Wednesday 4/19/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 4/19/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Dixie goes to the Chandler house. Adam and Krystal are freaked to see her and tell her she has no business worming her way into JR's life after what she's done. She tells them she will see her son and her grandson whether they like it or not. Tad tells Di that he cannot forgive her for failing to tell anybody that Dixie was alive. Now that he knows that she knows Dixie is alive, her entire mission to meet everybody in Pine valley and develop relationships with them was all a lie. And he can never trust her again. She pleads with him that he must believe they can make things work and know that she loves him. Lily reveals to Kendall and Zach that she overheard Erica informing Jack that Dr. Greg Madden stole her baby many years ago. But Kendall still does not believe she has cause to suspect Greg. She goes to see him and asks him to help her. She even reveals that she trusts Greg. Ryan asks Livia to represent him and protect his parental rights.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Jen sees bloody evidence of Dusty’s and demands Meg to tell her the truth about where he is. Meg explains she was set up, but Jen doesn’t want to believe her; Meg begs Jen to asks Paul what is going on because she can’t tell her anymore then she has. Paul hustles Henry into playing pool with him in hopes of getting some evidence against Emily. Paul pretends to be worried for Emily; he knows she is hiding something and claims he wants to help Henry and her. Henry almost takes the bait until Jack walks in the bar. He admits to Paul only that Emily told him she shot Paul and that he didn’t really try to commit suicide. Paul knows he is hiding more, but Henry refuses to spill it and quickly leaves. Emily buys a fingerprint kit and heads over to Meg’s. She takes Meg’s fingerprints from her room and places them on a gun. Meg finally tells Emma that Emily is the one that has Dusty, and furthermore, she is trusting Paul to get her out of this. She also confides that they love each other. Emma is willing to give Paul 24 hours to solve this. Jen confronts Paul and he finally tells her what he thinks about Emily and his plan to trip her up. Jen doesn’t believe him at first, but then Paul unbuttons his shirt and shows her his bullet wound. Katie tells Mike about her plan of asking Nancy to take credit for writing Oakdale Confidential. Mike continues to worry; Katie wants him to tell her what else is really going on, but Mike tells her he can’t. Katie pushes telling him she will snoop around till she finds out the truth, so Mike gives in and tells a shocked Katie about the skeleton in the wall. Katie thinks their only option is to go to the police. Jack questions whether Carly lied about Sage going missing, and then is angered when he finds out Nick responded to Carly’s plea for help. Carly wants Jack to apologize for not believing she wouldn’t use her kids as pawns in her plan to get him back. She wants him to come home, but when he refuses; Carly finally blows up and tells him to get out. Later, at a bar, Jack has flashbacks of his life with Carly and ends up taking off his wedding band and laying it on the bar. Meanwhile, Carly, who is still holding onto hope, looks at her wedding band, and kisses it.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke turns her back on her father standing at the door. She lashes out at Ridge and doesn’t want any explanation from her father that Ridge begs her to hear. She orders her father out. Ridge intercedes and begs her to hear him out. She cries that he is a coward who walked out on his wife and children and that man took her childhood away. Ridge adds just like he did. And Brooke had thought she had dealth with all these abandonment issues years ago, but she hadn’t. That is why he’d called Stephen. Stephen makes his case that he was terribly wrong and never felt like he measured up. They would be better off without him. He claims he won’t ask for her forgiveness now as he knows he has caused too much pain for that, but he does want her to be happy. Don’t let fear keep her from that. Don’t hurt her relationship with Ridge. Ridge tells her again that he wants to be that man. And he feels he has done everything he can to make it right. But, if there is more, then tell him. Stephen champions Ridge’s cause too; he sees how much they love each other. Hate him, turn her back on him, but don’t turn her back on Ridge for her dad’s sins. Ridge is the ONLY man for her, so forgive him. Nick bursts into Stephanie’s office at Forrester and accuses her of going over the top this time and demands to know if she had anything to do with his mother being arrested. Stephanie admits she does not like his mother, but she denies any involvement and even scoffs at his conspiracy theory against his father. Mass calls Megan and tells her that Jacqueline will not be scarred from spending a few days in jail. This will give Ridge time to secure his place with Brooke. Nick visits his mother in jail again and she tells him she appreciates his efforts. But, if his father did do these things, he would have covered his tracks and not appreciate anybody snooping around. Nick vows he doesn’t care. She reminds him not to underestimate Mass or what he is capable of. Alone is his solitude, Mass thinks aloud that one son is distracted. The time for Ridge to work on Brooke is……NOW.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Patrick refuses to tell Hope about his island love so Hope seeks the truth from a local man. The man sends Hope to the young woman’s grave where Patrick finds her. Kate argues with Billie and Chelsea but Chelsea stands up to Kate and is still determined to tell Bo the truth. Billie overhears Bo calling Patrick their suspect and yells at him for making false accusations.

Eugenia and Sami run into each other at the hospital and taunt each other about their respective lives. Later, Eugenia seeks Celeste’s advice and Celeste warns that there will be heartache and trouble for Carrie, Austin, Lucas, and Sami all thanks to Sami. Lexie has a mammogram and decides that she must tell Abe the truth to end Sami and Alex’s blackmailing. Lexie tells Sami of her plan first. Kate spots Sami being upset after hearing of Lexie’s plan and gloats.

