Tuesday 4/25/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 4/25/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

JR comes face to face with Dixie for the first time. David is there to "gloat". He tells his son in law he must know that his beloved "deceased" mother did an unforgivable thing to him. JR goes and talks to Dixie privately. He asks her how she could have left him and had him believing she was dead. She has no answers but indicates to him that she has a secret and there was something she was ashamed of. Tad talks to Stuart who tells him he must realize he does not know the entire story about Dixie. In order for her to have done what she did, she must have been very lost. And he must find out what it was that caused her to do what she did. Josh goes and informs Jamie that Dixie is alive. Jamie does not know whether to believe it or what to think. Brooke finds out the startling information from Di. At first she tells Di that she and Dixie are both despicable for keeping this secret. But Di protests to Brooke that after being reunited with her long-lost sister, she was torn between revealing to everybody that she was alive, or keeping the secret that Dixie made her swear to keep. At that point, Brooke concludes that maybe she can forgive Di and understand why she had to do what she had to do.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Tragedy strikes Oakdale as Paul, Meg, Jennifer Dusty and Hal and the police frantically search for Emily before she can harm herself or others. Emily is on the bluff where she was to wed Paul being tormented by hallucinations of everyone she has hurt with her crimes. Paul arrives and tries to persuade Emily not to jump and turn herself in to the police. Emily almost does what Paul asks but when Jennifer and Dusty arrive she feels like everyone she has hurt wants to do her harm. Emily refuses to trust Paul and jumps off the bluff as everyone above watches in horror.

Being alone in the house after the events of the day bothers Carly. She forces herself not to call Jack though. When JJ comes home to get a game, he notices how strangely she is acting, and so he calls Jack. Jack questions whether Carly put him up to it? JJ tells him that Carly needs him. Jack shows up and Carly is acting tough, but Jack offers to have her and the kids stay with him at the farm for the night. When JJ wants things back to the way things used to be, Carly excuses herself to go outside. Jack sadly admits again to her that they can never go back to the way they were. Later, when Jack tucks Carly in, she cuddles up to him in her sleep, but Jack doesn’t seem to want to go anywhere, as he moves his face closer to hers. Meg tells Hal about how Emily has changed, and after talking to Tom as well, Hal begins to believe them. Will plans a romantic night for him and Gwen for their 2-month anniversary; he shows Maddie the guitar strap he bought her. Maddie wonders if Casey is losing interest in her? Will thinks Casey is hooked on her based on the way he looks at her. Casey and Gwen are working hard on getting the club ready for opening night. Casey asks Gwen to sing for him and when she does, Casey thinks she is fantastic and wants her to sing solo on opening night, but Gwen turns him down. Gwen gets caught up with Casey and misses her date with Will. Barbara sees Casey and Gwen hanging out, and plots to get them to go to a concert in Chicago – just the two of them. Jen confronts Emily about where Dusty is? Emily finally admits to taking Dusty when she is devastated to hear Paul was in on setting her up. She tricks Jen and gets away though. Dusty and Paul come face to face; Paul wants them to go look for Jen and Emily but Dusty thinks Paul is in on the plot with Emily. He menacingly aims the gun at him and goes to shoot at him when Jen shows up. They share an emotional reunion. Hal shows up and he wants to arrest Paul, but Jen assures him he was helping her bring Dusty home. Hal sends them to the hospital to have Dusty’s leg treated. Paul pleads for Hal to let him find Emily before she hurts anyone, but Hal isn’t biting. Paul asks Hal if he is going to release Meg? When Hal doesn’t answer, Paul screams that all he cares about is Meg. A devastated Emily is eavesdropping on this whole conversation.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Felicia does everything but beg that Bridget and Dante not take Dominick back to Italy to see his grandparents. Wait until she is gone before they do that. Stephanie joins the group and she too sides with Felicia. Dominick should stay here with his mother “where he belongs.” She tries to get Bridget to understand that and the sooner that she lets go and understands this, the better. While visiting his mother in jail, actually there to bring her home after her release, Nick and Jackie are talking when Massimo drops in. There is a coolness in the air and Nick wonders why he is there? Mass knows he is angry with him now, but figures someday he will understand, and appreciate the bigger picture. All because of family. But, Jackie makes it clear, she will NEVER forgive him. And Nick has chosen Brooke, and he should respect that. Massimo laments that time after time Brooke has always gone back to Ridge, and this time will be no different. Nick opines that this time he’s chasing something that is never going to happen.

