Tuesday 3/28/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 3/28/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Julia informs Ryan that she got a second opinion from another doctor who told her that Madden's conclusion that she could not conceive is completely wrong. They conclude that Madden lied to her as well as lying to Kendall. ANd they are ready to figure out what his agenda is. Erica is ready to drug Greg with more tea and wants to kill him. Josh is not certain if he wants to trust his father or not and still does not know the secret. Babe is ready to get back with JR and be unafraid of Kendall at Fusion. Kendall tells Zach she needs his help on whether to "side" with the bad Ryan or the bad Dr. Madden and admits she does not trust either one of them. Zach seems very indecisive and tells her she needs to make her own decision about which one to choose to trust.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Barbara tells Kim she is trying to accept Will and Gwen’s marriage. Kim doesn’t believe her and after talking a little while longer she figures Barbara must be banking on if she no longer fights with them, they will no longer be united in fighting a common enemy and grow apart; Barbara feigns not knowing what she means. Will, Gwen, Casey and Maddie work together to try to catch Will and Gwen up on their schoolwork. When they pair off, Maddie finds herself a little jealous when she overhears Casey and Gwen talking about their past. Barbara approaches Gwen and invites her to a family dinner, but Gwen turns her down. Jack forces Carly to tell Nick the whole sordid story of how she set him up. Nick is furious and is sure he is only hearing about this because of Jack and the fact she got caught. Carly pleads with him not to press charges because of her children. Nick storms off. Carly and Jack become further and further apart, as she pleads for him to talk to her, but all he can tell her is Jessica will be defending her. Nick later decides not to press charges, as Jack makes sure he gets his job back. Katie is impressed with Nick’s generosity, but he feels he was just as much to blame as anyone in this scenario. Hal reinstates Nick. Emily and Paul marry as Meg, Hal and Susan watch. Emily hints that there may be a miracle around the corner for Paul. Meg secretly meets with Paul and they promise to do what they can to find Dusty, but have to do so without arousing Emily’s suspicions. Paul tells Meg he misses her. They seem to be getting closer, but will Emily become aware of their plan? Emily goes to see Dusty and brings him food and a drink. He worries she is trying to poison him, but when she tastes the food, he asks why she is being so nice he thought she wanted him dead? She tells them there is a change of plans. He hopes that means that he is being released, but by Emily’s reaction, he sees that is probably not going to happen. Emily tells Dusty she needs a favor. At home, Carly hopes that since everything has been resolved then they can get past everything that happened. Jack is quiet and Carly tells him to scream at her or throw something just to get a reaction. Jack tells her that there is nothing more to say except goodbye.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie contemplates what happened the night before when Felicia was taken off life support and was making it on her own. She turns Dominick back over to Bridget, but worries she's becoming his mommy and is getting too attached to him. She's stunned when she finds out that Felicia gave Bridget full guardianship along with Dante. At the clinic, Dr. Ramirez takes a more personal interest in Felicia's case and vows to not let her die, but to help her come back to her son and family.

Eric tells Jackie he sees no reason to continue his so-called marriage and plans to talk divorce to Stephanie. When he does, she reveals she has a secret to share with him. One she needs to show him. He may hate her, but she has no regrets for what she has done. Dante welcomes Bridget and Dominick (now Dino) home and she invites herself to move in with them. Eric enters a dark room in a mysterious place and his eyes aren't sure if he's deceived or not.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Belle admits that the hardest thing was seeing Shawn move on with anyone but her and it offends Philip. Belle explains that she meant Shawn moved on too fast and is grateful when Philip understands. Belle uses the excuse of calling John to head up to the roof alone to cry over Shawn. Mimi and Shawn return to the loft to start their wedding night. Mimi finds the old love letters Rex returned and decides that she must tell Shawn the truth. Shawn refuses to let Mimi tell him, as he would rather focus on their new marriage. Carrie pulls Lucas aside as Austin pulls Sami aside to share the news that Carrie actually chose Lucas. Sami isn’t overjoyed to hear the news but vows to get Austin now that she’s lost Lucas. Lucas is skeptical that he was Carrie’s first choice but agrees to give their relationship a chance.

Alex vetoes Lexie’s attempt to be alone with Marlena. Marlena has memory flashes as she sleeps but neglects to mention it when she joins Alex and Lexie’s conversation. Lexie tries to convince Marlena to put off the ceremony but Marlena refuses. Alex threatens to reveal Lexie’s affair if she tries to interfere in his relationship again. Abe threatens to arrest John after hearing him vow to kill Alex but John refuses to back down. Lexie turns down Abe’s suggestion to talk to John so as not to risk having her affair be revealed.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Sam is tempted to tell Alexis the truth but realizes she shouldn't. Sam wants to learn everything she can about Alexis. Carly enters Jason's penthouse uninvited and sees Sam's file on Alexis. Jax surprises Alexis by siding with Carly and refusing to rent Alexis office space at the Metro Court.

