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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Both Ryan and Zach are trying to find Kendall and know that Greg has a secret involving her. Ryan is shocked to find out that Kendall signed adoption papers with Greg, that he was unaware of, that authorizes adopting their baby to another family after he is born. Amanda goes to Jack and Erica's and secretly takes Lily to visit Jonathan. Tad and Adam both confirm that they will never forgive Dixie for what she did to JR and that it will ruin him if he ever finds out she is alive. Krystal disagrees, however, and tells them no matter what terrible things Dixie has done, she is a mother who has a right to see her own son. JR and Babe are vacationing in France.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Nancy takes credit for writing Oakdale confidential a fact which makes Lisa very angry but the longtime friends later reconcile. Kim figures out that Nancy didn't write the book but Nancy asks her to keep the information a secret. Tom questions Emily and tells her Meg will go free due to lack of evidence against her. Meg tells Tom she is being set up by someone and if he keeps digging he will find the truth. Paul tells Jennifer Emily kidnapped Dusty and the two plan to tell Emily Dusty called Jennifer so that Emily will panic and lead them to Dusty's location. Emily is shocked when Jennifer calls to tell her Dusty just called her.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke checks with her doctor by phone to make sure the sedative she is thinking of taking isn’t too much. Nick rushes in and finds her still very shaky from her visit with her dad. And he’s sure that Ridge has his own agenda. If Ridge makes another man look worse than he, it only bolsters himself in Brooke’s eyes. Brooke tells Nick that she asked her father to go back to Paris. He hopes that was the right thing to do. He knows that Ridge and his old man are working in cahoots to keep them apart, and they must not know that just isn’t possible. He tells her he has to go wrestle a bull and she sends him off to do that. Sally gets a little testy with Megan over office duties. Stephanie sees this and questions Megan about her future with Forrester and if there is someone new in her life, something more important than a career at Forrester? Megan confides there is, something she just wants to keep to herself for now. Ridge and Stephen return and just let themselves into Brooke’s house. Stephen is reluctant since Brooke had asked him to leave. Ridge says she is planning a future with Nick, so it can’t get any worse. Ridge goes to find Brooke, leaving Stephen alone downstairs when Hope wanders down and they meet. He tells her he is her grandpa from Paris and he’s sorry he’s been so busy, he hasn’t taken the time to come see her. He wants to make up for that. Brooke overhears some warm, fuzzy spots that he relates to Hope, how she is like her mother. She dismisses Stephen and insists that he go back to Paris. She’s glad he met Hope because it’s never going to happen again. Nick bolts into his father’s office and chastises him again for choosing one son over the other……and he wants his pop to get his mother out of jail. He begins to trash the office of busts, pictures, all for show……..and then he takes off his Marone ring and slams it on the table, saying the Marone Dynasty is garbage to him. Mass loses control and slaps him. Nick’s parting words is that he gave Mass a chance to save himself, and he didn’t take it……remember that! Misty-eyed, Mass picks up the ring as Nick leaves. Ridge helps his cause by telling Brooke he thought she needed to get past her past and talk to her dad. That is the reason they came back. She states he’s not helping her but himself. She orders her dad and Ridge to leave. She has the future she wants with Nick. Stephen sees how futile it is and tells Ridge right now Brooke doesn’t need him. She really needs him to leave. He goes, but comes back and gives her one big hug, both shedding tears.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Alex hints at his honeymoon plans to Marlena. Lexie spots the needle marks on Marlena’s arm and tries to use it as proof that Alex has been drugging her. Marlena flashes back to being injected by Alex when she regained her memory in the hospital but still claims that Alex would never hurt her. Alex walks in on them debating and devises a plan to do away with Lexie’s threat to tell the truth.

Frankie runs into Chelsea at the police station and she tells him the truth because he’d be bound by attorney/client privilege. Bo calls Shawn down to the station to beg for Hope’s whereabouts but Shawn refuses to tell him. Shawn presses until Bo is forced to admit that Hope asked for a divorce. Mimi convinces Shawn to email Hope for advice on whether or not to tell Bo her location. Frankie serves Bo the divorce papers from Hope but Chelsea’s attempt to tell Bo the truth backfires when Bo assumes that she wants to talk for selfish reasons and sends her away. Bonnie overhears Belle admit that she still loves Shawn and that Sami convinces her to go tell Shawn how she feels. Bonnie calls Mimi with advance warning of Belle’s arrival.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Carly reluctantly agrees to allow Michael to throw a surprise birthday party for Sonny. Sonny refuses to give up his business without a fight. Sonny has a dire warning for Emily.

Alcazar assures Skye he's leaving his old life behind. Alexis edges closer to accepting Durant's job offer. Noah sets out to prove he's a better surgeon than Patrick. Lucky sees an apparently close moment between Elizabeth and Patrick. Someone is taking photographs of many of the people in Port Charles.

