Friday 4/28/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 4/28/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

JR is still having reservations about Babe. He goes to visit Janet. And she tells him what he is already suspecting; If Dixie can betray him, then how can he trust Babe? She does also tell him, however, that it would seem odd that Dixie would stage her death and stay away. And she must have a reason. Zach gets Kendall to go with him on Jack and Erica's private yacht. Because Greg has not told her where Kendall is, Erica is ready to carry out her threat by telling Josh that he is her son and not Greg's. She calls Josh to have a meeting with her but has difficulty telling him the secret and never gets it out to him. He asks her what her problem is with his father. He tells her from what he knows, she chose to have an abortion all those years ago. Greg performed it and didn't do anything wrong. So why is she vilifying him? And right before Erica gets ready to spill the beans to Josh, Ryan comes into her office and informs her that he has spotted Kendall. She is ok and Greg has not "kidnapped" her. At that point, Erica realizes that she cannot go forward with her plan to tell Josh that he is her son. Josh still wonders what is up with her. And Erica wonders what is up with Kendall and Zach going off on the private yacht. JR is having a fantasy about a terrible thing happening to Babe and doesn't know what to think or do.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

B&B Recap Written by Terri

Nick challenges Ridge to be a man as Ridge holds a loaded shotgun on him.  Ridge puts the gun back in its place as Nick accuses Ridge of raping Brooke.  Nick is stunned when Ridge reveals that Brooke has forgiven him.  Ridge taunts Nick that maybe Brooke was so forgiving because of the attraction between them.  Nick hits Ridge and violent fight erupts.  Brooke and Taylor argue over what happened and Taylor is convinced that Brooke got what she wanted.  They are interrupted by a phone call from Sally letting Brooke know that Nick is on his way to Big Bear.  Brooke asks Taylor to stay with the kids as she races to stop Nick and Ridge from killing each other.  Stephen arrives and tells Taylor that he is furious with Ridge and accuses Taylor of trying to push Ridge and Brooke back together.
Although Felicia has accepted that Bridget and Dante have taken Dino to Italy, Stephanie tries to convince her that it is Bridget and Dante who are being selfish and not her.  On the plane Bridget and Dante are anxious to leave when the police board the plane and tell them that a custody action has been filed and they cannot leave with the child without Felicia's permission.  When they return to Felicia's. They accuse Stephanie of filing the suit and beg Felicia to give them the ok to go to Italy. Brooke arrives at Big Bear and pulls Nick off of Ridge (who is getting pummeled) Ridge continues to taunt Nick that Brooke will not file charges and it was she who sent him to Big Bear to protect him from Nick !

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Belle and Philip run into Mimi and Shawn at Green Mountain Lodge. Belle still feels that their respective couples are wrong and wants to get back together with Shawn. Shawn surprises Mimi with an application to adopt. Patrick urges Hope to contact Bo again to see why he instant messaged her but Hope refuses. Hope tells Patrick about finding Billie in bed with Bo. Hope accepts Patrick’s offer of an evening at the main island’s casino. Billie urges Bo to find Hope and make her listen. Bo fears that without the kids, there is nothing keeping him and Hope together. Billie has to run out after Bo to keep him from driving off in search of more beer. Austin stops the argument between Sami and Lexie. Sami claims that Lexie was only drudging up her past mistakes and Austin buys it. Tek enlists club owner Jade’s help in reuniting Carrie and Austin during a dirty dancing style “handcuff dance” but Sami retaliates by having Abe come to the club to investigate her fake drug-selling tip.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Robert is arrested in the Markham Islands. Sonny sends Max to take his place in the bachelor auction and keep an eye on Emily, who wins Patrick in the drawing. Bobbi gets Nik. Liz and Lorenzo are paired. Lulu gets Dillon. Sam winds up with Ric. Maxie wins Diego. Georgie takes Noah. Robin wins Jax. Carly gets Sonny, but Max fulfills the date. Partners switch over the course of the evening. Jason's released due to lack of evidence. Max dreams of marrying Carly. An old friend gets Robert out of jail. Sonny cancels the hit on Jason after talking to the boys, but the hit-man doesn't get the message.  He aims at Jason, but hits Sam in the back.

