Monday 4/17/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 4/17/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Erica brings Kendall and Josh into Greg's room and tells him she knows his secret and he needs to come clean to both of them. Greg does not admit to Josh being her son. SHe does not admit to drugging Greg. Kendall and Josh still have no clue that Josh is Erica's son. Erica privately reveals to the good doctor that she is still out for his blood. Tad freaks when he sees Dixie for the first time in 4 years. He relives all of their history and memories together. And he assumes that David must have gotten extensive plastic surgery for some imposter to come to Pine Valley and look like Dixie. But he seems to really know that she's the real Dixie and not a fake. Meanwhile, Jamie and JR call a meeting with Di, assuming she will soon marry Tad. They both still have no clue that Dixie is alive. Right when they are all having fun, David comes in and announces to them that Dixie is alive.

ATWT Recap Written by Jennie 

Luke sees Kevin and asks them if they can hang out again? He is dating Jade and his dad has calmed down now. Kevin is aloof with him and tells him he is busy with his new girlfriend. Luke tries to hide his disappointment. Jade manipulates Holden into feeling badly for her; he ends up giving her some money for food and taxi rides to and from work. Luke sees this and tells her that he can’t lie to his parents anymore. Jade wonders what is wrong and he admits to what happened with Kevin. Jade doesn’t want Luke blowing their story out of the water and tries to convince him there could be other men to meet. When that doesn’t work, she questions him whether he knows definitely if he is really gay? Then she tries another tactic. Maybe they should turn their lie into reality. She pulls him into a passionate kiss. Luke pulls away as Holden sees this. Luke and Jade take off in separate directions. Casey, Maddie, Gwen and Will audition terrible musicians for the newest Oakdale club. Casey and Gwen seem to be bonding over this experience, which is not lost on Maddie and Will. A shocked Mike finds a skull inside the wall in Carly and Jack’s basement. He tries to plaster the wall up and get out of there. Katie tries to keep Carly from going into the cellar when she hears a noise. Hal shows up with Parker to get his bike in the cellar. Hal and Carly argue over where Parker should live. Katie takes this opportunity to go get Parker’s bike. Mike hides his find from Katie and dodges her questions. After Katie leaves, Parker remembers he needs his helmet and he and Carly go to the cellar, where he notices the different color of the basement wall. Carly thinks it is due to it being wet from the boiler. Mike doesn’t tell Katie of his morbid find, and later worries whose skeleton is in the wall?

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick literally catches Megan in the dark in his mother’s office at the Boutique. It has been closed since his mother’s arrest, so naturally he is suspicious and needs questions answered. She is shocked to learn that Jackie’s bail has been denied. Then does some tall talking of how she was only trying to fill in and help to make it easier when Jackie did return. As he looks through some of his mother’s files, Nick offers a thank you to Megan, as one of Brooke’s best friends. Stephanie is elated at Felicia’s good test results. Christian gives his star patient his best care. Stephanie has a rather poignant heart to heart with Bridget about letting go a little of Dominick and let Felicia mother him for as long as she’s able. Bridget sees it a little more black and white than that – taking sides – Brooke and her daughter vs Stephanie and her daughter. Brooke continues her talk with Massimo and informs him that Nick will never speak to him again if he had his mother framed. He assures her he is not that cold-hearted. Ridge interrupts which delights Mass. He wants the two of them to stand there and work this out; he knows they love each other. He preaches to Brooke just don’t bring Dominick into this. She listens but then tells Ridge that she has made her decision. Her future is with Nick and she implores him to please accept that. He tells Massimo there is something he can do. He already has. He wants to borrow the Marone jet, to go to Paris. He has a plan to win Brooke back. Massimo is more than happy to do his part. He gets a phone call and he’s able to put them off until he can get back with them. Ridge appreciates him dropping everything else to help him with his problems. Nick tells Brooke that his mother is not a criminal and he’s doing all he can to help her. She’s not surprised to hear that Megan is helping as well. Megan pops into Mass’s office, but with Ridge there she covers that she was bringing some papers for him to sign. She returns later and calls Massimo by his first name and says they need to talk. She can not do this any anymore.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Celeste sees Lexie’s picture dripping with blood and later learns of Lexie’s new health scare. Lexie admits to Celeste about Sami and Alex’s blackmail and vows to put an end to it. Sami tries to make breakfast for Austin but ends up at Lucas’ apartment when she runs out of milk. Sami hides being bothered by the sight of Lucas and Carrie walking around barely dressed and Lucas warns her against coming between him and Carrie. Carrie invites Austin and Sami to join them for breakfast.

