Wednesday 3/22/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 3/22/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Babe and JR are planning their wedding and renewing their vows. So are Adam and Krystal. Everybody is happy. Tad and Di happily join them. Tad is baffled, however, by David telling him that Dixie is alive. David blackmails a security guard to hand over surveillance tapes that could show Dixie in the hospital, after David thought he saw her. And he discovers that she is there. But Di is telling Zach that she's very concerned that David is going to find her and has spiteful intent. So Zach goes to prevent David from going forward with his investigation. Janet is about to get sentenced. But she refuses to admit to her crimes or take the DA's deal. Brooke tells her that she must do it for Amanda's sake and realize that if she loves Amanda, she cannot put her daughter through this. Livia is able to convince Jack to at least consider letting Lily make her own decisions with Jonathan. Jonathan tells Julia that he wants Lily to be independent even if that means being without him.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Carly tries to seduce Jack, which leads to a terrible argument. Later, Jack gives into to Carly’s advances. She thinks that means they are ok again, but Jack remains distant and cold and tells her not to read into what just happened. He leaves without saying goodbye after calling into work. Holden defends Jade, secretly thankful that his son appears not to be gay. Jade is confident by blackmailing Luke into pretending to be in love with her, she will be able to stay at their house. Luke worries what Jade really wants with his family, but is afraid about revealing he is gay. Lily wants Jade arrested, Holden convinces Lily to let Jade stay for the night. When Meg and Paul realize Emily is behind Dusty’s disappearance and possible death, they concoct a plan to find Dusty, but Paul needs to get out of jail first. Jen tells Hal she thinks that Dusty is alive and the fact that they still can’t find the body only proves that. Emily prepares to shoot Dusty, but his last request is to want to know why? Emily breaks down as she tells him Paul is in love with Meg, and now he needs to pay for hurting her. Dusty sees this as his opening; Meg loves him and if Emily brings him back alive then she can get Paul off and save him and he will be forever indebted to her. Paul calls Emily and asks her to come see him. Katie and Nick try to recreate the night he was drugged in the Lakeview; Nick realizes the woman in the suite with him was not Carly but rather Chardonnay. Meg tells Jen that she and Paul are convinced Dusty is alive, but they can’t give her the specifics yet. Jen is confused, but angry and tells Meg she doesn’t need them to find Dusty, he will find her. Dusty dreams Jen finds him and hopes she doesn’t give up looking for him. Emily goes to see Paul and he tells her how Meg is supposedly turning state’s evidence against him. He apologizes for how he treated her; his life has been in shambles since he broke up with her. Emily sobs as he breaks down her resolve, but then runs out of the cell area.

B&B Recap Written by Beth

Brooke and Nick continue their reunion and Nick tells Brooke, Bridget wants him to come over and sign divorce paperwork. Eric tells Stephanie that he set up a memorial service for Felicia at the house tomorrow. Stephanie talks to Felicia's doctor and is told she isn't doing well after the chemo. He promises to keep trying and to call Stephanie if there are any changes.

Brooke comes home to find Ridge there with suitcases. Brooke tells Ridge she's in love with Nick. Nick goes to Bridget where they sign the divorce papers. Nick goes to Brookes after signing. Ridge is watching them through the window of the terrace, not happy with what he sees.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Frankie gives Jennifer a replica corsage just like the one from high school. Jennifer finds something in the closet that brings her to tears and sends Frankie away when he offers to help. Sami doesn’t want Carrie with Austin or Lucas. Lexie counters by asking what Sami will do if neither man wants her. Lexie encourages Sami’s feelings for Lucas because she expects Carrie to choose Austin. When Carrie prefaces her decision by suggesting that the man she doesn’t choose move on with Sami, Lucas refuses to oblige the request should she choose Austin. Carrie recalls how she chose Austin based on how at home she felt when imagining her life with him but has yet to inform either man of her choice.

Abe advises John against going after Alex. Alex is the only one to hear Marlena exclaim that she remembers how abusive Alex really was to her. Marlena sends a nurse to get John but instead the nurse leaves a note that ends up lost on the floor. Alex hovers over Marlena intent on doing harm as she proclaims to love John and not him. Despite Kate’s efforts to convince Belle that she must stay with Philip to prevent Claire from growing up the way Billie did, Belle is still determined to stop Mimi and Shawn’s wedding. Mimi interrupts the ceremony to thank Belle for her support after Shawn thanks Mimi for sharing this bond of love and trust. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief when Belle’s request to address the group involves reading a passage rather than stop the wedding. Later, Belle decides to stop the wedding after all.

