Tuesday 5/2/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 5/2/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

While on a train with her father, headed out of town and back to her new school, Lily has a plan to bolt. Jonathan asks Amanda to find out where Lily is. She finds out and then assures Jonathan that she's sure he has nothing to worry about. For the first time in her pregnancy, Kendall makes a revelation to Zach that she wants to have her baby. She is finally bonding with him and sees him as a son she will always love. And she concludes that she still loves Zach. Babe is worried about how JR is dealing with what Dixie has done to him. Jamie tells her he's not going to get involved in her problems anymore but he also admits to JR that he has concerns. Babe goes to talk to Adam and tells him that he better be a father to his son for the first time. And Adam welcomes her concerns. Palmer and Opal go and tell Dixie they will never forgive her for what she did. Although she tells David she wants him to stay out of her business with Dr. Madden and he needs to leave her alone, she decides to take his truth serum and use it on Madden.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Casey and Gwen’s opening night is a success, as Maddie and Will view this pretty much from the sidelines. Will has an verbal altercation with Jade about her pretending to be Rose’s daughter. She witnesses an exchange between him and Barbara and praises him on matching her fake sweetness point for point, but Will wonders if that is the same tactic she used on Lily and Holden? Luke later tells Jade he can’t live this lie anymore. Will wonders about his mother’s offer to send Gwen and Casey to Chicago. Gwen is upset Carly missed her singing and when Jack shows some concern for Carly having left, Gwen calls him on it. Carly and Nick hang out at her house, but later show back up at Crash, where Jack sees them come in together. He questions Carly who takes a tough stance with him, and then asks him point blank if he is jealous of her and Nick? Jack claims he is not, but he leaves quickly after Carly tries to put up a brave front by making a beeline to dance with Nick. As Hal and Susan hold vigil at Emily’s bedside, Emily manages to mutter Paul’s name. Bob tells them that is a good sign, and that they should find Paul and have him help them bring Emily out of it. Hal begrudgingly locates him and Meg, as they are ready to go upstairs to Meg’s room. Meg convinces Paul to do it after he worries it could make matters worse for Emily. Paul sits with Emily and finally she opens her eyes.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

At the cabin, Brooke and Nick continue to argue over the circumstances surrounding Brooke and Ridge sleeping together.  Brooke is anguished that Nick demands to know if she has any feelings for Ridge and if she could have in any way wanted Ridge to make love to her.  Over at Marone, Massimo tells Ridge, that Nick found out that he and Megan set Jackie up and is out for revenge.  Ridge tells Moss that he and Brooke slept together, but that she was under the influence of medication, and Nick is accusing him of rape !  Moss tries to reassure Ridge that although Nick is furious, he will never look at Brooke the same way.
Bridget is surprised to find Taylor at Brookes when she arrives.  Taylor fills Bridget in on what happened between Brooke and Ridge and that Brooke was drugged.  Taylor implies that drugs notwithstanding, there must be still be feelings between Ridge and Brooke.  Bridget in total disagreement, tells Taylor adamantly that her mother loves Nick only !   Brooke tells Nick that she loves him and wants only him, however Nick tells her that he cannot forget what happened.  When Nick walks out, he watches Brooke through the window as she cries.  He goes back in and tells her that he will not leave her and the two (finally !) make love.  Afterwards, Brooke tells Nick to forgive her, but Nick reassures her that she did NOTHING WRONG !

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Philip confronts Belle about her negative commentary. Mimi and Shawn overhear Belle claim that Shawn is only willing to adopt because Mimi can’t have kids. Shawn assures Mimi that he wants nothing more than to adopt with her. The bartender overhears Shawn and Belle talking about Shawn and Mimi having to adopt and convinces Shawn and Mimi to try in vitro fertilization to have their own biological child. Abby is furious with Jennifer and Frankie. Abby speaks so harshly that Jennifer has to refrain from slapping her. Jennifer shows Abby the DVD Jack made to prove that he wanted her to move on with Frankie. Billie meets Bo at the Cheatin’ Heart and tries to get him to stop drowning his sorrows.

Max insists to Chelsea that Bo will never return to Billie for nothing will keep Bo and Hope apart. Max asks Frankie what is bothering Chelsea but Frankie can only urge Max to be there for Chelsea. Chelsea moved by Max’s comments, heads to the bar to tell Bo the truth but Bo speeds away with Billie close behind when the bar refuses to serve him anymore. Bo, in his inebriated state, recalls his past with Hope but instead kisses Billie. Chelsea catches up with them in time to spot them kissing and decides that it’s too late to tell the truth now.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Sonny convinces Jason that he isn't responsible for Sam being shot. Sam dreams she is on the verge of telling Alexis the truth, which Jason picks up on. Sam fears she won't be able to have children as Jason tries to explain what happened to her. Sam is taken in for more surgery. Jax eases Michael's fears after he overhears Carly saying that Sonny tried to have Jason killed. Emily forgives Sonny and will stay by his side. Jax and Carly agree this isn't the right time for them to get married.

Robin sees a new side of Patrick as he tries to cheer her up while they play with his electric racecar set. Robin storms out when Patrick makes it clear he is only interested in casual sex and isn't looking for a long term relationship. Luke and Holly turn the tables on Robert but then team up to rescue him from jail.

