Monday 4/24/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 4/24/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Greg reveals to Erica that he's always been obsessed about her and believes they could be a perfect "team" together. She tells him she thinks he's sick and despicable and she demands to know where Kendall is. Ryan demands to know the same. Julia tells him that she will reveal to many interested people what he pulled with her if she does not tell Erica and Ryan where Kendall is. He does not comply and Julia informs Erica that Greg gave her false information that she could never have a child. Erica is shocked but Greg is not worried, until Joe comes in and informs him that he's heard about a lot of unethical behaviors he's done. And he tells Greg that he will report him to the board and Greg might lose his license to practice medicine. But Greg presents to Joe his medical records of his consultation with Julia in regard to her plans to get pregnant. He "confirms" that it was she who assumed she had a condition that would prevent her from conceiving or giving birth. But he ran tests and proved that there are no signs of anything to worry about. At that point, although Joe believes Julia, as do Ryan and Erica, he has no proof that Greg gave her false information. So he can't do anything. "Somebody" has knocked Dixie out and put her in a crate at the airport ready to ship out. Josh finds her and saves her and is curious about what happened. She does not tell him but goes and finds David, Tad and Adam all determined to find her and ready to kill each other to find out where she is. Alone, Tad and Dixie discuss what they should do in regard to JR. He admits to her that he will never trust her again. Babe and JR return from their vacation. She expresses, to him again, that she has a problem with his inability to trust her. Zach and Aiden have spotted Greg's boat. Zach finds a magazine and a guy with a uniform LOGO of RG Spas. And we see Kendall in a private hotel room wearing a robe that says RG. Right when Dixie is in a bar with Josh, and David is not far away, JR and Babe walk in. And JR gets a full view of his "deceased" mother.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Carly passes out having a close encounter with the skeleton. Jack calls in forensics to process the area, as Mike and Katie explain what happened to her. Jack finds an old change purse in the wall as well. Jack explains to Carly that the team leader can answer her questions later if she has any. As Jack is leaving and she hands him his laundry, their hands touch and the spark still is evident between them, but he still leaves. Jack later asks Mike not to leave town. Katie worries if that means Jack considers him a suspect? Carly hears a strange noise, but stops herself from calling Jack. Jen arrives at the abandoned house where Emily is holding Dusty, frantically calling out to Dusty. She finds pieces of his clothes with blood on them and panics. Emily explains to Dusty she has to kill him now because Jen knows. Paul is brought into the police station after his run in with Henry. Jen calls and explains she is alone at an abandoned house where Emily went. She needs his help. Meg helps Paul escape to go help Jen. Susan and Barbara bond over their children. Henry severs his ties with Emily but he still wants one more thing from her – his money! Hal is furious with Meg for her role in Paul’s escape, so Meg lets him in on Emily’s role in Dusty’s kidnapping. An emotionally overwrought Emily tells Dusty killing him is the only way, but Dusty tries to stall as he tries to free his hands. He plays on Emily’s insecurities, but she starts to break down about how everyone uses and leaves her. She is preparing to shoot him when Dusty breaks free and wrestles the gun away from her. Emily takes off and runs back to the abandoned house, where she runs smack dab into Jen. Dusty is in the woods calling for Jen when he runs right into Paul.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Woozy on her feet from popping too many anxiety pills, Brooke is easily manipulated by Ridge to relax and go along with his plans. A good old-fashioned night of love-making, his style, will make everything right. Mr. Sensitivity, he isn't. He apparently doesn’t see her swaying, closing her eyes, barely coherent and even telling him she doesn’t want to talk about this or do this. Felicia is happy for Dante and Bridget that they are going to Italy for ten days until they inform her they are taking little Dino with them. She doesn’t like the idea at all nor the fact that they didn’t ask her, but just told her. Nick tells Mass and Megan that he is on to them. He corners his dad and tells him he knows what he did to his mother and what he was trying to do with his relationship with Brooke, and he failed! He gets Mass to use the red phone and free his mother. Megan apologizes for her part in all of this. Nick greets an enthusiastic Jackie to take her home from jail. She always believed in Nick but wasn’t sure he could pull this off over his father. Ridge continues to kiss around on Brooke, telling her they are a team, always will be, and they don’t need anything else but each other. She pulls away long enough to say she doesn’t want to discuss this right now, she needs to be alone. She apologizes to him and walks up the stairs alone. She takes a bath, pops another pill and slips into bed. He soon follows and finds her there. He takes off his clothes and also slides into bed beside her. He continues kissing her, face, hair, neck and telling her this is what she NEEDS.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Hope is relieved to find Patrick had yet to leave the island. Patrick reads the letter from Alma in which he learns that Alma had her own life of crime that led to her death. Patrick still feels at fault and wants to be left alone. Chelsea sees Bo have to forcibly subdue a prisoner and despite going to confession and being told she must tell the truth to gain absolution, Chelsea decides that she can’t tell the truth after all. Bo returns the divorce papers to Frankie with a refusal to sign and hopes that Frankie will be able to convince Hope to give the marriage another try.

Sami changes her mind but then allows Alex to talk her back into keeping quiet while he submits a false lab report for Lexie. Lexie calls everyone involved down to the hospital but ignores Sami’s newly vague warnings against ratting her out. John discovers that Tek has been assigned to follow him but convinces Tek to allow him some space while he talks to Marlena alone. Marlena admits to remembering their love but pulls away from John’s kiss claiming to want to remain with Alex. Lexie stops Alex, John, and Marlena from leaving so she can tell them the truth.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sonny talks to Ric as he considers the ramifications of killing Jason. Carly tries to find a solution to the Nik/John/Jax situation. Dillon and Lulu knock Robert out and hide him behind the couch, then pretend to make out, but Alice isn't buying their act. She helps them put Robert in the infamous Quartermaine freezer. Patrick is frustrated with Robin's lack of spontaneousness; she's not any happier with his emotional dishonesty, or with the nurse that interrupts them for an assignation with Patrick. The mob bosses refuse to deal with Sonny. Robert escapes, only to be banged in the head by Tracy.

