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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Ryan runs into Jack and asks him how to be a good father. Although still angry at Ryan for what happened with Greenlee, Jack expresses that he hopes Ryan and Kendall can raise the baby together, not give him up for adoption. ANd he tells Ryan that he and Erica can help them with their baby. Kendall is seriously considering signing the papers to give her baby up for adoption, with Greg. But she hesitates. Ryan walks into the room and tells them there is no way he will agree to give the baby up for adoption. Kendall then decides she's tired of being controlled and she signs the papers. Erica is very worried that Jeff will tell Josh that he's their(Erica and Jeff's) son. SHe tells Tad she must find Jeff before he gets to Josh and convince him that he cannot let Josh know because it will ruin everybody's lives. Tad tells her he's on her side but believes Josh will find out sooner or later from somebody. Jonathan and Lily plan a surprise party for Kendall so that they can convince her to let RYan have paternal rights to the baby. Dixie tells Di she cannot make her presence known to anybody or leave Pine Valley. Di reminds her that the longer she stays in Pine Valley, the harder it will be to conceal her. David gloats to Tad that he has "something" that Tad will envy him for. WHen Di goes out the door and sees Tad, he almost catches Dixie red-handed.

ATWT Recap Written by Jenn

Paul and Meg hug after finding out the news of his release, Paul starts to lean in for more but Meg pulls away and asks if Emily knows he is free. He says that she is on her way and then he tells Meg that if Emily does have anything on Dusty it will probably be at the apartment. Paul tells Emily he wants to show her off and takes her to the Lakeview so Meg will have more time at the apartment. While there, they run into Barbara and Emily convinces Paul to take her home. Paul loudly announces their return allowing Meg to hide but she drops the key that she found and motions to Paul about it. Will realizes that since Hal is working a double shift they have the house to themselves and tries to get Gwen to blow off her schoolwork so that they can go home. Gwen asks Will if he is purposely trying to sabotage their plan and he tells her that he just wants to be alone with her. Lisa finds Gwen at the Library and asks her to get her band back together to play at her new club. Gwen agrees and later Barbara thanks Lisa for helping her out and tells Lisa she was serious when she said she would pay for any money lost if Gwen’s band doesn’t bring in any money. Lisa wonders what Barbara is up to but Babs insists that she is just trying to make things up to Gwen. Katie is shocked when Mike says he wants to get married today. Mike finds out what has been going on with Nick and lays into him for keeping secrets from him and involving Katie in them. Katie and Mike agree to move the wedding up to June from September. Hal calls Carly to the police station and tells her that he wants Parker to come and live with him for a while because of what Carly has done and warns her that if he takes her to court he will win.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick and Brooke dismantle tents and camp to return home. They grab quick kisses and bemoan the fact that it will be terribly hard to keep this up until Bridget’s divorce. Ridge grouses that it’s been 24 hours since Nick hijacked Brooke and he won’t stand for it any longer. He intends to put a stop to this. Mass intercedes and says he will go talk to Nick when he pulls into harbor. He guarantees that his brother will be no problem. Eric and Stephanie tell Bridget and Dante there is something wonderful they need to share with her. Just trust them and follow them, she won’t be disappointed. Felicia asks Dr. Ramirez how much time does she have to live? Happily, he tells her she is not going anywhere any time soon. Without any preparation at all, the Forrester’s lead Bridget into Felicia’s room. Bridget is aghast, of course, when she sees and speaks with Felicia, but is happy that she is alive. She has mixed feelings though and visibly shaken when they bring Dino and hand him to Felicia and she knows they belong together. Nick barely pulls into harbor and says good-bye to Brooke and the kids when his dad’s chauffer comes aboard summoning Nick to see his Dad. Nick is not deterred and sees through Massimo’s little scheme of plying him with drink, caviar, and then talk of the Marone empire. And the subtle, veiled, suggestion that it will all be his and Ridge’s someday, but it could also all be destroyed by a very beautiful, dangerous young woman. Finally, he says it –“you and Brooke, it’s over.” Casually, as if it’s an even swap, he suggests a trip to Vegas instead. Ridge is waiting at Brooke’s house when the pirate crew return and they don’t part exactly on good terms when she reminds him again that her future is with Nick.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Shawn and Mimi decide to resume their honeymoon in their loft and Belle overhears them through the vent. Shawn sneaks out and Bonnie spots him save Belle from nearly falling into an open manhole. Shawn confronts Belle on being upset over his and Mimi's marriage but Belle claims she will accept that Shawn and Mimi are now together. Belle decides to accompany Shawn on his trek to find an open shop so they can both buy flowers for their betrothed. Bonnie reports to Mimi with what she saw and advises her on how to spice up lovemaking to keep Shawn by her side. Chelsea pretends to be shocked when she learns of Hope's request for a divorce but Bo doesn't buy that she is remorseful. Chelsea storms out and ends up falling into the open manhole. Billie convinces Bo not to go after Chelsea.

