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The TV MegaSite's Thursday 3/30/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Babe takes Amanda to the hospital after Simone has gone off on her. JR comes by and tells her she cannot be spending time and energy helping Amanda after what Amanda's mother has done. She tells JR that she, herself, made mistakes that ruined people's lives. JR tells Babe that her mistakes didn't get anybody killed. But Babe tells him that she was never alone. She had Krystal, David, Jamie, she's gotten JR back, and Bianca has forgiven her. Amanda is alone and is just as deserving of another chance and people who care about her as she was. Julia and Josh are in a power struggle. She learns that he drugged Erica, caused her to stab Zach and falsely accused Amanda. He tells her he knows she shot Garrett in cold blood. David tells Dixie he will stop at nothing in order to get her back. Kendall still does not know what to do in regard to the baby. Ryan discovers that he needs Kendall to co-parent because he believes the baby will need her to protect him from Ryan. Greg tells Amanda that he regrets what his son has done to her and he will offer her a job in his office.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Holden and Lily plead with Luke to tell them what he is holding back from them, but a setback with him convinces them to tell Luke to hold off on whatever he wants to share with them. In the meantime Luke tells them if Jade isn’t welcomed back in their house, when he gets out of the hospital, he won’t be going home either. Lily and Holden wonder what Luke was on the verge of saying? Gwen tells Will that she did something that may not make their life easy. She told Barbara where to go when she offered to have a welcome dinner for them. Will is glad she stood up to her, but Gwen is worried she threw gasoline into the fire. Jen reads the note from Dusty begging her not to give up on him. Jen calls Hal who promptly discounts the letter as a hoax most likely from Meg or Paul. When Emily brings a wedding cake to Paul she hints that she feels something may happen soon to change his surroundings, but she will not explain herself. Maddie and Casey agree not to talk about the past. Jen confronts Meg about Dusty’s letter and Meg comes close to telling her what she and Paul think, but she changes her mind at the last moment, which was a good thing since Emily was eavesdropping. Lily agrees to let Jade stay, but informs her she is only allowed to stay in the guesthouse. Hal confronts Paul about the Dusty letter and picture when he finds out it is legitimate. Paul excitedly tells Hal he wants to recant his confession.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Mr. and Mrs. Forrester seem to have come to a comfortable understanding about keeping Felicia alive, and Eric give Stephanie all the credit. Nick finds Taylor passed out on her sofa at home from drinking. Tough love, he offers her bourbon and to even get loaded with her. She's not an alcoholic, just a wannabee, wallowing in pity because she lost her husband. She doesn’t appreciate his attitude.

Brooke and Ridge continue their harangue about his being her one and only and not settling for Nick as her second choice man. He even states all the reasons for Brooke’s insecurities and why she chose Nick over him. Defiantly, she tells him she will NEVER subject herself and her kids to a man like him that would treat them like her own father did to her. Felicia miraculously awakes and immediately tells her mother that she hates her. Later, Stephanie realizes Felicia is in a time warp; she’s back to when she was about fifteen years old. She tells the doctor she’s prepared to take this risk with her being a liver donor, with him or with someone else’s help. She will NOT let her daughter die.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Carrie turns down Lucas’ proposal and runs out of the church. Lucas talks things over with her and agrees to take things slow. Sami and Lucas argue over their relationship while Austin comforts Carrie by abiding by her desires not to talk about Lucas. Belle convinces Shawn to come help her find John but isn’t happy to see Mimi tag along. Celeste overhears Lexie talking with Tek about their affair and confronts Tek. Roman and Abe are unable to find John because he is hiding in the bushes plotting to use the catacombs to gain entry. The commissioner issues an order to kill John should he try to gain entry. Kate rushes to retrieve Lexie after hearing Marlena declare that she truly loves John. In the meantime, Alex sneaks in and gives Marlena another injection to make her believe she only loves him. Kate and Lexie return and are surprised to hear Marlena claim she never professed a love for John.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Jesse is seriously wounded as gunfire is exchanged. Lucky feels guilty for Jesse being shot. Alcazar comes to believe that Sonny ordered the hit on Diego. Manny makes sure Fitch won't be speaking to the police.

Sonny makes plans to take Emily away for her own safety. Jason has another nightmare in which he kills Sonny. Robin insists that Patrick can't be the surgeon who operates on Jesse. Carly warns Sam to never tell Alexis she's her mother

