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The TV MegaSite's Monday 4/3/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

David informs Di that Dixie plans to stay in town. Di expresses to Del that she doesn't believe she owes Dixie so much anymore when she's been lying to everybody for so long. Tad and Di are ready to get engaged. Dixie goes to see Dr. Madden and tells him she won't forget what he did to her. ANd she tells Zach that Kendall needs to beware of him. Julia also indirectly confronts Greg after finding out he lied to her about her being incapable of conceiving. RYan surprises Kendall by informing her that he could raise the baby by himself. SHe tells him she doesn't want that. Janet informs JR that Babe revealed to her that her only intent for marrying JR was to be able to fool him, divorce him and take little A away from him. ANd he's getting a little suspicious.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Seven of Oakdale’s most influential women board a chartered bus for Springfield, Illinois so Nancy can accept a Lifetime Achievement Award for 50 years of service. After the luncheon, they pile back onto the bus. Barbara, who is anxious to get home, suggests to the driver a shortcut, when they get lost and end up in a ditch, bickering and reminiscing ensues. It also leads to Barbara attracting a bear, Lucinda and Barbara overturning the van, Lucinda getting pinned, gas leaking and the van exploding. It ends with a snapshot of the seven women who have been friends and enemies over the years, bonding over their latest shared experience. ATWT then thanks viewers for watching the show over the past 50 years, promising that they couldn’t have done it without us viewers!

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hector good-naturedly chastises his little brother, Christian, for staying away in Europe so long and not keeping in touch. He wants to hear about his mysterious patient and also to introduce him to fellow doctor, Bridget. Ridge insists that Stephanie help him right a wrong. He wants her to tear up the paper showing her as head of the company. He pleads that he needs Brooke and his son, R.J., and that both he and Brooke run the company. He needs Stephanie to help get his family back. Nick clowns around as a pirate for R.J. and Hope as he wants to whisk Brooke off for a sailing rendezvous. Nick puts Brooke through a booty call quiz, hoping the kids won’t find out exactly what that means. She calls Megan and cancels all her work schedule as she’s taking off for a few days. Bridget introduces Dino to Christian, who recognizes him as his patient’s baby.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Frankie invites Jennifer up to Green Mountain Lodge and enlists Maggie as babysitter. Jennifer is hesitant to go but Maggie talks her into it. At the lodge, Jennifer feels conflicted when the relationship starts moving too fast. Chelsea sends Hope via email a newspaper article about Shawn’s wedding that included Billie and Chelsea being in attendance and how Bo left the wedding to console them. Chelsea discovers that Bo never logged out of his email account and helps herself to his personal files. Hope decides to email Bo to ask for a divorce. Patrick encourages Hope to recall the good times with Bo in an attempt to have her rescind the divorce request. Chelsea intercepts the email and sends back a reply so that it looks like Bo is agreeing to the divorce.

Belle remains silent when Father Jansen asks for any objections during Marlena and Alex’s ceremony. Marlena flashes back to marrying John during the ceremony but finishes her vows to Alex when he pulls out the charm. Shawn calls Belle to warn her of John’s plans and Belle moves over to stand in front of Alex so John won’t shoot. Abe and Roman are able to bust open the door and stop John from firing. They have to hold him back from going after Alex when Alex gloats about plans for the wedding night.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Jason takes out someone who was about to shoot Sonny and Emily, who are unhurt. Lucky freaks and tries to arrest Patrick for murdering Jessy right after Maxie okays donating Jessy's liver to Noah. However, he's not allowed to make the arrest.Then, he gets the call about the shooting, so both of Laura's sons head to the hotel in time to hear Emily admit that she and Sonny were not completely dressed when the thug shot at them. Lulu and Luke argue over his continuing hate of Nik. Skye struggles to deal with the fact that Lorenzo pretty much stole the serum to save her life. Michael is rude to Jax, but forced to apologize. Emily and Sonny's affair is exposed on tv. Carly has to work to spin things for the boys. The transplant fails, forcing Patrick to become a living donor. Manny tells Luke about Lorenzo's switch. Jason won't speak to Emily.