Austin wants to use the run in with Carrie as a chance to try and convince her that they belong together. Carrie tells Austin that she's chosen to accept Lucas' proposal and advises him to move on with Sami. Lucas talks with Will about marriage and why he and Sami haven't been able to make their relationship last. Carrie returns home and tells Lucas that she's accepting his proposal. Sami and Kate's argument over Sami's plans to go after Austin becomes physical. Austin returns home, orders Kate to leave Sami alone, and tells Sami that he'd like to get closer.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Emily deals with her family's angry reaction to the newspaper article about her and Sonny. Mike demands that Sonny stop seeing Emily. Ric understands what Sonny feels for Emily. Sonny faces the Quartermaines.

Jax protects Michael and Morgan from public scrutiny. Michael begins to warm up to Jax. Sam becomes angry when Alexis questions her relationship with Jason. Jason leaves the penthouse armed with his gun. Robin teaches Patrick a lesson. Luke has a birthday surprise for Tracy.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Harley offers Dinah friendship and support and tells her that she has temps at Spaulding so that Dinah can take some time off. Dinah feels as if Harley is trying to get rid of her and when Mallet says that maybe taking some time off would be a good idea, Dinah wants to know if he is saying that because Harley thinks so. Mallet takes Dinah back to their room and tells her that he is home and that he loves her and is just worried about her. Dinah starts to relax and breaks down about her dad. Coop arranges a nice relaxing day for Ava at the Beacon. She asks if it is a date and reminds Coop that she doesn’t want any of this because of Lizzie. Coop says that it isn’t a date, it is just a day for her and she asks him to stay and spend it with her. Lizzie asks Buzz to help her with Coop and he asks her what she has ever done for Coop. This gets Lizzie thinking and finding out that Coop is at the Beacon gets some stuff together for him. Finding him with Ava, Lizzie starts to accuse them of sleeping together. Ava gets fed up and plants a kiss on Coop and tells Lizzie that it wasn’t a date but it is now. Lizzie leaves in a huff and Ava tells Coop to go after her, he declines and admits he is glad that she kissed him. Jonathan shows up with flowers for Tammy and when she asks him to leave and he refuses she tells him she has a restraining order out on him. When he asks her why she says it is because she can’t trust herself. Jonathan almost convinces her to come with him when Frank shows up and tells Tammy that is up to her if she wants him to get rid of Jonathan. She tells Frank that she doesn’t want to go with Jonathan and when he resists, Frank arrests him. Lizzie sees this and thinks she can use it to her advantage.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

David breaks into Spencer’s room to find incriminating evidence that will clear Todd’s name. David finds out that Spencer has been to Thailand. Margaret writes a letter to someone telling them that she cannot live in Thailand forever. Vangie fills Todd in on Denton, and that he was living in the lap of luxury with money that was paid to him by someone else but Todd. Spencer visits Asa, and informs him that they have some unfinished business. He also wants Asa to know who he is. Blair overhears conversation, and confronts him on it. He lies as usual. Jessica refuses to fully remember what had happened to her when they were young. Tess re-emerges.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Pilar tried to convince Miguel to get Fox out of the way and get Kay for himself, so Maria can grow up with her parents taking care of her. He was against the idea at first, but began to see her side of it later. When Maria developed a fever, Pilar convinced him to call Kay home from work to take care of her. Fancy opens up to Theresa about her problems with Noah, and Theresa was sympathetic to her problems, although she didn't think it sounded like what Noah would do. 

Sheridan continued to pretend to be married to Luis, even tho it angered Chris more and more. He especially didn't like to see her kissing Luis every time he walked into the room. He told Sheridan she has to make up her mind which man she wants, but even Eve's guidance couldn't help her decide. Ethan finally found a job, although it's not what he's used to. His hobby of working on cars landed him a job as a mechanic. He's happy, as long as he's earning money to support the family - or so he tells himself.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Katherine and Jill are pissed when they realize that Jack and Ashley have been making a fool of Gloria in the office. Katherine vows to take Jack down a notch. "He insulted you, Gloria and that has insulted me!" Gloria tells that Katherine there is too much else to worry about right now. Katherine and Jill really see that Gloria has the best interests of Jabot and John at heart. Mackenzie is at the club and she walks by JT. He notices her, thinking that she was passing him without saying 'hi', on purpose. They talk nicely and then she is on her way. She finds Kevin at a table. She has an idea and they head to the loft together. She wants to cook for him. "I am going back to the Indian Reservation," she says. "I have lost myself and feel that I need to go back there to find my way…" Nick and Phyllis see each other at the club. Phyllis thinks that he will be getting back with Sharon but Nick highly doubts it. "I have been trying to get away from that house for months and now all I can think about it how to get back into it. I guess that I will just get a room here and drink the night away," Nick says. As they are talking, Sharon enters the club and sees them having a drink together. The press conference moves along with the Abbots and Michael answering questions. Things get dicey when reporters start asking Gloria questions. Jack feels that it is suddenly time to end things. The Abbots return home and Gloria is miffed that the Abbot siblings never thank she or Jack for their assistance. The phone rings and Gloria answers. Her face turns white and she hangs up. "Mrs. Gibson is dead!" Victoria tells Victor to stop JT reporting to her. He points at her, "You are an employee. Ya got dat!? Don't tell me what to do." Victoria panics. Brad wants to cancel the wedding. She tells JT he has to quit. "I can't quit!" he says. She threatens to fire him, but he knows that she can't.. JT visits Victor to say that he can't do this job. Victor decides to give him another assignment…background checking Brad!

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