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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Ryan tells Kendall he had to resort to the drastic measure of suing her for custody of their unborn child because he wants to protect the baby, and her from Dr. Madden. She tells him she does not understand why he so distrusts Greg. Josh comes to inform his father that he knows Erica drugged him. Greg seems to already knows that and has figured out that she must know what he did and that Josh is her son. He makes up a story to Josh that the reason the drugs were found in his system is because he drugged himself. Jack tells Erica he knows she does not trust Greg or Josh and asks what her little "scheme" is involved with Greg getting drugged on her show, on national television and why she "forgives" Josh for drugging her. She does not let on to Jack that Josh is her son and how he was conceived. Kendall goes to see Jack to ask if he can help her prevent Ryan from having rights to her baby. Simone and Zach grieve the loss of Ethan together and she tells him she believes she could be pregnant.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Will reminds Gwen that his mother can't be trusted but allows Gwen to take the job at the club because he is positive they can beat Barbara at her own game. Emily tells Henry she has the perfect plan to get Meg out of Paul's life. Paul thinks Meg should leave town so Emily won't do her harm. Paul and Meg share a kiss and give into their feelings for each other. Katie admits to Mike that she is the author of Oakdale Confidential. Mike admits to Katie that when he was younger he helped a beautiful con artist hide some stolen rubies. Mike also tells Katie that the stolen rubies are hidden inside a wall at Jack and Carly's basement. Carly breaks the boiler in the house so Jack can come fix it. Carly's plan seems to work because she and Jack almost kiss each other.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick paces the halls outside of Jackie’s bail hearing. Brooke tells him everything will be all right and Jackie will be released today. First thing Ridge sees when he gets off the elevator is Brooke and Nick huddled chest to chest. He tells Massimo he thought he was going to do something about THAT. He declares he is. Obviously not fast enough for Ridge. Mass rebukes him that Jacqueline has brought enough shame to the family; he’s not going to have brother against brother fighting at the courthouse. He dismisses Ridge to leave it to him; he’ll call him soon. Ridge declares either this gets settled soon……or he’ll handle it his way. Jackie is led in and Massimo manages to talk to her as they both spy the lovebirds being not that discreet in public. He warns her this must stop. And she proposes he is treating Brooke like she is a piece of property. And she vows that she will never stand between her son and Brooke. Bridget tells Dante she hopes people don’t think she is being uncaring or insensitive, but she misses Dino so much. Dante says that Felicia chose them to be the parents and that is exactly what they are going to do. Felicia flirts with her Doctor Ramirez and he tells her she is the best patient he has ever had. He tells her he is pretty good with razors himself and he’d be happy to be her stylist if she needs more assistance. Jackie meets her attorney, Mr. McCoy, first time in court which is held in the Judge’s chambers. Charges are read of which Jackie claims all are false. Mass comes forward with the grand gesture that because she is the mother of his son he'd like to post bail, no matter how high it is. The prosecutor calls her a flight risk and asks that bail be denied. Everyone starts talking at once and chaos ensues. Felicia lets the Doc shear her head and he tells her she looks beautiful. They share a sweet kiss. Massimo demands again that the court set bail as high as they want and he will be responsible for it, but he will not stand by one more night and watch Jackie spend the night in jail. Bridget and Dante come to take Dino home and they’re stunned when Felicia announces this is where he’s living now. Mass seems to pull his attention aside when Jackie’s sordid past with criminal, Deacon Sharpe, is mentioned at the hearing. Jackie resorts to standing and begging the court not to deny her bail; she won’t go anywhere.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

John argues with Roman about staying away from Marlena. Alex taunts Marlena as she sleeps. Marlena wakes having regained her memory and unaware that she ever re-married Alex. Alex admits to Marlena that he’s been drugging her along and John witnesses the struggle as Marlena unsuccessfully fights Alex’s attempt to drug her again. Though Roman doesn’t see it, he believes John’s account and escorts him over to the penthouse. Alex claims the struggle was part of lovemaking and Marlena, now drugged, corroborates Alex’s claim.

Hope and Patrick watch via satellite as Bo heads back down after the explosion. Hope is furious to see Bo bring Chelsea back to the surface first. Shawn and Philip are able to climb out on their own. Hope is hurt that Bo refers to saving Chelsea as being back with his family during a TV interview and tells Patrick to turn the boat back toward Morgan Island. Shawn lies to Bo about knowing where Hope went. Mimi calls Belle on her desire for Shawn after a reporter assumes that Belle is Shawn’s wife based on her reaction to seeing Shawn climb out alive.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Jason plans on making Sonny choose between his business and his relationship with Emily. Max, Ric and Carly question Jason's decision. Carly tries to contact Sonny. Tracy and Luke plan to renew their vows as part of their effort to prevent Robert from having Luke extradited. Luke gets an unexpected phone call.

