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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

David is shocked to run into Dixie. He urges her not to leave. They both talk about all of their history and all they've been through, all they've lost and about his daughter's marriage to her son. At JR and Babe's and Adam and Krystal's wedding reception, everything is happy until Opal shows up with tarot cards. She concludes that there is some reality that is not as it appears. Tad assumes it's just his mother's attitude about his seeing Di. But Opal protests it has nothing to do with that. She's just the "messenger". And she prophesizes that something is going to happen that is going to shatter JR's world. Ryan tells Kendall that she believes Dr. Madden has some sort of agenda in regard to her pregnancy and the adoptive parents. She is not as suspicious of Dr. Madden as he is, however. Ryan urges Kendall to see that Madden does not have her best interest in mind, he's up to something, and Kendall needs to find another doctor. Julia has an appointment with Greg where she tells him she wants to have a baby but he tells her it's near to impossible for her to conceive. Dixie tells David that there is nothing for her left in Pine Valley and she's leaving. But he tells her if she leaves, he will tell everybody in Pine Vally that she is alive. Ryan goes to the boat house and sees Julia crying. He comforts her while Kendall goes to inform Dr. Madden that she will not be his patient anymore. WHen Tad and Di get home, he reveals to her that he can see, by her expression, that she appears to have another secret.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Gwen tells Will about the deal she and Hal made, and Will is not happy about it. Emily tells Henry depending on how he answers a question, someone lives and someone dies. Nick and Katie confront Chardonnay about setting him up. She tells them she can’t help them because Anatoli is already gunning for her. Paul lets Meg in on his plan to get Emily to reveal where Dusty is, and it involved convincing Emily he still loves her and that she was turning state’s evidence. Meg worries what Emily could do to him if she finds out he is lying, but Paul feels he has to do this for Jen and her. Emily tells Henry about what Paul told her. She wants to know if she can trust him? In talking to him she realizes she needs proof that she can in fact really trust him. Nick tells Chardonnay he will give her full immunity if she gives up Anatoli and the person who told Anatoli he was a cop. Will and Gwen argue about the deal she made with Hal because they disagree as to why he is now helping them; Will thinks he is trying to reel them in by getting them to stay there; he wants to take Bob’s job offer so they can move out pronto. Gwen worries that going to school and working will be too hard. Hal talks to Barbara about giving Will his trust fund back; he thinks if they stop fighting them Will will stop trying to defy them at every turn. As Meg and Paul are getting closer, Emily spies them and Paul sees this; he starts yelling at Meg telling her to get out of his life. Chardonnay gives Nick and Katie the slip by faking an asthma attack, and Nick worries without her help now he will be going to prison. When Carly goes to see Jack at the station, she ends up talking to Margo about how much time Nick will do if he is convicted of the crime he is being charged with. She then learns Jack is now on the Galaxy/Nick/Anatoli case and she leaves worrying about what he could find out now. Barbara agrees to Hal’s terms, and he thinks with noone to fight with now they will simply drift apart like most high school couples. Paul supposedly confesses his undying love to Emily and tells her he will do anything to prove it to her; she tells him she is thrilled to hear him say that. She wants him to marry her tonight. Hal tells Gwen and Will that Barbara accepted his terms, but knowing how Will feels, Gwen tells him they can’t stay accept his offer any longer. Carly comes home and is glad to see Jack’s car, but that feeling subsides quickly when she walks in and finds him standing there with Chardonnay.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

The Doctors take Felicia off life support. Bridget tells Dante to go out and have fun. He acts like he's going and Bridget seems bothered by it. He calls her and tells her to go to the deck for him. Where he's waiting for her.

Hope and Brooke bring dinner to Nick. Nick and Brooke get closer. Taylor steps on the boat to see them getting close and sneaks away. Dante tells Bridget she's Dominick's mom legally and shows her the papers.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Sami urges Carrie to choose Austin. Sami commends Lexie on following her plan. Sami rubs it in when Carrie witnesses a happy new family and a family in crisis because of their child’s genetic disease. Lexie catches Sami breaking into the records room. Sami overhears Carrie tell Austin that she has news that will affect the rest of their lives and fears that her plan is backfiring. Abe has to hold John back from attacking Alex when Alex pretends to have just returned to the hospital. Marlena survives but Alex denies having done anything. Marlena now claims to have no memory of John and still desires to be with Alex. Alex flashes back to having drugged Marlena to erase her memory.

