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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Simone decides to hire Erin Lavery to the marketing department at Fusion. Babe supports that and believes that Erin would be a positive addition to their company. But Kendall does not and believes that Erin is there to spy on her for Ryan. Both Erin and Ryan deny that. But Ryan comes and reveals to Kendall that he has done something in regard to their baby that she is very upset about. Lily is devastated, not speaking and disoriented after Jack has prevented her from ever seeing Jonathan again. Jack blames Jonathan for what has happened to his daughter. But Erica suggests that maybe Jack is wrong about Jonathan being such a terrible person. She tells him maybe he could reach a compromise by letting Lily and Jonathan see each other in public, where they can watch and supervise them and make certain no harm comes. But he's against that and asks her what her secret is involving Greg Madden. Josh tells his father he knows Erica drugged him. Aidan tells Jonathan that maybe he needs to give up on Lily. But Jonathan tells Aidan that no matter what anybody thinks about the two of them as a couple, she is the one for him. JR is able to convince his father that they should have a daycare center at Chandler Enterprises. But he informs Adam and Krystal that Janet keeps contacting him and telling him he cannot trust Babe and he's a bit worried.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Jade has a bad day because Lily is forcing her to take a part time job at the library. Jade plans to persuade Holden to help her talk to Lily so she won't have to work. Will is upset when Jade recognizes him as the person who hilled Rose and asks Luke to keep Jade away from him. Gwen begins to think Barbara has changed even though Will has warned her to be very careful around Barbara. Will looks upset when he walks into Java and sees Gwen and Barbara talking. Paul makes love to Emily so that he can reassure her she is safe and she can trust him with her secrets. Mike tells Nick that the publication of Oakdale Confidential could lead people to discover the real reason he spent time in Jail. Emily feels jealous of Meg again when Paul's phone rings and Emily looks at the caller ID and sees Meg's name. Nancy Suspects that Katie is the author of Oakdale Confidential.


ATWT Recap Written by Jennie

Lily gets Jade a job at the library and tells her that she is going to have to start paying rent and utilities. Jade warns Luke that if he doesnít get her out of this she will tell his secret. While at the library Jade sees Will and confronts him about killing Rose, Will tells Luke to keep Jade away from him. Meg questions Emma about what kind of lock that the key would open and Emma tells her something like a padlock. Emma wants to know what Meg is involved with and Meg tells her that she is looking for Dusty. Paul makes a cold unforgiving Emily breakfast and tells her the only reason that he didnít tell her about Meg was he knew it would make her upset. She forgives him and they start to have sex but she stops when she sees the bullet hole from where she shot him. Paul tells her that he forgives her and they have sex. Emily sees that Paulís phone is vibrating and when she looks to see who is calling him, she sees that it is Meg and tells Paul that she is calling. Gwen finds out that Barbara is behind her getting the job at Crash and calls her on it. Barbara says that since Gwen and Will are married now she wants to make amends. Gwen starts to warm up but Will says that they shouldnít trust her. Mike tells Nick that the book "Oakdale Confidential" may get people looking into his past and that he will be in a lot of trouble if people find out what he did.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick tells Brooke that he thinks what’s happening to his mother is his old man’s fault. He’s using her situation as leverage. He’d help her get out of jail if Nick ended his relationship with Brooke. Bridget and Dante join the others at the Forrester’s and it’s clear Bridget feels left out as Dino’s mommy. She confesses to Dante that she’s afraid. She needs Dino almost as much as Felicia does. Eric visits Jackie in her jail cell and she is resentful but very grateful he came. However, she realizes he is with Stephanie because he loves her. He vows he will not let this sully her reputation, personally or professionally. He does have feelings for Stephanie, but he’s going to stand by Jackie. Nick receives word that Jackie’s hearing is not until tomorrow; she will spend the night in jail. Why would she be denied from seeing her own lawyer? Jackie is returned to her cell only to be surprised in finding Massimo hiding in the shadows of her cell. She greets him as an ally, so glad he’s there so he can help her, she’s innocent. Doesn’t take her long to figure his angle. He wanted something from Nick which wasn’t forthcoming, so she must suffer for something she didn’t do. It’s as simple as that, he wants something from her and she wants something from him. She has a night to think it over. Mass is sure that Brooke will go running back to Ridge if Nick isn’t in the picture.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

After each couple’s plans get momentarily stalled, Carrie and Lucas and Austin and Sami end up making love. Shawn, Mimi, Belle, and Philip arrive at the manhole and Shawn and Philip offer to help. Mimi is surprised at Belle’s quick disagreement with Shawn’s willingness to help. The sewer workers prevent Bo from going back down to help. Philip redirects the gas line and then joins Shawn inside the sewer where Shawn is able to free Chelsea’s foot. Hope watches the entire scene on the satellite TV. Shawn, Philip, and Chelsea are on their way back to the surface when the gas line explodes.

