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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Jack is determined to send Lily back to her old school. Reggie supports him on this. Erica, however, tells him that's too drastic and maybe he should not assume the worst about Jonathan. Ryan finally convinces Jonathan that if he loves Lily, he has to let her go and not make her choose between her father and him. Jonathan then tells Lily he has to let her go. But she slips a note in his hand that says she has a plan for them to be together. Kendall tells Zach that she's not going to let Ryan be the "father" to her baby. She tells him one reason is Jonathan. Another is Ryan and his problems with his childhood. She says she will not let Ryan use the baby to work out his issues. She also admits that she is part of the reason she cannot keep her baby. She's afraid she'd really mess him up and she decides she cannot do that to her baby. Dixie goes to see Greg, informs him that her family now knows she's back and she can get him in a lot of trouble if he does not tell her where her daughter is. David comes into the office and wants to know how Dixie and Greg would know each other and what kind of secret there is. She is not about to tell him. Babe knows that JR is doubting whether he can trust her now that Dixie has betrayed him. And she tells him she will stop at nothing in order to prove to him that she is committed to him and not lying. David invites Dixie to his house and gives her the truth serum. JR is outside, watching them through the window.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Lily gets released from the hospital and is irritated to see Jade looking after he kids. She feels trapped into keeping Jade around because of Luke’s health. Luke has reservations about what they are doing to his parents, but Jade wants him to lighten up. They head over to Crash and when Luke won’t, she jokes with him about pretending she is Kevin. Luke tells her to go to hell and leaves. Will and Jade have an unpleasant run in again after Maddie tells him about Jade’s history. Nick drives Carly home after she drinks too much at the opening of Crash; they find some common ground. Gwen’s band is reunited thanks to Casey; they take the stage and everyone loves them. Maddie and Will seem to fight feelings as if they are in the way with Casey and Gwen’s opening. Mike worries about what the future holds since they found the skeleton; Katie is angry he wants to postpone the wedding, but they later make up as they tell Margo they are moving the wedding up to this coming week. Paul tries to keep Emily from jumping off the side of the cliff to no avail. Meg, Dusty, Hal and Paul fight to keep Emily alive, but when it seems she has died, the only one who won’t give up on her is Paul, as he continues giving her CPR and she is revived. Dusty thinks there is an ulterior motive to why Paul wants Emily alive. Emily holds on at the hospital as Paul begs her to forgive him.

B&B Recap Written by Terri

Jackie was daydreaming in her office about Eric, when Stephen arrived to discuss the triangle between Brooke, Ridge and Nick.  As they flirted, Stephen filled Jackie in on Ridge using him to get to Brooke and Jackie assured him that Nick was totally committed to Brooke.   Stephen, enchanted by Jackie says that he would like to get to know her son better.  Back at Felicia's, Bridget accused Stephanie of undermining her and Dante from taking Dino to Italy by accusing them of kidnapping.  Bridget begs Felicia to stand up to her mother, but to her disappointment, Felicia tells Bridget that she just doesn't want all this fighting around her son.  When Felicia leaves the room Stephanie presents Dante with papers to sign that would give FULL custody to Felicia.  Stephanie drops a bombshell when she hints that if Dante doesn't sign, she will fire him from Forrester and he will lose his visa and be deported !
At the cabin, Nick tells Brooke, that Ridge implied that she only enjoyed sex with Ridge.  Brooke is horrified and asks Ridge to leave.  Nick rants and raves that she should press charges against Ridge, but Brooke tells him that for the sake of her children she can't.  Nick tells her that she may be able to move past what Ridge did to her, but he can't.  Brooke realizes that this may tear them apart and begs Nick not to let this come between them!

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Jennifer tries to convince Frankie that Patrick is a good guy but Frankie still wants to check up on Patrick’s record. Jennifer calls Hope to warn her about Patrick but Hope refuses to believe it. Frankie tells Chelsea to call Bo with the truth but Chelsea puts the decision on Frankie. Frankie reluctantly admits that as a lawyer, he would advise Chelsea to keep quiet. Chelsea learns that Bo is at the Cheatin’ Heart and sends Billie there. Frankie unknowingly allows Hope to overhear that Billie has followed Bo to the bar ruining Jennifer’s attempt to convince Hope to return to Bo. Abby and Chelsea argue about pushing Billie and Bo together and Abby slaps Chelsea for speaking crudely in regards to Jennifer and Frankie’s new relationship. Abby walks in on Jennifer and Frankie in bed together.

