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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Julia informs Ryan that she's very upset because Dr. Madden informed her she cannot conceive. He tells her she mustn't trust Madden and needs get a second opinion. She doesn't understand why. Kendall goes to tell Dr. Madden that she wants another doctor. But he reminds her that maybe she should not trust Ryan nor believe that he's committed to her and the baby. Kendall goes to find Ryan at his home. He's not there but Jonathan is. She admits being uncomfortable when she sees Jonathan and he acknowledges the baby. Tad can tell that something is up with Di. But she cannot admit to him that Dixie is alive. David is ready to tell Babe and JR that Dixie is alive but he realizes he cannot get them to believe him without proof. He goes to see Janet at the mental ward and offers to get her out of there and off her medication if she helps him with Dixie.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Emily wants to get married right then and there, but Paul tries to stall. Finally, when Paul sees this is the only way to convince Emily he still loves her, he gets on bended knee and asks her to marry him again that very day. Will and Gwen prepare to leave Hal’s, thanks to Will’s piggy bank fund and his feeling if they don’t get out now they will be torn apart by his family’s manipulations. Gwen doesn’t seem so keen on the idea, which doesn’t go unnoticed by him. They talk some more and Will changes his mind because he wants to make Gwen happy. Gwen is happy to not have to scrape together, work full time and go to school all at the same time. She runs off to the library to get some textbooks for them to play catch up with. At the library she and Maddie talk about each other’s romantic relationships. Gwen tells her they decided to stay at Hal’s because it is the best idea for them both, but Will tells Bob he did it only for Gwen. Meg warns Henry about Emily, but he wonders about her considering she was the one with Dusty’s bloody wallet in her possession. Meg threatens that he is going to get caught in the cross fire if he stays close to Emily because she has a one track mind regarding Paul and revenge. They are interrupted by Emily calling Henry to the police station because she and Paul are going to be married. Nick and Katie beg Hal to put out an APB on Chardonnay but won’t do that. He promises to put a few men on the case and run this by the new lead detective on the case – Jack. When Nick hears this, he is convinced that he is sunk. Carly comes home to find Jack with Chardonnay. Jack demands that Chardonnay tell him the whole story about how she and Carly are connected. Carly’s world starts to crumble as Jack hears the whole sordid tale and he realizes the depths of Carly manipulations and lies. He tells her and Chardonnay that they are going to the station to make a statement and Carly is going to tell Nick the sick story of what she did to his face. Jack seems to no longer hold much value in Carly and his marriage at the end of this conversation. Henry becomes Emily’s witness when Susan refuses to support Emily’s jailhouse wedding. At first Hal tires to stop Emily and Paul’s wedding, secretly to Paul’s relief, but soon becomes so fed up with her, that he tells her he plans on witnessing the beginning of the train wreck which is to become her life now. Meg walks in on Paul and Emily’s wedding ceremony.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

With Stephanie onlooking, the doctors unhook the monitors and ventilator from Felicia. It's touch and go for a few moments, but she finally responds by breathing on her own. Bridget is elated when Dante shows her papers making her a legal guardian for Dominick. Felicia is not out of the woods yet and Stephanie abruptly leaves her side to bring on a miracle worker.

Brooke and Nick continue to get hot and heavy before he knows he has to put on the brakes. How is he going to stand this for six months? Later Taylor drops by and puts in her two cents. She likes her new drinking buddy and doesn't want to see him burnt by Brooke. It will always be Brooke and Ridge and thinks Nick may be just a temporary band-aid. She doesn't want him to be another one of Brooke's statistics. Stephanie insists to Bridget and Dante that she needs to borrow Dominick for the night. She takes him straight away to Felicia's room. His mere presence is a miracle and seems to revive Felicia and they are all jubilant. Keep fighting, yes!

