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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Erica goes to confront Greg. She is worried that Kendall is missing and knows he has something to do with it. He tells her he does not know where Kendall is and she should not judge him for what he did after she asked him to terminate her pregnancy all those years ago. He gave Josh life and a family. She tells him he used Josh as a lab rat no different than he did her and Kendall and Greenlee. Meanwhile Josh is playing hero, talking to a couple who do not trust Dr. Joe for telling them that their son is very sick an needs surgery. They tell Josh their son is their miracle child. Josh tells them he was his parents' miracle child. He understands and wants their son to have a chance. And for that reason, he needs them to authorize for the son to have surgery. They agree and seem to trust Josh. Joe then compliments Josh. JOnathan is ready to run away with Lily. And right before Ryan, Erin and Aidan are ready to catch them together, Lily hides. Ryan tells his brother he could hear the voice of a girl and asks Jonathan if he's with Lily. Right then, Amanda comes to save Jonathan and acts as if she is Jonathan's new girlfriend. Adam is determined to stop at nothing to get Dixie to leave town so that JR never knows she's alive and back. Tad is not willing to go along with that. But before Babe and JR come back from their trip, Dixie is unconscious and it looks like somebody is determined to get her "out".

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Mike and Katie tell Jack about the skeleton hidden inside the wall of his basement and Jack goes with Mike and Katie to take the Skeleton out of the wall. Jack tries to explain the reason he is breaking the basement wall but Carly is angry and pounds on the wall and the skeleton falls out on top of her. Jennifer and Paul's plan works perfectly and leads Jennifer to Dusty. Emily warns Dusty she will kill him and Jennifer if he makes any noise to alert Jennifer he is in the cabin. Nick and Carly forgive each other for past misunderstandings and mistakes.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke urgently waits on The Shady Marlin for Nick to talk to him. In her anxiety, she pops another pill. Ridge calls on the cell phone instead. He insists on wanting to come back over to see her. He feels like she made a major breakthrough with her father and they need to talk further about that. She tells him no, but he doesn’t listen. He hangs up by saying he will see her later. Nick returns and glumly tells Brooke that he saw his old man and he indeed is behind all of this. And that he gave back the Marone ring, and he’s done with him. Calling from Brooke's house, Megan calls Massimo and tells him she wants to see him. He says he wants to see her too, but they have to be more careful. Dominick is on a rant and if he doesn't resolve all of this quickly, he might lose him. She wants to speak with Brooke about getting back with Ridge. Mass is against her getting any more involved. Ridge interrupts him at the office before he is through talking with Megan. He is dying to know if Ridge is making any headway in reuniting with the mother of his child? They discuss Nick and Ridge can understand how Nick might think his dad was involved with having his mother put in jail. He calls Nick a spoiled child for throwing his tantrums and smashing some pictures and glass in the office. Ridge offers to talk to Nick, but Mass assuages him to make his priority Brooke, he’ll take care of Dominick himself. Nick checks with his dad’s head of security to see if he was working on any special project. Erik drops by and asks about Jackie. Megan’s name comes up as stopping by earlier at the boutique, and Eric denies sending her over. Megan basically champions Ridge’s cause and suggests to Brooke that they get back together. Brooke tells her about his bringing her father into the picture now. Ridge tells Massimo he knew that bringing Stephen back from Paris would be good, he just didn’t know it would come together so quickly. Mass is elated but gives Ridge a deadline of tonight to get back with Brooke. No more delays; make it happen! Nick calls Brooke but doesn’t want Megan to know it’s him or the phone call is about her. He fills Brooke in on the fact that Eric never gave Megan a key to Jackie M so she had lied about that. Before she leaves, Brooke tries to get Megan to tip her hand and she too catches her in a lie about the key. Brooke pops another pill. Later she and Nick can’t figure out why Megan lied, except he feels she must be working with his old man. Megan shows up at Mass’s office and he’s not a happy camper. He chastises her for showing up there, putting them in jeopardy. He’s most unhappy when she confesses his son caught her in a lie. Like candy, Brooke pops another pill. At that moment, Ridge comes over and wants her to admit it. She’s really glad he brought her father back and now they can work on their old issues of abandonment. She tells him she is not mad at him, and it is possible for her to get past this with her father. He blathers and she feels a little tired, a little confused, woozy on her feet. She doesn’t feel like talking. He begins his seduction by kissing her and telling her they don’t need to talk; this is what they need right here. She allows him to do this, barely hanging on to her senses. Ridge apparently doesn’t notice anything to the contrary. Nick interrupts before Megan can go. Mass tries to dismiss her and Nick accuses his old man of having help in setting up his mom. He just didn’t know he’d use one of Brooke’s best friend’s to do it. When Mass tells him this is his private business, Nick takes great pleasure in saying that nothing in his life is going to be private for a long time.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Sami sneaks into the hospital records room to look at Lexie’s file but is caught by Alex. They narrowly avoid being discovered by Lexie. Alex plots to let Lexie believe her test results are negative and Sami reluctantly agrees to keep quiet about the plan despite her reservations. Lexie asks John to meet her at the hospital to talk about Alex. Mimi uses the divorce news to thwart Belle’s attempt to profess her feelings to Shawn. Mimi criticizes Belle for constantly trying to get Shawn back but Belle continues to try and get Shawn to see that it would be okay for them to get back together.

