Thursday 3/23/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 3/23/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Babe and JR's wedding is underway. Adam and Krystal are getting married alongside them. Dixie comes secretly and only reveals herself to Di and Del. She watches her son and daughter-in-law exchange vows and concludes she needs to leave because she knows he's happy. Everybody wonders where David is, however. The wedding goes on without him. "Somebody" has locked him in a closet and gagged him after his threats to find Dixie. Zach goes to visit Janet and informs her that she has killed his son. The guards are ready to take Janet to the psyche ward. Greg secretly arranges for the Riverton's to meet Kendall and Ryan when they (Kendall and Ryan) believe he's just scheduled an exam for Kendall. And they conclude that Kendall needs another doctor. Right at the end of the wedding, when Dixie believes she is alone and unseen, she walks through the courtyard. And right out of nowhere, David appears to see that she is really alive after all.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Barbara shows up unannounced at Hal’s wanting to talk to Gwen about her and Will’s impromptu wedding. Lily tells Lucinda about Jade and Luke. Katie goes undercover as an aspiring stripper so Nick can search Butch’s files on information about Chardonnay. Chardonnay wants Carly to give her more money so she can disappear because supposedly Anatoli wants to tie up any loose ends regarding the set up of Nick. Lucinda confronts Luke about his feelings for Jade; Luke almost falters but Jade shows up. Barbara offers to pay Gwen to stay away from him, and Will overhears. Will and Barbara fight about his choice in spouses and his timing, as Hal tries to run interference. Chardonnay and Carly’s talk becomes physical as Chardonnay searches Carly’s purse for more money. Parker threatens Chardonnay with a toy gun, but she figures it out and takes it away from him. To get rid of her, Carly gives Chardonnay her necklace for her to pawn. Nick almost gets caught as he finds the information he needs on Chardonnay, as Katie gets a job offer from Butch. Hal and Gwen talk about her and Will’s future. While job hunting, Will runs into Bob and Kim and shares his happy news. Will pleads for them to help him and Gwen so they can start a life of their own. Bob offers to find Will a job at the hospital, so he and Gwen can get out of Hal’s home. Meanwhile though, Gwen and Hal hash out a deal involving them finishing school and living at Hal’s. If they can do this, then he will convince Barbara to give Will his trust fund. Carly asks Parker to not tell Jack about Chardonnay’s visit. Lucinda suggests to Lily that they just wait and see how this Luke and Jade coupling works out before they act. Nick and Katie pay Chardonnay a visit and stop her as she is heading out of town.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

The memorial service for Felicia is in full swing. Everyone takes a moment to talk about her. Stephanie is distant and jumps up and says she can't let her go.

Felicia's doctor views a slide show of Felicia. He calls Stephanie to come to the clinic where he vows to do everything he can to save her.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Jennifer reveals that she got upset over finding her wedding dress in the closet. Frankie encourages Jennifer to move on with her life but Jennifer sees their time together as betraying Jack. They both admit that they have feelings for each other. Lexie interrupts Carrie before she can reveal her choice. Lexie, while they are alone in Lexie’s office, tells Carrie that choosing Austin is a mistake because she and Austin both have a genetic marker that would threaten the life of any baby conceived between them. Lucas and Austin confront Sami when she admits to knowing of Carrie’s decision. Sami claims that she wants Carrie to choose Austin but only Austin believes her.

Marlena stands up to Alex now that she remembers how horrible he was to her but Alex reminds her of how violent he was when she “disobeyed” him. Marlena tries to convince Alex that she trusts him but Alex doesn’t buy it. Alex vows to kill Marlena. Roman arrives at the hospital upon hearing about Marlena’s accident and John asks Roman to help him keep Marlena safe. Roman plays devil’s advocate to question whether John is simply jealous of Alex. John finally gets the message about Marlena wanting to see him but ends up finding Marlena limp and unconscious. Belle goes along with Shawn’s assumption that the wedding was stopped because Chelsea had arrived. Shawn is offended when Bo chooses to leave with Chelsea rather than throw her out. Once outside the church, Bo and Billie band together to reprimand Chelsea. Once Bo steps away, Chelsea admits to Billie that she was purposefully trying to drive more of a wedge between Bo and his family. Belle decides to prolong the interruption and Kate and Bonnie use the break to guilt Belle more about having Claire raised by two married parents.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Luke prepares for the grand reopening of the Haunted Star. Tracy warns Luke she'll sell the ship if the casino doesn't turn a profit. The guests begin arriving for Luke's party. Emily and Sonny attend the gala separately.

Carly turns to Sam for help with Jason. Sam convinces Jason not to interfere with Sonny and Emily for the time being. Diego pushes Georgie out of harms way. Lulu confronts Georgie with Diego's letter. Diego hides in the closet as Dillon pulls Georgie into a kiss. Robin is dismayed by Patrick's behavior.