GH Recap Written by Amanda 

Carly & Jax get to hold Baby John. Lulu works to reunite her dad and Skye, but encounters resistance. Patrick goes looking for his missing father. Jason continues to stress about Sonny, Emily, and lies, despite Sam's urging to just believe the two are in love. Dillon is upset when Georgie's grades slip. Lainie faces a racist patient. Micheal misses a field trip because Sonny forgets to sign the permission slip. Carly tries to cover, but Jason's not buying it. Georgie wants to end her friendship with Diego.

GL Recap Written by Jennie

Olivia tells Emma about the plan she has for her life and how she wants her life to be different from the way that she, Olivia, was raised. Coming home from a long day at work, Olivia is met by a mess and a peanut butter and jelly covered Emma. She receives flowers from Frank and then when Buzz shows up with her and Emma’s food order. Seeing how Olivia is freaking out of things not going to “the plan”, he tells her to loosen up and be spontaneous. He takes her and Emma out for a fun evening and then later offers to go with her to talk to Emma’s teacher. When Olivia’s sitter cancels on the night of a big meeting, she calls Buzz to help her out. Buzz asks Olivia if all she wants from a guy is for him to need her. Coop comes over to drop something off for Buzz and offers to watch Emma while Buzz tells Olivia how he really feels. Buzz heads over to Towers to tell her but then gets a phone call that Frank has been shot on the job. It is just a graze on the arm but Frank tells Buzz that this has shown him how he wants to settle down and he wants to do that with Olivia. Buzz backs out and Frank is waiting for Olivia when she comes home. Frank tells Olivia that he wants to be with her and Emma and Olivia contemplates this but her thoughts keep returning to Buzz.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary  

Clint and Viki find some devastating news inside the strongbox. Clint calls Nash to bring Tess home. Tess will only agree to go home if Nash will accompany her. Tess has an argument with Mr. Reston, but Nash comes in just in time to force Mr. Reston to leave. Vangie confronts Paige about what is going on between her, Spencer and Todd. She threatens to go to Bo with the information if Paige doesn’t come clean about what is going on. Paige refuses to tell her anything .Todd makes it to the cabin just in time to see Blair making love to Spencer. Matthew makes the winning play in the baseball game.

Passions Recap Written by Glynis

Noah is glad to have made up with Fancy but he still is worried about the female voice and the threats that she makes against his life and Fancy’s. He dreams about her at the waterfront with a gun in his face, ready to kill him. He jumps out of bed, just as Fancy enters the room worried about why he is so afraid and panicky. Julian and Eve are interrupted in the middle of the night when Chad comes to see them about a very ill looking Whitney. Julian and Eve think that Chad is just over-exaggerating to find an excuse to be around Whitney but after an emergency call from the convent, Eve can see that something is terribly wrong and they all rush over there. Luis pushes for an explanation as to who Chris is. Sheridan tells him that Chris is just a friend who helped her come to Hawaii to search for Marty. Chris is unhappy but says nothing. Later he demands an explanation. Sheridan tells that she had to lie to Luis as thinking that he and she are still together is all that he has left. Chris asks Sheridan why she referred to him as her ‘friend’. “I am your husband. We are only married a couple of days but you still should have told him the truth.” She knows that Luis needs to be told but not yet. She knows that she is asking a lot of Chris, but she needs him to put his feelings aside for a minute. Noah and Fancy are having a little private time and rush to the pool to skinny dip in the Crane pool. As they are swimming, they are being watched. There is a man who has been following them throughout the house, keeping tabs on them. He now removes a gun from his jacket and aims in their direction.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Gloria heads over to the lab and sneaks in there. She leaves the lights off as she puts on latex gloves and gets the over-sized jar of face cream. She undoes the lid, and then gets out the brown bottle that she had picked up the day before. She smiles as she gets to work…in the dark… Jack answers the phone for Phyllis after having slept on her couch all night to keep her company. It is Daniel’s probation officer. He had an appointment with Daniel and Daniel hasn’t arrived. Phyllis makes excuses but doesn't let on that she has no idea where Daniel is. Neil and Paul go to see Phyllis and she shows them Daniel’s passport, proving that he hasn’t run off. Neil has made a decision. “I will have to call the courthouse by this evening if we haven’t found Lily by then. Paul gets a call and his contact reports that he has found Daniel’s car parked at the airport. Sharon asks Nick where he was the night before. “I was with Phyllis as Daniel ran off.” Sharon over to Phyllis’s office and security lets her in. She searches and finds a picture of Nick and Phyllis. Next she finds a receipt from the Genoa City Hotel with a date that coincides with the date when Sharon was out of town.

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