Chelsea’s latest attempt to tell Bo the truth is interrupted by John who is upset that the police are keeping him from Marlena. Bo is surprised when John sympathizes with Hope over the divorce request. Chelsea spends the time while waiting to talk to Bo by hearing a criminal’s account of the horrors in prison. Patrick wants to leave the island despite Hope’s attempt to stop him. After hearing about Alma’s love for gardening, Hope decides to resume her efforts but instead uncovers a box containing a letter for Patrick from Alma. She rushes to give Patrick the letter but he had already sailed away.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Robin and Patrick continue to clash over fathers and potential relationships. Robert overhears Lulu talking to Luke on the phone, then gets a call that Holly has been freed. Alexis takes Durant's job. Michael's confused when Jason does not show up to Sonny's party. Robin finally gives in and goes to see Robert, offering to work on having a better relationship. He's willing, although he's leaving for the Islands in an hour. They manage to make time for a fight. Lucky gets jealous after seeing Liz talk to Patrick. Carly tells Jax she knows the truth. Lulu knocks Robert out. Robin kisses Patrick. Manny surveils various residents.

GL Recap Written by Siri

Harley is packing her things to leave the police force for Spaulding Enterprises and asks Mallet to keep an eye out on Gus. She is surprised by a going-away party from “the guys”. Gus plans to take Zach and Jude to Zach’s first T-Ball game. It is very apparent Gus is limping and in pain. He keeps muttering to himself that he can do this, referring to giving up drugs cold turkey and runs into Marina at Company. He tells her he has an interview with a nurse at Cedars but needs to take the boys to the game and Marina offers to help. Gus goes to Cedars and attempts to get a doctor to give him a prescription for pain medicine. The doctor tells him he will have to check Gus’s medical records from Rick before he can do that. Suddenly, the doctor is called away to a “code blue” and Gus eyes the blank prescription pads in view. Harley tries to find Gus at Company only to be told by Ava that he had an interview. Harley shows up at Cedars in time to find Gus just after he has stolen the prescription pad.

After Tammy and Jonathan make love, she remembers to tell him what she suspects about Lizzie. She tells Jonathan that after hearing Lizzie thank Rick for the pregnancy information, she thinks Lizzie is pregnant. She even thinks that there could be a possibility the baby isn’t Coops. Jonathan looks shocked. After finally getting the courage to go into Company, Lizzie drags Coop to her apartment filled with new baby items and tells him the news; she is pregnant with his baby. Lizzie tells him that she plans on keeping this baby and he needs to decide what he’s going to do. After extensive questioning of Lizzie, a confused Coop finally goes back to Company to face Ava. Jonathan suddenly shows up at Lizzie’s apartment and asks, “Hey, Goldilocks. Do you have something you want to tell me?”

