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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Kendall goes and talks to Greg about the adoption option. Outside the door, Erica, Zach and Ryan are all on the same page about distrusting Greg and not letting him make decisions for Kendall or anybody else. Ryan notices that Julia has doubts about whether she's fit to be a mother. She confides in Ryan that it has nothing to do with Greg. She admits that she shot an unarmed man. SHe has to live with that for the rest of her life. And she cannot let a child live with that. Both Jamie and Brooke are helping Amanda get back on her feet and she's excited about working for Greg. Jamie does not trust Josh, however, knowing that he drugged Erica and falsely accused Amanda. Erin tells Aidan that she's happy to be with him and is excited about volunteering at the Miranda Center so she can help abused women and children.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick entertains his little pirate crew with smores and singing “If You’re Happy, And You Know It, Clap Your Hands”, followed by a long story about Blue-Eyed Bill. They spend some alone time and Brooke requests that he sing her their song, “Going Back Again.“ And he vows that she has his word. He will never leave her or her children…….ever. Eric reminds Stephanie that Dr. Ramirez wants them to tell the rest of the family about Felicia. And he wants them to see for themselves how much she is improving. Indeed they enjoy the lovely sight and Felicia herself is surprised that she is still alive, this is not Heaven or a dream. She wants to see her baby. She thanks Stephanie for savings her life; she loves her. Ridge is beside himself; he doesn’t know who else to call to find Brooke. “That bastard hijacked my family”. Then it dawns on him where they are - Channel Islands, a place where Brooke and Nick were deserted before. Ridge is ready to send the Calvary out and vows to bring his family back tonight. Massimo reminds him not to over-react. That he can not solve this problem with a sledgehammer; he needs to use a scalpel. He urges Ridge to let him talk to Nick. And if he doesn’t listen this time, there will be consequences.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Jennifer and Frankie make love but Jennifer sees Jack in Frankie's place. Jack tells Jennifer that it's okay to tell Frankie that she loves him. Chelsea clips a random wire in an attempt to keep Bo from talking to Hope but the resulting spark sends her to the ground. Hope overhears Billie talking while on the phone with Bo but the phone wire Chelsea cuts on her second attempt leaves them both thinking that the other hung up on them. Chelsea sends Hope's desire for a speedy divorce through to Bo's computer.

Kate learns from Carrie about Lucas' proposal and Carrie admits to her that she still has feelings for Austin. Kate advises Carrie to not leave either guy hanging while she makes her decision. Carrie makes a decision and writes a note to Lucas. Sami fantasizes about being intimate with Austin and decides to act out her fantasies. Austin stops the lovemaking but Sami is not deterred. Sami overhears Kate plotting to keep her from Austin and Kate vows to Sami's face to make her life hell should she go after Austin. Carrie and Austin run into each other on the roof.

GH Recap Written by Amanda 

Luke and Lulu have a heart to heart moment about their father/daughter relationship. Lorenzo expresses his fears about the mob war to Skye. Emily forces Jason to listen to her, then she has to listen to his harsh words, that the price of being with Sonny is the fear she now has. Alexis shows concern for Sam after Jason lashes out at her. Sam, in turn lashes out, asking if she ever thinks about her other daughter. Alexis gives as good as she gets. She tells Sam about her past, about her first daughter and how Mikos took the baby from her. Jason asks Em to give up Sonny, she refuses, he throws her out of his cell.

