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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

At the hospital, while Kendall is stuck in a coma, unable to come out of it, the doctors tell Erica and Ryan that there is no guarantee that Kendall will make it. Erica tells them she won't accept that excuse. Joe tells them that the best chance they have for saving Kendall is to deliver the baby right now. But if that is done, he might die. Babe seems to know the reason why Kendall got injured. She puts all of the facts together that point to the obvious conclusion that JR asked to meet her at the construction site, caused the avalanche, intended for Babe to get injured, but Kendall walked in instead and the crash fell upon her. When she overhears him confessing to unconscious Kendall that he intended for it to be Babe, she confirms what she is afraid has happened. She knows JR tried to kill her and tells him he better get away from her. Aidan and Erin are still unsuccessful in finding Lily and they know that Jonathan has gone off to find her. She is on the New York City streets. Jonathan is also out there trying to find her.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Mike is processed, but all he can think about is how Katie is handling this? Margo promises Katie that Mike will be arraigned in the morning and will be home with her by lunchtime. Nick continues his vow to get Mike out of this. Katie is depressed as she sits in their home where their reception would have taken place. Gwen and Casey enjoy the concert and feel confident they will be able to book people for their club. Gwen worries about not having reached Will yet. She is concerned further when Casey explains they missed their bus ride home and will have to stay the night in Chicago. Will loses his phone but is anxious about where Gwen is. Maddie tells an irate Will she and Casey are in Chicago, which doesn’t seem to sit well with him. When Casey calls Maddie, Gwen and Will talk shortly. Gwen nervously has to also tell him they missed the last bus out and will have to stay there tonight. She promises to see him first thing in the morning. Will seems distant. Gwen and Casey fall asleep at a diner. When they wake up they share a close moment, but Gwen breaks it by hurrying off to go get their bus tickets. Meg finds out from Susan that Emily is pregnant and takes off. She later trashes her room out of anger. Emily decides not to have the baby, to the relief of Paul. She assures him she is not doing it for him, but because she realizes what a mess she has made of Daniel’s life, and then she orders him out of her room. Emily later admits to Susan she will not have another one of her children being raised away from her; she will never allow Meg and Paul to raise her baby. Susan makes the arrangements. Henry visits Emily, also wanting to know where his money is? Emily confides in him that she is pregnant and needs a friend; Henry sits with Emily holding her hand. Paul finds a furious Meg. She admits to knowing about Emily. She can’t have Emily forever a part of their lives; she is done. Paul explains Emily is not having the baby, but Meg is not impressed; she is sure Emily will not voluntarily let go of something that could keep Paul tied to her. Paul assures her for various reasons she is going to do the right thing. Meg and Paul get closer, and later wind up in bed. Paul admits he thinks they have a relationship that could last them a lifetime and he hopes she feels the same way.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick and Brooke continue their honeymoon-like vacation. Her eyes shoot open the second that Ridge utters the name Brooke in his coma-like state. She wants to call home and she discovers Stephanie’s message on her cell – Stephanie needs her, call home.  Stephen stops by to see Brooke, but finds Jackie playing dress-up with Hope instead. He approves of Nick sweeping Brooke off to Cabo. He gladly accepts Jackie’s invitation to stay for coffee. Brooke calls and Stephen reluctantly picks up the phone. Brooke is relieved to know all is okay. She relays to him that she quit her job at Forrester and Stephanie has been hounding her ever since. Stephanie shows up and surprises Stephen, who tells her that her days of harassing his daughter is over. Her son raped his daughter, so he doesn’t give a damn what he wants.  Taylor and Thomas rush to see Ridge. Stephanie takes the blame, but Taylor doesn’t believe she caused his condition; it was probably genetic. Stephanie worries that if Brooke doesn’t come, Ridge will die. Hector tells Thomas and his mother that Ridge’s heart could have ruptured. It didn’t, so they have to stay positive. Christian tells the family that medically they are doing everything they can for Ridge, but he’s not responding as well as they had hoped for. All realize he needs Brooke. Stephen tells Stephanie she is crazy and it’s too late. It ends now, or he will throw her out. She begs for him to just tell Brooke that Ridge is seriously ill and needs her, and let her decide.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Chelsea asks Max to be a character witness for her defense but Shawn is furious. Mimi and Max try to convince Shawn to be easier on Chelsea. Max vows to stick by Chelsea once she promises to stop acting wild. Mimi helps Shawn fix a car and they both get sprayed with oil. Austin apologizes for pressuring Carrie and once alone again, Lucas surprises Carrie with honeymoon brochures and the news that Kate is sponsoring the entire wedding and honeymoon. Sami denies knowing why Carrie chose Lucas. Sami talks with Austin about going their separate ways and asks him to move out but Austin pleads his case to stay.

