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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Ryan and Jack catch Jonathan in his room with Lily. Jack is furious and ready to send his daughter back to her old school. She protests that she's almost 18 however. And Erica tells her husband he must try to at least listen to Lily and understand her feelings for Jonathan. Ryan tells Jonathan he needs to get over Lily. But Jonathan tells his brother he won't. Everybody is in shock after finding out Dixie has been alive all this while. Nobody forgives or justifies what she has done. But she indicates to all of them that she had a reason for staying away and playing dead. She has a secret that she will not tell anybody. JR is having trust issues again, knowing that Janet was correct in telling him his mother is alive. He wonders if she might also be right in her assessment that Babe intends to divorce him and take their son. Kendall is off at the spa that Greg has all the pregnant women stay when Zach finds her. She tells him to get lost. But he tells her he's concerned and would like to talk.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Dusty and Jennifer continue their romantic celebration until Jennifer begins to worry about Paul's safety. Emily asks her mother for help to leave Oakdale for good. Emily also tells Susan to tell Daniel she is dead. Hal sets out to find Emily before she hurts herself or someone else. Paul gets a clue from Henry about Emily's whereabouts. Casey is nervous about the opening of the crash club. Gwen is also nervous about singing solo for the first time. Carly arrives to give Gwen moral support but ends up getting drunk so Nick drives her home. Mike asks Katie if they can postpone the wedding. A heartbroken and depressed Emily returns to the place in the woods where she shot Paul.

B&B Recap Written by Terri

Stephen confronts Ridge about what he did to Brooke.  Brooke tells Stephen that she is not afraid of Ridge and asks Stephen to leave.  Ridge apologizes to Brooke.   She forgives him, but she can't forget.  Nick finds Taylor in Ridge's office at Forrester.  He questions her on what happened between Ridge and Brooke.  Taylor reluctantly tells him that Ridge and Brooke slept together.  Nick is reeling from the revelation when Taylor asks him if Brooke is on medication, when Nick confirms this, Taylor insinuates that although Brooke may have been under the influence, she still wanted it on some level.  Nick calls Brooke to tell her that he knows what happened.  After hearing the rage in his voice, Brooke hangs up and begs Ridge to go to Big Bear for a few days while she calms Nick down.  Nick overhears Sally talking to Ridge and finds out that he is headed to Big Bear.  Taylor goes over to see Brooke and Brooke can't believe Taylor told Nick, and Taylor can't believe that Brooke was that out of it that she didn't know what was going on. 
Bridget has a confrontation with Stephanie as Dante picks up Dino from Felicia.  Felicia instructs Dante on the baby's care as Christian tries to assure her that the child will be fine in Italy.  Bridget comes in with Stephanie, Felicia is surprised that
Stephanie was unable to convince Bridget not to go through with the trip.  Bridget talks to Felicia in private and they agree to disagree, she and Dante leave with the baby for the airport.  Steph vows to stop them. Nick bursts into the cabin at Big Bear and confronts Ridge.  Ridge takes a gun from the wall and tells Nick to BACKOFF !

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Austin, Carrie, Sami, and Lucas decide to visit Club Dune. Carrie asks Sami to be her matron of honor and Lucas asks Austin to be his best man. Abe turns down Lexie’s romantic advances. Tek steps in to try and take Abe’s place but Lexie turns him down. Tek follows Lexie to Club Dune where she drowns her sorrows. Lexie, now inebriated, comes close to telling Austin the truth but refuses to keep quiet despite Sami’s threats. Roman and Abe follow John to the airport to stop his attempt to kill Alex. Marlena changes her mind about going on the trip but Alex talks her into it again. Alex tells the realtor to include all the furniture, antiques, and Marlena’s personal possessions in the sale, as they don’t intend to come back. John calls out to Marlena from beyond the airport fence and it reminds her of their love. John tries to use a tracking device to be able to follow Alex’s plane with his own jet but Alex orders the pilot to prevent their plane from being traced.

Belle tells Philip that she wants more children so they’d have more of a reason to stay together. Philip enlists Caroline as Claire’s babysitter so he can surprise Belle with a night at Green Mountain Lodge. Mimi stops Shawn from reading the letter and instead insists on reading it to Shawn where she skips over the revealing parts. Shawn notices that Mimi didn’t read from the letter directly but Mimi claims to have read the letter from memory and then burns it. Shawn also surprises Mimi with a night at Green Mountain lodge to continue their honeymoon.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Carly refuses to believe Sonny has no other alternatives than to either have Jason jailed or killed. Sonny tries to explain his logic to Emily. Emily makes a decision about her future with Sonny. Sonny comes face to face with Jason.

Carly and Jax grow closer. Manny spies on Skye. Luke pulls a fast one on Robert. Lucky believes the worst about Elizabeth as he continues to overmedicate himself.

