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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

When JR is waiting to meet Babe at the construction site after causing the "accident", Kendall walks in and the avalanche falls upon her instead and she is badly hurt. Babe, Simone and Erin rush in to help her but she's unconscious and likely to lose the baby. Babe wonders what has happened. JR tries to make it look like Babe's fault for hiring the wrong contractors. But she seems to know what he probably planned for her, that accidentally happened to Kendall instead. They call Erica and Ryan who accompany Kendall to the hospital and demand that Greg stays away from her. Joe tells Greg that although Kendall needs a specialist for her baby, it won't be Greg. Tad not only distrusts Dixie for her secret, but Di as well. Aidan agrees with him. Dixie and Zach are brainstorming ways to bring Greg down. Zach still has not been notified what has happened to his wife. In the OR, Joe informs the others that Kendall may not ever regain consciousness.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Katie and Mike are pronounced husband and wife, but before they can even make it back up the aisle, Jack is forced to arrest Mike. Margo is upset and confused; Nick thinks Jack has a personal vendetta against him; Mike and Katie are overwhelmed. The reception is then canceled while Mike accompanies Jack to the station. He explains they have a cabbie that can prove Maya was dropped off at Mike’s house 1 month after he claimed to have last seen her. She admitted that after that stop she was going to be rich, and the man that opened the door at his house was dark haired. Mike can’t explain it, but he is even more dumbfounded when Jack tells him the necklace that was buried with the body had his DNA on it. Katie is supposed to go home with Carly, but decides she can’t leave Mike’s side and rushes off to be with him. Carly tries to stop her, but Nick interferes and tells her to let her go to her husband. Hal tells Paul that Emily is pregnant, and then they are forced to tell Susan, who doesn’t take it well. Paul is sure it is either a mistake or not his. Emily has been unstable for a long time and he doesn’t know what she is capable of anymore. Susan tells him based on the hormone level, she is around three weeks pregnant. Paul realizes he is the father, but Susan is unimpressed and still wants him out of Emily’s life so he can’t ruin her life or her unborn baby’s life. Paul is undeterred; he and Emily need to talk to work this out. Emily overhears Paul is still out in the hall, and goes outside to see them fighting about a problem. What is going on, she demands? Barbara tries to befriend Meg, but she also warns that Emily will stop at nothing to get Paul back. Meg vows that she will not let him get hurt; she will stop anyone who tries to do that. Hal sees Barbara and after exchanging unpleasantries this time, he tells her that they need to talk. Jade kisses Holden and Luke walks in and blows up at her. Later, he slowly starts to admit to him that everything with Jade was a lie, which appears to ring true with Holden, who is probably realizing his worst fears about his son are in fact true. When Lily comes in, Luke works up his courage to tell them the truth; he is gay!

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie frantically calls the paramedics as Ridge lies unconscious on the floor. When help arrives, Hector tells Stephanie that Ridge seems to have had a heart attack and they need to get him to the hospital right away. On the Marone jet, Brooke and Nick make passionate love in the plane's restroom, unaware of the turn of events with Ridge. Bridget is stunned at Dante's marriage proposal. Bridget gently tells him that she is not ready to jump into another marriage, but she is still willing to take their relationship to the next level and to go from there. Although disappointed, Dante expresses his understanding and the two kiss.

At the hospital, Thorne and Stephanie anxiously await news on Ridge's condition. Stephanie blames herself for Ridge's collapse. Thorne tries to reassure her that she is not at fault. Ridge is rushed into surgery. Christian is told by the surgeon that the family doesn't know the seriousness of Ridge's condition. After the surgery, Christian tells Stephanie and Thorne that Ridge has an aortic dissection, which is pressure on the wall of his aorta in his heart. Christian explains that it did not rupture but had to be surgically repaired and that the next 24 hours will be critical. Brooke calls home to speak with the sitter. As she lays in Nicks' arms, she explains that she is glad to be from under Stephanie, who never has or will accept her. The two snuggle and drift off to sleep. Stephanie goes in to see Ridge in intensive care. She tells him that she is sorry for the way she treated Brooke and for not understanding what he was going through. She promises to make it right. Ridge moans and says something. As Stephanie leans in closer to him, he calls for BROOKE !

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Bo, still half asleep calls Billie by Hope’s name. Bo and Billie head to the Brady Pub for breakfast but also get an earful from Caroline who doesn’t believe Billie’s intentions. Hope, still half asleep, calls Patrick by Bo’s name. Hope regrets sleeping with Patrick. Caroline calls Frankie to get Hope’s number. Patrick arranges for the hotel to provide Hope with extravagant perfume and gifts. Mimi and Shawn visit the hospital nursery and fantasize about having twins of their own before talking with Lexie and being sent to a fertility specialist.

