Friday 3/31/06 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Joe reveals to Tad that he'd like very much to report Dr. Greg Madden and take his medical license, after he stole Erica's embryos and lied about Josh's conception, not to mention all the other similar stunts he must have pulled with other women. But he admits that if he were to do that, then the truth would come out and it would stir up too much trouble. So he's forced to let Greg have privileges in his hospital. He informs Tad that he's contacted Jeff and is about to tell him that Josh is his son. Tad tells his father that Jeff will not like what he sees. But Joe still has his "soft spot" for Josh, in spite of everything. He tells Tad that throughout Josh's life, Greg Madden has been making all these "choices". And now Jeff gets to make his choice. He asks Tad how he'd feel and what he'd do if somebody kept his child from him. Dixie goes to see Greg Madden and asks if he's ready to die yet, disappointed that his condition is not fatal. Tad is ready to enter. And Greg reminds her that he knows her "secret" as well. She hides while he talks to Tad and is able to overhear Tad telling Madden he knows about his little "study". After Ryan reveals that he's afraid he could hurt his child, Erin tells her brother she does not believe, for a moment, that he could do what their father did. She informs him that she wants to volunteer at the Miranda Center. She believes it would be good for her to work off her guilt over her own family situation with her brothers and father. Kendall goes to see Zach and thanks him for offering his support. Right then, Ryan is encouraged to believe that he could be a good father and Kendall has her doubts about that. Julia overhears Kendall making an appointment with Dr. Madden on the phone and tells her she must know she's making a big mistake. JR goes to see Janet in the institution and she talks about the loss of his mother. Amanda goes to see Greg and tells him she cannot accept his job offer. She's afraid that she could lose him many patients of they know that he's hired the daughter of Janet from another planet. Zach informs Dixie that Greg has pressured Kendall to give her baby up for adoption. Hearing that, she reveals to him that Greg Madden is the reason she lost her child.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Today and Monday mark two special anniversary shows commemorating ATWT 50 years on TV as of April 2.

This momentous show was not your average show and plot line. This show takes a comic look at the Oakdale’s most influential families. It begins as Maddie is preparing for her school project and Will, Gwen and Casey help her put a unique spin on how each family is seen in a whole new light. First up is the Snyder’s, who are shown in a black and white type of skit called the “Snyder Hillbillies”. It shows a poor but proud Lily and Holden. Lucinda appears as a snooty businesswoman and a there is a misguided Meg who always brings home the wrong guy, and this time is no different when her new boyfriend proposes only to be uncovered as none other then a wanted Paul Ryan in disguise. Next up is “I dream of Carly” depicting her family. We see Carly as a genie and Jack as an astronaut excited at the possibility of being the first to walk on the moon. A dapper dressed officer Nick interrupts only to disappoint Jack by informing him he was given the green light to lead the mission to the moon. A heart broken Jack leaves and Carly uses her genie powers to turn Nick into a rat so Jack will be given the chance to head up the mission. Jack gets the nod thanks to wife’s genie nod of the head to change Nick into a rodent and all the while Jack thinks magic had nothing to do with it (wink). Will’s family follows and they resemble the “Munster’s”. We see Barbara and Hal as Lily and Herman. Jen, whose character is Marilyn, brings home Dusty, who runs from her in the end, thanks to Paul scaring him off. Jen worries why men never stick around? Will makes an appearance in the end as Eddie. Next up are Katie, Henry and Mike. The gang comes up with “I love Katie” as a sitcom representing them. We see Katie as Lucy and Mike as Ricky. Katie wants to learn how to drive but Mike forbids it, so when he leaves town on a trip, Katie enlists Henrietta’s (Henry) help. Disaster of course ensues when Katie hits Mike, who has come home early, with her car , and then she and Henrietta try to cover it up. The plan goes awry when Nancy is brought in as the suspect and Mike finds the hidden damaged fender. In the end, Katie and Henrietta end up in jail. Finally, the four musketeers come up with a sitcom showcasing their lives. It is “Happy Days”. Casey is the football player and Will the leather coat wearing biker and Gwen and Maddie portray Laverne and Shirley. The foursome all get together and share a happy ending. The final scene shows them agreeing that they all want to live in that sitcom and for it to still be great 50 more years from then!

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie coerces Dr. Ramirez to accept her as a liver donor for her daughter, Felicia. She doesn't care about the risks. At first he flatly refuses because of her age, her blood pressure, her kidneys. He finally relents when she is adamant that she will not stand by and let Felicia die. They prep them both for surgery. Feeling a little dopey from the relaxant, Stephanie and Eric reflect on their lives and he admits how much he loves her. She's his everything! Ridge shares with Brooke that all her insecurities about her father abandoning her has caused her to reject Ridge and choose Nick as the safe one. She does not agree this is the feelings she has for Nick. Nick continues to ply Taylor with bourbon to teach her a lesson about drinking. Drunk as a skunk, she philosophizes then promptly keels over and upchucks in his lap. Taylor has found a new hero. Dr Ramirez tells the Forresters that the transplant team is on the way with a liver, a perfect match for their daughter.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Patrick encourages Hope to go back to Salem but she refuses. Frankie works with Chelsea and Billie to secure a workable defense that includes having multiple people testify on Chelsea’s behalf. Chelsea becomes more determined to keep Hope away from the trial. Billie warns Chelsea against doing anything else to come between Bo and Hope and buys Chelsea’s promise not to do any harm. Chelsea sends Hope an email Hope finds shocking. Jennifer encourages Bo to take charge in order to bring Hope home but Bo believes that dragging Hope home would be wrong. Jennifer and Bo argue over whether Chelsea needs to go to jail. Frankie stops by to fill Bo in on his plans for Chelsea’s defense.