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Billie and Bo take Chelsea home and talk to her about the consequences of her destructive behavior. Bo and Billie end up finding Chelsea’s online diary. Carrie calls Austin back to the hospital to let him know that she chose him. Lucas overhears Sami profess her love for him to Kate but his attempt to talk to Sami about it is interrupted when they spot Carrie and Austin together. Caroline overhears Victor and Kate arguing about Shawn knowing the truth but Kate is able to cover with a lie. Shawn insists on being the one to go after Belle when she runs out in tears and once alone, insists to Belle that they need to move on despite their love for each other. Mimi and Shawn depart for some time at the Horton cabin before leaving on the all expense paid lavish honeymoon.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Jax and Carly compare notes on life after sleeping together. Patrick berates Noah for giving up. Tracey reminds Luke that he owes her a lot. Emily agrees to spend the night with Sonny. Ric is baffled by Sam's hatred of Alexis, and calls her on it. Jason hears and tries strangle Ric until Sam pulls him off. Skye's baby is well. Jason has figured out that Sonny and Emily are lying to him after he sees them kiss. Ric goes to Sonny about Jason, but gets no real answers. Thanks to Nik, Luke gets to keep his casino. Emily is afraid of what Jason might do. Jax realizes he likes Carly.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Dinah destroys the hotel room, and Alan-Michael finds her and starts to tell her about Harley and Mallet when Marina interrupts. Dinah goes to find Mallet and finds him at the hospital threatening Alan and Beth over Harley. She decides that Mallet will be the one to move out, not her. Gus and Harley are reunited but it is short lived when the security guard pulls a gun on them. They get the best of him and escape. Harley wants Gus to go to the hospital but he refuses saying that he doesn’t want to see Beth and Alan yet and that he has a plan. He and Harley go to the new house where Harley lays into him for leaving her. He apologizes and they start to make up when Mallet shows up at the house looking for Harley. Beth and Alan find the security guard and when Alan starts to freak out, Beth tells him that they can handle this. Alan kisses her and she pulls away telling him that they have work to do.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

John fills Michael in that he has decided to go after their father’s killer. Michael is surprised since it has been twenty five years since their father’s death. Michael and Marcie reach a compromise about children, and they reconcile. Rex finds out from Adriana that Dorian had had a background check done on him. Kevin confronts Kelly as to what is going on between her and Duke. Kevin and Duke have a confrontation over Kelly, and Kevin stalks out. Duke fills Kelly in on what had happened between him, and his father, and he kisses her.

Tess and Nash arrive back home. Viki and Clint fill her in on them finding the tape. Tess goes balistic at the thought that they want to eliminate her, and she leaves. Tess leaves, and goes straight to Dorian. Natalie fills Roxie in that John is searching for his father’s killer, and she asks Roxie for help.

Passions Recap Written by Glynis

Sam is chief again.  His first task is to tell Noah that he will be under investigation as well as Alistair.  Sam will not forget that his  son is in grave danger and will not tell the details.  “You have a choice now," Sam warns.  “You can tell me the truth now, or I will find out myself later anyway.”  Theresa has managed to manipulate the FBI into doing her dirty work for her.  She imagines how it will be when Ethan returns to Crane to work with her. That will be another step in her plan to get him back. She was careful to instruct Agent Morrison not to tell Ethan that she was the one that suggested him for the job.  Agent Morrison approaches Ethan and pitches his idea to him for assisting with the investigation against Alistair.  Ethan has to agree that Alistair is evil, but he doesn't see how he can help with this.  He is told that if he returns to Crane and helps the FBI, that will go a long way.  Ethan seriously considers the offer.  Luis reveals his secret. He is going to marry Sheridan as too much time has past. The doctor has warned that Sheridan can’t upset him as his condition could worsen. She feels that she has no choice, so with Chris as the Best Man, Sheridan marries the man, although is already married to Chris.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Michael’s warning have fallen on deaf ears. Gloria wants revenge on the Abbot siblings. She is left alone at Michael’s apartment. She takes a pill to dull the pain, she then puts on a base cream to lighten the blow, then she gets the tainted bottle of 'Glow Again', and takes a deep breath before applying it to her face. Nick finds Phyllis searching frantically for the picture of she and he from the wedding. “It was in my desk drawer, she explains. Nick tells that he found Sharon in her office the day before. Phyllis suspects the worst. Nick says that everything is fine. “If Sharon knew the truth, there wouldn't be anyway that she could have done the speech for the launch. Brad is happy again and he comes to the office beaming. “The judge has given me an early divorce! We can be married in a month.” Victoria hesitates for a moment and then agrees to the proposal. She puts the ring on her finger, which upset Nikki when she sees it by accident while they are getting their pictures taken for the launch of the Wellness Spas. Sharon fantasizes about exposing Nick and Phyllis publicly, but then doesn't. Phyllis comes over asking if she was in her office looking around. “Who told you that?" Sharon asks. “Were you?" Phyllis asks. Sharon changes the subject. “I would like to work more closely with you and Nikki on this project. I am really interested in this so don’t disappoint me.” Abby wants to put some makeup on. “Okay," Ashley says, “But it all has to come off before you go to school.” She grabs her mother’s purse and gets all the contents out. Ashley is on a business call and leaves the room. Abby takes the new cream out and stares at the pretty bottle. Next she starts applying it to her legs.

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