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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Erica and Ryan are debating on what she should do to Greg and what it will mean when Jack finds out. Jack then returns home and discovers Lily is missing and suspects she is with Jonathan. Sure enough, she is. She's come by Ryan's house to stay with Jonathan, telling him if they are going to be living together in tight quarters, they need to experiment with what it will be like to sleep in the same bed. She doesn't intend to have sex and keeps her clothes on but asks Jonathan to get in the bed with her. Not far away, Jack goes looking for his daughter and knows she is at Ryan's with Jonathan. Babe, Adam, Krystal, Brooke, Jamie, Tad and Di are all worried about where JR is, what has happened and when they'll see him again. He is drinking and looking for Kendall at Fusion. Erin Lavery finds him on the roof. He informs her that crazy Janet Dillon told him his mother is alive and his wife never loved him. She was right about his mother. So she might be right that Babe does not love him. Kendall is away at a private spa talking to other pregnant women whom Greg is "taking care of". They all tell him that Dr. Greg is their hero. She does not seem suspicious of Greg although just about everybody else in Pine Valley is.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Carly wakes up in Jack’s arms, which almost leads to them sharing a kiss. When they all gather around the Snyder table for breakfast it seems like old times. Paul and Meg reunite at the police station, where he happily tells her the charges against her have been dropped, Dusty is alive, but unfortunately Emily is still on the loose. Will is cold to Gwen when she tries to apologize for missing their date. Hal tells Gwen and Will about Dusty being alive. After Jen sees Will acting distant towards Gwen, she reminds him never to waste a moment with the person you love, look what happened to her and Dusty. Will follows her advice and goes to the club to apologize and give her her guitar strap. Paul wants protection for Meg, and Hal suggests she stay at the station, but Meg vehemently opposes that idea; she wants Paul to take her home to the farm; she will be safe there because Jack is living there now. Paul worries about Emma’s reaction to him bringing her there, but Meg tells him that she will get used to him being around at some point. Jack tells a disappointed Carly that the forensics team is done at the house, so she can go back home. Carly puts up a brave face for the kids, as they pack up and then go home. Jack tells a thrilled Emma Meg is coming home. Paul takes off his wedding band and tells Meg that she is all he wants. Emma thanks Paul for getting the charges against Meg dropped. Later, when Jack gets a phone call about Emily still not being found, Paul declares he is going to find her before she hurts Meg. Jack advises him to stay clear of it, but Paul tells him he is going for a walk (yeah right). Susan comes face to face with Emily.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Next day, Ridge tries to concentrate on his work but can’t. All he can remember is what happened between him and Brooke and he vows again to make it right. Nick comes to see Brooke and insists too that she tell him what happened. While there, Stephen drops by also and they have a testy first meeting. Brooke convinces Nick that she needs to see her dad alone and asks Nick to leave. She’s cool to her father but finally admits it’s not him, but about Nick and Ridge. Taylor brings some parental papers for Ridge to sign. She senses his mood and asks what’s wrong? He talks in circles but eventually relays that what happened last night wasn’t exactly consensual with Brooke. He confesses he would never force himself on any woman and now he needs to make this right. After Ridge leaves, Nick bursts in wanting to see Ridge but only Taylor is still there. He is adamant and wants to know what Ridge told her about last night.

Felicia confides in Dr. Ramirez that Bridget and Dante want to leave tonight with Dominick for Italy. Stephanie seeks Christian’s advice concerning Dominick since Felicia is alive and well and able to take care of the baby. This seems to be a problem concerning Bridget. Brooke finally admits to her father that Ridge crawled into her bed last night and she didn’t know what was happening. He leaves her alone long enough to go get her a drink of water and Ridge walks in. He lamely apologizes for not realizing what condition she was in last night and what he did. He was so sure this was their coming together and it still could be…..Stephen returns and tells him to keep his hands off his little girl. He knows what he did and if he hurts her again, Ridge will pay in ways he can’t even begin to imagine.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Carrie resists giving in to Austin’s pleading when she imagines Lexie’s genetic warning coming true. Lucas comes close to discovering Sami conspiring with Lexie and Alex and later confronts Sami. Alex has Celeste bring Theo to the hospital in an effort to keep Lexie quiet after the tape of Abe’s voice doesn’t work. Lexie imagines that Abe kills Tek upon hearing the news and that is enough to convince her to keep quiet. Despite having more memories of her love for John, Marlena walks away from John’s kisses. John has to be held back from harming Alex. Alex convinces Marlena to join him alone in an empty room where she confronts him about the abuse and being drugged. Alex admits to the wrongdoing but drugs Marlena again. John and Abe find the couple but by then, Marlena is back to professing her love for Alex.

Shawn blindfolds Mimi and surprises her with candlelight and dipped strawberries. Shawn remembers the letter Mimi wrote him and sits down to read it. Philip confronts Belle about their marriage but Belle changes the subject by suggesting they have another baby.