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Mallet follows Dinah to Harley and Gus’s new house where they are stunned to see Gus alive. Mallet tells Harley that she was right to continue to have hope. Gus thanks Mallet for being there for Harley while he was gone and Dinah starts to tell Gus just how much he was there for her when Harley starts to sing her praises to Gus. She decides not to say anything and she and Mallet leave. She admits that she is still in love with him and when Mallet tells her that he loves her, too she is touched. Alan interrupts Alan-Michael and Marina and tells him that Gus in on his way back to town and he needs to be prepared. A-M says that it won’t affect him and Alan tells him that it will since Gus overheard Beth telling him that Alan is the reason A-M came back to Springfield. Marina shows herself when Alan starts berating A-M and Alan tells her that she reminds him of her Aunt Harley, which isn’t a good thing. A-M kicks his father out for insulting Marina but later calls him to talk about an Emergency board meeting. Seeing Olivia’s new outlook on life Frank takes the day off to spend with her and Emma. He tells her that his new goals are spending more time with them, getting Marina away from Alan-Michael, and finding a good woman for his father. Olivia tells Frank that she can’t help him with the last one. Gus and Harley decide to show everyone that Gus is still alive and running into Alan and Beth outside of Company tell Alan that if he doesn’t leave Harley alone, he will come after Beth and the new baby. Gus has an emotional reunion with the Cooper clan.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Spencer manages to get Nora to blink. This makes Matthew very happy. Everyone is happy that Nora is awake. David goes to see Dorian, and tells her that he loves her, and wants to set things straight .Blair overhears David telling Spencer that he knows his secret. Tess and Nash both try to kill Norman Leeds. Nash lets Tess know that he knows her secret. She goes balistic that she didn’t want anyone to know. Nash and Tess agree to go back to Llanfair.

Chris is competing in another boxing match. Natalie arrives to meet her contact. The man begins to make advances toward which makes Chris angry. Roy calls John, and fills him in on the situation. John comes to the gym. He begins to throw the man up against the wall. This gets Chris’ attention away from his opponet. His opponet gets the upper hand, and knocks Chris to the floor.

Passions Recap Written by Glynis

Martin is in his house alone. He hears a noise and calls out thinking that Pilar has returned to him. It is Katherine. She managed to get in the house and has made Martinís favoriteÖcorned beef and cabbage. ďJust the way you like it!" Martin is no happy to see her and orders her out of the house. She says that there is no danger in her being there as Pilar isnít around and she didnít get to renew her vows anyway. That doesn't matter to Martin. He still wants Pilar back and will keep trying to work things out with her. While they are together, Pilar arrives and is angered at the sight of both in her house having dinner on her plates. She pushes the plates off the tables and thinks that Martin has set this up. Noah needs to get out of this FBI building. He suddenly realizes that if he isn't around to take care of Fancy, she will be in grave danger and he canít let that happen. He grabs Agent Morrisonís gun and holds it on him, ordering that the man help him to get out of the building. The female agent who is out of the room, soon gets wind of trouble and comes bursting in with her gun aimed at Noah. He will not take his aim from Agent Morrison, and so the female agent points her gun on Maya. Noah sees that he canít get out of there and so he gives up his gun. Now he really is in trouble. . Sheridan springs the surprise. She has Luisís family come into the cottage and enter a dark bedroom. When Sheridan has them all situated around the bed, she turns on the lights and Pilar is the first to realize that her dear Luis has returned home. He tells the story of how he has been surviving all this time and he announces his marriage to Sheridan. Chris said that he was going to tell the group, Luis as well, that he is the one that is really married to Sheridan, but when the time came he passed on telling the truth.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Gloria and Kevin arrive at the boutique and Gloria’s blood runs cold when she sees 'Glow Again' on the counter. Lauren says she was given the cream for her customers. Gloria thought that only she and a couple of people from work would only get the cream. Kay and Jill arrive and see Gloria’s face. They can’t figure why this happened. Gloria feels that with John in trouble, not enough attention was given to the production of the cream. Jill doesn't think that Jack and Ashley would let that happen. Katherine, on the other hand isn’t so sure that Gloria is wrong. Kevin gets him mother out of the boutique and takes her to the Athletic Club. “I’m on to you mom," he says. “Did you do this?" She admits it. “I am not going to get in any trouble," she says. “Only two people know. You and me and don’t you go getting any bright ideas about telling anyone," she says menacingly. “Remember… If I get kicked out of the Abbot family…you get nothing!" Miguel lets on to Phyllis that Nick and Sharon are at the Genoa City Hotel. Phyllis’s eyes grow wide as saucers. She rushes over there and cons room service into handing Nick a note while bringing in champagne for the couple. Nick is slipped the note when Sharon is busy checking out the champagne, but he doesn't read it. He puts it on the rolling tray. Sharon sees the note. ‘I have to see you as soon as possible…P!’ Sharon decides it’s time. She goes into the bathroom and returns wearing nothing but the lingerie. “Do you recognize it? You should! You’ve seen it on Phyllis! Was she wearing it in this room? At that seedy motel? In the stable?" Nick denies everything! Daniel and Lily are shocked when Neil lies to Daniel’s probation officer about Lily having permission to marry. He tells Paul later that he only did that as he knew that Lily would be angry with him if he had gotten Daniel in trouble. Paul hands him documents that he had messengered from Vegas. It is copies of the forms that Daniel and Lily used to get married. Neil is puzzled. “She listed Drucilla as ‘deceased’? That is a little dark isn’t it Paul? And why would she do this? Why would she list Malcolm as her father? What does he know about all this?" Daniel and Lily arrive home. The place is starting to feel like home to Daniel and Lily. Lily can’t stop thinking about how her father lied for them in front of the probation officer. Daniel hands her a present. It is a meal. “That is the last of our money," he tells. She worries. “What will we do?" He promises to go out and look for a job the following day. He leaves the room for a minute, and Lily takes this time to look at the small room…the meager furnishings…the cramped spaces…

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