GL Recap Written by Siri 

At Cedars, a very good-looking doctor (played by the actor, Fabio) treats Cassie for her ankle injury. She tells Josh she doesn’t need treatment and Josh tries to ask the doctor his likes and dislikes, obviously trying to set him and Cassie up. Cassie tells Josh she doesn’t need a man in her life. Jeffrey and Blake make campaign interviews and the interviewers ask Cassie and Josh who they trust and for whom they will vote. Cassie says she trusts each of them. Jeffrey discovers that Ross’s assistant, Nicole, was an investigator and has a female partner of 10 years. He realizes that Ross wasn’t having an affair. Blake gets in his car as he is leaving and suddenly comes on to him. They kiss and the passion gets heated. She suddenly slaps him and tells him that she is trying to get over Ross and he is trying to get over Cassie. Also, her brain is shut-off sometimes. They end up debating the campaign issues and tell the other they are adamant about not dropping out of the mayoral race.

Buzz finds Coop at the airport trying to get a refund on his England plane ticket. He talks Coop into coming back to Company. Lizzie tells Ava to let Coop go and Jonathan agrees. Ava is suspicious about Jonathan having spent time with Lizzie and he actually has a flashback of Lizzie and their passionate night together. Tammy takes Lizzie’s side and tries to console her when Ava verbally attacks Lizzie. Coop tells Lizzie he needs to talk to Ava and proceeds to tell Ava the time is not right for their relationship. Ava disagrees and tells him he is stuck with her. Josh is so excited that Reva is coming home. As a very excited Reva arrives at the airport, she staggers and drops her packages. The closing music playing, Reva has difficulty focusing, bends down to pick up her packages and falls to the floor.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Rex visits Craze to see Dorian. He fills Dorian in that Adriana is being stalked. Adriana asks Dorian to give her and Rex a few minutes alone. Spencer fills Blair in on how that he had covered up a malpractice in order to protect Paige. David questions a man about Spencer, and what he was doing in Thailand. Natalie meets with the man, who has info on who had killed John’s father. He wants Natalie to undress for him in exchange for his info .Vangie visits Todd and fills him in on what Spence has been doing .

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Kay and Miguel, pushed along by a skeleton hand in the water, end up crashing on a beach. Fox is following them, also with help from a hand, and hears Kay scream. He keeps searching and finally sees them on the beach - or thinks he does. It's very foggy and he's not sure. It is them, however, and they are getting very close after taking their wet clothes off to dry by the fire. Tabitha and Endora work to undo all the spells they cast on the three of them, but Endora can't help trying to help Fox and Kay. She ends up helping Miguel, Tabby, and The Boys in the Basement instead.

Jessica runs from Spike after deciding she doesn't want to turn tricks any longer. She begs Simone and Paloma to help her, and they decide to take her to Rome with them. Spike just misses finding her at her Dad's home, but gets a call from "God" telling him to come to Rome. Fancy and Noah make up for lost time, and Whitney runs from the catacombs where "God" had left her to pray. Something evil was in there. "God" was very upset when he came back and found her gone.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Nikki found Victor and Ashley holding hands. She told Ashley of her displeasure with the idea that Victor has come up to join companies. Victor said that Phyllis was a threat to the family; Nikki sees Ashley in the same light. Victor tries to smooth things over, but Nikki's is cold. She remembers the things that he has been doing and later, she tells Nick that she has decided to help the kids kick Victor out of the company. Jack gives his sister the 411 on Mr. Gibson suing them as he had dollar signs in his eyes. "Why wasn't I at meeting?" Ashley asks after learning that everyone was there. "I am President of the company!" she shouts. "I deserve that respect!" Jack is stunned at her angry outburst. Gloria is alone… "Hi…you don't know me, but I have some information that you would like to have… When the next paper comes out, Gloria gets it, and finds what she was looking for. She smiles. She enters the house where Jack and Ashley are talking and she reads,"'…sources say that Jack Abbot offered money to Mr. Gibson…" Jack and Ashley turn to Gloria in horror at the news. Kevin is at the Abbot house when the phone rings. It is John. He asks Kevin to keep their talk private. "I need to see you. I need some information." Kevin runs to the pen and sits with his stepfather. John has been worried about Jack and Ashley and how they have been treating Gloria. Kevin assures him that Gloria is just fine and that he has even moved into the house to take care of his mother. John likes that and hopes that Jack and Ashley have been treating his new stepson well since he is family. Phyllis has some things for Daniel, and asks Jack to deliver them. Jack tells her to do it herself. They go to the shed and finds the kids there with Colleen visiting. Phyllis is friendly, but Daniel stays cool. Phyllis hands over the things to him and gets out of their hair. Phyllis is glad that she reached out to the kids, it wasn't so bad. "Thank you Jack. You are always saving me…"

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