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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Erica goes and makes nice to Greg again. He informs her that his son suspects her of drugging him. He asks her if that is true. She evades the issue and talks about their history since they first met and he terminated her pregnancy all those years ago. Kendall goes to ask Jack if he can help her prevent Ryan from having parental rights to her child. Jack tells Kendall although he's had his reservations about Ryan and his family, he believes that Ryan should be given a chance to be a father just like he was given that chance. Tad goes and asks Ryan what he knows about how Greg got drugged. They both know who did it and want to protect Erica from getting in trouble. David believes he has a future with Dixie. And right when she goes to see him, she comes face to face with Tad.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Carly's plan to get Jack to move back home backfires when Sage tells Jack that Carly broke the boiler. Jack asks Carly to sign the separation papers and make it easier to end their marriage. Paul and Meg admit their love for each other. Emily plants Dusty's bloody shirt in Meg's car and when the police find the bloody shirt they arrest Meg. Katie help's Mike break into Jack and Carly's house so he can take the rubies out of the basement wall. Mike is shocked to find human bones inside the wall where he hid the rubies.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Felicia apologizes for blurting out that this is where Dominick now lives. Bridget too wants to take back what she said. Felicia is Dino’s mom, so of course, she’d want him to live there. Felicia won’t let her leave until they figure this out. Bedlam breaks out in court when Jackie’s bail is denied. She is put back in cuffs and led away. She cries to Nicky to help her and tries to strike Massimo for punishing her. Nick tells Brooke this isn’t fair and he’s going back to Jackie’s office to look through files and see if he can find anything to clear her. It’s clear to Christian that although she didn’t die, Dante expects Felicia to hold up her end of the bargain since he considers Bridget Dino’s mom. Brooke pays Massimo a visit and ends up accusing him of punishing both she and Jackie. He set Jackie up to punish her and Brooke for loving the wrong son. She tells him that if Nick finds out, finds proof, of what he is doing, this dynasty Mass loves to speak of will crumble before his very eyes. Nick will never forgive him. Although she still has some doubts, Bridget declares she will be proud to share Dino with Felicia and they both will be his mom for whatever time Felicia has to live. A mysterious, black-garmented figure lets themselves in at Jackie M’s. The shoes seem to be female. Minutes later, Nick lets himself in as well. He searches files until he thinks he hears something. Going on his search throughout, he finally walks in on the culprit – Megan. He asks what is she doing there?

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Jennifer and Frankie share a romantic shower after Alice advises Jennifer to trust her heart. Abe stops the lovemaking with Lexie and argues with her over patronizing him. Lexie feels a new lump in her breast. Celeste senses pain in Lexie after calling her on her affair with Tek. Patrick tries to convince Hope to contact Bo to talk things over but instead Hope calls Mickey to declare her intentions for a divorce. Bo and Billie stay by Chelsea’s hospital bedside after she was admitted for observation. Chelsea starts to apologize and tell Bo the truth about her part in why Hope is requesting a divorce.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Even as Sonny is declaring he does not think Jason would betray him, Jason is betraying him, taking over the business, despite Carly's warnings, unless Sonny gives up Emily. A lab tech blackmails Jax over the paternity tests. Liz is upset when the hospital wants to move Lucky to the charity hospital, so she threatens to get Nik to pull out his funds if they try. Luke and Tracey stall and BS to avoid the ceremony and Luke being dragged back to the Markhams as long as possible. When Sonny gets home, he learns that Jason has taken all his assets. Luke sneaks out of the wedding and go rescue Holly. Carly debates what to do about her knowledge of John's paternity.

GL Recap Written by Jennie

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Evangeline goes to Todd to give him the bad news. "You have six weeks before you are executed. The date is May 26th. Todd is furious. Evangeline says that if he confesses, that would give her more than six weeks to get him freed. He can't go back to court and confess. That would kill his kids. He accuses her of not helping enough and that hurts her, but then he calms himself saying that he needs her help still, and didn't mean what he said to her. A man comes to John and tells that he is the father of a man John killed. "You could have just shot him in the leg. "Now I have no son, and there is a twelve-year-old with now father thanks to you." After the man leaves, John gets visibly upset. Michael tries to calm him but John won't listen and he goes storming out of the bar. He heads home and starts drinking beer. His anger can't be contained. He looks at the bottle in his hand and after a couple of sips, he BASHES it against the front door! Natalie is at Cristian's place when he reveals to her that he can't do this anymore with her. "I still love you and can't wait anymore for you to love me," he says. "I can finally see a future without you in it." He leaves her at his apartment and she gets upset. She thinks about calling Viki, but she has her hands full, she thinks about Roxy, but Nat really isn't in the mood for her. Instead, she runs to John's house and gets there in time to see him unleashing his fury by breaking beer bottles at the door. David and Paige brainstorm. When Paige tells that she helped deliver Margaret's baby on February 6th, David immediately remembers that date as being the one when Spencer made a trip to Thailand. "Why Thailand though?" David deduces that must be where the baby is. Spencer has kept the child and placed him as far as possible. He even thinks that if Todd comes after him, or gets out of line, then Spencer would be in a position to use the baby to control the man.

