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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Jonathan goes to talk to Aidan, desperate to find Lily. He tells Aidan he will hire him or do whatever he needs in order to find Lily. Lily is lost and stranded in New York City. She finally gets some change and calls Jonathan on his cell phone. But when it rings, Jack has also arrived at Aidan's and he grabs the cell phone out of Jonathan's hand. He asks Lily where she is and tells her he loves her and wants her back. She freaks from the red lights and loud noises and does not respond. And then she hangs up. Jonathan reminds Jack that he (Jack) is the reason Lily has run away and if something happens to her, Jack is responsible. Kendall declares that she is happy and for one day, she will be nice to Babe. She informs Babe that she's finally bonding with her baby. Babe is happy with that but reveals to Kendall that she is having some real problems with JR. JR calls and asks to meet Babe by the construction site. And he keeps having visions of Babe having a terrible accident at the construction site. Still, nobody forgives Dixie now knows her secret. But she talks to Zach about the secret involving Dr. Madden taking Kate from her.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Luke is nervous about telling Holden and Lily that he is gay but remains determined to tell them the truth. Jade is desperate not to get thrown out of the house once the truth comes out so she tells Holden he is the reason she wants to stay and gives him a kiss. Dusty vows to make Jennifer see the truth about Paul. Mike and Katie get married in a beautiful ceremony but as soon as t is over Jack arrests Mike for the murder of Maya gold. Paul and Hal are shocked to discover that Emily is pregnant.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge continues to beg Brooke to reconsider her decision to leave Forrester as Stephanie continues to voice her opinion. At Marone, Taylor pays Nick a visit. Nick is still angry about what Taylor implied when she disclosed that Brooke and Ridge slept together. Taylor tries to apologize and asks if things are all right between Nick and Brooke. Nick tells her that everything is fine and Brooke is quitting her job at Forrester. Taylor is unconvinced that Brooke will be able to let go of either Forrester or Ridge ! Brooke tells Ridge that she cannot fight with Stephanie any longer and that her future is with Nick. After kissing Ridge and saying that a part of her will always love him, she takes her things and leaves.

Bridget and Dante are at home discussing Stephanie's interference in the custody of Dino. Bridget suggests that perhaps Eric can help them. Dante worries about what losing his job would do to his work visa. Bridget convinces him that because they all love Dino, they should be able to work something out. After some wine, Bridget reveals that she is ready to make love with Dante. As the two were in bed, Dante stops and reaches in the bedside drawer and presents Bridget with an engagement ring and pops the question. Brooke goes to see Nick at his office and tells him that she has left Forrester. Nick is pleased, although Brooke confesses that she hurt Ridge badly by walking out. Nick whisks her off to the Marone jet for a surprise getaway ! At Forrester, Ridge angrily accuses Stephanie of causing all his problems with Brooke. Stephanie is stunned as Ridge bashes her with a vengeance and then clutching his chest, collapses to the floor !

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Mimi and Belle enjoy the morning at the spa while Philip and Shawn research IVF over breakfast. Bonnie reveals that she has come to the spa as well and overhears Mimi mentioning having her own baby. Mimi asks Belle if she wishes she were the one having Shawn’s baby but Belle claims to have accepted their marriage. Everyone is shocked when Mimi is quick to negate the theory of Shawn and Mimi’s baby being a boy and growing up to date Claire but Bonnie covers by reminding everyone that the two babies would be cousins.

Lucas meets with Kate to help plan his wedding to Carrie. Kate cautions Lucas against hoping for a perfect marriage and doesn’t appreciate learning that Sami and Austin have agreed to be part of the ceremony. Kate becomes intrigued to learn that Sami has something on Lexie. Lexie and Carrie run into each other at the pier and they talk over Carrie’s conflicted feelings. Lexie sticks to her genetic abnormality claim but obliges Carrie’s request to review the tests. Lexie, bothered by Carrie’s praise, admits that she doesn’t tell her patients the truth. Austin suggests to Sami that they not pursue a relationship now because there’s a strong possibility that it won’t lead to marriage especially if he gets back together with Carrie. Sami decides that it’s worth the risk to pursue a relationship with Austin. Lucas confronts Austin after overhearing his plans to win Carrie back.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Mayor Floyd appoints Alexis to be the new D.A. following Durant's murder. Sam continues to fail. Dr. Meadows orders a new paternity test on Baby John. Emily wakes to learn of how humiliating her behavior was when she was drunk. Holly takes Robert and Luke to her house. Jax comforts Carly. After finding out that Sam is dying, Jason goes to Alexis and tells her that she is Sam's mother. Carly decides that though she and Sonny are over, he can see the kids.

