Wednesday 5/3/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 5/3/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

While on the train with her dad, heading for her old school, Lily bolts. She realizes however, that she has no phone and no money and is very afraid. Jack frantically returns home, finds Jonathan and demands to know what he knows about Lily escaping. Jonathan reveals he knows nothing about it and is equally worried about her out there without any money or a phone. JR is really messed up about what Dixie has done and has a problem trusting Babe. She tells her mother that perhaps having another baby could "fix" her and JR. But Krystal tells her daughter she will regret that and it won't fix anything. Both Ryan and Dixie are ready to get the goods on Dr. Madden. She takes David's truth serum and pours it in his drink while his back is turned. But he catches her and is ready to call the police until Ryan comes in and rescues Dixie from Greg. Kendall makes a startling reservation that she wants to keep her baby and love him and she also loves Zach. She declares her love to Zach and they get intimate.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Will and Gwen talk about Crash; Will asks if she and Casey have plans to scout out new talent, after recalling his conversation with Barbara. Gwen tells him no, which seems to bother him. When Casey isn’t sure that he’ll be able to get Gwen to go on the trip to Chicago, Barbara pretty much rescinds her offer unless Gwen goes, claiming this was all about helping her daughter-in-law. Casey promises he will do everything in his power to get her to go. Carly comes to the station to pick up a sick Parker, but Jack sarcastically asks if she is there to meet Nick? When he sees Parker he apologizes; he can’t help but still get jealous. Carly tells him it is a good thing because she knows how he feels; she is not going to get over him and she doesn’t want Nick because she only wants him, and sooner or later he needs to stop denying his feelings. Emily comes to and sees Paul and assumes everything was a terrible dream, but when Susan tells her the neurologist will be in to see her and then she sees Meg outside, she realizes it is not a dream and cries out asking why they didn’t let her die? The church is only available that night for Mike and Katie to get married, so they decide tonight is the night, as they start to make plans. Jade comes to see Lily after doing some laundry and she and Luke fight, which Lily partly overhears. Jade can’t help but guilt Lily into having her around, by saying that she and Luke were fighting about her and the fact she doesn’t want him happy with her. Casey meets up with Gwen and finally convinces her to come to Chicago with him for the day. Paul convinces Tom, strangely enough, to have Daniel come see his mom to give Emily something to live for. Emily finds out Paul saved her. She asks him why he did it – out of guilt? He just wants her to live and be happy because he cares for her still. She doesn’t know what that means and shocks him when she asks if he will be there for her and will they be together after this? Mike and Katie go to Carly’s to invite her to the wedding and in the end, Carly offers Katie a wedding dress she had before at BRO. Mike gets called to the station for questioning after tests came back on the skeleton, but he doesn’t tell Katie. It seems the skeleton might be the woman who gave Mike the rubies. Jack shows him some evidence and Mike seems to recognize one of the items. Jade and Luke have another face off at Java and after she leaves, Will tries to talk to Luke, who is adamant that Jade is not his girlfriend. Gwen keeps trying to reach Will but he is occupied with Luke and does not hear his phone.

B&B Recap Written by Terri

Brooke and Nick awaken in her bedroom.  He assures her again that what happened with Ridge was not her fault and that he will make sure that nothing like that ever happens to her again.  Ridge tells Stephanie what happened between him and Brooke.  Stephanie cannot believe that he couldn't tell that Brooke was under the influence, but even more, she can't understand why Ridge still wants her.  Ridge also fills Stephanie in on Megan's involvement with Massimo and what the two of them did to set Jackie up to be arrested.  Stephanie warns Ridge that Nick will want revenge.
After Nick leaves, Bridget comes to see Brooke.  Brooke tells Bridget that Nick believes that she didn't want to sleep with Ridge.  Bridget cautions her mother about Nicks' temper, and he may do just about anything to get back at Ridge.  Brooke wants to know why Bridget isn't in Italy, Bridget vaguely tells her that something came up.  At Marone, Moss wants to know why the shareholders are there.  They explain that they have received an affidavit from Megan confessing to assisting Moss in setting Jackie up.  Nick walks into the room and tells Moss that because of what he did Marone is in danger.  The shareholders ask Moss to resign and request that Nick take over.  Nick happily accepts and as Moss is escorted out, he vows that he will be back.  Ridge arrives and is surprised to see Nick in Massimo's' office.  Nick tells him that he is CEO now and that Moss was forced to resign.  Ridge threatens Nick that the war between them is just beginning.  Nick tells him to GET OUT ! 

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Jennifer rethinks her relationship with Frankie but Frankie’s kind words reignite her desires so much that she has Frankie make love to her there on the back porch. Max grills Chelsea about Bo, Billie, and Hope. Chelsea gets defensive and decides to flirt with a couple strange guys in front of Max. Max picks a fight with one of the guys when the guy gropes Chelsea. Max spots the liquor bottle Chelsea hid in her purse and yells at her. Chelsea returns to the other guys and Max decides to wash his hands of her. Josh gets annoyed when Abby first turns down his offer to be together at Lookout Point. Abby tries to talk some sense into Chelsea but instead ends up taking her advice about loosening up and makes out with Josh outside the Java Café.

Billie stops the lovemaking and makes Bo see that she is not Hope like he thought. Bo blames himself for forcing himself on her and decides that since his marriage is over, he’d like to move on with Billie. Patrick and Hope win big at the casino and celebrate with dinner on the terrace and a moonlit walk on the beach. Patrick admits to Hope that he’s always been attracted to her and Hope returns the sentiment. The desk clerk at Morgan Island receives word that Alex and Marlena have arrived at the local airport.