Passions Recap Written by Glynis

Fancy is on the same plane as Noah and Maya. A curtain separates them as Fancy sits in the first class area and Noah and Maya sit in the cheap seats. The staff dotes on Fancy serving her champagne, and giving her pillows. Noah and Maya are very uncomfortable with the main population and the baby behind them who endlessly cries. Noah sleeps and dreams of Fancy the whole time. Maya has to listen to him mumbling about his princess and how he loves her. She wishes that he would just stop this and focus on work as his they could easily slip up and be killed. Theresa comes to see her friend in the convent. She is in bad shape and very hostile to Theresa who she regards as a terrible sinner. "You go after a married man and you are an abomination," she shouts. Theresa is hurt by Whitney's words. She gets fed up and tries to drag the woman out of the convent, but Whitney will not budge. In the shadows, the 'Figure' lurks with a sharp dagger, ready to strike if necessary. Whitney gets dizzy from fighting Theresa off and Theresa sits her down. Theresa ends up running out of there upset at the changes in her friend. Paloma and Simone have decided to head out on the trip to Europe. Simone reminds Paloma that they have no money to finance the trip. "God will provide," Paloma knows. "That is what my mother always says." She keeps digging in the boxes under the café, to see what other things Alistair has been hiding. She finds a metal box stashed there. "What is that?" Simone asks. They open the box and find wads and wads of money in there. "Look!" Paloma says. "Money to pay for our trip!" Noah has to go to the restroom. He makes his way past Maya to the restroom area. He returns soon enough. "The line is too long. Maybe I can sneak into the restroom in first class." He starts making his way to the curtain where the privileged fly in comfort. On his way there, a flight attendant sees him and asks him where he is going. He explains why he is heading to the front and the flight attendant tells that they are about to land and he is told to go back to his seat, and so he never makes it behind the curtain to see that Fancy is there. The figure comes to Whitney. "It is time to go now." She asks where. "It is time to start your mission," he says. She takes his hand and they turn to the wall. The wall opens up and the bright light is waiting for them, shining bright. They enter and are soon swallowed up in the brightness. The wall then slowly closes behind them and the room is empty again.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Phyllis is told that she will have her things sent to her. She turns and follows Victor back into her office. She will not be pushed out of her business by him. "I am a founding member," she shouts. "I am the founding investor," he retorts. "And I will pull my money anytime that I want." Phyllis tells that Nikki isn't going to sit still for this. "Just get your things cleared out of here!" Jack is sure that Victor is behind this. "He has been setting this up. This is probably why he pushed John into giving his proxy to Gloria." Ashley disagrees at first, but then she remembers something. "Wait! Gloria was hanging out around the lab that day. I found her in the hall. She said that she was looking for you Jack. It was all very weird. JT has a chance to talk to Jill for a minute at the coffeehouse. "You used to know Brad… I am seeing Colleen again and wanted to know a little bit about Brad." Jill tells that Brad used to mow her lawn when she was married to John. "He had no business experience, and come to think of it… I really don't know anything at all about Brad's past. "Sharon tells Nikki the news about Nick and Phyllis. Nikki is sorry to hear it but isn't sure what she can do to help. Phyllis is her partner and not her employee. Nikki has no idea how she can get rid of her, or even if she wants to get rid of her. Sharon is stunned. "I knew that you wouldn't support me! Are you really going to pick Phyllis over family Nikki?" Sharon asks. Nikki hightails it to the office and Phyllis is still there. "How could you let this happen Phyllis?" She tells that she didn't mean any harm but she doesn't see how firing her is going to solve anything. "I will work from home, or somewhere else. This is partly my idea Nikki. We are partners. Don't let Victor and Sharon push you around. If you do, they will win…"

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