GH Recap Written by Amanda 

Ric suggests that Sonny send Jason to jail in lieu of killing him. Lucky suffers nightmares about Liz and Patrick. Then, when his morphine is removed, he freaks, causing Nik to yell at Patrick for removing his brother's meds. Patrick is unimpressed. He's got bigger worries, like keeping Noah from performing the same surgery that killed Patrick's mother. Carly plans to auction off Nik and other bachelors for a charity benefit, and Jax wants to be sold as well. Tracy and Robert continue to endure their imprisonment. Patrick buys Liz a ticket to Carly's gala. Sonny tells Alexis, the ADA, that Jason killed Escobar. Lucky apparently plans to shoot someone, possibly Patrick.

GL Recap Written by Siri

Gus and Harley – In the Light

At the rehab center, Gus is asked to relinquish items that he could use to harm himself or others. He is locked in his room and starts to panic. When he is told that he must participate in an exercise program, he makes an excuse to go back to his room for something. In the meantime, Harley is at Company talking to Zach and Jude. She explains that Gus will be away for awhile and receives a phone call that Gus has left the center. As she curses Gus, he suddenly appears telling her he needs to go to the place of his demons, the cabin. Mallet and Dinah wait in a car talking about how to usurp Harley as CEO of Spaulding. He tells Dinah that things are like with Hart and that Harley slept with her boyfriend. He says that they need to tell about Gus’s addiction. He shows her a gun and tells her that it’s time to work on Harley. Harley and Gus go to the cabin where Beth held him hostage. He goes through the agony of cold-turkey withdrawal. Harley stands by his side trying to get him to focus on pleasant things. He goes ballistic and starts to fight with her, trying to get away. They physically fight and she ends up tackling him and tells him he will have to go through her to leave. As Harley is reading to Gus and consoling him, Dinah calls faking a bad connection and telling Harley, “Zach and Jude…emergency…Company”. Harley rushes to the boys. Mallet seizes the opportunity to try and lure Gus back into taking pills by showing him a bottle of them. Gus is strong, however and resists. When Harley talks to Dinah and realizes all is well with the boys, she returns to the cabin. Gus makes her lock him in the room where he was held captive. He goes through a frightening withdrawal experience, screaming, crying and hallucinates, seeing Mallet, Alan, Alexandra and Beth taunting him. After agonizing hours, he asks Harley to let him out and they return to Company. He is refreshed and healthier, reading to Zach and Jude, beating the addiction withdrawal. Harley is glad to have him back, but as the closing music plays, looks on at her three guys with a worried look on her face.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary  

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Theresa tried to buy Chris off, offering him millions of dollars to divorce Sheridan so she can be with Luis. He wouldn't take the money, and she let him know he's going to lose her anyway. He seems skeptical. Sheridan and Ethan are in the kitchen, discussing their love lives, and both agree they are married to the wrong people, but can't bring themselves to put aside their wedding vows. They both seem to be proud of how "noble" they are being.

Chad leaves for Rome to find Whitney, and finds Luis on the same plane, on his way to find Marty. They compare notes. Paloma and Simone tell Eve and Julian that they have been given scholarships to art school in Italy as a means of explaining why they are headed over there, too. Eve is thrilled, but Julian seems doubtful. Kay and Miguel are on a boat in the ocean, looking for the woman who keeps calling him. Between Tabitha and Endora, the magic spells just keep rolling over the two, and Endora adds Fox to the mixture, sending him to find Kay. The boat Kay and Miguel are on is being guided by a skeletal hand, into a thick and icy cold fog bank, following the sound of the mermaid's voice.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Victor finds Ashley in his building and he calls to her to talk. He tells that he still would like to go ahead with the business venture that they spoke about earlier. She is surprised to hear that. He is serious. "I would like to integrate Jabot's products with NVP," he says. They shake hands and he continues to hold her hand as she tells him how appreciative she is of his assistance to her company. Sharon has returned home and isn't sure that she wants to have a divorce after all. Nick opens up to her about his feelings, still not sure exactly why he went with Phyllis like he did. They agree to try to work on there marriage and try to make it work, especially now that the anniversary of Cassie's death is right around the corner. Nikki doesn't think that she can be a part of this coup. "He did it to me and he will do it to you! How can you not help us, when he rushes out to save Ashley's company, while you suffer just trying to get your company off the ground?" Later, Nikki arrives at the office and is passing an office where Victor and Ashley are talking, and Victor is holding Ashley's hand as they speak. Paul has great news. "Seems that Emma Gibson was going to sue the restaurant where she got her food poisoning. Then later when she suffered from the reaction of the cream and died, her husband stopped the suit against the restaurant and decided to sue Jabot. It looks like Mrs. Gibson is trying to capitalize on his wife's death!" Michael is sure that he can get the man to take an offer and agree not to sue Jabot now. Colleen's phone rings…she looks at the display and turns it off. She decides that she will stay at Daniel and Lily's that night. Lily can tell that her friend is avoiding her dad and JT because of what she has learned. She admits it. She has one more call to make. She dials. "Hey Victoria? It is Colleen… I just called to tell you that I know about you and JT …Oh yeah! And don't expect to marry my dad…

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