Being at Shawn and Mimi’s wedding reminds Jennifer of her own wedding to Jack. Jennifer than fantasizes her and Frankie being the couple getting married and that Jack appears in the church for her to confirm his wishes in marrying Frankie. Belle remains quiet during the objections portion of the ceremony. Shawn and Mimi recite their vows and complete the ceremony uninterrupted. Shawn and Mimi enjoy a fun filled reception at Chez Rouge. Jennifer ends up catching Mimi’s bouquet. Belle runs off crying after Philip’s heartfelt toast.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Robin finds Noah at a rehab clinic. He refuses to go to GH for treatment. Awkward situations abound at the Haunted Star's gala opening. Alexis accidentally spills a drink on Sam. Lucky and Liz try to get Nik and Em together. Jax is jealous when Carly speaks to Sonny. Emily follows Sonny home. Skye accuses Tracey of setting Luke up to fail. Tracey shoves her and she falls. Jax and Carly wind up in bed.

GL Recap Written by Jennie

Jonathan tells Lizzie that she is going to help him get Tammy back. She refuses at first but he physically grabs her purse and throws the phone at her insisting she call Tammy. Joey Lupo tells Tammy about why he had to leave her after being forced out of town by Phillip. She accepts an invitation for dinner and Joey kisses her hand calling her "his Juliet". Jonathan and Lizzie show up at Company and see the two of them together. Jonathan freaks out and Tammy tells him to leave. Harley tells Beth that Alan will ruin this baby’s life the way he has ruined his other kids and urges Beth to tell her where Gus is. Beth tells Harley that Gus is "gone". Alan later figures out that Harley used his phone. Dinah and Mallet have Blake, Vanessa, Frank, and Olivia over for a dinner party to announce that they are living together. Things are going well until Harley calls Mallet to tell her about Gus and he tells Dinah he needs to leave. Dinah swears it is all right and insists that the party go on. After everyone leaves though she cries that he left her. Harley goes to where the number on Alan’s phone leads her but is grabbed by a security guard that Alan has warned. She gets away, but hears Gus.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Viki, Clint and Bo argue over the video tapes that they had found in the abandoned. Bo wants to take the tapes downtown, but Viki and Clint want to view the one that is of Tess. After much pleading from Viki, Bo finally gives in, and lets Viki keep the tape of Tess. Clint and Viki view the contents of the tape, and are hurt beyond words.

Spencer lets Blair know that he had found Todd’s wedding seal outside the window. Blair is humiliated by this news because she knows that Todd had seen her making out with Spencer. Starr finds out that her father was just outside the window, and had left his wedding ring. Hugh questions Chris about Vangie’s whereabouts, but Chris refuses to tell him anything. Natalie overhears the conversation, and takes up for Chris. Tess and Nash feel the baby kick.

Passions Recap Written by Glynis

Theresa is approached about helping with the investigation against Alistair and she cooperates fully. In fact, she knows the perfect person who can help with the investigation. “Ethan grew up as a Crane and worked in the business. He will be able to help you tremendously Agent Morrison…” She also reinstates Chief Bennett to his old position on the police force as he is honest and will be helpful at this time. Luis is filled with new hope for the future. He is alone in his room now and he has dressed in street clothes since he is feeling better. He gets on the phone and makes arrangements. “Can you get down here as soon as possible? I am planning a surprise…" Whitney sleeps while the Mother Superior talks with her family about her condition. “I can’t believe that she would go to this extent to hurt herself…and to say that she was talking to God as well," the Mother Superior muses. Whitney has assured all that she was the one that hurt herself and that God is okay with her doing that. The Mother Superior has to disagree.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Victor comes to see Sharon and shows her a glove. She remembers she saw the other one in Phyllis’s desk. Nick returns. As she watches him play with Noah, it seems like he says, “Phyllis is my girlfriend…” When she looks in the mirror, her face morphs into Phyllis’s, and it laughs at her. Soon it changes back to her face… Nick presses her. “What’s wrong?" I was just thinking about the launch. It’s going to be a big event…she says. Victoria finds Colleen at the coffeehouse. They sit together and Victoria sees that she was wrong thinking that Colleen was interested in Daniel and that JT is really the man she dreams of being with. The smile leaves Victoria’s face. Colleen asks Victoria to talk nicely about JT if her father ever brings him up. Victoria can’t do that. “There are lots of nice guys out there, and I am sure that you can find someone else," Victoria counsels. Colleen wants to see JT but Kevin is at the loft. She calls Mackenzie pretending to be coming over with a marching band of forty people. Mackenzie calls Kevin and says that she will need help and he leaves the loft to assist. Colleen then appears at the loft were JT is surprised but glad to see her and they watch the basketball game together. “You never liked basketball before," he says. “I do now," she responds. The kids return. The parents start in on them for disappearing, but Daniel won’t hear it. “You are looking at Mr. and Mrs. Romalotti!" Neil asks, “How will you live?" Daniel tells how they will be live out back of the Abbots, and they will be working part-time and continuing with school. Neil talks with Phyllis and Drucilla unanimously deciding that they will do nada this time. Neil feels this is his fault. “No!" Drucilla says. “It is all me…

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