GL Recap Written by Jennie 

Jeffrey questions Beth about Alan and Gus and she pretends not to know anything. Later at Towers, Harley shows Alan the piece of baseboard with the G carved into it, and tells Jeffrey that Beth knows more than she is saying based on her look at the wood. Mallet asks Dinah to move in with him, after some hesitation at first she agrees and then decides to plan a dinner party. Encountering Jeffery in the hallway, he propositions her, telling her that he and Cassie have broken up and that people never change. Dinah tells him that she has changed and encourages him to go back to Cassie. Tammy opens the door of the farmhouse to find Jonathan and Reva. She thinks that they are there to gang up on her, but Reva tells her that she is there to tell Jonathan to stay away from Tammy. Jonathan tears into Reva and she tells him that he has to take some blame for what has happened. Jonathan goes to towers and orders a bottle of Jack and a glass, he toasts to Reva abandoning him again at first, and then to getting Tammy back. At Company, Tammy runs into a newly returned to town Joey Lupo, her first boyfriend.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Dorian enlists the help of Harrison to help her break up Adriana and Rex. Adriana demands to know from Rex what her Mother had said to him. Bo gets a call that they know where Todd is headed. Todd watches Blair and Spencer make love. He is upset. He leaves his wedding ring outside the room on the window ledge. Spencer finds the ring, but will not spill the beans to Bo. Vangie has Layla drive her to Llantano Mtn. So she can help Todd escape from being killed by Bo and his officers. Natalie receives the job promotion to forensics technician. She asks John to be her mentor, but he refuses.

Dr. Crosby gives John back his badge, on the terms that he does not go after Todd Manning, but instead to go after his father’s killer. Natalie fills Rex in on her job promotion, and wanting to help John find his father’s killer. They also agree to enlist Roxie’s help.

Passions Recap Written by Glynis

Eve, Julian and Chad arrive at the convent to see about Whitney. They find her in a deep sleep and looking very weak. When Eve turns her over, they see blood on her nightgown. She has been hurt. They look inside the nightgown and see that Whitney’s back has been torn to shred and the skin is terribly damaged. “Who did this to her?" The Mother Superior has no answers. Eve administers medication and Chad vows vengeance on whoever did this to his sister. Theresa smiles at the monitor. She has arranged for Mr. Collier to tie up Gwen’s evening with work. Pilar finds her daughter scheming and watching Ethan and Gwen on monitors in the study. “I hate what you have become," she says. “You have no right trying to get in between Ethan and Gwen to have him for yourself.” Theresa stands strong. “I am doing what I have to do mama… I am fighting for the man that I love. I learned to be strong from you!" Noah realizes that he and Fancy are being watched, and he manages to overpower the man who is watching them. Sam arrives and the man explains to everyone that he is there to investigate Alistair’s dealings in some terrorist activity that could cause the death of thousands, including the residents of Harmony. Fancy hates that her grandfather is being investigated, but Noah and Sam understand what a tyrant he can be and they see this as necessary. Miguel can’t sleep. He tries to lay down but he can hear Fox and Kay making love in the room next door and it keeps him up. He takes a shower and then returns to the room. He can’t keep his mind off Kay. Soon, Maria is crying and Miguel heads up the hall to see to her. While he is in the room with Maria, he realizes that he can’t stop her from crying. Fox enters the room and takes the child and Miguel marvels but is jealous of the way that Fox is able to immediately stop Maria from crying.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Gloria finishes her tampering. Now she has to get out of the lab. She rushes and knocks over a plastic bottle. She puts it upright and heads to the door. She locks the door and turns to leave. Ashley turns the corner. “What are you doing here?" Gloria says that she was looking for Jack. “You know he works upstairs. What’s going on Gloria?" She says she wanted to talk about the report. Ashley rushes by her when she hears that. “Wait! Can I have a little of your cream? Just a little that I can try for myself?" Ashley thinks for a second and then agrees to give her just a tad to take home. Gloria stops by Jill and Katherine’s table to touch base. “I got a little of Ashley’s face cream to try at home," she gushes. She sees Kevin entering and goes to be with him for a while. Katherine can’t stop staring at Gloria who is across the room. Jill likes that Gloria has been making an effort to get along. Katherine sincerely hopes that is what she is doing. Jill tells her mother not to judge as Gloria could work out just fine! “Look at me!" Jill says. “Remember how I used to be? Well, look at me now!" she says. “I really think that the problem is that people keep judging Gloria…” Daniel and Lily get married. They head back to the motel room and celebrate. After the lovemaking and the declarations of undying love. Someone knocks at the door. “Oh good! Our food is here," Lily says. Daniel wraps a towel around him and goes to the door. Paul is standing there. Lily sits up in the bed, scared, while pulling the sheets up to hide her nakedness. Jack pushes Ashley to release the cream early. “My phone is ringing off the hook for 'Glow Again'. Ashley smiles. “Okay! Let’s do it!" She prepares some bottles to give out to some people that they know… Jack takes the bottles and rushes off to meet with Katherine and Jill at the Athletic Club. He hands one bottle each to the ladies. Ashley is ready to go home, but returns to the office to grab a bottle for herself before finally leaving the office. Phyllis too gets a sample bottle of the facial cream to try. She puts it on the table in her living room. Sharon shows up at the Genoa City Hotel with the picture asking the clerk if she has seen this man and woman together at the hotel. She can’t give her an answer…company policy. She lies saying that she is the man’s sister and that he ran off with their mother’s money… Still the woman will not help. Sharon goes home and when Nick isn’t looking, she puts a pen in his inside jacket pocket. Later, she pretend the pen fell out of the jacket as she is putting it away. “Oh look! A pen from the Genoa City Hotel. When were you at the Genoa City Hotel Nick?"

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