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Cristian finds out what Natalie is doing and will not leave her to talk to this dangerous Vincent person. Vincent arrives and Cristian watches as she talks to the man to make sure that she is safe. Vincent decides that he will help her in her quest. He knows all about her and the life that she has led but that doesn't unnerve her. Tess is torn. She wants a life with Nash, but knows that she can't even marry him as she isn't considered a real person. He goes out to get her nachos, and while gone, Tess worries that Jessica will emerge. She doesn't. Tess is happy, but when she turns from the mirror, she gets cramps. "Oh! I am going into labor!" Spencer terrorizes Paige, telling her that the fact that she was a drunk who operated on John's father is going to get her in big trouble with Bo and John. She is distraught. She bumps into Michael and considers telling him the truth but then decides not to when she sees Spencer approaching. Bo and John have a confrontation. John is sure that Paige is the one who killed his father. "Spencer covered it up!" They go looking for Paige and find her with Spencer. "You killed my father Paige," he says. "And you Spencer, you covered it up. Now start talking." Adrianna is working and she gets angry when she sees Rex walk in. She thinks that he is the one who has been sending her hundreds of emails. He looks at them and tells that he isn't the one doing this. "You have a stalker," he announces. He wants to help her with this but she only wants him to leave her alone!

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Luis continues trying to talk Sheridan into leaving Chris to be with him, the man she really loves. She can't make herself do that, tho, since Chris and James both need her so much, and she so values the marital contract. She finally gets away from him and heads to have a talk with Gwen, who advises her to forget about Luis and honor her marriage vows. Meanwhile, Luis talks things over with Theresa, who knows exactly how he feels, and she offers again to use her new-found power to get Chris out of the way. He declines, but then decides he can use her power to find the information he needs in Alistair's secret files. Needing the passwords, he calls Ethan, who comes to help and figures it all out - Beth and Marty are in Rome.

Kay and Tabitha wait at home while Fox goes with the Coast Guard to find Miguel, who is floating in the ocean after being knocked off the fishing boat. As he floats, a woman grabs him, gives him mouth-to-mouth, then deposits him on a nearby sand bar. Fox and the Coast Guard search the waters, not holding out much hope of ever finding him, but Fox insists they keep looking. They finally spot him on the sand bar and get him home, but he keeps asking about the blond that saved him, making the others believe he's hallucinating. Noah and Esme look for Fancy - sort of - and accidentally find her with Gianni. After a brief set-to among the men, Noah tells Fancy he still loves her. Now she has to decide whether to believe him or not.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

The three sisters are at Fenmore's buying wedding clothes. Abby and Colleen find the perfect dresses to wear. Victoria goes to Colleen and gives her a gift. "It is a bridesmaid bracelet… It is also a friendship bracelet… I won't be trying to be your mother Colleen, but I hope that we will be able to get really close over time." They hug. Daniel was pretending in Victor's office that he was a big shot. He hid when he heard voices. He heard Brad telling JT to stay away from Colleen. "What do you think Slick? You are going to come over for dinner with most of us knowing that you slept with Victoria?" Daniel tells Lily what he heard. She wants to tell her friend, but Daniel thinks they should leave it. Ashley is stuck in the elevator with Will. She is uncomfortable as he wants to talk about the incident. He sees she is uncomfortable and assures her that she shouldn't be. He tells her that he too was a chem-major, but he started a fire and knew he needed to work in another field. They laugh and talk nicely, and the elevator jerks tossing her into his arms. Paul has news for Ashley. He is there when she gets out of the elevator with Will. Will slips away and Paul tells her that three days before the death of Mrs. Gibson, she had food poisoning and that could have been the cause of her death. They will know more from the autopsy report. Will walks up hearing the tail end of the conversation and confirms that the report is on its way. Victor has summoned the kids to the house. "What is this about?" Nick asks his mother. She has no idea. Victor speaks. "I have brought you here to let you know that effective immediately I will be taking back control of my company as Head and CEO of Newman Enterprises…"

Paul brings up that it was strange how Michael acted when he was told that Gloria was seen outside the lab. He suspects that Michael has more information a than he lets on but Michael says no more on the subject. Paul asks about the interview with Bardwell. Michael tells that Gloria went in with barrels blazing. Paul gets angry as he wants Ashley to feel no more stress about this than she already does.

Ashley and Will are stuck in an elevator. He tries to talk to her about the case but she doesn't want to have this discussion without her lawyer. Will tells that Gloria said that she was in the lab the day of the tampering because she was doing work for Ashley. "She said that you were disorganized." Ashley turns to him shocked. "She said that?"

Victoria, Colleen and Abby are at the boutique visiting with Lily while they shop for dresses for the wedding.

Lily tells that Daniel is doing well and he likes his job delivering mail. "He could be a success like Victor one day."