GH Recap Written by Amanda 

Lulu coaches Dillon on how to apologize to Georgi.Georgi is aghast when she finds out her sister spent the night in a bar. Alexis begins converting her and Ric's home into an office, much to his dismay. Robert is amusued to figure out that Tracy is in love with her own husband. She offers him a hundred grand to bring Luke back to her, in lieu of taking him to the Markhams for foot flogging and interrogation. Lucky tries to push forward his physical therapy too rapidly. Dillon's apology works. Jax tells Carly he fears what would happen if Nik and John were allowed to bond. Carly refuses to do as Emily asks and get Jason to back off.

GL Recap Written by Jennie

A surprise birthday party is thrown for Coop and although the family thinks that one of the other’s planned it for him, it turns out that it was Lizzie. Coop and Ava are upset at first, but Lizzie claims that she planned it while they were still together. Lizzie looks at it as her last chance to get Coop back. She locks Ava away after telling her about she and Coop sleeping together and tries to get back with Coop. He reminds her that things are done but she convinces him to have one last dance with her. Ava escapes and pushes Lizzie’s face into the birthday cake. Lizzie calls her mom to complain and when she mentions her recent nausea at the thought of Coop and Ava, Beth says not to mention that word because of her morning sickness. It dawns on Lizzie that she may be pregnant and she takes a test just as Alan shows up to tell her that he is going to sue the Coopers for the way that they treated her. She convinces him to leave before he finds the test. Once he leaves though Buzz shows up to try and convince Lizzie that he knows that there is still a good person inside of her and then Coop shows up and takes her to the cemetery to her Dad’s grave. He tells her that at the party she acted just like Phillip and could have hurt Ava to get what she wanted and tells her that she needs to move on. She finds out that she is pregnant and although is very upset about it at first, a talk with Lillian helps her to see that children can be a positive thing in their parent’s lives. She goes to the cemetery to talk with her father and tells him that she wishes he were there because although he wouldn’t be happy with her she knows he would be behind her.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary  

Blair visits Todd in prison. She wants him to make the children a videotape in order to remember him. Bo decides to stop questioning Paige, and to just trust her . Paige pays Spencer a visit, and informs him that she is going to tell Bo everything. Spencer informs her that she can’t do that because she doesn’t know the whole story. Natalie bandages John’s hand amidst his protests. She meets with Dr. Crosby about her concern for John. Antonio meets Claudia at the convalescent home where Norman Leeds is a patient. She tells Antonio that she still loves Nash. Nash surprises Tess with a new apartment in Llanview until they can go home to Napa.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Pilar and Luis ganged up on Theresa, who wanted to investigate Chris and see if he is all he says he is in an attempt to find something to break up him and Sheridan. She wants Luis to be with her, and is willing to do what it takes to make that happen. He sides with his mother, however, and tells her he wants her to stay out of it and let things happen as they will. Noah and Maya arrive in Rome, as does Fancy. She runs into Esme, who immediately repays her for the dirty trick Fancy had played on her with Noah. Noah and Maya remain in their room, waiting for Lena's call that will tell them what they have to do. He wants to get it over with quickly so he can tell Fancy all about it and get back together with her. When the two finally decide to leave the room for dinner, he gets a big surprise when he spots Fancy getting hot and heavy (or so she makes it seem) with a local Lothario.

Sheridan wanders the grounds of the Crane estate, remembering her happy times with Luis, but telling herself she has to stay with Chris now, since they've started a new life and have a baby on the way. She doesn't seem to be able to totally convince herself of that, however. Chris tries to be happy about the fact she chose him over Luis, but he finds reminders she just can't seem to part with of the great love she and Luis had, and he begins to wonder if it really is over for them.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Phyllis has quit her job but never really did get a clear answer as to whether she can come back to Jabot or not. Jack looks at her for a moment and then welcomes her back with a hug. "We need you Phyllis. You will do well back at Jabot." She tells him that Daniel is speaking to her again and that NVP is behind her now. He is happy for her and is glad to have her back in his life again. Sharon doesn't care what Nick says. She knows that Victor was the one that pushed to get Phyllis out of the company, and that Nick still fought it. "I can't go back," she says. The marriage is over. I will be taking Noah with me to go to Paris for a while. He will be coming to say goodbye and then will be going to the airport." Nick hates this but will not stop her. "We will talk when you get back." Noah comes to say goodbye to his father, and then Sharon ushers him out the door, with only a quick look back at Nick. Neil sees Victoria and asks why his deal was given to Brad to handle. She tells that Brad has experience, but Neil knows that he has a great deal of experience as well. Victoria says that it is settled and that Brad will be in charge of this part of the business from now on. Neil goes to Victor and they both agree that this is too much for Brad to be taking on. Neil says that Victoria is either using the company to make her boyfriend happy, or she really believes that Brad is the great businessman that he portrays. Phyllis is home alone. She was with Jack and then she headed home to be alone. She gets some ice cream and sits on the couch. Nick calls. He tells that Sharon has gone to Paris with Noah. Phyllis kicks herself. She could have kept her job and left for nothing. As they talk, Jack comes over with champagne. Nick can hear him in the background. Phyllis whispers that she has to go and she hangs up. Neil has left the building. He heads to the Athletic Club and finds a quiet area. He gets out a business card and dials the number on it. "Hi Rita? Hi this is Neil Winters from Newman… Yes we met at a conference last year. You told me to call if I ever needed a job as an Executive Lead…"


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