GL Recap Written by Siri 

Blake meets Cassie while taking a stroll and feels guilty. She tells Cassie about sleeping with Jeffrey. Cassie walks away as Jeffrey and Blake share a photo-op and Jeffrey pats Blake on the behind. Cassie, lurking about, watches this display and leaves in a huff. Frank meets up with Jeffrey and Blake asking Jeffrey if he could compare notes about Ross’s plane crash. Blake wonders what all the talk is about as Frank tells her that Ross’s female assistant had a female life partner. She realizes that Ross wasn’t having an affair and asks Jeffrey how long he knew. Jeffrey doesn’t answer her when she asks if it was before he slept with her. Reva wants to be discharged from Cedars and Josh sneaks her home. They share a tender moment kissing and drinking champagne. He gets her back to Cedars and both think they have fooled the nurse. The nurse tells them she knew they were gone. Josh presents Reva with an engagement ring engraved with “always” and set with stones to represent the children, including Jonathan.

Jonathan and Coop fight and crash through Company. Coop takes the blame. Coop dotes on Lizzie and makes a meal for her. Lizzie loves the attention. Ashley, Lizzie’s friend at the OB-GYN clinic; the one who fixed her medical records, finds her at Company. A startled Lizzie tells Ashley that she cannot go shopping with her today because Coop was injured. Jonathan overhears their conversation and asks Ashley to grab coffee with him, telling her his name is Nate. He proceeds to find out that she works with her uncle-doctor who is an OB-GYN. He asks her for her phone number telling her that they will be spending a lot of time together. Ashley is under the misunderstanding that Jonathan is interested in her for other reasons. Reva is finally given the okay to be released but rubs her left shoulder and looks as if she is in pain. The doctor notices and asks to examine her. As she does, a concerned look comes over her as she asks Reva, “When was the last time you had a mammogram”? Reva’s face freezes.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Spencer orders Paige to tell him where David is. Paige refuses, but then receives a call from David. Spencer intercepts the call, and finds out that David is in Thailand. Spencer sends Denton to Thailand to find David. Bo visits Nora in the hospital, and fills her in on everything that has been happening. Michael has his bachelor party. Marcie has her bachlorette party. Lindsay suggest that they join Michael’s party. Natalie has a visit from John. Denton finds out that a tornado is due to hit Llanview.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Jane was sick and Gwen couldn't figure out what to do for her. Ethan and Theresa went right over, but while Theresa knew what to do and Eve, when Ethan called her, told them to let Theresa take care of her, Gwen wouldn't allow it. Theresa's admonition that she apparently wanted to put her animosity at Theresa ahead of the well-being of the baby got through to her after a while and she reluctantly allowed Ethan to give the baby to Theresa. After caring for her, the baby made a quick recovery, but not before Gwen was treated to the sight of her husband and his true love bonding over their daughter. Luis arrived in Rome with Chad, and they began looking for Whitney. Two Crane goons introduced themselves to Luis, who thought they were going to attack him, but they told him they were sent by Theresa to keep an eye on him. Later, Luis saw "God" walking on the street and recognized the way he moved.

Sheridan continues to worry about Luis, but Chris is adamant she won't go back to him, even if he does find Marty. Tabitha is shocked when Endora zaps the mermaid onto the beach with Miguel just as Fox arrived and attacked him for kissing Kay. Seeing the blond lying there where he thought (and rightly so) Kay had been making out with Miguel, he apologized for the misunderstanding. Kay, suddenly dressed and sitting on a huge rock, couldn't figure out how she'd gotten there, or why she was no longer kissing Miguel. She also wasn't too happy to see Siren there with him. Whitney tried to use the virtual reality glasses to figure how to get into the Pope's door, but couldn't escape the guards. Later she realized she could get in his window, and started to make her way there. Alistair showed up in his hospital room, easing the fears Sheridan had that he'd come out of the coma and gone after Luis. But.....did he really?

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Ashley tells Paul that she isn't happy with him as he should have let her know what Jack was up to. Paul says that he did what Jack said. Ashley bumps into Will and they sit over coffee. He gets a call telling him to check out a website. Kevin watches from the counter. Will tells that there's they can supposedly experience, in Jack's own words what his position was in a meeting. "We didn't tape that meeting," Ashley says. John and Gloria visit at the prison. Jack has already been there. When Gloria starts in on Jack, John angrily tells her that he doesn't want to hear it. "I trust Jack and he knows how to handle this sort of thing. Just let him deal with it," John orders. Gloria seems to comply. "I will support Jack then in any way that I can John," she says quietly. "What the hell are you doing here?" Nikki asks Phyllis when she sees her. Phyllis says that Sharon is in Paris, so it is okay. Nikki walks her to the door and that is when they see Sharon. "I was in Paris." Phyllis was about to leave, but then decides not to. Sharon wants to leave but Victoria sees her and makes her stay. Sharon is angry now that she has to spend the evening with Phyllis and she has a miserable time. Colleen didn't want to go to the shower but Lily talks her into it. She is miserable and when her father comes at the end of the shower, she makes a toast. "To my dad. He is a wonderful guy and deserves the best. I really think though that we should hold off on the wedding though. You see, Victoria has been sleeping around and we should at least wait for the STD results before the marriage takes place. Nikki leaves the shower. She heads to the driver's door. A thug approaches and grabs Nikki. "Come on lady," he says. Victor comes from around the corner and grabs the man. Nikki is freed. The man has a gun and it goes off while they struggle. Victor beats the man down hard. He now turns to Nikki and finds her laying still on the ground with her eyes closed. "My sweetheart," Victor calls meekly.

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