Daniel enters Victor's office, and delivers mail. No one is there. He is about to leave and then he changes his mind and returns to the office closing the door behind him. He looks at the portrait of Victor on the wall, and smiles as he looks at the elaborate furnishings in the place. He heads over to the desk and drops into the chair, putting his feet on the desk like a big shot would. "I think that we should buy that company," he jokes. "We should buy that company and then fire all the people…"

Someone knocks at the door and he nearly falls out of the chair to get away from the desk. No one comes in.

JT is in a hallway. He is the one knocking on the Newman door. No one answers.

He makes a quick call indicating that he is in the process of working his case, and then heads to the elevator.

"Well if it isn't Dick Tracy," Brad says exiting the elevator. JT starts walking off but Brad wants to talk to him.

Daniel is inside the office and manages to hide before Brad enters the office with JT. He hears Brad talking to JT. "This is about Colleen. She is going to get hurt and we both know it."

Phyllis returns to the Newman building. She bumps into Nick. "I left something in my office," she says. Nick apologizes for all that has happened. "I have been fired from jobs before and in fact, I got off easy this time. You have a lot to deal with and Nikki does too."

Nikki enters the house mad as hell. "Victor! Come down here. I know that you are here. Miguel told me that he saw you. I need to talk to you." He knows that she is upset and he agrees with her about one thing. "You and I have a lot to discuss."

JT has no idea what Brad is talking about. Brad says that he has asked JT not to see his daughter and he is still doing it. JT says that Colleen has a mind of her own and it isn't his problem if she doesn't want to listen to him. "You may think that Colleen is a little more worldly than when you dated her before, but she is the same… I know that you are going to break her heart. You will move on just like you did when you hurt Mackenzie." JT tries to leave but Brad grabs his arm, twisting it, causing him to stay. "You and I know that there is another reason why you shouldn't be dating Colleen… Right slick?"

Victoria and Colleen find the perfect dress for Colleen to wear to the wedding. Lily says that JT is going to love her in that dress. The smile fades from Victoria's face.

Ashley explains to Will why she and her brother played a little game on Gloria to get her to stay out of the real events of their business. Bardwell understands and smiles now that he has gotten to speak to the woman at length. He understands her being uncomfortable about being locked in an elevator with someone who might cause her family unhappiness. She warms up to him somewhat and smiles.

Michael pushes Paul to give him some more information about the cream tampering investigation. He knows that more has to have popped up by now. Paul says that in fact, he does have some news that he thinks that Michael will find interesting.

Nick and Phyllis enter an office and she tells that she likes her job at Jabot but would prefer to be at NVP which was her baby. "I am just glad that there is somewhere soft for me to land from all this." Nick says that her leaving has taken his mind off his distractions and he is starting to focus again.

Nikki is angry with Victor for the way that he has acted. "What you did to Phyllis…is just so you. You do all the things that you promised you wouldn't, then you flood the house with flowers and thinks that changes everything. I will not put up with this anymore. "When Phyllis and I brought you in…" Victor denies that he was 'brought in'…he feels that he started the company. She reminds him that she and Phyllis were willing to start things off small, but then he interrupted their plans. Victor says that what Phyllis did, she did to herself. Nikki says that Phyllis's behavior has to do with her being a woman and not a business partner. "I am sorry but what you did to her… There isn't enough flowers in the world to make up for that!"

Abby has found the most perfect Flower Girl dress and Victoria approves of it as well.

Victoria goes to Colleen and gives her a gift. "It is a Bridesmaid gift. It is a bracelet. It is also a friendship bracelet. I am not your mother but in time we will get close…" The two hug.

"When Victoria and I get married, what am I going to do JT? Have you over with Colleen and Victoria when most of us know that you slept with Victoria…?"

Daniel continues to listen from the closet and can barely hide his shock at what he hears.

"Let me make this as simple as I can…Don’t' cross me JT… Too many people's happiness is at stake…"

Paul says that Emma Gibson had food poisoning three days before falling ill to the 'Glow Again cream. "If she died from the food poisoning weakening her immune system, then there won't be any criminal charges…"

Will can understand why Ashley tried to fool her mother-in-law. She thanks him for understanding. Will has been looking over her paperwork and she is an excellent businesswoman. "You should stop being so suspicious of me all the time…You know I used to be a chem-major too in school Ashley. There was this little fire," he tells smiling. "I thought, maybe I should go into another field…"

The elevator jumps… Ashley goes flying over to where Will is standing and she puts her hands out to steady herself.

