Thursday 5/4/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 5/4/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

While still on the ship, Kendall and Zach decide to have an impromptu wedding and commit to being a family with the baby. After JR awakens and drinks for breakfast, he faces Adam, Babe, Krystal, Tad, Jamie and Brooke. They all tell him he has to stop drinking and they won't let him shut down and ruin his life over Dixie. Babe then calls Dixie and tells her she better get down there and do something in order to save her son. When everybody is unsuccessful in getting through to JR, Dixie appears. Ryan is determined to get the goods on Greg and asks Dixie if she can enlighten him to what she knows about Greg. She cannot do that, afraid that Tad would never forgive her if he knew her secret.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Luke tells Will he is gay and Will encourages Luke to tell Holden and Lily the truth. Jade cries and begs Holden to talk to Lily and persuade her to give her a chance because she loves Luke. Holden doesn't fall for the tears and tells her to straighten things out with Lily herself. Paul confronts Emily and tells her its over between them. Emily warns Meg to stay away from Paul because he will ruin her life. Meg ignores Emily's advice and she and Paul make love. Mike and Katie get ready to marry but Jack finds out the body inside his basement wall was Maya the woman Mike hid the rubies for and that fact might keep Mike and Katie from getting married.

B&B Recap Written by Terri

At the Marone offices, Nick tells Brooke that he doesn't want her to work at Forrester anymore with Ridge if they are ever to get past her and Ridge sleeping together. Although Brooke is shocked at his request, she reluctantly agrees and heads over to Forrester to clear out her office. Nick has a press conference without getting into specifics about the shake-up at Marone. When Jackie arrives at the office to see Nick, he fills her in on the situation with Brooke and Ridge. Jackie is stunned, but Nick assures her that Brooke has agreed not to work at Forrester and is committed to him.

Over at Forrester, Ridge and Eric discuss what happened between Ridge and Brooke. Eric tries to convince Ridge that maybe its time to let go of Brooke. Ridge is more determined than ever to win her back, and thinks he has an idea on how to do just that. Stephanie and Thorne are also talking about the Ridge and Brooke situation. Thorne suggests that it may be that Ridge did take advantage of Brooke and she may leave Forrester because of it. Stephanie gets a call that Brooke is in the building and heads to Brooke's office. Stephanie confronts Brooke about her lying about Ridge raping her, Brooke tells Stephanie that she never said that and tells Stephanie that she is leaving Forrester. Stephanie is elated, but continues to berate Brooke. When Ridge comes in and hears that Brooke is quitting, he tells her that he can fix things and NOT TO WALK OUT ON HIM !

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Belle and Shawn talk of Shawn’s lifelong desires to be a dad and how things worked out in their respective relationships. Austin demands to know why Carrie chose Lucas and urges her to let them be together instead. Sami and Lucas argue over Sami’s methods for their latest relationships. Lucas and Sami find Carrie and Austin and Carrie uses their arrival as an excuse to avoid Austin’s question. Each pair neglects to tell their current partners about their respective kisses. Sami overhears Austin ask Carrie to meet him the next morning.

John complains to Kate about not being able to track Alex’s plane. Kate tells John that Marlena assured her that she will come back to town very soon. Marlena and Alex enjoy Morgan Island’s casino. Alex gives Marlena his trance inducing charm as a pendant. Alex tells the realtor to sell the penthouse to John. Patrick hesitates but then Hope’s convinces him to make love to her.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

GL Recap Written by Siri 

Jonathan meets up with Ashley on Main Street. He tries to get information about Lizzie, but Ashley wants a real date with him to parade him around her friends. She tells him that she will tell him all about Lizzie if he agrees to do this. He obliges and when they come back from the “date”, he kisses her. She never notices him as he slips his hand in her purse, retrieving her keys. “Gotcha”, he says after a smitten Ashley walks away. Dinah tries to find out where Alan-Michael is. Gus visits Mallet's apartment and tells him what really happened on the night of the shooting. An angry Mallet makes him promise to keep an eye on Dinah. Gus finds Dinah after she has broken into Alan-Michael’s apartment. While they are there, Dinah finds a piece of paper with a flight number on it. She keeps the information to herself.