Lucas grabs Sami and runs off to a secluded area of the club to avoid being arrested. Lucas kisses Sami when a cop walks by and it sparks an argument over their true feelings. Sami admits to blackmailing Lexie but won’t say why. Carrie and Austin, still handcuffed, stow away in a storage room. Austin uses their handcuffs as proof that they belong together. Carrie sticks to her original decision but ends up kissing Austin. Lexie and Tek slip out a back window but Lexie leaves behind her bracelet. Abe recognizes the bracelet but Jada covers for Lexie by claiming that the bracelet belongs to her.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Following Sam's shooting, Durant and the police investigate, Carly rages, and Sam is rushed to surgery. Emily is freaked to learn Sonny ordered the hit on Jason that missed and injured Sam. Carly plans to cut Sonny out of her boys' lives. Robert finds Luke tied up. Sonny's hit man denies shooting Sam. A hooker finds Luke before Robert can come back with the cops. They reunite in Holly's room, however. Robin flashes back to her more dangerous days. Patrick comforts her. Carly arrives to get the boys and Emily defends Sonny. Sam may require a hysterectomy. Jason tells Sonny to say good-bye to his family.

GL Recap Written by Siri 

Dinah prepares to take Mallet home from Cedars. Frank and Mallet tell Dinah their fears that Ross’s plane crash wasn’t an accident. Dinah, realizing her father could have been murdered, finally gets them to admit that the Spaulding’s could be behind everything for Alan-Michael met with Ross several times before the crash. Dinah leaves a message on Alan-Michael’s phone, “Alan-Michael, if you killed my daddy, I’m going to get you, you son-of-a-bitch”.

Jonathan starts questioning in his mind when Lizzie became pregnant. Alan tells Buzz that he wants Lizzie’s baby to be raised without a father. Buzz is against that. At Cedars, Lizzie asks Mel when she conceived. Mel has the results; April 10th, but before she can give that information to Lizzie, Coop comes into the room and they leave. Ava sees Lizzie’s medical records and tries to take a peek without success. Lizzie takes a walk downtown to window shop and starts to cry as she looks at baby things. Tammy finds her and tries to console her by telling her that she is not alone for she and Jonathan will be there for her. They share a plate of french fries at Company.  Coop tells Buzz to mail the denial letter to Oxford. Jonathan pays a visit to Coop at Company and asks him when he slept with Lizzie. He and Jonathan get into a fight and they crash through the window of Company, landing on Tammy and Lizzie’s table.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

With the help of Jessica, Tess has the baby, a beautiful little girl. Antonio tells Nash that it is time for a paternity test. Natalie has a visit from Vincent, who warns her that if John dies, it will be on her head. David finds Margaret in Thailand. Margaret refuses that her name is Margaret and she doesn’t know either Todd nor Spencer. John fills Michael in that he had found some evidence on their father’s shooter.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Whitney is helping "God" break into the Vatican, using virtual reality to figure out how to do it. He seems to be enjoying himself for some reason. Theresa tries to make Chris see that once Luis is back with Marty, Sheridan will drop him like a hot potato and go back to her real love - Luis. Chris tries to act like he doesn't believe it, but he later has to ask Sheridan for reassurance, which she gives him. Theresa also tries to find out from Ethan if Jane is the only reason he's still obligated to remain married to Gwen, but before he can answer, she calls to tell him Jane is very sick, and Ethan and Theresa both rush off to be with her.

Fox continues to try to find the spot on the beach where he saw Fox with a woman, all the while hoping it wasn't Kay. Tabitha manages to get the fog to lift in an attempt to help him, while she also zaps Miguel and Kay, turning them into kissing machines. The mermaid remains in Tabby's kitchen, begging her not to let Fluffy eat her. When the old witch opens the door, Endora zaps the Cat from Hell, turning him into a fuzzy kitten. She also zaps the mermaid, turning her human, so she can make Miguel fall in love with her and leave Kay alone, leaving her to be with Fox. By this time, however, Fox has made it to shore and has a clear view of Miguel and Kay, locked in a passionate embrace on the beach.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Sharon is with Colleen, and Colleen says that she doesn't want her father to marry Victoria as she knows that he is in love with someone else. Sharon is surprised to hear that and asks coyly who that person is. She almost falls out of her chair when Colleen says that she feels her father still loves Ashley, and hasn't gotten over her yet. Brad finds Colleen at a table and tries to talk to her about lightening up about the situation between JT and Victoria. She can't. She is an adult now and tells that she has been thinking of moving out. Later, JT manages to make up with Colleen and he has a gift for her. It is a key chain. She laughs. He shows her a key. "What's it for?" she asks. "It's for the loft," he tells. Phyllis arrives at the boutique to get a gift for Victoria's shower. "Could you give this to Victoria for me?" she asks Lauren. "Aren't you going?" Lauren asks. "That is too bad. Sharon won't be there too. I hear that she is in Paris." Phyllis rethinks the whole thing then and decides to head to the shower in that case. Kevin and Gloria are listening to the board meeting using the computer at the Abbot house. Jack steps into it when he says that he did in fact cut corners and sought out the information about Mr. Gibson trying to sue the restaurant before moving on to the greener pastures of Jabot. Katherine, Jill and Ashley are furious. What Jack has done is illegal. "No one will find out," Jack says. Gloria smiles. She asks Kevin to do her a favor. Against his better judgment, he makes a CD of the meeting and puts it over the Internet.

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