GH Recap Written by Amanda 

Emily tries to make Jason accept her and Sonny's happiness, but fails. Sonny blows up over that. Emily asks him not to fight with Jason. Ric asks to be Sonny's lawyer and assistant, but is rejected. Lucky risks his health to attend Jessie's funeral. Carly and the boys take Jason on a picnic. Lulu tells Diego to leave Georgi alone, and Georgie does not agree with that. Luke proposes to Tracey. Sonny and Emily go away to let things in P.C. cool down.

GL Recap Written by Jennie

Reva and Josh both prepare for the signing of the divorce papers. Reva goes to Towers for her date with Ted and sees Josh there with Jamie, a business associate. After ordering her food and drink for her, Reva’s date invites her out for champagne to celebrate her divorce. When a song that played at her and Josh’s wedding starts up and Ted takes a phone call, Reva calls Cassie. Josh calls Cassie at the same time and after trying to convince the two of them that they are supposed to be together, Cassie just puts them on with each other. They realize what Cassie has done and hang up on her. Reva’s date insults her and Josh drags her out of Towers when she starts to let him have it. Josh tries to calm her down and they wind up falling in the fountain. Laughing at their luck with fountains they climb out and go to Company where they find their initials on the sidewalk and the bouquet from their wedding. Seeing a tag on the bouquet that says it came from the Beacon, Reva calls Cassie and tells her to show herself. Cassie does and pleads with them one last time to stay together. After she leaves, Reva and Josh decide that the signs weren’t trying to show them anything and go to sign the papers. They remember their times together and then sign the divorce papers. Both Reva and Josh wind up at the top of the lighthouse to think after signing the divorce papers and after they admit they still love each other, exchange their rings again. They tear up the divorce papers and throw them into the wind.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary  

Natalie tries to obtain info about the death of John’s father from Vincent Jones, but he refuses to tell her anything. She finally offers him a lot of money for info, but he still won’t oblige. He leaves her with a smile. Bo releases Rex, but vows that he will never trust him again. Bo tries to obtain info from Paige that will help to clear Todd, but she clams up. Paige calls Spencer, and informs him that she is not going to let Todd die. Spencer once blackmails her if she talks. Adriana fills Dorian in on the lie that Rex had told her about Todd, and his hiding in Lion’s Heart. John writes out all the info he has on his father’s death., Once back in town, Nat vows to tell John everything about her meeting in Atlantic City.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Gwen discovers Ethan kissing the nude Theresa at the garage and goes ballistic, breaking a window to get in and attacking her nemesis. She began to tell Theresa what's what, but the woman stopped her cold and told HER which way the wind blows. Gwen refused to believe her, of course, and when she faced Ethan down with the question of whether he wants her or Theresa, he meekly told her she's the one for him. Satisfied, she left, leaving Theresa to remember all the times Ethan told her she was the only one he really loves and vow never to give up on getting him back.

Whitney talks with "God" about helping him thwart the evil ones who want to uncover his secrets - the missing paintings. Paloma and Simone, wanting to find out what's going on with Whitney, are mystified by the sound of music and a strange light coming from the chapel, both of which disappear when they open the doors and look in. Luis gets an inkling that all may not be as it seems with him, Sheridan, and Chris when James talks about having made a bird bath for his mommy, and the babysitter talks about Chris' new love. Sheridan and Chris are thrilled to learn she is pregnant, but he still wants her to tell Luis the truth while she doesn't want to rush it. Hearing what Luis learned, however, she decides she must tell him the truth before he figures it out himself.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Neil and Victor meet to talk about the Info-Tech deal that Neil is working on. Nick arrives from home. "You are late!" Victor voice booms. "Did you read Neil's report?" Nick hasn't, saying that he trusts Neil's judgment and is sure that the deal is just fine. Neil scurries out of there. "Maybe you should keep your eye on business, and not keep your eye on finding office space for Phyllis and Nikki!" Neil comes to see Lily at work. He is happy to see that she is okay, but worries about her schoolwork. "I will be fine. Lauren has promised to give me time to do my schoolwork." Neil likes that idea. He sees Lauren and goes over to her, thanking her for giving Lily time during work hours to do her schoolwork. "Well that is no big deal," Lauren says. "It was part of the deal that Drucilla and I worked out when we came up with this idea." Neil's face changes. "You didn't know?" Lauren asks. Daniel enters his mother's office to deliver mail. He finds her there with Nick who suddenly leaves. She wants to talk to Daniel but he will have no part of her. He starts leaving and she cuts him off before he hits the door. "You can't avoid me forever…" He gets frustrated and angry. "What do you expect from me, now that I know that you were sleeping with Nick Newman?!?!?" Phyllis sees a shadow and Victor is in the doorway. Daniel turns to find Victor staring at them…and then he is gone! Will tells the Abbots that the rest of the cream is fine and that only the promotional jars were tampered with. Michael and Kevin head to Michael's place to talk. Sixty seconds later, Gloria arrives wanting to know why Michael is talking to Kevin alone. "Why can't I know about what you talk about?" Michael is feeling strange. First Kevin moves in her house, and now she is following him around. "Mom needs help Michael," Kevin blurts out. "Don't you dare Kevin!" Gloria threatens. He ignores her. "She was the one who tampered with 'Glow Again'.

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