Lucas tries to talk to Austin privately but Sami refuses to leave. Austin finally convinces her but Lucas waits to start the conversation until he catches Sami eavesdropping outside the door. Lucas confronts Austin and Austin doesn’t bother hiding his true feelings for Carrie. Lexie’s attempt to tell Carrie the truth is interrupted when Abe walks in. Abe, once Carrie leaves, tells Lexie about the drug raid and about finding “Jada’s” bracelet. Lexie plays dumb about being the one to escape via the window. Sami uses the hospital nursery and their past history to reinforce her intention to Carrie about being kept away from Austin. Carrie returns to Sami’s apartment and Lucas and Austin put her on the spot. Sami repeats her blackmail threat to Lexie but Lexie decides she must tell Carrie the truth.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Carly tells Sonny that she has no loyalty to him now. Alexis does not believe Jason's story that she is Sam's mother. Luke and Robert try to one up each other as to who can do more for Holly. Both Baby John and Lucky go home. Jax invites Carly and the boys to meet Jane. Alexis believes Jason and goes to see her dying daughter. Sonny, after being badgered, admits to Ric that Sam is Alexis' daughter.

GL Recap Written by Siri 

Tammy sets Cassie up with her college professor at Outskirts. Cassie is not pleased but agrees to stay to meet the man named Evan. When he tries to kiss her, she rattles off a long list of why their relationship would never work and leaves him sitting at the table. At the Main Street prom, Jonathan attempts to get information out of Ashley about Lizzie. She tells him that Lizzie is keeping something from her boyfriend. Jonathan gets her to drink some liquor from a flask. Lizzie happens to be at the same event and sees the two of them together. She gets Ashley’s attention. Ashley tells Lizzie her new boyfriend’s name is Nate. Lizzie tells Ashley that “Nate” is evil and nasty and not to tell him anything about her. Jonathan sees the two of them talking and he spikes Ashley’s punch. He gets her drunker and asks more questions. Lizzie tells a teacher that Jonathan is trouble and the teacher calls Tammy who shows up at the prom. Jonathan makes up a lie to Tammy that he was rescuing Ashley from mean-spirited girls. Tammy falls for the lie. Lizzie sneaks into Ashley’s office to destroy evidence of her medical records. Alan follows her and tells her he has made arrangements to get Henry out of her life. Coop receives documents from Alan’s lawyers about visitation rights for seeing the baby.

Reva and Josh go to Company and meet with Rick and Mel. They introduce Josh and Reva to a new doctor, Colin McCabe, who is renting their apartment. Mel doesn’t like him for he has no personality. Colin is Reva’s oncologist and she is shocked to see him, but Colin does not tell anyone they have met. Josh is pleased to know Colin and tells him that he would like him on the project. After Colin and Reva are left alone, she thanks him for keeping their secret. He tells her that she needs to arrange for her records to be moved before Rick or Mel find them. Reva tells him snidely that she will see him at the Bauer barbeque. Colin says very officiously, “If you make it that long”.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

A tornado hit’s the church where John, Cris, Natalie and Vangie are. Natalie is cut extremely bad. Vangie is blind. Clint separates Antonio, Tess and Nash from arguing. He suggests that the baby go home with him. They all agree. David calls Spencer and lets him know what he wants in return for keeping quiet about Margaret. Duke and Kelly share a very intimate moment.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

JT sees that Colleen isn't dressed yet for the wedding. "I'm not going without you," she announces. He refuses. Lily tries to get her to go. "If I had a chance to make up with my father, I would take it," she says. Later, JT and Colleen show up outside the church. "Come on," she says when she sees that JT has stopped walking. "No!" he says. "I told you that I am not going and I'm not! This is as far as I go! Jack wants to go to the wedding. "I want to make up for the way that I acted the night of Michael and Lauren's wedding." Phyllis's mind flies back to that night and the hot sex with Nick. Phyllis doesn't want to go to the wedding. He promises that he will behave this time. They head over to the wedding hand in hand. Katherine and Jill corner Jack to talk business, while Phyllis wanders off and bumps into Nick. Sharon has a moment with Brad. She apologizes for what she said to him before. He says that she isn't to worry about that, as they know where they stand with each other. "I really do love Victoria, and I have moved on with my life. I would have loved hearing you say what you said at one time but think of all the people who would get hurt from us coming together." He walks off. Neil spends the night out. He doesn't believe that she didn't know she was in bed with Malcolm. "He wants to know Lily's connection to this. Drucilla lies about not knowing how Lily found out the truth. Lily opens the door and listens for a bit to the arguing. Finally, she runs crying to her father telling that no matter what, he will always be her father. Neil's eyes widen as he looks over at Drucilla's face. Victoria has asked her father again to walk her down the aisle but he tells her again that he won't. When the wedding starts, Victor enters from the back and stands by the doorway. Abby enters walking to the front; Sharon enters walking the front. Victoria is next. She sees her father and stops, not knowing what to do. He kisses her and then takes her hand, putting it under his arm to walk her down the aisle.

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