Kate tries to convince Marlena to cancel the ceremony. Marlena flashes back to being with John and Alex romantically but still vows to love and marry Alex. Alex tries to stop Belle from seeing Marlena before the ceremony but instead Marlena is the one to turn Belle away. Mimi criticizes Belle for running to Shawn instead of Philip. John dresses as a nun to get past the cops and guests and sets up in the belfry so that he can aim his gun through the air vent. John practices his aim by shooting a flower on the altar that Mimi overhears. Shawn spots John’s gun poking through the vent and alerts the cops. Roman rushes up to the belfry to try and stop John while Tek hides in the confessional with his gun aimed at John.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Lorenzo promises not to retaliate if Sonny was involved in the shooting. Many anxious people wait on the results of Jessie's surgery. Emily lies to her mother to spend time with Sonny. Jason continues to have nightmares. Monica and Jason discuss Emily and Sonny's relationship and their worry. The boys accidentally trash Sonny's house, but Jason does not know they did it. Seeing it, he thinks Sonny went nuts and fears for Emily. Sonny plans that by mid June he and Emily will be able to reveal their love in public. Jessy dies. Carly and Nik clash about Baby John. Lorenzo confesses what he did with the serum to Skye. Jason bursts into Emily and Sonny's hotel room, shooting.

GL Recap Written by Jennie

Billy and Reva are at Outskirts when Josh shows up with news of an e-mail from and upset Shane. Billy leaves; upset, and Josh and Reva start to grow closer. When Reva accidentally spills her drink on a bar patron a fight ensues and Josh and Reva have to leave. A still upset Billy runs into Josh’s lawyer at Company and tells him that Josh still wants the divorce papers that he started to have drawn up a while back. When Reva receives them, she storms out on Josh. After the boys worry that both Gus and Harley will be going back to work and not be around, Harley decides that she is going to resign from Spaulding. She calls Alan-Michael to tell him about an emergency meeting she is calling to tell the board that they should keep Dinah on as CEO. A-M assures Alan that this is not going to be the case. Harley goes by Mallet and Dinah’s to tell them of her decision and Dinah, thinking that she is there to take her job back, gets upset. When Harley tells Dinah what she has actually decided, Dinah stops Mallet from telling Harley that she knows about the two of them. Marina mentions the note that he wrote to Harley to Gus and Gus tells her he doesn’t remember writing a note. Going to Alan-Michael’s apartment and doing some snooping she finds samples of Alan-Michael practicing Gus’s handwriting. As the vote starts at the meeting, Marina interrupts and tells everyone what she has found.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Chris is declared the winner of his boxing match. He has hurt his hand, and Natalie agrees to take him to the hospital. She goes to get the car when she finds her contact’s billfold. He gives her the information that she seeks.  Todd calls David, and asks him to meet him. When David shows up to meet Todd. Todd knocks him unconscious. Adriana and Rex visit the house where Todd hides. Todd reveals himself to Rex. Todd tells him that he knows who had set him up. John finds out the identity of Natalie’s contact.

Passions Recap Written by Glynis

Fancy and Sam arrive at the Bennett house and they find Noah and Maya in bed together kissing under the sheets. Fancy is furious. Noah says that he was just dating Fancy and now he wants to be with Maya. Maya shouts for Noah to get the skank out of the room, and that is when Fancy starts beating her with her fists. Katherine approaches Martin at Luis’s homecoming and he tells her to get away from him. Later, Sheridan mentions that she heard Martin and he was so cold. Katherine says that she and Martin disagree about who he should be with. Sheridan feels her mother should move on, like she has. Katherine knows that like her daughter, she isn’t over Martin just yet. At Luis’s coming home party, Ethan and Gwen arrive and meet with Luis for a while. Theresa can’t resist. She takes another shot at trying to get Ethan to be with her. “You know Sheridan may be married to Chris, but soon she will go back to Luis," Theresa says. Ethan is shocked. “Theresa! They are married!" Theresa doesn't care. “Luis and Sheridan will be together again, just like I know you are I are going to be back together," she says.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Michael comes running when Katherine calls. He can’t tell what position the company is in, as no one knows how many of the 'Glow Again’ jars are out and about. Jill tells that one of Lauren’s customers was rushed to the hospital due to breathing problems. Michael sees the writing on the wall. “Everyone who has come in contact with this cream…is a possible litigant!" Paul arrives at the lab to see Jack and Ashley as soon as he hears the trouble they are in. Ashley does tests and learns that the formula in the jar, isn’t her original formula. “Something has been added.” She has more tests run and she and Jack have results. They head to the Athletic Club to tell Jill, Katherine, Michael, Kevin, and Gloria that they know who the culprit is. Gloria and Kevin shrink in their seats. Nick lies at first, but then admits that he had been having an affair. Sharon is hurt that the very night he slept with Phyllis, she was torn over almost making a mistake with Brad. “I don’t want out of the marriage," Nick says. “Can you look me in the eye and tell me that you don’t have any feelings for Phyllis?" Nick can’t do that. She changes and throws the lingerie at Nick telling him to give it to his girlfriend to wear, and to call her up as the room has been paid for the night!" Phyllis is in the bar downstairs when she sees Sharon leaving the motel angry as hell. She quickly turns her back so as not to be noticed. Phyllis goes to see Nick upstairs suggesting that he not go home so that Sharon can have some space to think. Nick wants to go home and can’t understand why they hell they did this in the first place. He heads to the door. “Nick!" she calls out. Before she can start talking, he tells her not to do or say anything, and then he is gone.

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