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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Erica gets Greg on her show but has obviously "spiked" his mineral water. Ryan tells her he knows what she's up to. He'd like more than anything to help her murder Greg. But she must know she will be in big trouble if millions of people see him O.D from what she gives him to drink on national television. She interviews him, corners him about how he plays God and decides who is worthy of having children and who is not. He then passes out right on the set and suffers a cardiac arrest. Josh also knows what she's up to. He's very suspicious of Erica and not about to "help" cover for her the way Ryan wants to. Jonathan and Lily give Kendall a surprise baby shower so that she will consider including Ryan in her child's life. But little do they know that she's already signed away her parental rights and given the baby up for adoption before he's born. Jack comes by and Kendall informs him that his daughter is hooking up with the local serial killer. ANd Jack finds Lily and Jonathan together. Tad almost catches Dixie in Di's hotel room. Dixie watches Greg almost die on Erica's show. ANd she tells him he cannot die because she needs him to tell her where her daughter is.

ATWT Recap Written by Jenn

Luke comes home from the hospital and finds out that Lily has set Jade up at Cal’s place. Once he finds out Jade is okay with it he agrees to the plan, but later tells Jade that once he is doing better healthwise he is going to come out to his parents. Holden goes to talk to Jade and tells her that he will kick her out if he finds out that she is going behind his and Lily’s backs. Katie and Mike get an invitation to a party Lucinda has to benefit a new book "Oakdale Confidential". Mike agrees to go but says that they will be late and he and Katie start to make up for lost time. They are interrupted by Nancy who has brought them an advance copy of the book, which has stuff about them in it. Mike is livid and says that they are going to go to the party to find out who is behind the book. Jen tells Gwen and Will why she let Hal free Paul and they try to explain to Gwen how their family works. Paul and Emily go back to the apartment while Meg hides. When Emily goes to slip into some lingerie Meg gives Paul the key she found. Emily comes out of the bedroom needing help with the zipper and asks Paul what he has. He shows her the key and says that the found it while looking for some aspirin. She takes it from him and tells him not to worry about it. Meg slips out of the room but doesn’t leave the apartment and Jen catches her outside the door. Dusty uses a fork that Emily has left behind to escape from his chains.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

When a suggested trip to Vegas doesn’t appease Nick, Massimo reads him the riot act. He is cuckolding his brother, disgracing the family of which Mass is the head. Mass is making the decision that Nick must give up Brooke. It’s a standoff. Nick says he is happy and he doesn’t need his pop’s money or approval. In time, his dad will adjust. Mass adds in time, maybe Nick will be sorrier still. Ridge may have made mistakes, but if Nick refuses to believe he’s wrong, at least Mass will have one son, one set of grandchildren who can enjoy what he has spent his lifetime amassing. Nick states for him just to be sure that making an enemy of him is what he intends. Megan drops off some papers to Jackie at her office. Jackie congratulates her for her new promotion to Production at Forrester Creations. Eric tells Jackie that Felicia is alive and that he doesn’t have a romantic marriage with Stephanie, but all these complexities they need to deal with. She’s angry and frustrated, but ends up telling him once more to go home, take his time, do whatever he needs to do. Brooke defends her choice of Nick to Ridge and agrees she will let him know the next time she takes R.J. out of town. He tells her he’s asked his mother to let them run Forrester's together and she assures him that isn’t going to happen. He vows he isn’t going to give up, she’ll see. Nick goes to see Brooke and tells her about his visit with his dad. And that she may have to accept him with just the shirt on his back. She opines that no one has given up a billion dollars for her before. Massimo takes a mysterious phone call. We see federal men slapping handcuffs on Jackie at her office……. and the determined face of Massimo on his jet.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Lucas and Carrie celebrate their engagement after Lucas fulfills his desire to propose to Carrie properly on bended knee. Carrie sees Austin as the one proposing but hides it from Lucas. Kate faints at hearing Austin ask Sami to date him again. Kate and Sami argue over whether Carrie belongs with Austin or not. The argument spills out into the hall where they run into Carrie and Lucas who have stopped by to announce their engagement.

Hope agrees to let Patrick join her on the beach where they discuss Hope’s regrets and what she believes was Bo’s quick reply. Hope throws her wedding ring into the ocean. Patrick and Hope kiss. Bo tries to find Chelsea because he fears she’ll react stupidly to his comments. When Chelsea doesn’t answer his call because of falling unconscious again, Bo and Billie assume that Chelsea saw it was Bo calling and chose not to answer it. Bo negates Billie’s fears that Chelsea is the way she is because of her genetic contribution. Workmen decide to close up the manhole without ever checking what might be underground.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

After Sonny arrives to defend Emily before the Quartermaines, Alan kicks her out of the family. Lorenzo and Lucky both worry about their lady loves being anywhere near Manny. Carly advises Jason to accept Sonny and Emily. Nik tries to comfort Maxie about Jessy's death. Alexis fears that Sam is an abused woman, and Sam talks to a priest about her mother. Noah is delirious and thinks Bobbi is his late wife. Carly's good behavior turns around when Sonny and Emily come home and she blasts them. Carly takes Emily away from Sonny's so that Sonny and Jason can talk. Liz keeps Manny from attacking Skye and gets taken hostage herself. Noah wakes and finds out he had a transplant.

