Wednesday 3/29/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 3/29/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Jack, Reggie and Lily can sense there is something "up" with Erica. She acts gracious to all of them and is even happier when she sees that Greg has been admitted to the hospital again after she drugged his tea. Julia gets to treat the good doctor. Ryan and Julia are brainstorming on the hospital computer about how to investigate Greg's history and find some dirt on him. Josh tells them they can get in trouble if she lets Ryan go through confidential hospital records. Babe is trying and failing to win the acceptance of Kendall, Simone and Danielle at Fusion. And she really blows it by inviting Amanda to the office and informing them that she offered Amanda a job. Simone gets very upset and ready to kill them both after what Amanda's mother murdered her fiance. But Babe is still determined to find Amanda a job, as she's promised. They go to the hospital. Dixie is hiding nearby, afraid of what David could do to JR if he spills the beans that his mother is alive. But she is shocked to discover that Greg Madden is "still there".

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Jade wants her and Luke to bluff that they are going to leave his house, so Lily and Holden let her stay. Lily and Holden discuss Jade’s living arrangements; Lily wants her out as fast as possible, but Holden plays devil’s advocate. Jen continues to see visions of Dusty, but Hal tells her there is no new evidence. Jen then wonders if her visions are Dusty trying to say goodbye? Jack and Carly share a heart-wrenching break up. Jack tells her he can no longer live like this; Carly pleads for another chance. Jack feels she crossed a line this time and he can’t get past it; he wonders if he and Carly are mirroring his parent’s dysfunctional relationship? She chose to work at a strip club, use Nick and the power of possible sex with her and then to lie about it even though their marriage was on the line is more then Jack can bear this time. Carly tries to pull out all the stops to keep him from leaving. Lily and Holden tell Jade and Luke that she cannot stay at their house. When Luke looks as if he may not leave with Jade, she appears to be about to reveal his secret when Luke collapses. At the hospital Susan tells Holden and Lily that Luke has a kidney infection. His prognosis seems positive, but they don’t know anything fully yet; she advises them to keep him quiet and stress free. Lily worries what has been going on at home made Luke sick. Jade overhears and asks to talk to Luke. She wonders if Luke should just come clean about his sexuality because she claims it is not worth getting sick over. When Lily and Holden come into the room, Jade says Luke has something to tell them. Emily tells Dusty he is going to write a letter, but Dusty refuses to write a suicide or goodbye letter. Emily tells him that Jen spends all her days wondering endlessly what happened to him. It wouldn’t be unkind to give her hope, Emily thinks. Dusty corrects her because apparently it would be false hope as far as he can see. Emily threatens that if he doesn’t do at least this much she has no reason to keep him alive. Jack is not swayed by Carly’s pleading; she will always lie and he will always want to believe in her; he thinks they both deserve better. He tells her he will call her in the morning to figure out how they will tell the kids. Emily happily tells Susan that she feels confident that something will show up soon that will exonerate Paul. A shocked Jen receives an envelope from Dusty with a picture of him with a current newspaper and a letter, which Jen starts to read. As Jack is leaving Carly tries to give him their compass so he can find his way back to her, but he refuses saying he always wanted to be her true north, but somehow they both got lost, and he walks out the door and leaves Carly an emotional wreck on the ground, screaming out his name.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric stares at a comatose Felicia. He cries, he's very angry, even visibly outraged. What have they done to her? Stephanie pleads with him to accept this. Felicia survived; please believe this and tell her that he loves her and wants her to live. She says that Felicia needs the both of them to will her to live. He breaks down and finally tells Felicia he loves his sweet, happy girl.

Ridge visits Bridget, and she informs him that she is moving in with Dante. He surmises that Brooke is waiting the required six months only to punish him for originally choosing Taylor over her. Then he visits Brooke at the office and remarks that he knows what she's up to - game on! Jackie beams as she tells Nick that Eric is on his way to speak with Stephanie. He'll be seeking a divorce. They just have to have a little faith. In jubilation, Eric tells Stephanie that Felicia IS alive; he felt her spirit. He kisses Stephanie and gives her all the credit for keeping Felicia alive. They hover; they are both there for her; don't give up! From some far-off place, she silently acknowledges this.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

John plans to shoot and kill Alex if that’s what it takes to stop the wedding. Kate starts to call Roman to warn him but agrees to keep quiet upon John’s request. Roman, Abe, and Tek work together to keep the wedding safe and free from John’s plans. John arrives at the church but claims to Roman and Abe that he doesn’t have any guns and is only here to go to confession. Once in confession, John tells Father Jansen his concerns and plans to still commit murder when Father Jansen refuses to stop the ceremony. John evades the cops and practices his aim by shooting at watermelons. Marlena asks Belle to be her matron of honor but Belle refuses. The clock chimes and it reminds Marlena of the time John gave it to her. Alex eavesdrops as Belle tries to get Marlena to admit that she had the memory. Belle decides to take part in the wedding after all and Alex watches as Belle stashes the clock in her purse in hopes of using it to reunite her parents. Alex pays off a flower delivery guy to pretend to accidentally break the clock. Belle gives Marlena a series of gifts that spark her memories of marrying John but Marlena insists on going through with the ceremony. Kate overhears Marlena declare that she loves John and not Alex.

Austin and Carrie run into each other in the hall and Austin questions Carrie about her decision. Lucas proposes to Carrie while at the church for Marlena and Alex’s wedding. Shawn and Mimi arrive at the Horton cabin and discover a wedding present from Alice that includes a check and the Horton/Brady family scrapbook. Mimi tells Shawn to enter Claire’s birth in the book because she is a member of the Horton/Brady family but then claims it is because she is their goddaughter. Belle overhears John talking with Kate about his plans. Belle bursts into the cabin and interrupts Mimi and Shawn’s lovemaking.