Elizabeth and Lucky get some bad news concerning their finances. Lucky continues to self-medicate. Nikolas reaches out to Maxie. Georgie and Lulu remain at odds.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Dinah prepares for the ball, asking Mallet that if Harley shows up to send her home to be with her family. As she puts the final touches on everything, she basks in her success. She is getting ready to give her speech when monitors are wheeled in and Harley’s pre-recorded speech is given instead. Dinah complains to Jeffrey who is trying to get her on his campaign trail by getting the dirt on Blake, who is at the same time trying to get the dirt on Jeffrey from Cassie. After Jeffrey leaves, Dinah pushes the monitor with Harley’s image off of the roof. Olivia meets Frank in the elevator and convinces him to give her another chance. She tells him that Buzz was there for her and she won’t apologize for that but that he pushed them together because he wanted her to be happy. Buzz, who is at the party with Marina, spends most of the night hiding from Frank. Frank agrees that they need to talk but tells Olivia that it is something that needs to just be the two of them. Tammy goes home and tells Cassie that Jonathan wants nothing to do with her after what she did. Cassie tells Tammy that although she still doesn’t want her with Jonathan she won’t stand in their way anymore. Lizzie tells Jonathan that he needs to make Tammy sweat for a while and teases him about their one night together. Tammy wonders to Cassie how she can get Jonathan to take her back when he won’t even answer her calls and from the doorway, he says that she should just talk to him. He asks Cassie if she has been telling Tammy reasons to stay away from him and Cassie tells him that she is through coming between them. Tammy and Jonathan go back to Outskirts together and he tells her that he won’t hurt her again.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Tess and Viki have a heart to heart talk about what Jessica and Tess had gone through as children. Viki encourages Tess to come to terms with this. Tess, with tears in her eyes, asks Viki how come she hadn’t tried to stop this.  Kelly comes into Kevin’s office just as Duke is dressing. Duke admits that he loves Kelly, and wants her to admit her feelings for him. Kevin listens from outside the door. Clint and Dorian eat breakfast together which consists of eggs, muffins, etc. They share a light conversation which makes Clint forget his problems for a while. They share an intimate moment. Clint pulls away before he lets it go too far. Cris calls Natalie, and informs her that he needs to talk to her.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Sheridan tries to tell Luis that she is really married to Chris, but Luis won't let her get a word in edgewise. He talks on and on about planning their marriage, until Chris explodes and demands Sheridan tell him the truth. She finally manages to spit it out. Fox and Miguel work together in the backyard at Tabitha's house to construct a swing-set for Maria. As they work, Fox tries to find out whether Miguel is going after Kay or not. It turns into a competition in his eyes, and he finally leaves, just as Kay brings refreshments out. With Fox out of the area, Miguel admits to Kay that he loves her. Tabitha has been trying to convince her that she really wants Miguel, and it seems she might be doing just that. Whitney continues to wonder what "God" wants from her, and she's surprised when he wants her to destroy the "evil ones" who are trying to steal his secrets.

Theresa is depresses that her plan to win Ethan back failed, thanks to Gwen, and Fancy tries to make her see he will never leave his wife. She is upset about Noah, and Theresa tries to convince her that Noah would never dump her, it's just not the kind of man he is. Noah and Maya get marching orders from Lena, telling them they have to pack and leave for Italy right away. After reporting to the FBI, Noah wants to leave a message for Fancy. Gwen faces Ethan down, wondering why he didn't leave when Theresa started pursuing him, but she knows the answer, even if she doesn't want to believe it. He finally tells her he still has feelings for Theresa, but that he'll never leave her. She knows he will if he ever learns the truth, tho.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Michael is pissed. Once again his mother has put him in a spot. "I have a conflict of interest now." She tells him to quit working for them so that he can be available for her if she needs him. The way that he sees this, he only has two options. "I can go to Jack and Ashley right now and tell them what you did, or I can turn you in myself!" Ashley wants to cooperate. She'll take a polygraph. Michael is called to be there. Ashley passes the test. Bardwell decides now that he has to look at everyone who has any access to the lab. Michael gets his back up, saying that many people come in and out of there all day long. Bardwell has an aide. He has a way that he can find out where the employees were on that specific day. Nick goes to see Phyllis. "You don't have to worry. I don’t think that my father is going to tell anyone." Phyllis isn't sure. "What if Nikki finds out? What am I going to do?" Nick quietly responds. "You could always quit." She gets her back up. "Why should I be punished? I am not the one who promised anything to Sharon! You are CEO, but I am just an employee here. Would you quit your job?" Noah is sad that Daniel doesn't come over anymore. Sharon calls Daniel and gets him over there to play with Noah in the barn for a while. When they return, Sharon is shouting at Nick because Phyllis still exists and she feels like she is being laughed at every time that she looks at the woman. Daniel quickly leaves and Noah just stares blankly at his parents. Victor goes to Nick who confesses everything. Victor understands but warns the boy not to do that again. Victor goes to Sharon. "I know about the affair, but you have to keep your marriage together." Victor then goes back to the office. He gets off the elevator and Phyllis is standing there. "Are you heading home now?" he asks. "Good. I will have your things sent to you then." He walks off.

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