GH Recap Written by Amanda 

Dr. Drake loses his patient, who had his mother's disease, on the table. Manny turns a vacant house into a trap for Carly. Sam fantasizes about telling Alexis the truth. Robert, Holly, and Luke escape into the wilderness. Durant comes to Carly's rescue. Sam's condition is not good.

GL Recap Written by Siri

Reva – In the Light

“In a Moment”

Reva’s doctor tells her that she felt a lump and it is necessary to have a mammogram now. Reluctantly, Reva has the test done after waiting for hours for her turn. She cries softly during the procedure. Afterwards, the same physician tells her she needs to talk to another physician about further testing; a needle biopsy for the mammogram showed something. Reva has the biopsy and the doctor tells her he will call with the results. After leaving and walking around, she realizes she cannot wait for the phone call and returns only to find another doctor assigned to her case; an oncologist. Reva is shocked that he is a cancer doctor. He explains in clinical terms about what he needs to do; a lumpectomy. Reva is less than pleased with the doctor and lights into him about the fact that he treats her as a “color-coded number”. He turns the tables on her and informs her that she didn’t have mammograms as she should have and needs to take responsibility. She agrees to the surgery the next morning.

Reva goes for the surgery the next morning. Reva tells the doctor that she hasn’t told her husband about the surgery. After she wakes up from the surgery, the doctor tells her that he is waiting on the laboratory results to see if the mass is benign or malignant and will call her. A sore Reva goes home and strolls around town. She receives a call from the doctor and goes back for the results. A shocked Reva walks out of her doctor’s office. She hears the words echoing, “As we feared, the tumor we removed from your breast was malignant”. Reva goes home to Josh. As she tries to tell him that she has something to tell him, he takes her away for her surprise at Cross Creek. She realizes that Cross Creek has been refurbished and is excited to see most of the original furniture. Josh tells her that he bought the place back from Olivia and now is theirs. He proceeds to tell her about the plans for the long-term care facility. He realizes she was trying to tell him something and Reva tells him it is nothing. . She grabs a knife and Josh’s hand. They walk to the mantle and carve the word, “forever” under their names and the word “always”. He hugs her and whispers, “Now everything is right where it should be and that’s the way it’s going to stay…always”. Reva looks sad

OLTL Recap Written by Mary  

Tess lies in bed while Nash reads her and the baby a story. Meanwhile, Antonio comes into the hospital carrying a bunch of flowers for Tess and the baby. He meets up with Claudia. Claudia and her father are donating a wing to the hospital. When Nash sees Claudia, he orders her out of the hospital.

Marcie awakens to the song, “Going to the Chapel,” which was dedicated to her by Michael because this is their wedding day. Michael comes to visit Marcie to tell her that his Mother will be unable to attend the wedding. John gives Natalie an ultimatum-either stay out of this investigation or stay out of his life. Vangie is asked to sing at Marcie and Michael’s wedding .

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Ethan thanks Theresa for taking care of Jane, hugging her and saying she's a great mother, while Gwen watches, sizzling mad. Theresa gets Mr. Collier to call Gwen in to work, then stays to keep an eye on the baby - and work on Ethan some more. Luis and Chad chase "God", trying to find out what is so familiar about him. He manages to escape, however. Whitney continues to try to get into the Pope's room, using the virtual reality goggles, but she gets in trouble when her natural movements mirror the virtual ones. It does alert Chad to the fact she's close and in trouble, tho.

Kay and Fox watch Siren and Miguel kiss. Fox is glad Miguel has found someone who interests him, but Kay isn't happy at all. Fox wonders why. Tabitha and Endora watch it all in the water bowl, with Tabitha feeling upset and Endora feeling very happy. The four young people make their way back to Harmony on a Crane helicopter as Tabby worries about what will happen when they get back. Sheridan dreams she's in the catacombs, running from someone, when she comes face-to-face with Alistair, no longer in a coma. He threatens her life, and she wakes up, realizing it was a dream but also sure he's really out there somewhere. Chris does his best to talk her out of it, and when the hospital calls to ask permission to try a new medicine, she finally believes he's still there.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Sharon is alone with Noah. She rides horses with him and tries to keep him calm but he heard his parents arguing and he now asks if they are getting a divorce. "We are separating," she tells him. "One of us will be moving out but you can see both of us all the time." He doesn't want that but Sharon points out that she and Nick argue all the time and that isn't good. Jack's voice bashing Mr. Gibson plays over the World Wide Web. The boardroom must have been bugged but JT finds nothing. Ashley thinks that Jack left his computer phone on after he used it before the meeting but one phone call confirms that wasn't the case. JT tells that there are ways that someone can listen in while not leaving things in a room. "Mr. Gibson did this," Jack says. Everyone but Jack thinks that it is time to do nothing and just wait until they get to court. Jack gives in agreeing to do nothing. At the Athletic Club, a reporter stops beside Jack and drops a tape recorder in front of him asking about the case. "If Andrew Gibson hadn't been drunk the night that his wife got ill, she would still be alive today," he tells boldly as the reporter smiles. Victoria, Nick and Victor wait for news. They learn that Nikki's vital organs are fine but that the bullet brushed against her vertebrae, causing swelling. "We'll have to operate." Sharon has to stay with Noah. Nick and Sharon didn't want him to have to spend time at the hospital. Nick goes alone. The family only has a short time to talk with Nikki and then she is gone behind the OR doors. Colleen tries to leave the house but Brad orders her in. "What you did to me today, not even my enemy would do." She couldn't help it. Brad leaves the house when he hears that Nikki was shot, and that's when Colleen leaves with a suitcase. JT gets angry with Colleen for her outburst at the shower.. "If we are going to stay together, then you are going to have to drop all this," he warns.

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