Georgie tells Lucky and Jesse about her and Diego's near hit-and-run. Diego admits that someone is after him. Maxie fears for Georgie's safety. Alcazar admits to Jason that he's been working with Manny but insists he's ending their arrangement and wants to make peace with Sonny. Luke is forced to take Nikolas on as a business partner in order to keep Tracy from taking ownership of the Haunted Star.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Mallet finds Harley at the house and Gus hides while the two of them talk. Harley finally convinces Mallet to leave and Harley and Gus make love. Dinah takes up Jeffrey’s invitation for a drink and the two kiss. Cassie, wanting to find out why Jeffrey’s room is leaking walks in on the two of them. Dinah leaves and Jeffrey tells Cassie that he is still in love with her and from now on all of his relationships will be without love, which sends Cassie from the room also. Mallet returns to the apartment to find a very angry Dinah. After Jonathan gets on her case about not doing enough to get Tammy back for him, Lizzie tells him that the old Jonathan would have done something to get her back by now. She even talks about drugging Tammy to get what he wants. Jonathan considers this and at Outskirts starts packing up Tammy’s things. Tammy has a good time with Joey and is shocked when he tells her that he is still in love with her. When he brings up Sandy, Tammy runs away and tells Joey she isn’t the girl he used to know. She asks him to leave with her but later shows up at Outskirts. She tells Jonathan that she just couldn’t be with Joey since she is in love with Jonathan. They start to make up but then Tammy finds her clothes packed, two plane tickets, and the drugs. She correctly guesses that Jonathan thought about drugging and kidnapping her and although he swears he wouldn’t have gone through with it, she throws a metal box at him and leaves. Jonathan breaks down in tears.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Vangie brings Todd breakfast, and some good news. She has found Denton, and she is going to Chicago to confront him to find out what he knows. Tess offers her Clint on a silver platter in exchange for helping her to get rid of Jessica for good, and destroy Viki. Nash watches the videotape of what had happened to Tess. He blames Clint for letting this happen. Viki coaxes Niki out, to find out Niki’s memories of years ago. Viki becomes extremely upset, and breaks the mirror. Duke offers Kelly the option of letting him father her child. Kelly refuses.  Kevin asks Spencer for help. Spencer, reluctantly, agrees to help him.

Passions Recap Written by Glynis

Gwen is afraid that Theresa is off scheming and that Ethan will eventually take a job with her. Ethan promised her that he wouldn't, but now that he has been approached by the FBI, he is reconsidering taking a job there. Gwen is upset by it. “Look Gwen. This could be the answer to our problems," he tells her. “You could quit your job and stay home with Jane, and this might solve all our money problems. It might not be as bad as you think!" Tabitha sees that Miguel and Kay are together in the living room of her house and that thrills her. The kids are going to get together as she planned. She gets out some of her special witch ingredients and feeds them into the pot to move things along for Miguel and Kay, but it seems that they are getting along very well without Tabitha’s interference and at one point, they even kiss. Ethan shows up to talk to Theresa about his job offer. He is sure that she was the one to arrange for him to be offered the position working for Crane and assisting the FBI. He is there to tell Theresa that he will not be taking the job. Theresa does some fast-talking but Ethan is not going to be swayed into the deal. He can’t see why it is so important for him to be helping the FBI. He is a lawyer, and he also knows that he will not get in any trouble by refusing the job, and so it is done. ah and Maya argue about what they should do about their situation. Noah and she were almost killed in a fire at the Chinese restaurant and Noah wants to tell Fancy the truth about everything right away. He has called Fancy and told her that he is coming to tell her everything. They are at the front door of the mansion now. They are about to enter. Maya takes this one last shot at stopping Noah from talking but he is too determined. While they talk, a hand in the bushes behind them points a gun at them.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Colleen denies that she arranged for Kevin to end up at the coffeehouse so that she could be with JT. Kevin tells her that he isn’t angry with her, and that things are going well for the ‘both’ of them. She sees that they are on the same page and she smiles. Sharon goes to the boutique. Memories of her conversation with Phyllis come. Lauren helps to find something special. Later, Phyllis walks in with a return. Lauren looks the white, sexy number over. “What a coincidence! Sharon bought the same thing!" Jack turns to face Gloria and sees a red and lumpy face. He takes her to the hospital. Ashley arrives with a Abby crying. Gloria tells the only thing that could have done this is Ashley’s cream. Ashley says that Abby’s legs look a lot like Gloria’s face. Victor goes to see Victoria about Brad. “He is a man who started out taking care of rich people’s yards, in order to marry rich girls so he could marry them! He is rushing you to the altar! He wants our money…and my company!" “You don’t run this company anymore!" Victoria shouts. “I can change that in the blink of an eye! You got that little girl!?" Sharon calls the Genoa City Hotel. “I would like to book a room. I want the same room as the one my friend Phyllis used…”

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