GH Recap Written by Amanda 

Sonny is leery of Alcazar's profession of wanting peace. Once more, Noah tells Patrick not to put him on the donor list, but it's too late, he already has. Dillon is angry over Georgie's lies. Carly finds out about Sam and Alexis' connection and warns Jason to reign her in or Alexis will figure it out too. She then trots over to tease Sonny about his secret. Maxie and Jessy plan for a happy future at the carnival. Sonny and Jason argue; Jason wants to start a mob war, Sonny does not. Noah goes into a coma. Emily admits to Liz that she is scared of Jason's dark side and that she is seeing Sonny. A shooter fires wildly into the carnival crowd, trying to kill Diego.

GL Recap Written by Jennie

Mallet arrives back at the suite to find Dinah throwing him out for leaving the dinner party. He tries to reason with her but she is adamant. He goes to get drunk but when a woman hits on him, he starts to think back to his and Harley’s time in Florida, he remembers cheating on her with his partner. Running into Harley at the hospital, where she is to get supplies to care for Gus, Harley tells him that she can’t be his partner anymore. Mallet goes back to the suite where he tells Dinah that he is not going anywhere. She punches him and he handcuffs her to a chair so she will listen. Dinah wants to know how she knows that Mallet won’t cheat on her like he did Harley and he tells her that it already happened and it won’t happen again. He tells her that it was because of the grief over losing Gus but tells her he wants to be completely honest with her. Dinah asks how she will know that Harley won’t turn to him again and decides she has something that she needs to do. She leaves the suite and Mallet follows in bewilderment.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary  

Dorian calls Clint, and lets him know that Tess is with her. While Dorian is on the phone with Clint, Tess is on the computer finding out information on the man that sexually molested her. She is successful in her attempt to find the whereabouts of the man. Clint calms Viki down at her ordeal with Niki by telling her that he loves her, and will always stand beside her. Dr. Crosby arrives at Llanfair to offer his help since Dr. Jamison is out of town. Viki fills him in on the circumstances. Nash and Clint go to La Boulee to talk to Dorian about Tess, but Tess has already left to visit the man, who abused her.

Bo and Matthew visit Nora in the hospital. Lindsay and R.J. also visit. Bo has a confrontation with Spencer concerning Paige. Natalie and Chris argue over the fact that she interferes in his life about his career as a boxer, but Natalie doesn’t want him interfering in her life as a forensics technician. Later, Natalie visits Chris’ apartment, and finds Roxie. Roxie fills her in that she had placed a five to one bet on Chris. While in his apartment, Natalie gets a call from someone, who might be able to supply her with information about John’s fathers death. Natalie swears Roxie to secrecy. Matthew notices a change in Nora’s condition, and even Paige notices a change in her heart rate. Nora opens her eyes. Tess visit’s the place where her molester is a patient.

Passions Recap Written by Glynis

Sheridan assures Chris that she loves him and that he is her choice for a husband. Chris can’t be sure of that though. He can tell that Sheridan is stalling and he feels that she hasn’t really decided in her heart that she wants to be with him and not Luis. ‘First you call me a friend, then you give him my ring…” Simone and Paloma have found evidence under the Book Café that Alistair could have been involved in some art thefts from years ago. Paloma gets it into her head that they should investigate and find something that gets Alistair incriminated for those crimes. Simone is afraid but soon agrees to go along with the idea. They will head to Europe to start their investigation. The 'Figure' offers to wipe Whitney’s sins away if only she will do as he asks. He says that the future of the church is in trouble and that Whitney will be a great help since she wants to do penance and be clean again. Whitney really believes that she has made a connection here and agrees to listen to the 'Figure' and so what needs to be done. Sam has some answers as to where his son is. He has a tape. The traffic department captured video of Noah and Maya at the Chinese restaurant when it blew up. Fancy watches the coverage and sees Noah hugging and consoling Maya as they walk off from the fiery building. Fancy cries when she realizes that she has been made a fool of.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Nick arrives to poured champagne. “We’re going to celebrate our anniversary at the GC Hotel.” Sharon says. Nick asks, why there? She says that it is a beautiful hotel and oh so romantic. They hug and Sharon slips his cellphone out of his pocket and into hers. She pushes him to the door where bags all packed and while doing so, she drops his phone on the carpet, leaving it in the house. Nikki and Phyllis talk business and Phyllis and Nikki both agree that Sharon working for the Wellness Spas isn’t a good idea. Nikki tells how Nick and Sharon will be celebrating the missed anniversary that night to make up for missing it on the actual date. Nikki finds that Phyllis is acting funny. “Am I making you uncomfortable talking about Sharon?" Gloria calls Victor to tell him that Abby is in the hospital. Victor rushes over there and sees Jack on the phone doing some sort of damage control. Jack and Ashley had planned to keep the news about 'Glow Again' on the down-low, but Victor eventually finds out. “Who called you Victor?" He tells that Gloria had contacted him. “You two are thick as thieves aren’t you?" Jack says. Phyllis goes to the office to do some work. She opens the laptop on her desk, and freezes. Her single leather glove is inside. She thinks to the barn where she wore the gloves, she thinks to the funny way that Sharon has been acting towards her and then she gets it. “Sharon knows!" She jumps on the phone to call Nick, but his phone is under the couch ringing and there is no one to answer it.

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