Alex purposefully hangs up before John can trace the call. John plays the taped call for Bo. Alex taunts Hope about not being on the island with Bo. Hope asks Marlena not to tell anyone where she is and cautions her against Alex. Caroline drops by the police station to tell Bo about calling Hope. Caroline refuses to outright tell Bo how to reach Hope but purposefully drops her purse so Bo would find Hope’s number when he picked up her things. Patrick tries to turn down Alex’s offer but Alex ups the offer by promising cash to help him keep Hope in his arms. Bo calls Hope but Patrick answers the phone.

GH Recap Written by Amanda 

Maxie tells Georgi that it is really not a good idea to date someone other than her husband. Coleman will pay Diego to steal a high quality car, so he takes Edward‘s. Lucky continues to fret about Liz’s fidelity. Robin and Lulu are thoroughly disgusted by Holly and by their father’s obsessions with her. Sam’s blood pressure improves. Sam develops a cranial edema. Epiphany’s son shows up. Liz calls Patrick to come home and perform brain surgery on Sam. The mayor is ticked to find Alexis at Sam’s bedside. Waldo arrives to rescue the fugitives. Maxie learns who Baby John’s father is and calls Jax.

GL Recap Written by Siri

Coop, Reva, Cassie and Harley - In the Light – Happy Mother’s Day

Buzz, thinking of and missing Jenna, throws a 23rd annual Mother’s Day picnic celebration on Main Street. Suddenly, many get sick, including Cassie, Harley, Buzz, and Lizzie. They go to Cedars Hospital with food poisoning. Jonathan tells Reva, who is trying to retrieve her medical records, it was from the potato salad, but brags that he never was ill after eating two helpings.

Buzz lies in an examination room, half asleep. Suddenly, there are voices in the room. They all run together as echoes saying, “Oh, Buzz, if only I could have spared you…..Jenna, you can’t let him see you…. Oh, relax, Nadine…..I just want to look at him……Well, I do, too…..You are breaking the rules……Will you two just stop your bickering……You tell her, Sarah”. Buzz lies in silence, unable to hear the bantering voices echoing back and forth. Suddenly, as he lies quietly, Jenna appears whispering in his ear, “Poor Buzz. Buzz, I’ve missed you….Our son is in trouble, you know that…. Don’t worry because I am here to help”. She starts to kiss him and is suddenly called back by Nadine’s voice. Buzz suddenly sits bolt upright.

Jenna finds Coop outside Cedars crying and starts to talk to him. He is so glad to see his mom and hugs her tightly. They talk about the baby and he tells her a baby needs two parents. They walk around Main Street, looking at diamond rings. Later, Coop looks at the diamond ring in his pocket and starts to ask Lizzie something, but changes his mind.

Harley sits in an exam room of Cedars Hospital looking at her cell phone. “You’re not supposed to have that in here”, Nadine says disapprovingly. A shocked Harley turns to the voice, “Mommy”? Nadine jumps up and runs to her side, grinning widely. Nadine and she talk about her role at Spaulding and Nadine makes her realize that she was not nice to Dinah. She decides to help Dinah.

Meanwhile, inside Cedars Hospital, Reva stands up against a wall and hears Sarah say in a stern voice, “Ah, Reva girl. Pulling away is not the answer. You know better than that”. “Mama, you’re here”, Reva says happily. “I’m here to give ya a swift kick in the britches”, Sarah retorts. Sarah tries to convince Reva that she needs to fight for her life.