Meanwhile, Brooke has awaken enough from her pill-induced stupor to find Ridge in her bed. He’s been blathering on and on how much she needed this, how they are truly now back together and they will work it out. Suddenly she realizes something has happened and is startled. She asks what has he done? He asks what is wrong with her and starts looking at her like it’s the first time he's really seeing her or paying attention? She mentions the pills and that she took too many. He starts a lame apology that he didn’t know and he never would have……She asks him to just please go. Bridget goes ballistic when Stephanie finally suggests that if something happens to Felicia that Stephanie raise Dominick, so that Bridget doesn’t have to literally put her life on hold waiting for that to happen. Bridget still argues in Dante’s favor since he’s the father. She even plays the legal guardianship card saying she has a legal right and that is exactly what she is going to do. Stephanie hugs her daughter and says that will never happen, or it will be the biggest mistake of their lives. Nick tells his dad that his conversation with him about Ridge or anything else is over. He’s going to take Jackie home and then go see Brooke. Mass advises him to call first; remember what happened the last time he barged in. He will find them in bed. Ridge dresses while Brooke sits devastated in bed in fetal position. He apologizes and says he will make this right, he promises her that. She keeps telling him to just go. Bridget tries to make amends with Felicia and apologizes for her being insensitive. She didn’t come to take Dino away, but to tell Felicia how much she admired her. She ends up hugging Felicia as they laugh about Felicia’s bald head. Back at his office, Ridge rebukes himself for the latest happenings with Brooke. Brooke emerges from the shower, and takes the bottle of pills, possibly to destroy them, but Nick walks in at that moment and tells her they were right, Megan and his old man was behind everything. She practically falls into a chair and he realizes something is terribly wrong, that she is trembling. He spies the pill bottle and seizes it from her hand and asks about her father and Ridge, did they come back to her house? When he says Ridge, she is silent and it’s a dead give-away.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Hope checks in with Jennifer and reveals that she has been staying with Patrick. Jennifer agrees not to tell anyone and lies to Frankie when he overhears her talking about not telling. Jennifer becomes alarmed when Frankie tells her about suspecting Patrick for murder. Bo uses Shawn’s screen name to send Hope a picture of their wedding day but when Bo reveals himself, Hope blocks him.

Everyone arrives to hear Lexie’s news. Lexie receives her biopsy results before she can reveal anything damaging and the results show her lump is benign. Alex fakes an emergency page, knowing that Sami would come looking for him, to get Lexie alone to talk. Alex uses a taped conversation he had with Abe about how Abe would never forgive Lexie should she cheat on him to persuade Lexie not to tell the truth. John seizes the opportunity to pull Marlena aside and while he vows to help her remember their love; Marlena is able to remember their first wedding. Carrie decides to volunteer at the hospital nursery and Austin follows her there. Austin pledges his never-ending love and they kiss.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Sonny is convinced that Jason is the person who shot and killed Escobar. Alexis, in her new role as Assistant District Attorney, helps Sam when Sam is brought in for questioning. Ric acts as Sonny's attorney and prevents Mac from questioning Sonny. Sonny warns Sam that he will kill Jason if he doesn't back down.

Carly warns Jax that if he's planning on telling Nikolas the truth then he needs to do it sooner rather than later. Bobbie enlists Carly and Jax's help in planning a fundraiser for the hospital. Jax and Carly make love. Robert plays on Tracy's insecurities about Luke being alone with Holly. Dillon, Alice and Lulu tie Tracy up to stop her from freeing Robert. Edward realizes what Dillon, Lulu and Alice are up to. Diego is arrested for allegedly stealing a car. Diego rebuffs Alcazar, who realizes his son is guilty.