At Company, Olivia tells Buzz and Frank they need to make up and quit placing her in the middle of their arguments. At Lizzie's apartment, Alan has a little talk with Coop about the financial burden of raising a child. Coop, after hearing Alan out, tells an elated Lizzie that he will take responsibility and not leave his child without a father as he had to live. As Lizzie and Coop are strolling along Main Street, Mel approaches Lizzie telling her she has her chart with the conception date. As the closing music builds to a climax, a horrified Lizzie sees the date: April 10th. When Coop wants to see the chart, Lizzie clings to it, not letting go.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Marcie and Michael’s wedding day arrives. Each one is a bundle of nerves. John admits to Natalie that he wants her in his life. Everyone gathers for the wedding. Michael has a visit from Spencer, and they discuss Paige’s involvement in his father’s death. Bo visits Todd in prison, and wishes that he had more to go on to clear his name before it is too late. Todd tells him to talk to Paige. Paige goes to Bo’s to pick up the rest of her things when she runs into Matthew. Kevin reveals a plan that they can have a child. Kelly refuses to go along with it. Kevin decides to call it quits with her. Margaret visits David in jail. She denies knowing Todd or Spencer or having a baby. During the ceremony, Natalie sees the pix that Vangie had run off the Internet, and compares it to the pix that Cris had sketched of the killer. She notices that it is the same person.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Kay, Fox, Miguel, and Siren are back at Tabitha's house. Kay is upset when Miguel tells Siren she can sleep in his room, and so is Tabitha, but for very different reasons. Miguel explains he meant she would sleep in his room and he would sleep in the attic, which doesn't do much to ease Kay's jealousy. A bath later turns Siren back into a mermaid, just as Miguel decides he needs to talk to her. Chad tries to find Whitney, but falls into the catacombs. He does find her necklace hanging from a bloody knife stuck in a skeleton, and fears she's been stabbed. She is lying unconscious, however, with a growling beast closing in on her and dragging her away.

Paloma, Simone, and Jessica arrive in Rome, and Jess is happy to be away from Spike. Her friends urge her to stay away from him, which she promises to do. When they start out to search for Whitney, however, they are grabbed by three masked men and dragged away. Luis follows "God" into a monastery, but is confounded by finding a whole group of monks in there. They tell him they haven't seen anyone come in, and when they show him they are all blind, he believes them. Once he leaves, however, and the monks file out after their prayers, "God" comes out of hiding and leaves. Noah and Maya are told by Lena what they are supposed to do, and they don't like it. Fancy searches for Noah after waking up and finding him gone, and finally sees him in the nightclub where he's meeting with Lena. He is warned to stay away from Fancy or she will die.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Nikki went through the operation successfully. She'll even be released that day. She'll have to take something besides painkillers as she is addicted to those. The doctor will figure it out. Victor and Nikki find this a chance to rethink the way they were with each other before. They promise not to talk business again. Nick thinks that his father is using the situation to his advantage, even now. Sharon shows up at the hospital with pastries and sandwiches. Nikki is glad to see that Nick and Sharon are there together. Nick is especially glad. "I am still a part of the family Nick," she says. She then tells him that she told Noah that they were separating. Nick gets angry. He feels that she was undermining when she did that. "You can shut yourself out of my life but you will not affect the relationship that I have with my son!" Drucilla gets on Lily about grades. Lily sends Daniel an email about it. He never gets it. "Damn! I sent it to my dad!" She urges Daniel to try to delete the message. Neil catches Daniel in the act. What are you doing?" he asks. He opens the message and reads: …my mother has a nerve when she has been scamming dad all this time, and lying about Malcolm…" Lily comes rushing in. "Just how has your mother been scamming me all along Lily?" Phyllis is on the computer in the boardroom with the others. "Uh oh…" All the Jabot biggies gather round and look on her monitor. Gibson's lawyer has called for a nationwide boycott of Jabot's products. There are already two websites dedicated exclusively to that cause, and supporters of the boycott are signing up in droves. Katherine hires a high-powered publicist to help them with the bad publicity. Jack's talk to the reporter is front-page news. Katherine freaks! "What you did Jack is distasteful to me. Calling Mr. Gibson a drunk obviously didn't have the effect that you thought it would. Why didn't you listen to me when Michael and I told you not to talk to the press?" Jack says that he can't understand why Mr. Gibson is allowed to talk to the press and he isn't. Katherine warns him that from now on, he had better follow every order that she gives him.

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