Kate urges Billie to use Chelsea’s accident to get closer to Bo but Billie refuses. Kate overhears Chelsea starting to tell Bo the truth and interrupts. Kate sends Bo out of the room before trying to convince Chelsea to keep quiet with the promise of it reuniting Bo and Billie. Chelsea still wants to come clean. Maggie and Patrick try to talk Hope out of the divorce but Hope insists that she’s never coming back to Salem.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sonny lets the boys have one last memory of him and Jason being friendly, then declares that Jason is his enemy. Luke escapes in the Bentley, inciting Alan and Tracy to rage. Robert threatens to arrest Tracy for helping Luke escape, so she offers to have him arrested for child abandonment. Jax and Carly allow Nik to hold Baby John. A hospital administrator, Ms. Sneed, makes life miserable for Liz over Lucky's bills and Robin over her suspension and is snide to Emily. Nik pays Lucky's bills and threatens to have the hospital administration overhauled, possibly eliminating bean counters like her. Noah withdraws the charges and has Robin reinstated. Dillon is worried about Lulu's situation. Lorenzo proposes to Skye. Jax is furious with Carly for initially allowing Nik in to see John and threatens to bar her from his life, making her question her decision to keep his secret. Jason will let Sonny have the business back if he gives up Emily. Robin and Robert see each other. Jax tells Carly he owes her the truth. Emily walks in on Jason and Sonny's fight.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Frank, Mallet, and Harley enjoy some beers at Towers and talk about how long it has been since the three of them did this. Mallet asks Harley to make Dinah take some time off so that he can take her on a romantic getaway. Dinah slips some pills into a box of stuff that Gus is going through and he pockets them. Dinah sees him taking some later and tells him that she knows he gave his pills to Harley so she knows the ones that he is using aren’t his. He gives her the pills but when Harley arrives and they go outside to talk he takes a pill out of Harley’s purse. Harley tells Dinah to take some time off and a fuming Dinah agrees to help Alan-Michael get Spaulding back when she runs into him at the Beacon. She goes to her room and passionately kisses Mallet. Harley later realizes that Gus is still on the pills. Tammy and Jonathan are getting ready to celebrate the family dinner when Lizzie calls and tells Jonathan she wants him in her bed tonight. Jonathan makes up an excuse and goes to Company where he physically threatens Lizzie if she tries to come between he and Tammy. Coop hears the noise and rushes out and pulls Jonathan off of Lizzie. Lizzie tries to make Coop feel sorry for her and take her home but Ava insists that they both take her home. Ava tucks her into her bed and makes it clear that if Lizzie needs anything she should call her, not Coop. Lizzie says that seeing the two of them together makes her sick and she rushes to the bathroom to throw up. Tammy tells Marina that she wants to drop the restraining order and they discuss their love lives. Marina goes to Alan-Michael’s room and they start to get passionate, until Alan-Michael tells her that she has to accept him for everything he is. When she can’t he kicks her out telling her she has to accept “all or nothing”.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Rex tries to telephone Adriana, but she doesn’t answer. Layla calls Adriana, and invites her out for a night on the town. Adriana agrees. Cris lets Vangie know that he is moving on with or without Natalie. He sends a box full of portraits to Natalie .He later join Vangie, Adriana, Layla and Cris for a night out on the town. John and Natalie share some quiet time together up on the roof. She offers her help, but he refuses. She receives a call from Vincent, who wants to meet with her the next day at Rodi’s. Duke and Kevin argue over Kelly, and who is the best man for her.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Chad went to ask Ethan for help in getting Whitney out of the convent again, but had to convince him it wasn't another front for Theresa. Ethan finally agreed to help, if he can. Theresa went to visit Whitney and was shocked at how bad she looks, but her attempts to get her friend to come back home with her were met with resistence and insults, as Whitney preached to her about her sins. Heartbroken, Theresa met up with Chad as Whitney left through the secret door with "God". Fancy, Noah, and Maya are all on the same plane, headed for Italy. Fancy is in 1st class, while the others are in coach, but she and Noah seem to connect in their dreams.

Paloma and Simone are still intent on heading to Italy to find the lost paintings, but their finances don't leave room for airline tickets. A lucky find in Alistair's store room takes care of that, as a box Paloma jimmies open is full of money. Sheridan explains to Luis that she is going to stay with Chris, but he isn't wanting to hear it, and won't accept it. All his arguing has no effect on her, however, and he ends up wishing they'd left him in Hawaii to die. Chris is thrilled that he's the "lucky winner" in the Sheridan's Soulmate Wheel of Fortune, and has no desire to understand the pain Luis is in.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Phyllis sees Jill alone and they talk. Jill is sure that Phyllis is happy to have jumped ship now that Jabot is in all this legal trouble. Phyllis denies that, saying that things are not as rosy over at Newman as Jill might think. Jill guesses that this has to do with Victor being too bossy. Phyllis nods, not saying more. Jill counsels her to stand up to the man and fight! Brad is working when Victoria arrives. "I did it Victoria! I closed the deal. Neil was moving slow. I found out that the man in charge fly-fishes in Australia…I had him tracked down and closed the deal!" When Brad hears that Victor is giving Victoria a hard time, he suggests that they create a power-base. "Make me Head of this new acquisition…" She thinks …then she smiles. "Let's do it!" Nikki wants Phyllis in, and Victor wants her out. "I can't throw her out," Nikki says. " You are only the 'V' in NVP Victor, so Phyllis stays. Nikki heads to the office. Phyllis assumes she's being fired, and starts rambling to save her skin. Nikki calms her. "As long as you keep doing the kind of work that you do, you can stay." Phyllis worries about Victor. "If Victor doesn't like it," Nikki shrugs. "That is just too bad!" Victor is alone at the house now that Nikki has gone. He turns to the phone now and dials. "Yes…this is Victor Newman… I want you to pull all the financial backing that I have given to NVP …yes… ASAP!" Neil is waiting for news on whether his deal has closed. When he gets to work, he walks into Victoria's office and finds a document. The smiles fades from his face. Brad walks in behind him. "Did you hear? We closed the dead!!" Brad says. "That was my deal Brad and you know it!" Brad denies that he did anything underhanded. Neil crumples the document and tosses it in Brad's direction on his way out.


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