GL Recap Written by Suzanne

Ava tells Coop he should not be so nice, especially when it comes to Lizzie. She also tells Tammy that she can do better than Jonathan. Jonathan hides in Tammy's car to surprise her. She kisses him but then tells him to get out. Lizzie convinces Coop that Joey is stalking her so that he will rush to her hotel room. She also phones Joey to come there. Coop arrives and she pretends to be distraught. She seduces him. Tammy asks Jeffrey to get her a restraining order for Jonathan.

At the Spaulding board meeting, they are about to vote on the new CEO. Marina tells everyone how much Alan-Michael has lied, particularly in giving Harley a fake note from Gus. Harley and Marina chew him out, and Marina slaps him. Dinah wants to be CEO, but Harley changes her mind about being CEO. She fires Alan-Michael. Alan-Michael tries to explain to Marina, but she's through with him. Mallet is supportive to Dinah, who is disappointed.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Tess and Nash search for the tape, and finally finds it .Tess destroys it so that Jessica will never see it .Viki informs her that that is not the only tape. Tess tells them that she hasn’t felt Jessica in days so they will never see her again. Chris has damage to his hand, and has to wear a sling. Starr catches her Mom and Spencer kissing. Todd enlists David’s help to stay out of prison. John and Michael go to a bar to talk to a contact about their father’s murder/ Starr makes a new friend.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Luis arrives home, to the joy of his family. While the disagreements between them pop up off and on, having the loved one they all thought had died come home again smoothed them over - for a while. Miguel told Martin how he feels, while Theresa tried to tell Chris he was the odd man out. Noah decided to save Fancy by cutting her loose, and set about convincing her he really loves Maya and she never meant anything to him except another conquest. She tried not to believe it, but finally gave in. Sam, listening to it all, was totally ashamed of his son.

Katherine and Rachel showed up at the Lopez-Fitzgerald home, uninvited. Katherine wanted to see her daughter, but also tried to talk Martin into coming back to her, with no success. He says he wants nothing more to do with her. Gwen and Ethan also visited, with all the tension that caused. Luis was just happy to be back home, while Sheridan tried to keep him from finding out the truth. Chris isn't happy with the situation, especially when he found Sheridan in Luis' arms, in bed, with Luis talking about making love on their "wedding night."

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Victoria is having a drink alone at the Athletic Club and JT arrives in a jacket to drop off some information for her. “You could have left this on my desk," she says. “Did my father put you up to this?" Brad arrives, not happy to see JT laughing and joking with his fiancée. “What are you doing here?" Victoria explains that JT came to bring her some company papers. “My father hired him," she says. “What for?" Brad asks. “That’s confidential information," JT says. Michael and Lauren worry about the way that Kevin is taking on Gloria’s troubles with the Abbots. They see him brooding and tell him to stay out of the Abbot problems as it is not his business. He can’t help it. He goes rushing over there to be with his mother, to give her support. Lily and Daniel meet up with the Winters to have dinner. When Neil starts grilling the kids about money, Lily can see where this is going and is ready to hand over her car keys and credit cards, but her parents won’t take them. Daniel says that they will be getting jobs soon enough, but Drucilla knows that her daughter has been pampered and soon she will want her lobster and other fancy dinners in time. When asked, Lily admits to having forged her uncle’s name to get married, and maintains that in spite of that she is still very much married. Nick begs that Sharon give him another chance at their marriage. She isn't interested in that. “You can go and pick up Noah, but don’t come upstairs. You can sleep anywhere you want, just not in my bed…” After he is gone, Sharon calls Phyllis… “This isn’t your lover," she says menacingly. “Tomorrow, you clear your calendar. You are spending the day with me!" She hangs up and then picks up Cassie’s hand-drawn picture to look at it closely. Jabot tries to figure out what’s going on with the cream. Ashley finds that ‘cleaning fluid’ is the has been added to the cream. Meanwhile, Lauren’s customer has been put on a ventilator and then goes into shock. Gloria listens quietly as the head honchos talk. They suspect that someone in their company, possibly someone who works in the plant has done this. Gloria can’t believe her luck when she realizes that suspicion hasn’t fallen on her at all. Kevin arrives. He is worried about his mother and has come to be with her. Gloria grabs him and drags him into the other room to talk while the other watch curiously.

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