GL Recap Written by Siri 

Cassie and Josh tell Tammy that Cassie has purchased Cross Creek from Olivia in exchange for Cassie selling her part in the Beacon hotel. Tammy is rather surprised that her mother is going to Cross Creek with Josh and tells her so. Cassie wonders if being with Josh looks strange. While at Cross Creek, Hawk, Josh, RJ and Cassie make plans to restore the place to its original looks as a surprise for Reva. As she is trying to take down a picture while standing on a chair, Cassie falls and Josh breaks her fall. While treating her injured ankle, Cassie thinks back on what Tammy said about Josh and Cassie kicks a startled Josh in the face knocking him off the couch.

Ava and Coop talk about the night he slept with Lizzie and finally they make up. Beth tries to threaten Ava into leaving town without Coop. Lizzie daydreams about having a baby and Coop being the father. Her pleasant dream turns nightmarish as she envisions Jonathan as the father. She goes to Cedars to talk to Rick and he comforts her. When she sees a pregnant woman, he comforts her still by explaining a baby will change ones life. She suddenly realizes after talking with him that it would be possible to not know who the father of a baby is for months and months. A suspicious Tammy overhears their discussion. Lizzie bursts into Company and tells a surprised Coop that she needs to tell him something important.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Nash finds out that Antonio had met Claudia Reston. They wonder what she is up to. Viki pays Tess a visit. Tess finds out from Viki that when the integration takes place that Jessica will win out. John finds out from Snyder that Paige Miller is the one, who had let his father die because she was drunk in the operating room. Todd gives Vangie a videotape to give to Blair and his children. Cris finds out that Natalie is meeting with Vincent Jones.     

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Sheridan rips Luis' heart out by telling him she loves Chris more than she loves him, then relents when she sees the pain in his eyes. She admits she still loves him more, but still says she can't leave Chris to be with Luis because they're married and expecting a child. Luis still believes they can work it all out, however. Miguel and Fox talk on the wharf, where Miguel was getting ready to go out on a fishing boat. Later, out in the open water, he is hit by a boom and knocked out of the boat. The crew searches for him but find nothing. Fox gets word and goes to check it out, while Kay worries about it at home. Tabitha, at first upset at the turn of events, finally decided it was really a good thing for her. Kay thinks she's found the perfect wedding dress, but wavers over whether she really wants to marry Fox or not.

Noah wants to tell Fancy everything, but at the last minute remembers that it would only put her in more danger so he changed his mind. She is very angry and determines to pay him back by going off with Gianni, an Italian gigolo. Maya overhears Gianni telling a friend how happy he is that Sheridan is a woman with a lot of money, and that he will be able to get some of it out of her. Maya tells Noah what she heard, and he decides he needs to protect her after all.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Drucilla finds her husband in an empty office. "Where have you been Neil? I have been looking all over for you." He tells her that he needed some privacy. He was just offered a job as CEO of a company but he isn't sure that he should take it. She says that he should as the Newman's have been promising him the key to the executive bathroom for years. Neil goes to Victor and puts his cards on the table. "Neil, I want you to just wait and give me some time to work some things out," Victor says. "There is something that you are not to speak about that I want to tell you." He closes the door to the office. Phyllis is in her new office at Jabot. She left a voicemail for Nick to apologize for having to cut their call short the night before. He calls her back and wants to talk but Jack is in her office and she can't. When he gets off the phone, he hears the door slam behind him. It is his mother. "I just lost my business partner to save your marriage Nick, so could you please tell me what the hell you are doing talking to her now?" Gloria steps in it again. Michael warned her not to slam Jack and Ashley at the interview with Bardwell but she doesn't listen. Every chance that she gets, she says that this wouldn't have happened had John been free. "Ashley is so disorganized. You can't find anything in that office!" Michael takes her home and she is pleased with herself. "You just don't get it do you?" Michael asks. "By doing the opposite of what I told you to do, you have peaked Will's curiosity and now he is going to dig deeper." Victor has a bright idea after talking with Ashley. He goes to Nikki telling her that they could bring Jabot and NVP together to boost the publicity of Ashley's company. He even offers to bring in more money to offset any negative publicity that NVP might get. Nikki says she will not risk her company to save Ashley's. "Why don't you use Newman Cosmetics?" she fires back. "I am the only person with funding in this company. If I want to do something, I will do it!" he warns. Ashley runs to Jack with a way to save their company. "I will do anything," he says. "Even work with Victor," she asks. Ashley makes her pitch and Jack decides that the idea is good. He knows that they will pay for getting entangled with Victor again but he needs some help to make things better and this idea sounds like it might be it. Jack signs on!

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