GL Recap Written by Siri

At the airport, Reva arrives and Springfield and faints. Josh is called to the hospital and Reva says she's fine but the doctor insists on running tests. Tammy and Jonathan plan a welcome home for Reva and when Tammy steps away to answer the phone, Jonathan notices research on cousins having babies in her notebook. At the hospital, Josh arrives and the couple is happy to see each other but disappointed they can't be together. Coop and Lizzie meet outside the movie theatre and she's glad he called. Coop reiterates that he and Lizzie aren't together. Lizzie says she just wants him to be their for the baby. They run into Beth who spills to Coop that Lizzie has a sonogram. Beth and Lizzie chatter on about shopping for baby things, Coop looks stunned but says he wants to pull his weight financially in the baby's life. At Company, Ava gets reassurance about Coops' feelings for her from Marina and they compare Coop and Lizzie to Marina and Danny Santos. Marina encourages Ava to keep an eye on Lizzie.

Billy comes to the hospital to see Reva and is relieved she's ok. When Josh appears, he wants to leave. Josh takes Billy aside and tells him that he's building H.B.'s rehab hospital and wants Billy to help him. Billy and Josh share a brotherly embrace. The doctor comes into the room and tells Josh and Reva that he's keeping Reva overnight until test results come back. They are further disappointed. At Outskirts, Tammy and Jon discuss becoming parents as half cousins and Jonathan voices his fears that his childhood could affect things. They both agree neither wants to be parent at this time.  At Cedars, Coop and Lizzie see their baby during the sonogram for the first time (thanks to Dr. Mel) and are both very happy. When Coop leaves the room for Lizzie to get dressed he steps out and see Ava. Coop is very happy that she came and there is some awkwardness between them and they agree to take things slow. Inside the room, Lizzie wants Mel's assurance that she has doctor/patient confidentiality. Mel assures her that she does. Lizzie wants to know her exact date of conception. Just as Mel is about to divulge it, Coop is outside the door about to enter.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Viki persuades Tess to let Jessica help her to have this baby. Tess finally agrees. Vangie finds some very valuable info on Paige and Spencer with the help of the computer. Natalie talks Cris into sketching the boy’s face, who had been involved in the shooting .Cris refuses to do it for Natalie, but will do it for John. David finds Margaret, alive and well, in Thailand.  

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Endora was caught in her schemes today, when Tabitha figured out she'd conjured up a mermaid that saved Miguel and called him out to sea. She brings the mermaid to the house and demands Endora send her back to the book she came from, or else Fluffy will have a fish dinner. Miguel hears the mermaid calling him, and stops kissing Kay to listen. Once Tabby has her, however, they hear nothing. Meanwhile, Fox, having seen Miguel on the beach kissing someone, hopes it isn't Kay and tries to get there to find out, but Endora's spell keeps him away.

Noah and Fancy have a lover's holiday in Rome, ending up in bed at the hotel. Maya finds him after Lena warns her to keep him away from Fancy or they'll both die. Noah listens to Maya's warning, but doesn't want to give up the love of his life until he's reminded that if he doesn't leave her, she will be killed. Reluctantly, he leaves her sleeping in the hotel room and leaves with Maya. Maya is shown to be double crossing both Noah and the FBI today.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Sharon, Nikki and Nick talk. Sharon heard what Victor did. When Nick tells her that he isn't worried, she can tell that he is lying and she sees that even now, he still keeps secrets from her. After she leaves, Nikki is glad that he didn't say anything as Sharon might tell someone. Ashley is pissed at Jack for acting without her. Now news has been leaked about them using personal information to strengthen the case. Jill and Katherine discuss Jack and his acting on his own. That is when Katherine spies the newspaper and reads that Jack has stepped into it again. Nikki and her children wait for Brad. "He's in a meeting with dad," Victoria worries that he is getting fired. Doesn't matter as Brad has enough shares to still be on the board. Nikki says that they have to be careful until they make their move. Victor enters. "And what 'move' is that?" Kevin goes to Jabot. He learns that there is to be a board meeting. His mother calls and tells him to bug the meeting so she can hear. Earphones are plugged into a computer and when no one is looking, he wires it up. Soon, Gloria hears Katherine's voice while at home. She smiles.

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