GL Recap Written by Jennie

Marina finds Tammy and asks her how she is doing after having Jonathan thrown in jail. Tammy, who didn’t realize that Frank put Jonathan in jail, wants to go after him but Marina tells her that she made the right choice. Lizzie bails Jonathan out of jail and the two of them get drunk. They see Marina and Tammy and although Jonathan wants to talk to Tammy, Lizzie tells him it wouldn’t be a good idea. They run into Coop and Ava and after a few heated words Jonathan decks Coop. Coop gets in a few punches himself and Lizzie takes Jonathan back to her apartment to clean up. While Remy asks Tammy out on a date and she turns him down saying that she isn’t ready to move on, Lizzie and Jonathan start passionately kissing and ripping each other’s clothes off. Alan lets Alan-Michael know that he knows about his and Ross’s secret meetings and wonders what Marina would think if she knew that A-M had anything to do with Ross’s death. Alan later tells Alan-Michael that he plans on taking back over as CEO of Spaulding. Alan-Michael storms out and Alan follows. When Alan berates Alan-Michael, Marina overhears and sticks up for Alan-Michael. Frank tells Buzz that he has two tickets for the policeman’s ball for he and Olivia. He starts to wonder how Buzz knows Olivia so well and when Frank says that he wants to take Olivia back to the cabin where they all spent the night together, Buzz decides he can’t take it anymore. He goes to Olivia’s to tell her that he can’t lie to Frank anymore, but Frank overhears them. He lays into Buzz and tells him to find someone else to rent the room at Company because he is moving out. Buzz tells Olivia how he feels about her and has since Bill left and when Olivia asks why he didn’t tell her before, Buzz asks if it would have made a difference. When Olivia says probably not, Buzz leaves and Olivia is left alone.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Rex finds out that Bo and the other officers know where Todd is. The officers and Bo leave for the Lord mansion. Rex, upon learning this news, calls Vangie. After learning this news, Vangie tries to leave, but Cris hampers her efforts. He picks her up, throws her over his shoulder, and takes her out of the hospital. John pays a visit to Dr. Crosby, and fills him in on the evidence that he and John had found out about the doctor, who had operated on his father. Starr catches Blair and Spencer making love in his hotel room. She is devastated. Nat leaves for Atlantic City.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Theresa learns of Ethan's new job and sets out to change his mind. She used some pretty powerful weapons, and although he kept fighting, he finally seemed to give in to her demands he make love to her. Fancy refused to speak to Noah when Kay got him to come to the office, because the mystery woman called and played a recording of him telling her how much he doesn't love Fancy. Kay went home to help Miguel with Maria, amused at how helpless he was caring for a sick baby. Later, however, she realized Maria is probably sicker than she thought and rushed her to see Dr. Eve. Miguel seems to have warmed to Pilar's idea of taking Kay away from Fox, and he uses Maria's illness to draw Kay closer to him.

Chad tries again to get Whitney to see she should be with him and Miles, reminding her that she is only thinking about herself and what she wants instead of what Miles needs. He lets her know that they go through all the stares and rude comments she's so afraid of every day, and Miles really needs her there to help. She almost caves, but then catches herself and tells Chad to stay away from her and keep Miles away, too. Chris grows more and more angry as Sheridan refuses to tell Luis the truth about them. Eve gives her permission to do so, but Sheridan still refuses, causing Chris to believe she may really want to be with Luis instead of him. Even James visit doesn't help, but she does seem to have made her decision at long last. Will it be Chris or Luis?

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Victoria is thrilled. Her father has agreed to make JT report to him and not her. Brad is happy as well. Victoria wants to know who from Brad's family will be attending the wedding but he says that he doesn't want them there. She knows nothing about him she realizes. That is when Brad tells her that his family was poor, but that he has learned that life gets better as time goes on. Sharon is angry that she has found her husband with Phyllis having a drink. Nick gets angry saying that she is one to talk as she hasn't been the most perfect spouse in the marriage either. Later after talking to Jack, Nick decides that he isn't going to move out and he returns home. Sharon orders him out of the house, but Noah hears that his father is home and he runs to him for a hug! Phyllis is having a rough day. Daniel is still upset with her and Sharon tells her to mind her own business when she learns that Phyllis recommended her for spokes model. She goes to her office and Victor is there. She tells that she is worried about Daniel and his inability to obtain employment. Victor offers to give the boy a job on Phyllis's terms. Paul and Ashley see Bardwell in the Athletic Club. They go to him asking what will happen now that Mrs. Gibson has died. Bardwell lets on that he will be handling the case and that he hopes this time that Ashley will not try to impede justice this time. Jack gets an update on the case and promises that Jabot will cooperate with the law as much as possible.

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