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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

After Erica has almost murdered Greg on the set by drugging him, Ryan demands that she tells him what is going on. He finds the drugs she gave him and asks her to tell him why she'd take such drastic measures. She then confides in Ryan that Greg violated her no differently than Richard Fields did. She informs Ryan that Greg made her think he terminated a pregnancy. But without her knowledge, he experimented by implanting her embryo in his wife and having Josh. Ryan is shocked to find out that Greg did this and that Josh is Erica's son but tells her she cannot murder him because she will regret it. Jack catches Lily with Jonathan and tells her there's no way he will let her keep seeing Jonathan. But she tells him that she will very soon be 18 and will see Jonathan whether he likes it or not. JR and Babe take little A to the beach to meet with Tad and Di. Not far away, Dixie watches them. After she's revealed to Zach that her daughter could still be alive and Greg did something to her, Zach goes and demands that Greg tells him where Dixie Martin's child is.

ATWT Recap Written by Jennie 

Jennifer finds Meg outside of Paul and Emily’s and Meg gives some excuse to why she is there. Emily tries to keep Jennifer from coming in, but Paul insists. When Jennifer starts to cry Paul says that he doesn’t want her driving and though Emily protests, drives her home. Emily goes to find Dusty, who has broken out of his chains, but winds up stepping in a bear trap. He frees his leg but Emily finds him. At the Lakeview, Paul runs into Meg. Gwen tells Casey that they will be working together at Lisa’s new club and questions if Casey is okay with that. He tells her that it is fine and even says that it is cool that she is getting her band back together. Maddie shows up with invitations to the publishing party for the new book "Oakdale Confidential". When they get to the party, they find out that Maddie’s picture is on the cover and wonder if she had anything to do with it being written. Carly takes Parker to Java to meet with Jack before he goes to live at Hal’s for a while. When Jack questions this, Carly admits that Hal is taking Parker for a while because of their problems. Jack tells Carly that he is at Java to meet Jessica to draw up divorce papers. When Jessica arrives she tries to convince Jack not to file the papers yet but he insists that she does it first thing in the morning. Jessica gives him a copy of "Oakdale Confidential". Carly receives a call from Lily saying that she needs to come to the book party and when she arrives, Lily asks if she had anything to with it. Carly says she has no idea about any of it. Carly later apologizes to Gwen for the way she blew her off and tells Gwen she needs her sister in her life. Gwen doesn’t tell Carly about her marriage though. Mike, who is upset by something that Kim has pointed out in the book, tells Katie that the book brings up his days in jail. Mike later grabs Maddie and accuses her of hurting many people by writing the book. Jack goes to the party and accuses Carly of doing the same. Maddie and Carly both deny it. Lucinda announces that she is there to tell everyone what they want to know, who read the book.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Trying to diffuse Ridge’s frustration, Mass assures him he has talked to Nick and that he has the situation well in hand. He even lived this horror (with Deacon) and he is not going to let it happen again. Jackie assures the agents that she is innocent of any charges. She demands her one phone call and calls Nick. He’s told of three charges involving tax fraud and tax evasion, money laundering, with a minimum of 25 years, if convicted. She’s frisked, fingerprinted and photographed. Nick goes back to his office to find the mess that Ridge made of the pirate trip pictures. Mass is laying in wait to explain again just how upset Ridge is that Nick continues to pursue Brooke. Nick tells him about his mother being arrested and that he needs Massimo’s help. He’s cold, telling him he asked for his help earlier so why should he listen to Nick now? Brooke assures Jackie everything will be all right. And Nick tells Mass he will never accept the fact that Brooke belongs with Ridge. Then it dawns on him, Massimo will turn a deaf ear on his mother because Nick won’t go along with Massimo’s demands. Is that the kind of man he is?

