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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Erica goes to see Greg in the hospital, acting all friendly, concerned that he's ok and eager to have him on her show. Josh knows she's up to something and tells her she cannot use his father to stick it to him. Little does he know the issue she really has with his father. Joe asks Erica why she won't consider letting Josh know who his real family is. Kendall admits that she is not developing motherly instincts. She observes Babe with little A and realizes that she could not see herself bonding with a child the way a mother is supposed to. Zach and Ryan come to an agreement that they do not trust Greg and consider teaming up to get the goods on him. Lily tells Jonathan she wants to help him win Kendall's trust and convince her to let Ryan have rights to his son. ANd they talk about what it would be like if Lily is an independent adult and able to see him whenever she wants.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Jack comes home wanting to talk to the kids about their separation, which Carly vehemently is against, but Jack won’t budge. Parker and JJ are devastated when they get the news, and have a million questions as to why they are separating? Jack and Carly do their best to comfort them while not understanding things themselves really. Carly is stunned when Jack admits to be considering divorce. Jack learns by accident about Carly asking Parker to lie for her when Chardonnay came to the house looking for money, which causes more of a rift between two people that already have the Grand Canyon between them. Jack insinuates that he may be considering taking the kids to live with him after a little while, which further devastates Carly. Mike surprises Katie when he comes home. He finds out by accident about Nick needing to reinstated onto the Oakdale PD. Katie and Nick do their best to divert his questions, which work for the time being. Katie and Mike get passionate. Henry warns Emily to get out of her relationship with Paul before it is too late. Jen learns Dusty’s picture was not doctored; he is alive. Jen feels that Paul is the key to finding Dusty alive. Paul almost reveals to Jen and Hal his true feelings about Meg. Paul pumps Emily for information on how she conveniently knew something would break to help his case? Emily looks as if she might tell him the truth, but then pretends she just had a feeling. Jess gets the murder charges dropped against Paul, and Emily excitedly plans for Paul’s first night home, only to be told by Paul that he can’t go home with her. Jen asks Hal to release Paul.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick and crew land on their island and he schleps all the gear out and warns them all that he’s the master tentmaker. They should do the mom thing; he’ll do the guy thing. However Camper Mom outbests Master Tentmaker at his own game so he resorts to playing the guitar and singing some pirate tunes. They are able to spend some quiet, relaxing time basking in their ‘good for each otherness’. He promises to never leave her. Jackie looks for Eric but finds Stephanie. She has to burst Jackie’s bubble that engaged or not, she and Eric are closer than ever. He did not ask her for a divorce. Both think the other is delusional. When he realizes Bridget and Dante’s baby is really Felicia’s, Christian leaves the party early and goes to Stephanie and tells her she must tell the family the truth. Especially Bridget and Dante that Felicia is alive before they get more attached to the baby. Bridget and Dante’s relationship grows closer. She feels grateful and secure with him and Dino. Ridge grouses to Massimo that his thieving brother probably whisked Brooke and the kids away. Mass checks on that for him with the Coast Guard and indeed they are out to sea.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Jennifer stalls to keep from having to go up to the rooms with Frankie until she finally has to be honest. Jennifer is relieved when Frankie reveals that he automatically reserved two separate rooms. An evening of stargazing leads to kissing and though Frankie honors Jennifer’s request to stop, Jennifer asks Frankie not to go. Abe and Roman arrest John for Alex’s attempted murder. Alex and Marlena return to the church to announce that they won’t press charges. John spies through binoculars from Kate’s suite as Alex and Marlena spend their wedding night at the penthouse.

Billie learns from Bo that Hope wants a divorce. Billie convinces Bo to send Hope another email in an attempt to thwart the divorce. Hope regrets having sent the request for a divorce. Hope, after a walk on the beach flashing back through her life with Bo, returns to the beach house with the decision to talk to Bo in hopes of reconciling their marriage. Chelsea tells Kate about her plot to break up Bo and Hope. Chelsea reveals that she changed Bo’s preferences so that his sent mail goes to her computer first and then deletes the email. Kate refuses to help Chelsea keep Bo and Hope from talking.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Durant tries to use Jason's animosity towards Sonny to his advantage. Fearing Jason might go after Sonny, Sam sends Justus away in order to force Jason to spend the night in jail. Jason accuses Sam of siding with Sonny against him and orders her out. Emily is incredulous when Nikolas wants them to face her family head on. Nikolas admits he still loves Emily but defends her right to be with Sonny. Sonny tells Carly he thinks it is too late to make things right with Jason.

