers, he is stunned to find Stephanie there. Stephanie heads out to the pool and tells a shocked Brooke that Ridge is in the hospital and that Brooke must go back with her NOW !

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Mimi overhears Shawn talking on the phone with Belle about the loft’s second bedroom and not making Mimi suspicious. Mimi assumes that the call was about Shawn cheating on her with Belle. Mimi shares her fears with Bonnie and Bonnie uses her cell phone to send Mimi pictures of Belle and Shawn laughing and having fun together while Mimi is at the hospital getting her first hormone shot. Mimi assumes the worst when she returns home to find Belle and Shawn’s clothes strewn on the floor and suggestive talk coming from behind the bedroom door.

John has Frankie call the realtor to accept the offer but demands a call back today. John uses ISA security to trace the realtor’s call to Alex and is able to determine that Alex is on Morgan Island. A cop working for Alex calls Alex to warn him of John’s plans. The cop also warns Alex about Patrick being a murder suspect. Alex uses Patrick being a suspect to get Patrick to do his bidding. Marlena knocks over Alex’s bag and discovers the drugs. Marlena vows that Alex’s days of controlling her are through and once back with Alex, makes an excuse to slip off the charm necklace. Bo tries to warn Hope about Patrick but Hope won’t reveal where she is. Bo asks Hope if she’s been sleeping with Patrick and Hope hesitates to answer. Hope turns the tables by asking Bo if he’s been sleeping with Billie. When Bo also hesitates to answer, Hope takes that as a yes and declares the marriage to be over. Marlena stops by to talk with Hope and urges her to return to Bo.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

GL Recap Written by Siri 

Reva remembers the words of Sarah telling her that she is not fighting, but running. She asks Josh as they awake, if he will still love her even if she is bald. He tells her he wants to grow old with her. Later in the day, Billy tells Josh the land deal where the cabin sits at Cross Creek fell through. Josh hatches a plan with Billy to move the cabin to Springfield. Reva visits Colin McCabe, her oncologist and tells him that she wants him back as her doctor. He tells her she needs to tell her husband about the cancer and she refuses, telling him that she will go through it all by herself. She tells him that she and Josh will grow old together with or without his help. He tells her to make an appointment for radiation treatments which she does. Beth and Alan are at Cedars Hospital for her pregnancy check up. She tells him that she has documents to sign that will make him say away from Lizzie and Coop and allow them to lead their own lives. He threatens to tell the police that Beth held him captive for months in the cabin and that he needs a lawyer. She tells him not to bother because she knows he has skeletons in his closet about the events leading up to Ross’s plane crash. Rick eavesdrops on this conversation. She finally gets Alan to sign the papers and he suddenly kisses her and tells her to leave with him tonight to renew their vows on a private tropical island.

Harley and Gus visit Mallet at his apartment and Harley tells him that she wants to find Dinah. Jeffrey is there as well. Mallet tells both everyone that Dinah is just grieving and is actually at a spa with Blake. Suddenly, Blake arrives and tells all that Blake is missing. Later, Blake tells Jeffrey that she knows what Dinah is capable of and that Ross deserves to be avenged. Harley, Gus and Mallet go to Alan-Michael’s apartment and find out that Dinah has taken a flight to St. Gabriel’s in the Caribbean. As they leave to find Dinah, Mallet discovers that his gun is missing. As the closing dramatic music is playing, a voice says, “Can you bring the tray out”? Someone is entering the room of a lush tropical resort. “Try not to drop it”, the voice continues. Dinah walks towards a man who is reading a magazine, his face hidden. “Go ahead”, the voice pleads. Dinah says very calmly, “Surprise partner”, and whacks the man in the face with her briefcase.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Natalie tries to convince John not to go to Thailand to search for David Vicars. John insists that he has to go. Natalie lets him know that if he goes, she will not be waiting for him when he comes home. Tess visits Antonio and lets him know that Jessica hadn’t come out that it was her pretending to be Jessica. Antonio is at first upset, but then he thanks her for saving his life. Kelly and Duke are brought into the hospital. Spencer tells Kevin of an operation, but he can only save one. Kevin has to choose which one to save; Duke or Kelly. Kevin decides to save Kelly.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Fancy and Noah find Luis buried under the rubble and dig him out. He mistakes Fancy for Sheridan and kisses her passionately, then apologizes for the mistake. Whitney got Chad out and was relieved to see he was ok, but "God" was very upset that she didn't let him die, and she ran away from Chad to find him. He told her Chad has to die, but she decided she should be the one to die instead. Paloma, Simone, and Jessica try to find out what the club with all the patrons wearing the Omega sign is about, but no one speaks English. The men that were with them told them to do what they say and they will give them the answers, but the girls decide they'd rather do it on their own. They weren't able to get out the door unseen, however, and the men went after them.

