Tuesday 4/18/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 4/18/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Tad tells Dixie that there is no excuse she could possibly offer him for what she has done to him and JR and all the family in having them believing she's been dead all this while. She protests that she loves her son and Tad must believe her. David is angry at Dixie for seeming to "dump" him for Tad once again. He goes and breaks up a fun little meeting between JR, Jamie and Di and tells them that Dixie is alive and Di is lying to Jr and Jamie about that. He tells them that Dixie is a cold-hearted no good person. Instantly, JR and Jamie attempt to throw David off the ledge of the balcony. Di tells David that he is not dealing with his hurt over losing Dixie. By taking it out on JR and Jamie and telling them if he cannot "have" Dixie, neither can they, he's not accomplishing anything. SHe tells him that he has to be real and give Dixie the freedom to love him only if she chooses the same way she has done for Tad. It looks like Tad might be ready to get rid of Di when he finds out she kept the secret for Dixie. Jonathan runs into Amanda and finds out that he could never replace Lily with any other woman. She tells him she would like to help him after what her mother did to him. She informs him that Lily was her stepsister and maybe she can help get Lily back.

ATWT Recap Written by Jennie 

Mike continues to stress over the missing rubies and who the skeleton is hidden in Carly and Jack’s wall? Katie has an idea how to make things right about her penning the book Oakdale Confidential. She asks Nancy to tell the press that she wrote the book. That way the press will get off Mike’s back and stop focusing on his criminal past. Nancy agrees to think about it, and soon is calling Kim to ask her to set up a news conference. Paul races to Meg’s side at the police station, and Jack can’t figure out their strange connection. Meg wants to tell Jack about Emily’s role with Dusty, but Paul is worried Emily will manipulate the police and they will never find Dusty. He wants Meg to trust him and give him some time. They continue to get closer right under Emily’s nose. Henry wants out of his twisted relationship with Emily when he realizes she set Meg up by using him. She taunts him with the supposed suitcase filled with BJ’s money. When he realizes it is empty he tries to leave, but Emily threatens him. She later changes her tune, claiming their friendship is the only thing that keeps her sane. She wants Meg’s room key now. After persisting, Henry gives in and then leaves and runs smack dab into Paul who wants to talk to him. Gwen is there to support Carly in her time of need promising her that she feels Jack will come back to her. Sage goes missing soon after and Carly frantically calls the police station. Nick answers and Carly begs him not to tell Jack or Hal. Nick finds Sage hiding in the cellar. He also notices the wall Mike replastered. Jack comes in frantic after hearing about Sage missing, but then asks Carly if she lied about Sage in order to get him there?

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Megan has temporarily angered Massimo for coming back to his office while Ridge was there. It becomes further apparent that they are more than just casual acquaintances or her just doing dirty work for him. He gives her an expensive necklace and puts it around her neck. She wishes they didn’t have to hide their relationship. Nick and Brooke visit Jackie in jail and she warns them that Mass isn’t that overt. He will find their weakness and work on it. He can do things that other people can’t. They can wait him out, but they can not go head to head with him and win. Nick visits his father; barely missing Megan. Nick asks if he has anything to tell him about his mother? There is no deal, so he will have to work his methods on him. He says he used to be proud to call himself Massimo’s son, but he doesn’t feel that way any more. Mass tells him that his mother lost any rights to loyalty with him with that other man (Deacon) and he doesn’t want Nick to go through the same thing with Brooke and Ridge. He doesn’t want to see him go through that same pain. Nick states that it is sad to see what he really is – work, honor and family…….he spits on the floor and tells him he has until morning! Brooke comes home to find Ridge ensconced there; having sent the kids away with Catherine. She’s not happy that Ridge has yet again overstepped his bounds. Still, he makes his case again. She doesn’t say that she loves Nick’s face, his eyes, his hands, how he kisses her. She only keeps mentioning how dependable and trustworthy he is. He could be a security guard or a German Shepherd based on that. He states she is trying to fill a void, and it’s not going to happen. The doorbell rings and Brooke tells him if this is Nick, she wants Ridge to leave. She opens the door and is shocked to see who is standing there. It’s her dad…..or is it Bobby Ewing or Memorex?

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Jennifer dreams that Jack’s picture comes to life but won’t answer her questions about Frankie. Jennifer tells Frankie about a time when Jack dressed as a woman to do a talk show segment on Salem’s single women. Abby tells Josh that she likes the idea of Jennifer moving on with Frankie.

Chelsea’s next attempt to tell Bo the truth is interrupted when Bo is called to the station. Max comes by the hospital having heard of Chelsea’s accident and she prefers to leave with him despite Kate’s desire to take Chelsea home so they can talk more. Kate and Billie argue over whether Billie should be with Bo again. Bo and Abe look over a case file from Chicago’s police department and assume that the suspect description matches Patrick. Hope questions Patrick about his first decision to come to Morgan Island and he reluctantly admits that it was because of a woman. Hope vows to find out more when Patrick refuses to give details. Chelsea has Max take her to the police station so she can tell Bo the truth.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Jason goes for Sonny's throat after Sonny accidentally knocks Emily to the ground. Jason later admits to Carly he probably would have killed Sonny if Emily and Max hadn't intervened.