GL Recap Written by Siri

At Main Street, Lizzie who has gotten proof of her date of conception from Mel doubles over in feigned pain when Coop attempts to look at her medical records. Jonathan breaks into Ashlee’s uncle’s clinic to find information on Lizzie and is caught by Ashlee who offers him information on Lizzie if meets her later, and tells him to wear a tux. Tammy tries to persuade Cassie to date again, but Cassie is happy with her life as it is. Reva avoids her doctor’s phone calls, lying to Josh that he is a telemarketer. When Josh leaves, she goes off to meet her doctor to discuss treatment options and chew him out. Reva’s doctor threatens to drop her when she says she needs more time to think about her options. He doesn’t feel Reva is taking her cancer seriously. Reva fires him. Jonathan meets Ashlee at her prom, when he won’t dance with her; she blurts out that Lizzie is a liar and never was examined at her uncles’ clinic. Coop tells Lizzie he’ll be there for her and the baby and cancels his plans with Ava. Once Lizzie is alone, she acknowledges that her baby is Jonathans. Lizzie tears up the proof of conception.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Marcie and Michael are finally married. Natalie finds out that David Vicars is the one, who had shot Thomas McBain. David finally gains the support of Margaret. She drops the charges against him. David and Margaret text messages a pix of them to Spencer. Kevin and Kelly finally calls it quits. Duke is there to comfort her. Natalie breaks the news to John that David is the one, who had shot his father. The tornado hit’s the church.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Kay is still upset that Miguel is so taken with Siren, but Fox is just fine with it. Miguel is still enjoying her attention. Tabitha hopes the mermaid/woman doesn't blow her cover, letting everyone know she and Endora are witches.

In Rome, Whitney wakes up to find "God" standing over her, and thinks he's the one who dragged her through the catacombs. He says she was dreaming, but she knows it was real. Chad tries to find her and goes through a door, only to be shut out once he's through it. There seems to be no way to go back through either the door he came out of nor the one he fell in through. Luis saves Paloma, Simone, and Jessica from the men that grabbed them, but later the men came back and only wanted information. Noah and Maya put on an act of being lovers again to make Fancy leave him alone, and it works. She leaves the club with Gianni.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Nikki has a meeting and she can't make it. She asks Phyllis to handle the meeting for her. Phyllis hates going into the building again but agrees to cover for Nikki. Victor comes in and is surprised to hear that Nikki has asked Phyllis to do this but at the same time he understands. "No one knows the vision you have for the company more than Phyllis. You have made a wise decision. I would have done the same." The specialist comes. "We have to do three things. We have to have press releases, get Jabot doing charity work and finally get Jack out of the spotlight. Maybe you can work from home," Carmen suggests. At first Jack is furious at the idea but later he tells Katherine that he doesn't like the suggestions but will carry them out to save the company. Neil presses Lily but she says nothing. Later, Drucilla comes to Neil. He slams the door and shows her the email. "What is the secret Drucilla? Did you sleep with Malcolm?" Drucilla denies it, but later blurts out that it was only once. Neil hits the roof. Drucilla sees she is busted. She tells all but the part of Lily being Malcolm's daughter. He doesn't believe her and runs off. Sharon sees Nick talking to Phyllis. She goes to Brad and tells that Nick cheated and she is leaving. "What I need to know Brad is if you still feel the same about me now as you said you did before…" The door opens and Victoria enters happy as a clam as her wedding is the next day. "I need a Maid of Honor," she tells Sharon. "Lauren will fix the dress. Will you do it?" Sharon is reluctant but she says 'yes'.

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