Luke gets confirmation from Elizabeth that Alcazar switched Skye and Lulu's charts during the epidemic. Skye prevents Luke from killing Alcazar. Lucky blames himself for Jesse's death and quits the force. Patrick, Robin and Epiphany break the rules in order for Patrick to become a liver donor for Noah. Robin saves Patrick's life on the operating table.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Coop wonders what he has done when he wakes up in bed with Lizzie. She convinces him that they are meant to be together and after he admits that he does miss her and that last night was nice. She goes to take a shower so that they can go announce to his family that they are back together and while she is in the shower Joey Lupo shows up at the door. He tells Coop that Lizzie invited him over last night and Coop realizes that Lizzie lied to him again. She tells him that it was worth it since it brought them back together, but he leaves her at the apartment. Alan-Michael tries to convince Dinah that Harley is not as good as a friend as she thinks and Dinah says that the old Dinah would have hurt Harley for what happened at the meeting but that she has changed. Dinah goes to Gus’s welcome home party at Company where Harley meets her and tells her that they need to talk since Mallet told Harley that Dinah knows about the night that they had sex. The women decide that there is nothing to talk about. Blake asks Harley to keep an eye on Dinah since she decided that she is going to tell Ross when he visits this weekend that she is going to move to Washington with him. Marina sees that Alan-Michael has followed Dinah and tells him to leave. A-M tells her that if she doesn’t take him back he may have to make decisions that he isn’t proud of. Billy suggests to Reva that she get an attorney because of the divorce papers but Reva says that she is confused by Josh’s recent behavior. Josh admits to Cassie that he misses Reva and wants her back. Cassie tells Josh that he needs to tell Reva that, but Reva only overhears the negative parts and tells Josh that she got a lawyer.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

John and Mike confront Dr. Cochran about the night that their father died. Dr. Cochran refuses to tell them anything. Clint seeks comfort from Dorian. Tess seeks comfort in Nash’s arms. She makes him promise that he will tell the baby just how much she loved him or her. Roxie accuses Natalie of not knowing who she wants; John or Michael. Ricky tells Chris about the fight that he had with some bullies in Angel Square, and the fight was over a girl.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Simone and Paloma pore over information about the missing paintings, intent on solving the mystery they discovered in Alistair's hidden stash of documents, etc. Jessica, fresh from waking up next to a dead John again, join them in the Book Cafe and want's to know what they're doing, but the girls aren't sure they can trust her not to confide in Spike, especially when they notice he's tatooed her with the secret Omega symbol they found in the paintings. Spike runs into a mystery man in a monk's hooded robes, and seems to know him well.

Tabitha tries to stir up the waters around Fox, Miguel, and Kay, but the girl figures out what she's doing and calls her on it. However, Tabby presses the issue, asking Kay which man she would choose. Sheridan stayed with Luis until he fell asleep, then went in the other room to explain to Chris why she was in bed with another man. He isn't buying her story of helping Luis regain his strength before telling him she married Chris, and wants to know which man she wants to stay married to - him or Luis.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Lauren tells Neil and Drucilla that Lily came to her for a job but she really didn’t’ have anything for her. Neil isn’t all that upset that Lily met a dead end. He leaves for work. Lauren and Drucilla talk and Lauren phones Lily offering her a job. Drucilla thanks her for that. Lauren assures her that the job will be nothing special. “Strictly commission…” Lauren also agrees not to tell anyone that Drucilla had anything to do with this. Phyllis arrives at work. The first thought that goes through her mind is that Sharon is going to be gunning for her today. She jumps out of her chair when Brad arrives asking for Sharon. “She isn’t here. Who told you she was here?" When Brad tells that the 'Glow Again' cream has been tampered with, Phyllis rushes out to see Jack. “You want me to spend the day with you? Can I come with you to see your dad?" Jack is fine and leaves. Next, Phyllis appears at the club trying to get Michael to go to the movies with her. He can tell that he is afraid of something and he reminds her that she is fearless. She realizes then that she has to face this head on. She returns to the office and has her head down when the door slams! She looks up and Sharon is glaring at her from the front of the office. Jack, Jill and Ashley do whatever they can to save the company. The woman in the hospital is out but still doing shaky. Jack has a statement for the press and Ashley still continues her tests. Gloria hears that Jack is going to see his father and she gets a head start up there. By the time that Jack arrives, Gloria has delivered the blow in her own special way. Jill gets notified by the insurance company that Jabot’s plant is to be shut down and all their products will be investigated. The Newmans are up and Sharon is strangely silent. Nick bounces around like normal, but Sharon has made a decision that not even Nick is aware of yet. Noah is upset that the picture of Cassie is gone. Sharon said it broke and she needs to get it fixed. The truth is that she couldn’t’ bear to look at it during this time. “Go kiss your father goodbye. He is going on a long business trip and you will not see him when you get back.

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