Carly prevents Nikolas from reading the results of the paternity test. Carly is disappointed when Jax won't confide in her. Jax pays the lab technician a fortune to disappear to make sure the truth about John never comes out. Fearing getting her heart broken again, Robin rejects Robert when he reaches out to her. Nikolas encourages Robin to try and form a relationship with Robert.

Thinking her secret is already out in the open, Georgie admits to Dillon that she had been corresponding with Diego. Georgie tells Dillon she'll sign an annulment if he can't accept the fact that Diego is her friend.

GL Recap Written by Suzanne

Blake blames Jeffrey for the story about Ross and the affair with his assistant as a way to get her to lose the election. Frank finds out more facts about the crash, and wonders if someone was trying to murder Ross. He later asks Gus to investigate. Billy tells Josh that he was the one who arranged to have the divorce papers delivered to Reva. Olivia refuses to sell Josh Cross Creek, but later Cassie offers to sell her half of the Beacon if she will sell it to her and Olivia agrees. Harley has Rick talk to Gus about the pills he is taking and Gus resents that Harley doesn’t trust him, but she points out that she knows he went through her purse.

Olivia chats with Buzz at Company, but their talking is very intimate. It's clear that she can really communicate well with him, even though she says she has chosen Frank. She thanks him for helping Frank woo her, and he kisses her hand just as Frank walks up and sees them. Frank brushes Buzz off when he wants to make up. Josh can't convince Olivia to sell him Cross Creek, but Cassie convinces her to sell it in exchange for her half of The Beacon. Josh gets excited about restoring the place to the way it used to be. Cassie invites herself along to help out. Billy gets angry when he finds out that Josh and Reva are back together. He lets Josh know that he is the one that let Reva find the papers; the two brothers argue about Reva.

Harley forces Gus to have leg checked out by Rick, who says it is healing. They are both worried about Gus' pill-popping, and Reva confronts him about the bottle of pills that have been moved in her purse. Gus claims he is fine and gets angry at Harley for going behind his back to Rick and accusing him, but they make up. A tabloid newspaper article has photos of Ross and his personal assistant. Blake accuses Jeffrey of planting it, but he denies it. She is very vulnerable and hurting, and Jeffrey seems to feel sorry for her (and perhaps something more). An FAA Agent gives Frank info about the crash--it was not an accident. Frank tells Jeffrey, who phones someone about it and finds out that Ross' personal assistant, Nikki, was a private eye. Frank gives the file to Gus to investigate but doesn't want to tell Blake yet. Frank is a little concerned about Gus' leg but gives him a chance after Gus pleads with him.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Kelly walks in while Dorian is talking to Daryl, in which she doesn’t want any of this traced back to her . Tess wants Nash to make love to her in order to induce labor, but Nash refuses. Instead, he has a big surprise in store for her .Antonio visits Norman Leeds, as does Claudia Reston. After stealing Claudia’s purse, he finds out who she is. Clint confronts Kevin about his drinking problem. Adriana meets two of her fans. Hugh tells Rex that he understands why he had helped Todd.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Chad, Simone, and Paloma search for Whitney, who has totally disappeared. As Chad wanders the hallways and the grounds around the convent, the two girls search Whitney's room, where they find a paper with the mysterious symbol they saw on all the missing paintings. They wonder how and why the two are connected. Meanwhile, Whitney is given a total transformation by "God" so she can go to Rome and be unidentifiable. As a test, "God" has her walk by Chad, who is still searching for her, and he doesn't know who she is.

Theresa and Pilar arrive, and Theresa tells Sheridan she can't dump Luis for Chris because she really loves him, much more than she will ever love Chris. He is furious, and when Gwen and Ethan arrive, she can't wait to jump into the fray. The situation is resolved when Luis decides to leave the cottage and live elsewhere. His heart is broken and he wonders why he hadn't just been left to die in Hawaii. Fox presses Kay to marry him soon, but she seems to be hesitant to do so. He assures her they will have a wonderful wedding anyway, but she's afraid there won't be enough time to plan it properly if they rush. Ivy agrees, hoping Miguel will be able to break the two of them up before any wedding can take place. Tabitha works on Miguel, urging him not to give up. She says he has to keep trying to get Kay to love him and leave Fox.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Nikki is furious. One minute she is in business and the next she isn't. She and Phyllis make calls to get investors, but are not doing well. Nikki tells that she will sell her stock in Jabot if she has to in order to get her business running and successful. Victor wonders if that is wise. She says that she can't be that smart as she let him convince her that he wouldn't run rampant over her like he just did. "I learned a lesson. Never do business with Victor Newman!" Nick is in the hall talking to his father about changing his mind about pulling his funding. Victor can't do that unless Phyllis leaves. Nick tries everything to change his mind but can't. Sharon is hiding in the hall and hears everything. She things about the way that Nick defended Phyllis and continues to do so. He gives her the news she wanted to hear. "Phyllis is gone…" Later, in the office, she tells him that there is no going back. "Our marriage is over…" Gloria comes to see Michael and Lauren. She wants Michael to help her through this but he can't do this now. Lauren finds then talking loudly and they cover well enough. Paul calls Michael to the club. He tells Michael that he has news about Gloria. Michael and Gloria sit in the club later. She is elated when she reveals that Lauren told her about the baby coming. Michael brings her crashing to the ground. "A security guard saw you in the lab the night of the tampering!"


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