Kay warned Miguel to stay away from Siren, or at least be careful, but he was in no mood to hear it. He basically told her to butt out, then went into the pool and started swimming/kissing with Siren. Fox swam with Siren while Kay talked to Miguel and was startled to see fins where her legs should have been - or so he thought. A second check showed legs, nothing more. He later talked to Kay about her obsession with what Miguel is doing with Siren, but she told him it's just because they are friends and she doesn't trust the girl. Not a convincing story, but he had no reason to doubt her yet.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Jack has an idea! "Let's stop this boycott of our company by selling all of our products 20% for the next little while." Phyllis knows Jabot never does anything like that. "We aren't selling bargain basement products Jack!" Jill shouts. "Who the hell do you think you are talking to?" Jack asks. "Actually, YOU are talking to the CEO," Jill reminds him. Katherine takes Jack's control of the company, giving it to Jill. Brad and Victoria have returned from their honeymoon and they come to see Nikki. Victor appears and they thank him for the flowers and champagne that he sent to their room. "I have another surprise. I am returning control of Newman Enterprises to you and your brother." He leaves and everyone in the room believes that Victor is up to something but Nikki. "Brad…Victoria…this is a perfect time for you to have a new beginning with Victor." Gloria hears shouting. Jack is telling Phyllis how his control of Jabot has been taken from him. "I have taken care of Jabot all this time, not Jill!" Gloria tells Jill that she just overheard Jack. "He said that you were not capable of taking care of Jabot at this time," Gloria says embellishing. Jill's head snaps around. "What?" Gloria points out that Jack is connected to Chancellor Industries and that could have a negative effect on that company too. Carmen sees that Jack is too much of a live wire to handle. "He has to go." Katherine has no choice but to take Jack's control of Jabot from him. Mr. Gibson has a meeting with Jabot later that day. They will be able to settle if only Jabot will agree to one more term… "Jack can still have influence on the company. I need justice and I need to be assured that he will never work for Jabot again. I want him gone forever!" Lily tells Neil that Drucilla accused her of deliberately sending the email to cause trouble, then Victor tells Neil that Nick and Victoria are back in control. When Neil asks what his role will be, Victor says they will figure that out later. Neil wonders why the people in his life keep letting him down. He learns from Brad and Victoria that his control of Global has been taken. "I am in charge of that!" Neil shouts. "Not anymore," Victoria says quietly.

Drucilla lets Daniel and Lily in. They have brought over muffins. Daniel and Lily joke about how many muffins Daniel has eaten. Drucilla tells the kids to settle down as they sound like an old married couple. Daniel and Lily leave. Neil doesn't know who she is anymore. When alone, Drucilla sees a present in the garbage. 'To my beautiful wife…" Nick sees Sharon storming out and is angry with his parents for interfering. Nikki was just worried for the family. "Family is very important," Victor says. Sharon returns. Victor continues. "Your mother's accident has reminded me what is important and that is why I am returning the control of Newman back over to you and Victoria!" Kevin tells his mother how Mack is leaving. Gloria invites Mackenzie and her grandmother over to brunch and when she gets Mackenzie alone, she tells her that she shouldn't call after she leaves. Mackenzie gets sad. "Sometimes things are better that way," Gloria says. "It is good to make a clean break sometimes." Mackenzie reluctantly agrees. Phyllis takes her vitamins and practices how she will tell Nick the news. She gets a faraway look, smiling as she rehearses the words. Jack calls. "Michael and Lauren stopped by and they are having a baby. They are looking to the future and getting rid of the negative." The smile leaves Phyllis's face and she ends the call looking sad.

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