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Lucas, Sami, and Carrie agree to Austin’s suggestion of spending the evening at a local radio station’s weekly “Party at the Pier” night. There, each former couple dances and talks of remaining friends and moving on. The sewer workers hear Chelsea’s cell phone ringing and discover her clinging to life. Bo and Billie arrive at the manhole on suspicion of a gas leak only to discover the girl trapped below is Chelsea. Hope reminisces about being out on the open water so Patrick takes her out on his sailboat. Hope imagines Bo there with her.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sonny and Jason fight over Emily until Monica calls Jason to help rescue Elizabeth, who Manny has stuffed in a body bag and taken hostage. Carly sets Emily up when she abandons her in the middle of nowhere with Nik. He offers her support and friendship, while Carly goes and confronts Sonny who tells her he loves Emily. Noah has Robin suspended for forging his file. Patrick goes to ask his father to relent, but collapses. Lucky is hurt in trying to rescue Liz. Emily gets back to Sonny's, and is ready to break up with him because they are hurting others, though she loves him still. Alexis wonders how her daughter would feel to know she was given up.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Ava and Coop go to their respective bedrooms at the boarding house and both blast themselves for not acting on their attraction for each other. Coop punches the wall and winds up punching a hole straight through to Ava’s room. He comes over to apologize and she asks him to stay. They get into a playful fight with the spackling when Coop goes to fix it. Lizzie and Jonathan start kissing passionately and one thing leads to another and they have sex. Lizzie wants to use what happens so that both of them get what they want but Jonathan tells her to forget it ever happened. When Lizzie realizes that she left her bra in Jonathan’s room, he goes to get it. Tammy shows up at the bar after a talk with Harley about not caring what other people think. After Lizzie quietly retrieves her bra without clueing Tammy in, Tammy tells Jonathan that she wants him back. Lizzie goes to the boarding house and letting herself into Coop’s room sees him and Ava fooling around through the hole in the wall, she calls someone to have them check out everything on Ava. Alan and Alan-Michael go at it until Marina steps in and defends A-M. She corrects Alan when he calls her A-M’s girlfriend though and later A-M tells Marina he will get the two things he wants, control over Spaulding and her. Alan goes to Towers where he runs into Gus and Dinah. Getting upset with Gus, Alan takes his cane and smacks Gus in the leg with it. Dinah sees Gus take one of his pills and after threatening Alan goes to talk to Harley. She tells her about the pain Gus is in and the pills and Harley asks Dinah to give her speech at the fundraiser Spaulding is throwing tonight. A-M later congratulates Dinah on getting what she wants from Harley, although Dinah swears not to know what he is talking about.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Bo and other officers barge in on Todd at Victor Lord’s mansion. Bo orders him to give himself up. Todd refuses until he gets a chance to talk to John McBain. When John arrives, he succeeds in getting Todd to surrender. They take Todd into the station. Bo calls Blair that Todd has been found. Blair, Spencer and Starr arrive at the police station. Starr immediately tells Todd that Blair is having an affair with Spencer.

Nash brings Tess into the hospital for some tests. Antonio confronts them with some papers that orders Tess to have a paternity test once the baby is born. Tess signs the papers. Starr is mortified to find Blair partially undressed in a hotel room with Spencer. Blair is sorry that Starr had to find out this way. Starr orders Blair to give her the ring because she knows that Blair doesn’t want it anyway.  Cris refuses to let Vangie go to help Todd. He compares her to a tiger that he once had. He tells her that he could wind up the tiger, and it would walk until it fell off the table. Vangie remembers the feelings that she had experienced when her father died. Bo orders an officer to take Rex’s statement, and then lock him up.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Sheridan finally decides who she wants to be with, but before she can tell the men which one she has chosen, she faints. Eve takes good care of her, even running some tests to make sure everything is ok, but just as Sheridan is ready to tell her choice, Eve gets a startling phone call. During the time Eve was caring for Sheridan, Luis and Chris seemed to grow closer. Luis even asked him to go help him find Marty once he gets his strength back. Fox decides to come home to help with Maria once Kay calls him, but Tabitha and Endora zap up more work for him to keep him at the office. He rushes through it, tho, and is soon on his way.

Miguel's story of his near-misses with Charity cause her to realize who was at the bottom of it all, and she confronts Tabitha, who wonders if her angst isn't because she could have had Miguel had he come home before she fell for Fox. Theresa continues to do all she can to get Ethan to make love to her, and he almost gives in several times. However, he continues to pull back. He does get into Theresa's vision of their future together, and finally admits he wants her much more than he should.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Kevin is nervous and Michael notices. Kevin tells that he is worried about Gloria. Michael doesn't see why. He asks what would happen to someone who tampered with the cream. Michael finds that a funny question. Gloria arrives and drags Kevin off, scolding him in private later for peaking Michael's curiosity about the cream. Jack and Ashley arrive at the lab. Bardwell is there with others, taking samples. "I have taken a personal interest in this case," he says. He finds cleaning solvent that matches that which was found in the cream that killed Mrs. Gibson. "That means that the tampering could have occurred here now as well as the plant," he explains. Victor interviews Daniel. He declines the offer to be an assistant to a top exec. Victor promises him that he will hardly see Neil and Drucilla, or his mother. He bumps into Sharon and she feels that he should take the job. Later, Lily and he decide that he should take the offer as he can always quit if things get too difficult. Sharon walks in the office as Nick is trying to get NVP to relocate to another building. Victor puts his foot down, reminding Nick that this is his company and NVP will not be going anywhere. "Ya got that!" Sharon is pissed. She doesn't care what Victor said. She tells Nick later that she wants Phyllis out of the building. "Sharon!" Nick pleads. "You saw my father! I can't get her out of the building!" Sharon finds another solution. "Okay, if you can't get her out of the building, then get her out of NVP!"

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