GL Recap Written by Jennie

Blake prepares for Ross’s return to Springfield and says that Ross should expect a great return. Jeffrey finds Mallet and gives him news to give to Dinah and then goes to tell Blake that Ross’s plane went down. Blake doesn’t believe him until Holly shows up and Blake breaks down in her mother’s arms. Mallet breaks the news to Dinah and later they go to Blake’s to let her know that they found the plane and there were no survivors. When Jeffrey finds out that Ross’s assistant was also on the plane, Dinah flips out and accuses her father of having an affair. Blake slaps Dinah and tells her that unless she gives up this idea she will not be welcome anywhere around Blake or the kids, including her father’s memorial service. Blake goes to Ross’s office to make a statement but leaves when she sees something on his calendar. She finds Alan-Michael who told her that while visiting Ross to discuss Spaulding business he found Ross and Nicole having a romantic dinner. Dinah comes looking for Blake and apologizes again, and Blake says that although she is tempted to keep her threat of cutting Dinah out of their lives, she knows that is not what Ross would want. She admits to Dinah that Ross may have been having an affair but says that they should never speak of it again. Many people gather to say goodbye to Ross but when Blake gets up to speak she breaks down and can’t go on. At Company, the press descends on the family wanting to know what is going to happen with Ross’s mayoral seat. Alan tries to get rid of them, but Blake tells them what a wonderful man her husband was and that she plans on running for mayor since she knows what Ross wanted. Jeffrey later lets Blake know that he is her competition and watches and she torches all of her romance novels. Alan-Michael, Alan, and Rick toast Ross at towers but when the topic of Ross’s indiscretion comes up Rick leaves. Alan-Michael later removes a file on Nicole and announces that if people want to believe that Ross and she were having an affair that he will let them.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary  

Natalie and Rex argue as usual over Natalie’s involvement with John’s case. Rex senses that something is wrong, and questions her about it. Natalie finally opens up, and explains all. Rex offers his help, but is reluctant to get involved when Natalie tells him that she wants him to find Vince Jones, who is a well known mob boss.

The integration for Jessica/Tess begins .Tess is reluctant at first, but Nash talks her into it. Jessica emerges. She begins to remember what had happened to her concerning Norman Leeds.

Mike and John discuss their father’s murder, and the fact that Dr. Synder was hiding something that he wasn’t telling them. Mike feels that there is a cover up. Mike insists on helping John find their father’s killer.

Lindsay offers Marcie sound advice on her wedding, and offers to help in wedding preparations. Marcie asks her to be her maid of honor. Lindsay agrees. Mike comes rushing in, and asks her to marry him on May 4th, which is Marcie’s Mother’s birthday. Marcie is thrilled.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Fancy gets good news about her injured eye, and gets to lose the patch, but her pain over losing Noah is made worse by Eve's unknowing comments about them. A heart-to-heart with Theresa helps get her back on track, tho. Gwen and Ethan talk about him finding a job, and - of course - Theresa. A remark he makes causes Gwen to fear he may know she and Rebecca are the ones who sent the information about his paternity to the tabloid, but he quickly sets their minds at ease.

Chris is upset that Sheridan never came back to his bed after Luis went to sleep, but a visit to the bedroom shows that she simply fell asleep, too. After he leaves, however, Luis and Sheridan kiss in their sleep. Even missing that, however, he lets her know that she has to tell Luis the truth right away, or lose him. She seems to be hesitant about choosing which man she wants. Whitney is touched by Chad's care of her, but still maintains she will never leave the convent. Noah and Maya continue the ruse of being a couple again, while the mystery woman lets them know she has plans for them.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

"Phyllis, you ruined my marriage?" Phyllis takes the blame. "Nick tried to end it, but I wouldn't let him. He was upset over Cassie!" Sharon orders her to never say that name! "How could you use her to justify what you did?" Phyllis reminds Sharon that she almost did the same thing with Brad. Jack and Nikki want Michael as representation. Katherine doesn't think that's a good idea. Jack knows that Michael is devious, and they need that. Michael sets to work, trying to get a settlement for an injured woman. The deal is that the woman's family can't sue later. The deal is rejected. Phyllis and Nikki have lost property that they were after in Houston due to Phyllis not handling things. Nikki asks Phyllis to pay better attention. Phyllis snaps! "I don't appreciate you taking that tone with me! I am your partner, not your employee! Everyone is always picking on me…why is that?" Brad sees Victoria with JT talking. JT leaves quickly. "You two are always together," he says. Victoria says she's only trying to get along. Brad wonders why she puts up with this. "If you didn't want JT here, You would get him out. I am starting to think that marrying you is a bad idea," Brad says. Sharon goes to Nick. " How could you tell Phyllis about Brad? I want to make you and Phyllis suffer!" Later, alone in the office, she takes her wedding picture, out of its frame and she uses the letter opener to separate the two people. She takes Nick's half of the picture and slowly rips it to pieces.

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