"Don't worry! I will have you out of there in a jiffy…" Ashley shouts back to the maintenance guy. "Okay!"

Ashley explains that is Al and he will get them out. Will asks about John. Ashley tells that her father is doing really well, considering all that has happened.

Victoria, Colleen and Abby have tons of fun at the boutique.

Colleen gets a call from JT as Brad is walking in.

JT wants to see Colleen and asks where she is as she is late.

Brad listens as his daughter promises to come see him as soon as possible.

Colleen says goodbye to her family and says that she will be late as she will be going to dinner with JT. "That was JT who called," Brad asks. "Yes," Colleen says. "I am late so I better get going," she says leaving.

Brad's face gets grim.

Phyllis plans to bury herself in her work like Nick does. "After a while, we will stop thinking about each other." He will never forget what happened between them. She thought she couldn't live without him in her life but she can see now that she can. He remembers her as a good memory. Phyllis says her problem is that she always wants more. "Thank goodness that we both have our work though. Anyway, it has been good to talk to you Nick. Be good." She leaves, and Nick smiles.

Victor begs Nikki not to let this thing get between them. "The point is that we shouldn't be fighting." She sees this only as his strategy to get his way again. He denies that he wants to belittle her in any way. She wonders if he really will not do this to her again or if he is just making more empty promises.

JT and Colleen talk at the Athletic Club. She shows him the bracelet that Victoria gave her.

Lily and Daniel are home and she tells how she did a great job at work that day. Daniel is preoccupied and she notices. He says that he was listening to her, but… "I just heard something at work that I wish I hadn't… You know that girl that JT slept with? The other woman? It was Victoria Newman…" Lily's eyebrows shoot up!

Brad and Victoria are at the Athletic Club for dinner and they are talking about Victor not giving them his blessing. He tells that he ran into JT and asked him to stop seeing Colleen but he already isn't listening. Victoria feels he should just lay off and leave them alone.

Lily doesn't believe this. "I am going to tell Colleen. This could still be going on." Daniel feels that she should think about this before acting. "We have to think about the other people involved in this." Lily will not keep a secret from someone that I care about. That is what my mother did to me…" Daniel gets angry. "I don’t know why I bother telling you about things like this."

Michael and Lauren kiss. She knows that he has been working too hard. She tells hi t hat everyone appreciates the work that he has been doing for the Abbots. "Whoever did this Michael will pay…"

Will tells that he isn't out to crucify her. He just wants the truth.

Al thumps as he works to free the DA and the chemist.

They actually laugh and talk lightly for the first time. She tells how difficult it has been for she and her family, but getting stuck with him like this isn't so bad.

The elevator jerk's again and Ashley falls directly into his arms. There is an awkward moment.

The door opens and Ashley and Will exit. Al and Paul are there to greet them.

Will walks off. Paul is shocked to see that Ashley was just stuck with Bardwell in the elevator. She says that there are worse people to be stuck in an elevator with.

"I needed Phyllis," Nikki says. "I can't do it by myself." Victor says that if that is the case they need to be partners then. "Yeah right," she says sarcastically. She finds it funny the way that he is saying the right things all of a sudden. She suspects that there is more to know here. "Tell me…" He speaks. "You will find out very soon…" is all that he says before walking away from her.

Michael has gotten Lauren a baby book to track everything about the child. Lauren feels that everyone should have a place to relive their precious memories. Michael's memories of childhood being good don't exist. "That is why I want my child to have all the things I didn't. It still scares me… The acorn doesn't fall far from the tree…" Lauren assures him that he will be a wonderful father. Michael says that Gloria has been really trying these days. "She thinks that she cares for me and Kevin and she always wanted to be a good mother. She is like a friend… Not all of them are good for you. She never learns and she just keep screwing us up."

Paul gives Ashley the news. "If our product didn't cause the killing then we will be free?" Paul says that we have to wait for the results from the autopsy.

Will returns, putting his cellphone away. "The autopsy is done and the report is on the way."

Daniel and Lily debate what to do about Colleen and her finding out about who JT slept with.

Victoria and Nick arrive at the house. Nikki says that she has no idea what the kids have been called there for. Victor talks. "I was goring to talk to you about something sooner or later…it might as well be now… As of today…I am taking control of my company again. I am reinstating myself as Head and CEO of Newman Enterprises!"

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