GL Recap Written by Siri 

Josh, Cassie and RJ find H.B.’s old desk in an antique shop. Inside the desk Josh finds H.B.’s blueprints for a privately funded medical center for soldiers. He talks with the owner of the land, Buck, about turning Cross Creek into a ranch-style medical center and Buck refuses. Josh asks Cassie to, “Use your past”, to get the guy to agree. Thinking Josh meant her past as a hooker, she blasts him, but Buck leaves, agreeing to the project. They shake hands on a deal for the project. Dinah and Harley arrive at the shooting scene. Mallet has been shot and Gus just stares into space, having difficulty focusing. He has flashbacks of taking pills prior to the stakeout. Gus and Mallet give conflicting reports about exactly what happened. Harley tells Gus that she knows he is high and that she knows he didn’t have a deposition with the nurse. She is irate that Gus endangered himself and Mallet. A very contrite Gus finally admits that, “I needed to take them, I needed to”. A very devastated Gus realizes he needs help and Harley agrees to help him as she takes him in for rehab treatment. Mallet is treated for a shoulder wound at Cedars while a worried Dinah stands by his side. The only thing she can do for Mallet is donate blood, but passes out as the nurse comes with the syringes and needles. When she comes to, Rick announces that Mallet is going to be o.k. and that Mallet told him to tell her he loved her.

Lizzie asks a so-called friend who works for her uncle-doctor, an OB-GYN, to fabricate that Lizzie has been a patient of his for a while. Coop follows her to the office, suspicious of her. Coop asks to see Lizzie’s medical records and the friend tells him that Lizzie has been a patient for a month. He leaves thinking Lizzie is an established patient. At Company, Olivia tries to get Frank and Buzz back on speaking terms and Frank receives a call about an officer shot. She tells an emotional story to Buzz about when her father was killed in a freak accident as a police officer. Lizzie and Coop walk into Company and tell Ava they need to talk as Alan and Beth walk in. Lizzie announces to a shocked audience that she and Henry are pregnant. Alan attacks Coop, choking him.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Tess goes into labor with Nash as well as Antonio by her side. Dorian visits Viki to give her the cuff link that he had left at her house. David leaves for Thailand to find Margaret’s baby. Spencer and Paige are questioned by John and Bo about their involvement in Thomas McBain’s death. Paige finds out that Jessica is in labor, but Bo refuses to let Paige be in the operating room. John fills Natalie in on what Paige had done. Natalie calls Vincent, and lets him know that she will take him up on his deal.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Whitney and "God" travel the tunnels under Rome, with her asking questions and him telling her to stop. After a scare when he seemed to be stabbing her, they finally got to the room he was looking for and told her to stay there and pray. As she started doing so, he began laughing at her. Eve and Julian had a romantic dinner at the mansion, although she couldn't stop worrying about her kids. When Chad, Simone, and Paloma finally went to them after failing to find the missing Whitney, Eve's concerns proved true, and Julian jumped into action. He got the Crane investigators searching, and they found where she'd gone very quickly, although he didn't share the information with Eve and the kids.

Tabitha battled with Endora, trying to keep her from keeping Miguel and Kay apart. Endora seemed to be winning, when the mystery mermaid - thanks to the tyke's magic - called to him to come to her. However, Kay couldn't help snooping, and followed Miguel as he went to find the mermaid. They ended up in a boat together, with some other entity making the magic that got them there. This left Tabby and Endora wondering just what was up. Luis was determined to find Marty so he can get Sheridan back, even though she told him again she won't leave Chris. Theresa slapped her silly for being so stupid, but it did no good. She then gave him control of Crane resources to help him find Marty after Sheridan refused to let him have his own money from their joint account. She ranted and raved, but he is going to go no matter what.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Nick has bright ideas. "I was only pretending not to care about dad's announcement last night," Nick tells his sister and Brad in the office. "I know how we can hold control of Newman, but we will have to do it as a team. We have to get Brad on the board of directors." Brad and Victoria agree to go with the flow and so Nick lays out the steps of how they will accomplish this task. "Victoria…this is what you need to do…" Jack and Ashley try to figure out this problem with Mr. Gibson. Jack says to give him money, and have him sign that he won't sue. Ashley disagrees with this. Michael thinks that it is too soon. "You could end up looking guilty." Jack doesn't care. "You work for me!" Michael returns later. "He refused the offer. He wants to hold Jabot accountable for what happened to his wife." Victoria talks to her mother. "Dad could turn on you too." Nikki has no fears. "He promised to let me run my company my way," she says. Victoria says that she really hates that her father used her relationship to kick her out. Nikki hates that too. "I am so glad that you said that," Victoria says. "We are going to take over the company and we will need your support to do it!"

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