Cassie prepares for discharge from Cedars and hears, “I’m sorry I missed out on your life, Cassie, and you mine. G-d knows I regretted it until the day I died”. Cassie turns and with a shocked smile says, “Sarah”? “Better late than never”, Sarah laughs. Sarah tells her that she needs to learn to let go of Jeffrey and Tammy. Cassie asks her who her father is and Sarah tells her that she will know when the time is right. Cassie and Reva meet up again and both agree that Sarah can make their fears and doubts go away for a while.

At Company, Jenna and Nadine critique Olivia. Nadine thinks she is right for Buzz and Jenna disagrees. When Frank comes in, Nadine tells the two of them, who are oblivious to her presence, that they will work everything out. She gently touches Franks face and he turns around, seeing nothing. Buzz cannot understand what went wrong with the potato salad. Emma sees “shiny ladies”.

Back at the site of the Mother’s Day picnic, Jenna, Sarah and Nadine meet. “Our work is done her girls”, Nadine grins to Jenna, holding her hand. “That is until the next time, of course”, adds Jenna. “That’s right, girls; a mama’s work never really ends”, says Sarah. Nadine says, “Wait! Who’s got the stuff we put in the potato salad”? Sarah holds up a bottle and shrieks, “Castor Oil. My kids always did hate this stuff”. The three giggle as they fade away…

As the closing theme music is playing, Harley thinks about Nadine and says,” Mommies are always there. Frank senses Nadine blowing a kiss. Coop tells Jenna happy Mother’s Day. Cassie stares in awe at Sarah. Reva hugs Sarah and weeps, “I love you mom”.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary  

Tess throws the baby out the window to Nash, and then climbs out herself. In order to save Antonio’s life, Tess pretends to be Jessica. Clint finds out from Viki that Natalie is in the hospital. Kevin finds Duke and Kelly, naked, under the debris in the rectory. Dorian searches for Kelly.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Noah watched Fancy making out with Gianni and wanted to stop them, but figured it was her right after what he'd done to her. She wasn't even trying to make out with the creep until she saw Noah watching them, and once she really started trying, Noah couldn't stop himself any longer. He confronted them, but got rebuffed for his efforts. Whitney ran from the beast in the virtual reality goggles, and ended up tripping over the pile of rubble from the cave in that trapped Chad and Luis. She saw their hands sticking out and told "God" she was going to save them, then argued when he told her to leave them and find the tunnel she'd been in before she ran. Once she saw Chad was one of the victims, she refused to leave him there, calling out for help. Noah heard her from up above, and crawled through a grate in the street to get to her and help. "God" was not happy.

Kay continued to fret about Miguel and Siren, to the point that Fox finally asked if he should be worried about the guy. Kay assured him he shouldn't be, that she's only worried because Siren is so strange, but she really seemed to be jealous of the girl. When Siren talked Miguel into taking a late-night swim at the Crane mansion, Kay decided she and Fox would go with them.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Gina finds it funny that Phyllis is ordering decaf coffee. "I am just lightening things up," she says. She was thinking about the day before when she was told that she was pregnant. She gets on the phone and pushes for an appointment for confirmation. Nick visits with her afterwards and he too is mystified that Phyllis is drinking decaf. Carmen and the bigwigs of Jabot put a letter of apology together for Mr. Gibson. Jack then heads to the club. Mr. Gibson shows up and Jack delivers an apology for the things that he said. Mr. Gibson says nothing that Jack could say could get his reputation and wife back. She storms out; passing Carmen who is coming in. She recognizes the man and turns to Jack now questioningly. Neil tells Devon what has happened in the family. Devon is supportive and Neil appreciates that. He returns to the office and finds Drucilla waiting in his office. He immediately turns and starts walking out. "Neil! You can't keep avoiding me. I did what I did for the family to keep us together." He shakes his head at her. "How can I ever believe anything that you say ever again?" He walks off. Mackenzie tells Kevin that she will be leaving for a while. "We will still be partners, but I will be a silent partner. I will be going to New Orleans to work construction with my dad." He confesses his love for her. "I love you too," she promises, but not the way you think. I have to figure things out… I just can't do it here." Dr. Thompson confirms the pregnancy. "This is a miracle," Phyllis says. She was told that she couldn't conceive. When alone, the honeymoon period end. The baby is going to be born around Christmas. She was with Nick when the baby was conceived…but wait…she was also with Jack around the time the baby was conceived as well. "Oh no," she says. "What have I done?"

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