GL Recap Written by Siri 

Inside Company, Coop tells Ava that Lizzie is pregnant. She is shocked and thinks Lizzie is faking it to keep Coop. A British gentleman arrives to interview Coop for Oxford and Coop tries to muddle his way through. At the police station, Tammy gets Remy to rescind the restraining order against Jonathan. A suspicious Remy is in disbelief. At Lizzie’s apartment, Jonathan questions her about being pregnant and if the baby is his. She assures him that she was pregnant when she slept with him and that the baby is Coops. A relieved Jonathan and Lizzie decide no one will know about their night together.

Finding Gus at Cedars, Harley questions him about why he is there. After explaining to her that he had to interview a nurse, he hugs her and grabs a pad of prescriptions, stuffing them in his pocket. Harley starts to leave as Gus asks a nurse her name and where the pharmacy is, gets some drugs and takes one. He rapidly gets sleepy and has blurred vision. Mallet calls him into work at the police station and a reluctant Gus obliges. After arriving outside Company, Harley tries to phone the nurse with whom Gus had an interview. Dinah sees her and attempts to have a conversation but Harley is preoccupied. Harley starts to leave as she realizes the nurse has no idea of what she speaks and Dinah grabs Harley telling her she will not just walk away from her. Dinah finally, after raking Harley over the coals for ignoring her, tells her that what’s wrong is that she slept with her boyfriend. Harley tries to tell Dinah that she and Mallet regretted it the moment it happened.  Gus and Mallet get a lead on the Marler case and go on a stake out waiting on an airplane mechanic. As they sit in the car, it is obvious Gus has very blurred vision and keeps falling asleep. Suddenly, Mallet sees the man they are looking for and tells Gus to act casually. Gus tries to get out of the car but has great difficulty. He sees through blurred vision the man in question point a gun as gunfire rings out. Gus drops his gun and slides down the car side, grabbing his chest in disbelief as Mallet looks on in slow motion. Harley receives a phone call from the police station. Dinah listens in shock as Harley says, “What, who was shot?”

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Tess goes into labor. Clint and Nash are at her side. Natalie meets with Vincent, but doesn’t get any information. Later, her and Cris argue over what she had tried to do for John. Vangie brings Blair a video from Todd. Blair watches it with tears in her eyes. John confronts Paige and Spencer about their involvement in the death of his father.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Luis and Theresa talked to Sheridan and Ethan, respectively, about the fact they belong together, even if they are married to others. Each couple ended up in a kiss, which they all seemed to enjoy a lot. Sheridan is thrilled that Luis seems to know where Marty is, but tells him even if he brings their son home, she will not leave Chris. He refuses to believe that. Noah and Fancy were also kissing as they danced, happy to be together again. Maya, however, was met by Lena in the hotel room, who warned her to find Noah, keep him away from Fancy, or they would all be killed.

Miguel is recovering from his near drowning, dreaming of the blond who saved him with a kiss. Kay seems to be jealous, but swears she's not when Tabitha presses her about it. Fox talked about what Miguel was saying when he found him, something about losing the love of his life. Fox thinks he meant Charity, while Kay wondered if he really meant her. Tabitha is curious as to who the blond is who saved Miguel, and she and Endora look into the water bowl for a clue. Tabby sees the blond giving him mouth-to-mouth, but missed seeing the gold-tailed mermaid who swam across the bowl's view as she turned away. She does think Endora knows more than she's saying.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Michael and the Jabot execs get called into the DA's office and he reveals that the autopsy report doesn’t prove anything one way or the other. They still have no idea if it was the food poisoning or the 'Glow Again' cream that killed Emma Gibson. Will will forget about the criminal investigation in this case and let Jabot deal with this matter civilly if Mr. Gibson decides to go that route. Jack is still mad. He tells Will that he pushed to screw Jabot in front of the media and now they have to do damage control because of his posturing. Ashley tells him to settle down as Will was only doing his job like any other DA would have. Jack hates that and points out disappointedly, that lately she has been coming to Will's defense in this matter. Brad comes into the office and finds Neil doing business with George from Global. After the man leaves, Brad tells Neil that he shouldn’t be cozying up to the man as they will not be working together under his division as Neil promised. Drucilla is listening at the doorway. "Why do you say that Brad?" she asks. "It is Victoria and I who run the business and we make those kinds of decisions, so how could you have gotten approval for this?" Neil reveals that he got his approval from Victor Newman… JT and Colleen play-fight while Daniel and Lily watch them horrified at the horrible secret their friend has hidden from her. Daniel and Lily can't help sending bad vibes JT's way. Colleen takes Lily with her to the main house to get dessert. "Okay Lily. What is going on with you and Daniel?" Lily doesn't want to get into it. "Daniel will kill me." Colleen insists and so Lily tells her the truth about JT and her stepmother-to-be. Colleen responds by laughing. "That has to be wrong. JT wouldn't do that." Later she returns to they Daniel and Lily's shed and confront JT and he can't deny the truth. She runs off sickened by the sight of him. Victoria is furious. She goes to work and tells Brad how her father is taking his company back. She wonders if she should fight him for it or not. She isn't sure where Nick sits in all this. "He was pretty quiet when Victor made his announcement. It seems that he and Sharon are having a much worse time than we thought." Victoria leaves to head home and have a bubble bath to think things over. Nick arrives looking for his sister. Brad is inquisitive but Nick doesn't want to open up to him.

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